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Keith Alpert - Athletist

Keith Alpert - Athletist

By Keith Alpert
Strength training tips & tricks, creating superior bodies of all ages. Click the link to download the free strength training program; or email Keith a question; Nutrition and performance tips to help improve athletic performance no matter where you are starting. Facebook group; Insta; Facebook; YouTube; Blog;
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What I learnt working with Charles Poliquin & Other Past Stories Episode #5

Keith Alpert - Athletist

My client was in pain before this - Ep #8
Keith discusses what happened with a client of his who came to see him with unresolved pain issues.  Here is the time stamp. 0.37 Keith describes the new client who came to him because she had ongoing lower back and hip flexor pain. He discusses how she has been seeing top-level holistic specialists up to now to help with the pain.  3.00 How he established that her right glute was hypertonic (overactive) rather than inactive and weak. He used functional neuropathy and P-DTR (Proprioceptive - Deep Tendon Reflex) to relieve her pain. 4.40 Keith describes how a tight muscle may not be a soft tissue directly even if it present or feels like it.  6.40 What P-DTR is and how Keth uses it as a tool in his tool kit. How all the therapies that we use complement each other. Have a question for Keith? Email him at  Or ask him questions inside the free Facebook group; Download the Free Strength Training Program -  Facebook Page;  Insta; YouTube;  Podcast Apple iTunes;  Spotify:  Website; Blog; Twitter;  LinkedIn;
November 17, 2020
Strength Gaining Tips For Young Athlete’s - Ep #7
Kate Interviews Keith from Athletist with all the inside tips of what he shares with his young clients on how to grow muscle and get stronger.  Here is the time stamp for the episode. 0.23 Keith talks about 2 clients that have put on muscle and dropped fat. He explains nutrition is important to achieve this. 3.00 The 'silver lining' of the pandemic and how it has given his clients more time to improve their strength and conditioning. 6.30 Keith talks about the joy he gets from training his clients and getting them to improve above their expectations. How he gets them more time at school and college. 8.15 Keith's personal story from when he was in high school and wanted to be better at sport. How his eating habits affected his abilities and his size. 12.35 How looking at things differently helps his clients and their self-concept which helps them when they are going out into their professional lives. 14.05 How Keith can affect them in a way that a parent may not be able to. How he helps his young clients learn to live life in a more professional way and why he treats them like a professional athlete. 16.45 Words for parents. How body composition helps endurance.  17.41 You can meet Keith with no obligation. This can now be done online. Have a question for Keith? Email him at Or ask him questions inside the free Facebook group; Facebook Page;  Insta; YouTube;  Free Strength Training Program -  Podcast Apple iTunes;  Spotify:  Website; Blog; Twitter; LinkedIn;
November 17, 2020
What a College Basketball Coach Looks For in a Recruit with Coach Larry Lewis. Ep #6
Keith Alpert interviews Larry Lewis who is the assistant basketball coach at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Larry is a former assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings and the Lakers. Larry is a longtime professional player and a past client of Keith’s. Here is the discussion that any up-coming athlete should hear. Timestamp of the discussion; 0.58 How Larry and Keith met, and how Keith changed Larry’s body. 2.48 How long Larry played and at what age he retired. 4.00 Larry talks about moving from Japan to Spain to play basketball. 8.40 The time restrictions that Keith and Larry faced with their training together. 9.57 How Keith changed Larry’s diet, the mental strength it gave him, and how it changed his body. 13.15 Larry talks about the transition of working with Keith in the offseason then going back to pre-season training with the team. 16.30 Larry’s transition from being a player to becoming a coach. 21.10 What does Larry look for when recruiting players. 25.25 How things have changed with recruiting because of the pandemic. 29.30 Larry talks about the importance of still working out during the pandemic. 34.00 Discussion about Larry’s son who is entering his junior year in high school and plays basketball. What Larry is doing to help his training. 40.00 Advice to parents for helping their kids advance. Any questions, simply contact Keith here; Online coaching and program writing is available. Or download the free strength training program from Keith; All the places you can follow Keith; Free Facebook group; Instagram; YouTube; Podcast Apple itunes; Spotify: Website; Twitter; LinkedIn;
October 16, 2020
What I learnt working with Charles Poliquin & Other Past Stories Episode #5
Keith used to work alongside the late strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin, here is his story and some of what he learnt while working with him. The timestamp of what is in the interview; 1 min – The story behind how Keith met Charles Poliquin. 3.11 – What Keith learnt from Charles. There is more to a program than just the exercise. There are a number of variables and how you are able to incorporate those to get to the goal. Everyone has their own unique qualities that you have to deal with. 4.50 - Keith discusses his qualifications and working with his older brother, in training basketballers. His brother taught skills and Keith was the strength coach. 6.14 - Keith explains how he started teaching for Charles Poliquin and taught a level one course. Charles had a number of Hockey athletes he would refer to other trainers such as Keith, so Keith was able to train some of his athletes. 9.35 - What Keith loved about Charles’s style of coaching or teaching methods. How Keith took on the information that he learnt and was able to incorporate it and apply the method to different situations with his own clients. There is an art to coaching, and being able to recognize how someone is reacting to the program. 11.49 - Example of when Charles was training dealing with explosive athletes in the world of track and field and his discovery that programs to be changed more often than for everyday people. To ask Keith a question, send him an email on; or Connect with Keith here; Download the Free Strength Training Program - Free Facebook group; Insta; YouTube; Podcast Apple itunes; Spotify: Website; Twitter; LinkedIn;
October 08, 2020
Mental Rehearsal for Young Athletes Playing Sport Ep #4
I often teach my young athletes 'mental rehearsal' to improve their performance. Here's how I get them to implement this and how it can create better performance both on and off the field. Click this link to download the free program for Young Athletes: To contact Keith and ask a question simply email him on   Or to ask q's join the free Facebook group; Follow him on Insta; Watch the YouTube Channel; Blog;
October 02, 2020
Fundamentals For a Good Strength Program Ep #3.
A balanced strength program is very important for any athlete but particularly one playing a particular sport, desiring enhanced performance from the body.  Download the free strength training program here; To contact Keith and ask a question simply email him on Or to ask q's join the free Facebook group; Follow him on Insta; Watch the YouTube Channel; Blog;
September 11, 2020
The Pandemic - The Student-Athlete's Training Opportunities Episode #2
Topics discussed in today's episode; Timestamp below 1.0 How the covid pandemic has affected his athletes and the major opportunity to Football players moving forward. 1.38. The MIAA, the governing body of High school sports in Massachusetts has created a new four-season model with Football & how this helps the athletes. 2.16 Example of how the loss of the season has helped an athlete coming off of an ACL injury. 3.00 Training facilities and the restrictions surrounding these. 3.50 Advice to those that can’t train with Keith. How they continue to train and how to find help. 5.00 The benefit of online training 5.25 Recommendations of exercises for athletes to do at home. Benefits of deep squats. 7.51 How deeper squatting translates to improved football performance. 10.00 Keith’s thoughts on Olympic lifts 11.10 Example of current client (Evan Thompson) and how his improved strength and size has translated into better football performance. 13.41 How the selection process around the country has been affected by Covid. 16.00 What he is telling his football athletes with regards to Covid and the lack of Competition. 18.10 Where you can find his free program and who it is for; ask Q's over here in the group; 18.58 Examples of how client’s lives have changed since working with Keith. Client went from public to private school and is now verging on scholarships for College. 21.51 Tactics and mindset changes for athletes to get through these unprecedented times. 22.53 College recruiters tend to look at stereotypes. How to use this time to fit this stereotype. What the cost is if you do not make the weight that is expected. 25.30 How a beginner can put muscle on, during this extended off-season. 29.25 Exercises NOT to do as they take away from their athletic ability. 30.40 Squatting full range and what rep range to use for different muscle groups. 33.48 How to reach Keith if you have a question; oj4xVEyENdqmLAuv9ag 34.12 Final words of wisdom and how to get through this pandemic.
August 31, 2020
Young Basketball Athletes - strength training and nutrition tips. An interview
Questions for Keith Alpert about issues that are facing young basketball players these days. We covered basic and advanced strength training tips, nutrition things any athlete of any level needs to know plus much more. For more info, below is the link to join Keith’s free facebook group or email him if you have any Q’s on;  Other links; Facebook group; Insta: Facebook Page; YouTube; Website;
May 13, 2020