Atlantic Business Spotlight

Atlantic Business Spotlight

By Kathlene Sutherland
What makes Atlantic Canada a great place to live, & do business?

We do. It all begins with our stories.

Shining the spotlight on Maritime entrepreneurship, leaders, innovation and community.

Hosted by:
Kathlene Sutherland specializes in strategic marketing for small business. She is an AWAI verified copywriter, certified Emotional Fitness™ coach, and multi-disciplinary artist who loves a great story.


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EP 11: Mark Black, Speaker - Making An Impact
Heart and double lung transplant recipient turned international motivational speaker Mark Black on resilience, facing fears, and what it means to truly make an impact. LevelUp IMPACT Conference 2019
September 21, 2018
EP 10: Kathlene Sutherland - FB Live "Ask the Expert" - Strategic Marketing (3 Best Tips)
Small business marketing that gets attention, connects, and converts? My 3 best tips. Learn about some of the essential fundamentals of strategic marketing. Plus, worried that targeting your marketing is manipulating? Here's another way to think about it. This episode is an excerpt from a FB Live 'Ask the Expert' call in the private networking group, "Savvy Women on Purpose", created by Melissa Hebert (Elevator Pitch Workshop:
September 13, 2018
EP 9: Shannon Edgett - Palmistry: Ancient Science, Modern Practice
Are you curious about what the lines in your hands say about who you are, where you've been, and where you're going? Join us today as we discuss the modern practice of an ancient science: Palm Reading
August 21, 2018
EP 8: Natalie Davison - The Art of Marketing H2H (Human to Human)
On finding your ideal brand voice, authenticity in marketing, and the essential role of the fearless Creative
July 30, 2018
EP 7: Melissa Hebert - The Productivity Ninja
How often do you hear yourself saying "I'm too busy" or, "I don't have time"? When it comes to productivity, planning and organizing means far more than getting things done.. It means creating structure, mastering distractions, and feeling good about the actions we take every day. Plus: Listen to the end for a new spin on the classic 'vision board'
July 23, 2018
EP 6: Warren Redman / Zev Bagel - Creator, Emotional Fitness™ & Author
On the evolution of Emotional Fitness™ Coaching, the transformative power of true Listening, transitioning into the world of fiction writing, and the vibrant writer's community in Greater Moncton area
June 26, 2018
EP 5: Dan Ross - Curator, Albert County Museum
On Albert County's "hidden gem" - the Albert County Museum. This fascinating window into history comes alive within the walls of the 9 remaining original buildings set on 6 acres overlooking the Chocolate River. Learn about Petitcodiac pirates, the tragic tale of convicted axe murderer Tom Collins, our small town connection to WWI, and the role of the local museum in the age of the global community.
June 20, 2018
EP 4: Lisa Griffin - The Role of Arts Festivals in Culture & Community
On the revitalization of Greater Moncton as a destination to live, work, and do business.
June 15, 2018
EP 3: Gabriel Basque - Perseverance and the #MovementAgainstMediocrity
On overcoming fears, humble leadership, developing a mindset that is adaptive to change, millenials in the workforce, and more.
June 13, 2018
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