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Atlantis World is building the Web3 social Metaverse by connecting Web3 with social, gaming and education in one lightweight virtual world that’s accessible to everybody!

You'll find our community calls, interviews and other community focused event recordings here.
Atlantis World Podcast | EP:6: Brian from Polygon
Brian & Andy talk about: Metaverses,  NFTs in the sense of digital ownership not just highly priced assets What dots need to be connected for a/the Metaverse to take off Virtual Reality headsets & games Polygon Alpha?
July 08, 2022
Atlantis World Podcast | EP5: Chai from OKC
Chai & Andy talk about the importance of a trustless system (Ethereum), it's benefit for collaboration as well as DAO structures & voting mechanisms.
July 01, 2022
Atlantis World Podcast | EP4: Ukraine DAO guests Alona & Adri (AW)
Find out how Ukraine DAO started, the current ongoing war in Ukraine, how blockchain is being used for good in new ways and much more.  We are joined by Alona of Ukraine DAO & Adri Operations Lead at Atlantis World.  Of note is also the various ways we can contribute both through monetary and volunteering efforts to help the people of Ukraine. We recommend exploring Ukraine DAO through their linktree page here
June 24, 2022
Atlantis World Podcast | EP3: Jason & Denham from FLOAT
Learn about some shorting & longing, token approval safety and upcoming alpha for their Arctic release! 
June 20, 2022
Atlantis World Podcast | EP2: 0xAndros from Wonder
Join Andy & Andros as they discuss how you can build a web3 resume using Wonderverse, what it was like at Meta, Atlantis job boards and even some of the potential benefits of music NFTs.
June 15, 2022
Atlantis World Podcast | EP1 Tjark from PoolTogether
Join Tjark & Andy on our first community podcast episode as they discuss how to get involved in a DAO as a contributor and what that process might look like. We cover the use of decentralized job boards like dework, why PoolTogether is such a powerful tool & the benefits of the web3 culture
June 02, 2022
Community Call May 26
We discuss new map updates & redesign and more! Join us weekly in discord. Also you will notice a gap in recordings, this is due to us testing an un-recorded call for a few weeks. So calls still occurred they were just not recorded. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!
June 02, 2022
Community Call April 14th
Devconnect & more updates! There was a good amount we discussed so it's best to give it a listen
April 14, 2022
Community Call April 7th 🔑🔥
Thanks for tuning in, we've got something exciting to share that will shake things up a bit! Beyond the alpha leak in the call here's a few updates: PoolTogether podcast recording New web3 partner To Be Announced (upcoming on twitter / medium) Some of the team will be at Devconnect in Amsterdam making strong connections! Temporary Alpha Access giveaway (3 days) Our team is still growing!
April 08, 2022
Community Call March 31st
We want to your feedback! We want to improve not just Atlantis World but also our community connection! Fill out the form here POAP to claim. Listen for the code! There were some slight audio issues so the episode has been edited! Key Points: Rev & AndyKaufman were on the PoolTogether podcast yesterday. We will share the recording once it's available CJ & Julio are currently representing AW at NFT LA. If you are attending you find them to chat & earn a POAP Our 👾alpha-updates  for this week is postponed due to NFT LA attendance -Rev has returned from Avax Summit -We've been quiet, we are planning more consistent content communications on twitter
March 31, 2022
Community Call March 24th First Quest!
Topics to discuss on today's call   -We are building a quest system, what kind of quests would you like to see & participate in? -AW got a make over! Check out the visual changes! -We are testing an in-game event center that will be used to host.... events! -We have signs for each of the 4 districts.  Help us name them What are your expectations for those districts? -Potential Partners -Field Trips -Growth & new team members
March 24, 2022
Community Call March 10th
We welcomed our newest member to the team Andy Kaufman who will help bridge the gap between community & team. You can reach out to him on our official discord with any questions or ideas you might have! Pardon the audio buzz, this will be fixed in future episodes
March 10, 2022
Community Call March 3rd
AMA and community call about alpha updates, unchain fund and what's coming next for AW
March 03, 2022
Community Call Atlantis MetaGame Feb 3rd
Atlantis World Alpha discussions & MetaGame AMA
February 03, 2022
Community Call Jan 27
Tech & Growth Updates - alpha Sale & Alpha Launch - 2022 Product Roadmap - Q & A
January 27, 2022
Community Call Jan 13
Growth & Tech Updates - AW Alpha Sale - AW Alpha Launch - AMA with Community
January 13, 2022
Community Call Jan 6th
Alpha Sale & Alpha Launch  - Becoming Founding Atlantean: What, Why, and How - What's next? 2022 Product & Growth Roadmap 
January 06, 2022
Community Call Dec 23rd 2021
Community activities & updates - AW Alpha Release & Sale - Q&A
December 23, 2021
Community Call Dec 9th 2021
 Atlantis World Alpha [progress] - community contributor [updates & next steps] - upcoming contests & community activities - how to become a founding Atlantean
December 09, 2021