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By Artificial Media
Join Louie, Patrick, Robert, and Tristan as they discuss news topics and talk about some other cool things.
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Google IO and Colonial Pipeline - Episode 35
Join our hosts, Tristan and Patrick as they talk about the previous Google IO event as well as the Colonial Pipeline hack! Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
May 26, 2021
April Apple Event - Episode 34
Join us this week as our hosts, Tristan and Patrick discuss the Apple event that took place in April as well as other topics! Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
May 17, 2021
The Martian happens while Facebook leaves Australia and the DMV is hacked - Episode 33
Hi, this Tristan and Patrick this week and we have a New episode with a bunch of fun stuff this week with news and talks about services. Regular schedule is still weekly, but date is not fully set yet, but we will update next week!  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics: Perseverance Rover Mars landing, Facebook leaves Australia, Gamestonk, CA DMV hit by data breach, What is Clubhouse?
February 25, 2021
iPhone getting hacked through WiFi and Amazon’s WiFi - Episode 32
Watch the iPhone be hacked over.... it’s own WiFi? And then Amazon set up...  the same thing...  on their stuff? What is technology doing this week? Salesforce Just bought Slack for $27.7 billion so yay more monopolies! And Windows ARM runs better on Apple Silicon than it does on Microsoft devices. Between that and movies being released on HBO Max at the same time as theaters this does not bode well for theaters or Microsoft. It’s a fun episode!   Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics: iPhone WiFi hack, Salesforce buying Slack, Amazon ‘Sidewalk’ Network, Windows 10 on M1 Mac, HBO Max will get theatre releases on same day, Apple is getting sued for water resistance claims
December 08, 2020
Spying on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with AWS - Episode 31
TikTok TikTok, its time for another episode with some good old fashioned TikTok and Black Friday/Cyber Monday(they’re basically the same). Also AWS takes down the a lot of the internet for a day along with a some sneaky spying from Microsoft 365 and maybe even some online proctor tools. It’s a good one this week so join Patrick and Tristan on another episode of Artificial Talk! Plus even more Nintendo stuff.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics: Black Friday, Windows supporting Android Apps, More TikTok extensions, AWS Outage takes down the internet, Students and online proctoring, Minecraft Mods attack Android, Microsoft 365 lets companies Spy on employees, Nintendo putting down the ban hammer, Lunar Eclipse
November 30, 2020
The original games: Roblox and Minecraft - Episode 30
Join Robert and Tristan as they buy into the Roblox IPO and talk about the current state of innovation and technology in the pandemic world. We also talk about Nintendo’s policy around protecting their games from being streamed or made into videos or being modded in any way, even years after their release. Amazon is also using their own silicon and Apple lowered their developer tax, so that happened. If nothing else just remember Minecraft.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics: Roblox has public IPO, SpaceX to the international Space Station, Amazon Silicon, Google Messages is getting end-to-end encryption, Apple Developer cut is lowered, Nintendo shuts down Big House Tournament, Minecraft is the best game
November 23, 2020
The first Apple Silicon Macs and no more free Google - Episode 29
There is no more free Gsuite and Apple released their first silicon Mac. Louie and Tristan explore this new expensive world as the new Xbox and Playstation consoles launch whlie YouTube forgets how to rewind through the year that is 2020. Also Elon Musk might have Covid. What a year 2020 Is.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics: Google is getting rid of free storage, Apple releases the first Apple Silicon Macs, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles are out, YouTube Rewind is canceled, and Elon Musk might have Covid  Links: SpaceX launch that happened on the same day as the recording:
November 16, 2020
Quibi was a good idea and Microsoft makes the best phones - Episode 28
Join Tristan and Patrick this week for the hot takes that Microsoft makes the best phones such as the Microsoft Kin and we say Quibi is a good idea... Yeah the episode this week is a weird one. Also more legal stuff: DOJ vs Google, Twitch DCMA Revolution, and we love the LG Wing. It’s a good episode this week, don’t miss this one.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics: DCMA Twitch revolution, Google Stadia Executive Tweet, Google vs DOJ, Quibi is Dead, LG Wing,  Links: Sidekick: LG Wing: Microsoft Kin:
November 10, 2020
AMD buries Intel - Episode 27
Patrick and Tristan explore the legal world of Google vs Oracle as well as the crushing of Intel from the new AMD CPUs. Plus a bunch of new phones for Techtober plus the new PlayStation and Xbox sparks a new console war.  Also Regal is closing in the US and UK.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics Oracle vs Google In the Supreme Court, AMD releases Zen 3, PS5 Teardown, Xbox Vs Playstation, Regal Theaters shut down, Pixel 5 and Samsung S20 FE edition, Surface Laptop Go , Apple Silicon and Surface Pro X
November 09, 2020
Hey Alexa, have Microsoft buy Bethesda - Episode 26
Join Louie and Robert as they get nostalgic about the last DS and figure out how Microsoft keeps setting new records... against themselves. Amazon released like all their products in one hour and we only talked about a few of them because it takes us longer. Also some deep discussion about whether or not private companies should gather data for the government. Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics: Microsoft buys Bethesda, Nintendo discontinues the last 3Ds, Amazon released a bunch of products, Palantir harvests data for the military
October 05, 2020
Arming for the Duo Xbox - Episode 25
Follow along with Louie and Tristan as they see how much an Arm and Xbox cost. Also we talk more about RTX and folding phones because they both seem really cool. Apple had an event coming up with a lot of rumors and Microsoft has a phone again. A fun week indeed.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Topics:  Arm being sold to Nvidia More RTX Cards Apple Event Surface Duo Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Xbox Leaked
September 21, 2020
Folding Facebook in your brain - Episode 24
The second version of folding phones is about to come into the world and now you could have a chip put into your skull with no privacy. Also Oculus is dead, long live Facebook VR/AR Labs. Follow along with Patrick and Tristan as they travel through this new weird world of tech plus Facebook doing normal Facebook things. And polygon Mario is back.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Leave us a quick message so we can get better: Topics:  New RTX Cards Folding phones Microsoft Flight Sim Facebook Labs Facebook pays users to delete user accounts Neuralink Nintendo Mario Apple pulls back on getting rid of advertising ID
September 14, 2020
Trusting Antitrust Beta Previews - Episode 23
Join Louis and Tristan in their attempt to lawyer (as not lawyers) their way through antitrust cases and lawsuits against the Technology Titans. Also complaining about Apple iOS beta previews and app store policy.  Follow us on:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Topics:  US Antitrust Committee v Apple Apple v Epic Games Uber and Lyft leaving California Apple Beta software
September 07, 2020
The Return and China - Episode 22
Welcome back to Artificial Talk! After a brief hiatus we have returned to provide you with great content. Tune in to hear the latest news with our hosts Robert and Patrick! Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
August 25, 2020
PS5 World Premiere - Episode 21
Watch the grand news of PS5 reveal with Patrick and Robert as they explore the divisive design of the PS5(plus some other cool features), adventure into the new android 11 beta, and make a face at no more facial recognition from the titans of the tech industry. Also check our social media for a cool post! Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram:  Twitter:  Sources: PS5 Premiere: Android 11 Beta: No more facial recognition:
June 16, 2020
Hey Google, give me news - Episode 20
Join Patrick and Tristan as they look at wallpapers that brick phones, face Facebook labels, talk about more SPACEX! and rant about Google’s privacy. Way too much Google. Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sources: Android Wallpaper Brick: More SPACEX!: Facebook labels: Google tracks you and is getting sued for it:
June 08, 2020
SPACEX! - Episode 19
Join Robert and Tristan as they embark with SpaceX to find Star Man and the roadster on a weekend that will be remembered in history. Social media may also face some new restrictions, but on land not in space. Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sources: SPACE: Executive Order against section 230: Microsoft laying off journalists:
June 03, 2020
GDPR can sue grandmothers? - Episode 18
Join Patrick and Tristan as they learn about law while a Facebook grandma gets sued, RCS (finally) may get encryption, source code for xbox gets leaked, and Windows rips off linux. Also we talk about our experiences with some services and rant a bit on how some are worse than others Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Find your platform: Sources: Grandmother sued for posting pictures: RCS Encryption code: DOJ drafts antitrust against Google: Xbox Source Code Leaked: Win-get:
May 26, 2020
PS5 Unreal Demo and the Internet - Episode 17
Join Patrick and Robert as they see the unreal world of the PS5 and talk about the current face of the internet. Also Giphy got bought by Facebook.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sources: PS5 Tech Demo: Apple NextVR: Facebook fun: Facebook Bug: Giphy’s new face: Edison Mail: "THBD - Lost In The Night" Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Music provided by BreakingCopyright:
May 18, 2020
State of Workflows - Episode 16
Louie and Tristan talk about their current apps and workflows on their devices. Join us for an interesting and fun conversation! Let us know if you enjoyed this episode! Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music By: zodysse, "Teta 3"
May 11, 2020
Subscribing to Quibi Eels - Episode 15
Join Patrick and Tristan as they learn what Quibi is, subscribe to everything, play some VR on MacOS, and dive into the Cybersecurity. Also we talk about game streaming services for a little bit. Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sources: Quibi: Subscription Services(Apple Earnings): Facetime Eels: Steam is ending MacOS SteamVR: Microsoft Teams Phishing: Lockbit Ransomware: Intro Music: "THBD - Lost In The Night" Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Music provided by BreakingCopyright: Also may the fourth be with you!
May 05, 2020
The Circle of Technology - Episode 14
Robert and Louie discuss the latest Nintendo hack, exposing thousands of people's information. We also discuss The Boston Dynamics robots being used in hospitals to monitor patients, Apple switching to ARM processors in Macs, and what oil prices going below $0 means. Join us for some steeped intellectual conversations! Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
April 27, 2020
iPhone SE, Mobile Windows, RTX: ON - Episode 13
Join Patrick and Tristan as they discuss the new iPhone SE(2nd generation), a bright RTX future for Minecraft, tracking Covid-19, and booting into Windows 10 on an Android Phone.  Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sources: iPhone SE: Minecraft RTX Support: Covid-19 tracking apps: Developers get Windows 10 running on Android phone:
April 20, 2020
Zooming Online and Curvy Controllers - Episode 12
Join Louie and Robert as they Zoom through the current state of the online world and figure out if the PS5 Controller "DualSense" is just a gimmick. Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sources: Zoom Security issues: Zoom Video Bot: Google Bans Zoom: Facebook could buy Zoom: Students being moved to online classes: PS5 DualSense controller:
April 13, 2020
Quasi-Carrier? Minecraft in 480p - Episode 11
Join Patrick and Tristan as they zoom in on Zoom, architect schools in Minecraft, set the standard with 480p, and Sprint away with the quasi-carrier. Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sources:  Zoom: Minecraft Schools: FCC Calls: Sprint is dead: Google released location data: iPad Microphone:
April 06, 2020
3D printed face masks? Human Malware affecting a variety of industries that no one thought would ever work together - Episode 10
From startups trying to 3d print face masks, car companies starting to make ventilators instead of cars, what industry hasn’t been changed by human malware? Link for 3D printed masks Link for car companies making ventilators Link for companies taking photos of their employees Link for reMarkable 2
March 30, 2020
The End of Consoles? This and the new iPad Pro! - Episode 9
Playstation and Xbox have said this will be their last consoles. What does this mean for console gamers? Apple announces the new iPad Pro with trackpad support! Tune in!
March 23, 2020
Human Malware? The Tech Industry's Response - Episode 8
Human malware has been going around and we are here to discuss it (in any way that we can without getting banned).
March 16, 2020
Who owns your games? Phone talk and more - Episode 7
Join Louie and Tristan as they discuss the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, Geforce Now's dilemma, and the new Firefox web browser controversy. Also talking about licensing stuff.
March 09, 2020
Artificial Talk Relaunch - Episode 6
Relaunch and rebranding of Artificial Tech Talk (now Artificial Talk) along with introduction of new hosts.
March 08, 2020
AI, Apple, and Samsung Improvements - Episode 5
Google's AI is so complicated that their programmers don't even know how it works, Apple's October Event, and Samsung;'s new product line!
November 13, 2018
Social Media Addiction, Updates, and, of course, Apple - Episode 4
This episode of Artificial Tech Talk focuses on the world's addiction to social media, new technology upgrades, and more Apple news.
November 08, 2018
Graphics Cards, Lawsuits, and More Phones - Episode 3
Episode 3 of Artificial Tech Talk. Here our co-hosts explore several topics, especially GPU and CPU technology, lawsuits upon lawsuits, and of course, more phones.
October 30, 2018
Purchases, Competition, and Lies - Episode 2
Episode 2 of Artificial Tech Talk (formerly "A Tech Talk") with your co-hosts Louis and Tristan. This episode goes over companies being purchased, game businesses competing, and Intel's lies.
October 23, 2018
Amazon, Google, and Techtober - Episode 1
Episode 1 of A Tech Talk with co-hosts Louie and Tristan. In this episode we discuss Amazon's business methods, technology privacy rights, and Techtober.
October 16, 2018