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All Tea, No ShaYde (ATNS) Podcast

All Tea, No ShaYde (ATNS) Podcast

By Xander Alexander
All Tea, No ShaYde podcast mixes it up but keeps it 100 so you can stay woke around your gender fluid, non-conforming friends. From pure stories and politics to hot button issues and stigmas. Don’t come for me unless I send for you, here’s a liberty stamp it’s free. Taking on the topics, the hot button issues, politics, gender dynamics, and everything in between. Now let’s sip some tea.
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Gay Teacher in a Straight World
Gay culture is everywhere. It’s pervasive in mainstream culture. Our children are even being taught by “the gays”. Find out what it’s like first hand to be an lgbtq educator in a heteronormative world from Hot Mike, our resident gay teacher. Afterwards, we then take a dive into gay hookup culture, once again, putting gay culture under the microscope and spilling the tea.
November 22, 2019
ATNS 24: Gay Best Friends x Gossip Boyishhh.
Ever wonder what it’s like to have a gay best friend? Think you’re missing out by not having one in your life? Here we explore how Physical Selfcare and a O-Fucks lifestyle make gays the ultimate super humans. They defy the odds and uphold impossible standards and look god while doing it. The LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 is under the microscope and Gossip Boyishhh is giving your All Tea, No Shade.
November 15, 2019
ATNS 23: Shutdown Culture Politics
Shutdown Culture Politics micro-cast. Shutting down internally and externally when subjects arise that are difficult seems to be the norm these days, especially in politics. Don’t be bitter. Don’t be spiteful. Be better.
July 20, 2019
ATNS 22 Trans is Beautiful
The Trans community has long been misunderstood and often overshadowed within the broader LGBTQ community. As the fight for equality continues, transgendered individuals have gained more exposure in the limelight and mainstream media. With shows like Pose and Strut and celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Indya Moore the social acceptability of the Trans community is on the rise. They even have their own flag, which speaks volumes to the community and the movement. Now more than ever we need to educate the public to erase ignorance and hate that can lead to catastrophic violence and death. Let’s celebrate diversity and expression of identity.
May 17, 2019
EP 21: Gay culture has made it mainstream and there’s no looking back now. We’re here. We’re queer.
Keeping up with the subcultures of the lgbtq community is almost has hard as keeping up with the Kardashians. There are so many terms and rules and etiquettes to follow it can be mind boggling, especially for straight people, let alone gay people. This episode we find out selfs talking gay culture from Tops to Bottoms. Literally. It’s our longest one yet. Let’s see how it goes.
May 9, 2019
Episode 20: Xander 2020 - Politics Unhinged
Let there be Trump. Donald Trump has taken the air out of the news rooms. Quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing about him. Let’s highlight some other sides of politics, shall we? Democratic candidates anyone? Next time we cover the 🍑 of politics. Mayor Pete! Stay tuned. #yang2020 #yanggang
April 19, 2019
ATNS 19 Joe Biden: The Man, the Myth, the Legend...not the sexual Predator.
Leave Joe alone. As ATNS presents another episode of Xander2020, we are discussions the recent allegations of sexual improprieties against former VP Joe Biden as well as human rights issues with the death penalty for LGBT members of the community. Visit Xander2020usa in Facebook for more stories and updates!
April 4, 2019
ATNS 18: America, You In Danger Girl!
Trump just might win 2020 if he makes it to the ballot. Dems, you’re going to have to beat him at his own game and that won’t be easy politics. It won’t be politics at all. Go for the jugular, it’s your only dirty, go low, do SOMETHING.
March 29, 2019
ATNS 17: Live Broadcast
From the college university scandal to my own political agenda, we are touching on some major points. Get me on that stage against Trump, I’m a registered Republican, and I’ll take him down!
March 13, 2019
ATNS 16: Pride & (White) Privileged
Pride and Privilege are very mysterious in nature. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, often misunderstood. Whether by choice, by chance, by class or by stance, we need to keep the dialogue open so the narratives are clear.
March 9, 2019
Quick Thank You
Thank you for listening and your continued support and encouragement.
March 5, 2019
ATNS 15: God’s Not on Grindr
All Tea, No ShaYde is back with this edition of Shit Gay Boys Say : SGBS. God loves all his children, including the gay ones. Bible ethics are being challenged on the daily as Christianity loses ground in the USA. Spread some love and not hate.
March 3, 2019
ATNS Stumping Trump : Politics without the jargon
While Trump May have lost the popular vote in 2016, Democrats have some work to do if they don’t want him to win it in 2020. Talk politics like with the everyday person in mind in this installment of Xander2020. @xander2020usa on Twitter.
February 23, 2019
Jussie Smollett is my Hero!
Stop the judgement right there. Don’t judge a book by its cover or an article by its byline. The Chicago PD are some of the most crooked in the land. Right or wrong, we haven’t heard everything regarding Jussie Smollett and something tells me we’ve got more coming. #podcast
February 22, 2019
Drag Race All Stars Finale and The Truth about Tops, Bottoms, and Versatiles Sex Education
Shitgayboyssay edition with a Recap and commentary on Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars - 4 season finale. I then turn to a solo round table discussion on Tops, Bottoms, and Versatiles in a Sex Education piece.
February 16, 2019
Xander2020 : Politics Undone. Brought to you by ATNS initially.
Spin-off or Spin-In show, Xander2020 takes a look at politics, Donald Trump, & the White House through the lens of a normal person. As a liberally moderate Republican, He’s got a Vision and it’s 2020. #SeeClear Together. That’s our commitment.
January 31, 2019
ATNS 9: Banana Chocolate Pancakes and Sex Work
All Tea, No ShaYde, the police in NYC are sketchy AF. Especially towards POCs and myself. Our first inter view with a bonafied sex worker in the adult context creation industry. I’m making chocolate banana pancakes too. They’re yummy as you can hear. 😈
January 26, 2019
ANTS 8: You’re Not Alone Part 2 - Calling All Angels
You’re not alone and you never will be. You’ve got me, the the very least. Mental Health is not a battle best fought alone. #IStandWithYou. Who do you stand with? Let them know. Send them a positive message and #IStandWithYou. Come though!
January 25, 2019
ATNS 7: You’re Not Alone. Checking boxes since 1984, we’ve got them All.
When it comes to sexual identity, gender identity, sexual preferences, mental health status, or whatever else makes you feel like an outsider looking in, we are here to tell you that you’re not alone. You’ll never be alone. Together. That’s our commitment.
January 25, 2019
ATNS 6: Politics the House Down & the Senate
All Tea, No ShaYde. Donald Trump may be running the show but the supporting cast in the House of Representatives and the Senate are on strike...forget the shutdown. Who’s paying for this wall? The crumbling American Middle Class. You can’t just shutdown the most prolific government in the free world and expect no consequences. This is a continued referendum on the Obama Administration gone wrong. Let’s spill some tea.
January 20, 2019
ATNS 5 : All Black People Are Ghetto
All Tea, No ShaYde breaking down racism one stereo-stigma at a time. This time we’re I’m calling out the cop who shot a 17 year old kid 16 times. Stay woke. Keep it real. Keep it cute. And always try to keep it real cute.
January 19, 2019
Law & Order SPV : Bar-Tiny Big Dreams
From the club to the bar, the night continues with a private Kiki pit stop. To be continued.
January 15, 2019
Law & Order SPV - PT 2
Details continue to unfold as we find out more about what happened that fateful night. Still more to come. Stay tuned.
January 13, 2019
Law & Order SPV
His death was deemed an accident. Though an accident it didn’t seem. Surviving the night was never thought to be the goal. The scars on the inside don’t go away, but I’ll talk through them as I recall the night and what happened. One of the single most pivotal points in my life. Just as sure as Ted Cruz gets to walk free, so should Sean.
January 7, 2019
Raw, unedited, uncut...I’m giving it to you just like that. I hope you can take it.
I’m Xander. And this is from TWATx, The World According to Xander. It’s not a perfect world but it’s got a lot in it. Come for the ride stay for the free entertainment. I’m too insane to explain and you’re too normal to understand, but let’s just go with it.
January 6, 2019