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The Design Diaries

The Design Diaries

By Alyssa Nguyen
A podcast for creatives, freelancers and business owners hosted by the founder of (@atnndesign) Alyssa Nguyen Design studio—Alyssa! A self-taught designer gone freelancer and now studio owner, Alyssa shares real advice on being an entrepreneur and designer with the mission of helping you reach your goals! Expect snackable episodes full of actionable steps and authentic experiences from someone who started in a tiny college dorm.
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Ep 19: 3 Tips for Making Big Business Changes
I'm sharing my biggest 3 tips for how to approach large business changes like restructuring, scaling, etc! We're talking figuring out what to change, how to find a solution, and how to approach executing it.
May 17, 2022
Ep 18: Taking Mental Health Breaks & What Comes After
I'm talking all about what it's been like taking a mental health break from the business and how I'm approaching getting back into the swing of things!
May 10, 2022
Diary Entry - Am I Sharing Too Much?
With all the content I've been putting out recently over Instagram, Close Friends, TikTok, this Podcast, and now my YouTube, I've been struggling with the question of whether or not I'm sharing too much and how to deal with that uncertainty.
January 18, 2022
Ep 17: 3 Things I Regret in my Business
I give a lot of advice on what to DO, but now I'm trying to show you what NOT to do through sharing my regrets and things I wish I knew when I was growing and starting out.
January 11, 2022
Ep 16: How to End a Project Early
I'm covering early termination as both a client and a creative: when to know, how to do it, and how to cope!
November 16, 2021
Ep 15: Designer Talk — Juicy Q&A with Matthew, Wilda, and Mackenzie
What brands do you hate? Do you have anything cringey to admit? I ask my friends @bymatthewmiller, @helloimwilda, and @m.b.i.r.d some juicy questions that you sent us in a long, candid, and fun conversation!
November 09, 2021
Diary Entry: Imposter Syndrome & How I Deal
In this episode I'm talking Imposter Syndrome and some tips on how I've dealt with it over the years!
July 27, 2021
Ep 14: Tips for Raising Your Prices
This episode covers some tips for what to do once you've decided to increase your rates!
July 21, 2021
Diary Entry: We're Back + An Update!
It's time for season 2! We're officially back and ready for a whole ton of exciting episodes!
July 13, 2021
Ep 13: Let's Talk Passive Income Streams
In this episode, I cover key things you need to consider when starting to develop passive income streams and how to make them with minimal extra effort from you!
April 20, 2021
Diary Entry: Toxic Trends I'm Over
I'm getting a lil juicy today and talking about 4 trends that I think are TOXIC in the creative community!
April 03, 2021
Ep 12: Client Red Flags to Avoid
I cover my top 5 things that I keep on the lookout for when meeting potential clients to avoid possible nightmare situations!
March 30, 2021
Ep 11: How I Handle Client Feedback
In this episode I share my best tips for managing client feedback like how to disagree with feedback & how to get the best feedback possible!
March 26, 2021
Ep 10: Handling Difficult Clients and Situations
In this episode I cover my best advice for approaching tense or awkward client situations and I go through 5 client scenarios, talking you through my recommended approach for dealing with them: 1. Client Trust Issues, 2: Scope Creep, 3: Late Payments/Feedback, 4: Mismatched Vision or Negative Interactions (aka Terminating a Project), 5: Working with a Friend
March 23, 2021
Diary Entry: Copying Designs vs. Being Inspired
WTF do you do when you feel like someone has copied your designs? In this diary entry I tell you about my experience with people taking my work and how I feel about the debate between copying and inspiration + a mini rant on the "be original" narrative!
March 20, 2021
Ep 9: Instagram Marketing 101
I share my tips and methods for using Instagram in a sustainable and natural way to grow your business! Instead of giving you the classic algorithm tips, I'm sharing ways to view Instagram as a community tool to help you grow without the extra effort.
March 16, 2021
Ep 8: The Essentials for a Great Client Experience
I'm sharing my top 5 things to consider and implement into your project experience to maximize client satisfaction and get you some good reviews! I talk systems, strategies, and things to consider when building your workflow.
March 12, 2021
Ep 7: Getting Clients You Actually Want to Work With
We're talking strategies and methods for attracting clients that align with your business! I'm sharing some tips and things to consider that will help you attract your dream clients sustainably over time.
March 10, 2021
Diary Entry: Marketing Anxiety & Putting Yourself Out There
In this episode I talk about the scary moment when you decide to start being the spokesperson for your business on social media and how it's not all rainbows and butterflies! I talk about being anxious about hate, becoming an influencer, and how to balance marketing with personal comfort.
March 05, 2021
Ep 6: All About Pricing & Charging What's Right for You
We're talking about how to price yourself in a way that's right for you and what's comfortable! I discuss how I go about pricing my services and suggest ways to think about how to structure yours. I don't cover any particular numbers, but rather I talk about how to think about your own comfort level to customize your pricing structure in a way that makes sense for you!
March 02, 2021
Ep 5: My Best Advice for New Creatives
In this episode I cover my best advice, like real advice!, that I wish I had been told when I first starting out. I cover a variety of topics like pricing, service offerings, passion projects, and more!
February 26, 2021
Ep 4: Balancing Mental Health & Running a Biz
In this episode I share realistic and simple steps to improve your rest-work balance! Instead of just telling you to rest and practice self-care (like what does that even mean these days?), I give you my actual tips that I use to help relieve anxiety, burnout, and more.
February 23, 2021
Ep 3: Finding your Niche & Target Audience
Your niche and target audience are one of the main pillars of your business' foundation! In this episode I cover ways to thoughtfully find your niche and strategically find your audience while also having a bit of fun!
February 19, 2021
Diary Entry: Breaking Up with a Client & Being Talked Down to...
In this episode I get vulnerable and talk about an unpleasant but real experience that I had in my week...breaking up with a client and getting talked down to in a meeting. I talk about the experiences of dealing with both and what I learned from them!
February 17, 2021
Ep 1: Who I Am & My Story
Welcome! Get to know me, your humble host, by learning about my unconventional journey into design and how I started freelancing, designing, and opening my own studio. I share my experience going through a MAJOR career change and following my passion. It's nice to meet you!
February 13, 2021
Ep 2: How to Start Freelancing or Your Own Biz
In this episode I outline my best tips for starting a creative freelancing career or business! I include tips for laying the foundation of your business to set you up for success and I also cover my top 5 admin essentials to get the ball rolling!
February 13, 2021