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The conversations you need to have and the ones you need to hear. Just a young man named called Duzco with a goal to change and inspire the world one conversation at a time. Unscripted is the best way to make these conversations real and unique. Ask yourself, how you got to your position, why do you wake up everyday and what is your goal in life.
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Darrien " That Ab Guy " Johnson | Social Media| Workouts & Sponsorships | A Toast to Life Podcast
To make it on social media its tough, but when you are gifted, talented, and passionate about your craft then it may be a little easier. Darrien Johnson shares with us his journey on how he became " That Ab guy" , the first time his videos went viral and some other interesting things that others may have not known.
May 23, 2022
Andrew Jacobs | The truth about Hollywood |Street dancing & fighting| Beating the system in LA Ep.55
Andrew Jacobs, actor, dancer, father & entrepreneur comes to share his story. He talks about how he e landed his first movie role in Paranormal Activity and his recent Netflix series Trinkets and why he continues to dance in Hollywood and Santa Monica. More topics we go over but you have to listen in order to find out. A toast to life and a big thank you to all our listeners.
May 16, 2022
Michelle Tanahara | Life outside social media | Worst zodiac sign | Red Flags in a relationship
We had one of the most genuine person come to the podcast on this episode. The famous Tik-toker, barista and dancer came to the podcast to share her story. There is a lot that goes into building a social media platform and Michelle is a great example of doing whatever it takes. Listen closely to the conversation and you will hear exactly what she had to endure in order to be here in this position now.
May 09, 2022
How to handle being alone | Self-Love | Stop making excuses | A Toast to life Podcast
We all need to hear certain phrases or quotes to remind ourselves what we already know. Listen to the Q&A and comment a quote or phrase you reside with that has helped you along your life.
May 02, 2022
DoKnows_World | Life before / after social media | Toughest moments in life | Relationships | ATTLP
The reach of the  podcast has been a movie. In this episode we had the honor  to sit with a young legend in the making, the one and only DoKnow. We are an authentic podcast, so stay tune for the gems he drops and listen to the stories he shares that a lot of people may not really know about him.
April 25, 2022
Dandy Hats | Ft Aldo | " I sold out " | Secret on making 6 -fIgures | Ep. 51
The follow up with Leo, creator of Dandy Hats, was legendary. We brought back on Aldo from Daily Planet barbershop due to being a legend with the mic. We go over the process of building a brand, secrets on building a successful business & what it takes to be special. These are just three young entrepreneurs under 30 from a small town trying to change the narrative.
April 18, 2022
Gabriella Barrios | Vegan Wellness competitor | Motherhood | Mental Health Talk | A Toast To Life
We can be anything we choose to be in this world and Gabriella Barrios is living in her truth. She comes on shortly after competing in her first ever show as a vegan wellness competitor and shares her journey in this prep from being a fitness trainer, mother of two, competitor and making time for her relationship. We all have a moment in our life that changes our perspective on everything by the way we process situations, who we let in our life and how we want to live our life. Some bad mother lovers where on this episode so tune in and follow.
April 11, 2022
Jason | Owner Self-Made West Covina & Chino Hills | Fatherhood | Making 6 Figures at 20 | ATTLP
We have finally reached episode 50 on the podcast and we got to have a legend in the fitness industry, Jason who is owner of Self-Made West Covina & Chino Hills. We go over a lot of topics like his upbringing, making six figures by his early twenties. Besides both of us trying to make a impact in the world we both can relate about how fatherhood changed us as men. Stay tuned for this legendary podcast.
April 04, 2022
Allan Walters | Love at first sight | Serving his purpose | Gym life as a personal trainer | ATTL
Allan Walters shares his journey with us for the first time on the podcast. He shares from the transition of being a high school baseball star, to personal training at the gym and now to making a huge announcement that will leave you with your jaw dropped !
March 28, 2022
Best and worst advice we have recived | La Familia | A Toast to Life Podcast | Q&A
We strongly believe that everyone who comes and leaves your life is for a reason. This group of people you are about to hear from are all powerful in their own unique way and here we have everyone in the same room speaking. We hope these phrases we say on the episode help any one listening in a positive way. Stay tune for the next one!
March 24, 2022
Blacked out after a whole bottle of tequila | Ponce & Pulido | Pure Gainz | How the brand started
The boys are back in town! Another couple of young entrepreneurs form our amazing city of Baldwin Park, Ca making it happen. Ponce and Pulido talk about the journey of how Pure Gainz Appareal got started and the moment life changed for them to take this route into entrepreneurship. What was said in this podcast might catch some of you by surprise since this is the first time they both talk about their journey.  Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and join the movement.
March 14, 2022
Aldo| I got arrested at the happiest place on earth |Daily Planet Barber Shop A Toast To Life EP.47
This movement has been incredible especially because of the people we have met and the stories we been able to share with the world. It's life changing when we are able to have the platform to share the story of one of our home town native, Aldo The Barber from Daily Planet Barber Shop in Baldwin Park, CA. Grab whatever your drinking because this episode is full of knowledge, advice and motivation. Join and help the movement by subscribing, sharing this podcast and dropping your feedback on the comments.
March 07, 2022
"I'm glad you didn't get swallowed' | Q&A Ep. 2 | How to please your partner | Relationship advice |
We love doing these Q&A with the team. On this one we had Aubreey, Cindy, Dilan and Duzco for the first time all at once and it got spicy. Topics were very interesting and informative from the male and female perspective as far as intimacy, do's and don'ts so make sure you listen up! Subscribe, like, & share the movement !
February 28, 2022
Adam | Hidden Strength Gym | " Nothing to loose when your young" | A Toast to Life Podcast | Ep.46
Adam, the owner of Hidden Strength Gym in Irwindale, CA, came on the podcast to tell us about the movement he has created since 2017. Adam gives us the best advice for getting into business and actually reveals a hidden secret ! Stay tuned!
February 21, 2022
The truth about life | Meeting Isaac Whistler | 3x National Champion | Jr. World Champion | ATTLP
Sometimes the best moment are the most unexpected. We had to opportunity to meet a great in the powerlifting industry, Isaac Whistler and shared with us a quote he lives by. As a bonus we added a vulnerability moment to share with our listeners. We hope you like it, drop your a like and a comment for feedback. We love to hear it.
February 18, 2022
The truth about life | Meeting Isaac Whistler | 3x National Champion | Jr. World Champion | ATTLP
Sometimes the best moment are the most unexpected. We had to opportunity to meet a great in the powerlifting industry, Isaac Whistler and shared with us a quote he lives by. As a bonus we added a vulnerability moment to share with our listeners. We hope you like it, drop your a like and a comment for feedback. We love to hear it.
February 18, 2022
Q&A : Aubreey & Cindy | Valentines Day Special | Relationships, Kids & Parenting| A Toast To Life
Follow the podcast on all platforms under : A Toast To Life Podcast  Q&A : Answering questions that our viewers have for us. We are gibing this gem on a special day for love, valentines day but besides that the episode is filled with knowledge and personal experiences on relationships. We talk about what age is good for having kids and following your dreams when parents don't support. Stay Tuned!
February 15, 2022
Q&A : Aubreey & Cindy | Valentines Day Special | Relationships, Kids & Parenting| A Toast To Life
Q&A : Answering questions that our viewers have for us. We are gibing this gem on a special day for love, valentines day but besides that the episode is filled with knowledge and personal experiences on relationships. We talk about what age is good for having kids and following your dreams when parents don't support. Stay Tuned!
February 14, 2022
House of Gains | David & Veronica Figg |Buisness |Relationships |"Logic Vs Emotion | A Toast To Life
House Of Gains Gym owners, Veronica & David Figg stop by the podcast for episode 45 to share with us their story on how they became young business owners at 19-20 years old, advice on life, and how they make their marriage/ relationship work while being in business together.  Listen to the full podcast for the most organic, authentic and realist conversation one can have.
February 08, 2022
House of Gains | David & Veronica Figg |Buisness |Relationships |"Logic Vs Emotion | A Toast To Life
House Of Gains Gym owners, Veronica & David Figg stop by the podcast for episode 45 to share with us their story on how they became young business owners at 19-20 years old, advice on life, and how they make their marriage/ relationship work while being in business together.  Listen to the full podcast for the most organic, authentic and realist conversation one can have.  Subscribe to the channel and share the message with anyone that needs to hear it.
February 07, 2022
Antoine Taylor | The Cause Int.| " We created a water system in Guatemala" | A Toast To Life Podcast
ntoine Taylor is a young entrepreneur with the ability to change the world as he is doing so with his company, The Cause Int. This type of skill can't be taught because entrepreneurship is a gifted talent within. Antoine started his entrepreneur career when he was in college selling socks and washing other peoples clothes because he saw the opportunity. To now years later, has built waterways for other countries, helps high school sports teams & gives back to his community. Stay tuned.
February 02, 2022
Iz LaMarr | More than a artist |" I started performing in a park in New York | A Toast to Life
For the first time in our podcast we had the pleasure to sit down with a young artist who is moving like a OG, Ize Lamarr from Los Angeles, CA. Our purpose in the podcast is to find out the why's and that is just what we did. Ize speaks on his humble beginnings on how his love for the music and performing came to be and what is in the plans for his career and life.   Name on all platforms : A Toast To Life Podcast Instagram, TikTok, Twitter
January 31, 2022
Derek from Los Homies: "Best backyard gourmet hotdog " | A Toast To Life Podcast | with Duzco |Ep42
Season 3 opener with Derek, who is an authentic individual with the vision to grow his bran, Los Homies,  into something like never before seen in the food industry. Derek explains to us and the rest what his brand represents and how this original name came to life. We all have the desire to one day build a brand or company into something that will make a impact on the neighborhood and culture and that is exactly what Derek is planning. It all starts with a dream but then the hard work needs to follow.   Stay tuned for what is yet to come!
January 19, 2022
Alejandra | Truly Snatched Body Contouring |Creating a 6- figure business |A Toast to Life Podcast
Its been a while ride this year, closing with episode 41 and with a truly inspirational business woman. We had the pleasure to sit down with Alejandra from Truly Snatched Body Contouring. She shared with us her upbringing from a young high school teenager, to helping run her parents business, loosing a loved one, her different job titles to landing this business with a loan from her dad. Starting a business is scary, but not knowing what to do and no money in the bank account is even scarier ! Listen carefully to the motivational journey of Alejandra and we hope this episode helps our audience in any way shape or form.  Like, Share & Subscribe ! Happy holidays to everyone. Thank you all for your support and love !
December 27, 2021
AJ Gonzalez " Opening my own gym before 30" | Self-Made Pasadena | A Toast To Life Podcast | Ep. 40
This world is just full of entrepreneurs and on this episode we had the pleasure of having one of the many, Aj Gonzalez. He shares the insight on on the moment he knew he was not just an ordinary person who was just going to settle for what people told him he was good for. From working in commercial gyms, to becoming a personal trainer, and now on the move to open his first gym in 2022. Motivated is a understatement, determined to make the dreams into reality as his choice and we are here to see it!
December 21, 2021
Cindy & Aubreey | Relationships, Entrepreneurship & Mental Health |A Toast to Life Podcast |Ep.39
Switching host on this special episode to give our audience the opportunity to hear a genuine, inspiring & interesting conversation with two of the crew members who are powerful individuals. Cindy & Aubrey talk about a few topics that definitely needed to be talked about which are mental health,   trauma,  business & career. Powerful people give out powerful and positive energy and that is just who they are. Tune in and listen up.
December 14, 2021
Alyss Chacon " Single mom & Entrepreneur " | A Toast To Life Podcast | Episode 38
Sitting down with Alyss Chacon was amazing. Alyss shared with us the life of a single mom and how that has changed her view on what life is about. In addition, she also shares with us her journey of being a entrepreneur, the power of loving one self  and the power of being confident in your own skin.  We briefly talk about events that forever changed our life. For Alyssa, is the moment she walked away from a six year long relationship and Luis brings up about loosing his best friend. We hope this message reaches those who need to hear it.  We attract who we are and we are the authors of our own book.   SUBSCRIBE , LIKE & SHARE !
December 07, 2021
Cutting up celebrities & professional athletes | Mayo aka Picasso | A Toast To Life Episode 37
To be able to sit down with these different entrepreneurs is amazing. For the first time we got ourselves a barber on the podcast to give us his background on how he ended up in this profession and how he has been so successfull. The famous Modern Day Picasso, better known as Ismael aka Mayo came to DTLA to tell us his story, from the very beginning growing up, being the quiet kid in school, dropping out and now being a top barber in his profession. Listen to the podcast and all the gems that were dropped through out the episode!
November 25, 2021
Against all odds with Aubrey Johnson
Our first collaboration with another podcast, Aubrey Johnson and Against All Odds Podcast. This episode you do not want to miss the topics that are spoken  in this conversation. We weren't suppose to be here because all the chips were stacked against us, but yet here we are making it happen and beating the odds!
November 18, 2021
"I went from being broke to working for the olympics" | Melissa Garcia | A Toast to Life Podcast
Episode 35  The sit down with one hard working individual who has earned her spot at every job opportunity that she has had. Melissa Garcia is no ordinary person who settles for what people tell her she is good for,  she has surpassed all expectations and has overcame the obstacles that have been in her way. From working for eight dollars a hour to now working for one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. We do not hold anything back. Talking about true love, our struggles, our journey, we just hope to help someone who is dealing with similar situations or just needs to hear certain phrases and words.
November 11, 2021
Business owner at 22 with Glo Hays
Episode 34 takes place in a amazing juice bar in Downtown Covina called Lyfestyle495 owned by the one and only Glo Hays. The youngest buisness owner we have had on the show at the age of 22 and she gives us what it takes to become one. We get the inside scoop of how Lyfestyle495 came to be and what's in store for the future. The 22 year old entrepreneur gave us the personal experience and view on having a investor. The people around you really do matter. If you are around winners then you yourself will be a winner! Thank you for tuning in!
October 27, 2021
Episode 2 with Jackie Jaquez | Social Media Growth | Empowerment | Spiritual Gangster | Zodiac Signs
In this episode we had to catch up with a great friend,  social media influencer and one of the most inspirational human beings out here, Jackie Jaquez. In this conversation we go over the power of affirmations and what they do for our life. We touch our Mexican heritage and how we grow up in a society where we are not allowed to have feelings, be depressed or have a voice. Jackie share with us the some of her life stories that she shares on her platform and how her life is literally a movie. We hope you guys take the positivity and the gems that were dropped in this episode.  Subscribe, Like  & Share
October 18, 2021
Season 2 with Gains by Ariel | Social Media | Gym | Personal Motivation | Episode 32
We are back and ready to pick up where we left off but now in the beautiful city of Los Angeles! We had to start off with a bang and just had to have one of the most influential influencers out right now on TikTok and instagram, Ariel or known as Gains by Ariel. This episode you will learn a little about Ariel's life, why she got into the gym and how she has built her platform to where it is today.  Drop your comment down bellow on your favorite quote, phrase or topic !
October 11, 2021
Girls Night, Relationship & Mental Health | Jocelyn Perez | A Toast To Life Podcast
Episode 30 : We finally made it to Episode 30 ! We had the pleasure of having Jocelyn Perez on this episode to tell us her views and a little about her life. She shares on the episode about the year she has had and transitioning mentally in her life. She gives us her point of view of having her girls night and her significant other having his boys night. Like said before, we all have a story to tell that helps many other who listen to it and Jocelyn here shares what and who  motivates her and what she does to help her stay mentally and emotionally okay. She has a story and we are blessed to be able to share it with the world. REMEMBER, don't forget to subscribe, like and share to the channel !
September 08, 2021
The Untold Story about Prudence Annalise Aka Fuff_Latina
Episode 29:  We got to have the one and only Prudence Annalise but as known on social media, fuff _latina. The most unexpected stories that were shared on this episode will leave you with awe. She is a real definition of hard work and dedication. Coming from her situations to be where she is today in the world is truly motivating to the younger generation for both boys and girls who are trying to peruse their dreams. Remember we all have a story to tell and there is always someone who will listen, all we have to do is tell it.
September 01, 2021
Mental Health, Therapy and Relationship Talk with Amber Castro
Episode 28:  The sit down with a mental health advocate & soon to be professional Amber Castro. This episode was special and very informative on mental health, therapy and how it is growing up in a latinx household. Amber & our host Luis share a very heartfelt moment that they had to live through in their life. We bring to light how it is to be in tune with our emotions and how communication in relationships are important. It is important to ask for help when you need it. We as a society have a misconception of how us as men and women should handle our emotions and how we should just keep going. Sometimes that can work, but sometimes it dosent and it causes our minds and hearts to hurt more than it should. Listen to the full episode and comment down below your experiences on any of the topics we brought up, we would love to hear it !   SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE to the channel and follow us on all platforms. Spotify, Apple Podcast, Anchor & Google Podcast.
August 27, 2021
The Best Advice From the Female & Male Perspective
Episode 27:  We love hearing and sharing stories here on this channel. We had the pleasure of having a good friend of ours Ashley Hernandez come and share her story and her thoughts with us. We hit many topics like growing up as the first girl in a hispanic house hold and what responsibilities came with that. Also, we talk about friends, relationships, social media and mental health. We shared a couple funny stories but you need to watch the video and hear them out.   Thank you all for watching and supporting the channel. Without all of you we wouldn't be here. Go listen to the podcast on Spotify , Apple podcast, anchor and google podcast.
August 20, 2021
How to Become A Entrepreneur
Episode 26  : This world is full of entrepreneurs and we had the opportunity to have one of the many, Justin Reyes. This man here takes us through the many different ventures he had throughout the last couple years and believe me you will not believe what he had to go through in order to be in the position he is now. Listen to the messages he gives those who are trying to create a clothing brand, jewelry, accessories and now realistate. Our longest podcast yet but one of the most informative due to throwing gems for the young generation coming up ready to become their own boss.   LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!!!!!
August 13, 2021
The Truth About Dandy Hats
Episode 25: Dandy Hats gets out of his comfort zone and sits down with us for his first ever podcast. He opens up about his journey with Dandy Hats and gave us the insider on how business was booming and then it took a quick left turn. We had the opportunity to be the first ones to post and share his story with the world and his followers who have been supporting for the last 7 years.   We are both young entrepreneurs who are just trying to make a impact in the world by using our platform. The things that were told and said in this episode will help those future entrepreneurs who are looking for answers on how to start, how to bounce back from failing and how to market their business.   Stay Tuned for the next episodes .   LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to the channel.
August 06, 2021
The Secrets to Finding Self-Care & Body Positivity
Episode 24:  In this episode we had a special friend of mine. Gaby Sandoval and myself grew up together since kindergarten and and were fortunate stay in contact throughout our lives that we have lived. In this episode, Gaby takes us through her journey of finding herself. From being in a relationship, being happy, loved and joyful. She took down memory lane of how she felt insecure, low self-esteem and didn't know who she was thought those years. She gave us what she had to do in order to better self. She had to let go of certain people in her life order to find herself again.She learned about the importance of self care and the importance of learning how to be alone so she doesn't  depend on anyone else for her happiness. She gave us the secret to self care and body positivity!  Listen to when she says that she knows she is meant for a bigger purpose. We all hope to one day learn what our purpose is in life and what we are meant but it doesn't come easy but when it does it is life changing.   Go watch the episode and watch all the rest of the episodes to see what we are about and what those guest are about !  LIKE,  SHARE & SUBSCRIBE   Thank every single one of our viewers & subscribers for showing us love and support !
July 30, 2021
The Journey of IFBBPRO Jael Lopez
Episode 23:   When the stars align, great things happen. We had the opportunity to have our first IFBBPRO bodybuilder Jael 1Spd Lopez and able to tell his story for the first time in his life.   Jael takes us through his journey of his 7 years of body building and how he had to fall off from his path in order to regather himself and go hard. With those minor set backs that he had, he came back more focused than ever and won the Mr.California title along side with the qualification to compete for his pro card and he didn't disappoint. He got his pro card and now he says he is barley knocking on the door to sit in the table with the champions. We briefly talk about sponsorships with Wholesale Nutrition Center and being around with Darc Sport & all the Wolves in it.  Stay tune and listen to the full episode, you will not regret it or be disappointed. Lets see who else from the Wolves come on the podcast to tell us their journey and share it with the world.  Shout out to all the people whop has supported our movement and channel.
July 23, 2021
Unapologetically I'm Me & This Is My Story
Episode 22   One of the most nerve wrecking episodes due to who we had on as our guest! We finally made it happen. She is one of the most honest, supportive, most authentic person there is and her name is Ashley Martinez! We started off a little nervous and how we mentioned we have had many conversations like this off camera and to finally had the luxury to put in on the platform to share our thoughts and her story.  We attack a couple main topics which include supporting small business, what to do when things go wrong and how people should try therapy or find a way to destress from life. She also shared a couple personal stories that she had to go through and live through during her life time which shaped her to be who she is now, one amazing human being. The beauty of our story is that it is our own story and no one else. What some people don't understand is that we shouldn't be ashamed of it because it is who we are. We need to thank Ashley for sharing her story and getting out of her comfort zone to talk and help others with her story.   Go LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL.
July 16, 2021
A Toast to Being a Boss with Leslie Carillo
Episode 21:   LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE   Talk about women empowerment & boss moves. This episode with our guest Leslie Carillo was a special ones. We both talk about how our parents, children and family motivate us everyday to be the best version of ourselves day in and day out. When speaking about our motivations we hit the topic about our kids and what kind of example we are setting for them as parents. If we don't follow our dreams can we really turn around and tell our kids to follow theirs ? Comment below your thoughts.  Seeing our dads work their tails off for a better tomorrow for us motivated us to do something with our lives to be able to put us in the position to help them. A position to not only be able to help out our  parents but our kids and our kids kids, generational wealth. Leslie explains what pushed her to be a business owner and what the reaction was when her parents found out her achievement, tears almost came out.  Is school necessary to being successful in this world ? Comment below your answer. For Leslie and myself we are walking testimonies that you can be successful without a college education, even though it hasn't been easy we made it happen.
July 08, 2021
Welcome to the Gun Show with Josh Mora
Episode 20: Listen to it on Spotify :   We hit a huge milestone with now on our 20th episode ! We want to start off with thanking everyone who has come on the podcast to share their story and for all the supporters and followers.   With hitting this milestone we needed someone special for this episode and that is my good friend, Josh Mora ! When we talk about a simple dude who loves and lives life as one should, this is the perfect example. We all have our rough days and long ones as we all should but we should never use it as a excuse to not work hard and live life. Josh works as a sanitation engineer, six days a week, 5:30am till anywhere from 3:30 on a good day till 6-7:00pm. Talk about grinding for what you want in life.  For the first time we actually bring up the reasoning behind one gets tattoos and Josh explained to us how all of his tied into his life experiences of loosing loved ones in the last couple years. "Tell me who you are around and Ill tell you who you are," and that phrase is true to the dot. Being around people who aren't afraid to grind help push you to be better because you don't want to be that one person who isn't pushing himself to be better!  Stay tuned for a new project we will be working on with all the primos!   Like, Share & Subscribe    IG Links
June 25, 2021
EPISODE 19:  One episode that will change the game for both of us! We had the pleasure of having our first comedian on the channel and her name is Stevona Delgado. Came into this episode to tell us her life stories she has lived through plus how she got into comedy. When we talk about putting yourself out there and taking that leap of faith to go into your truer calling, we mean it! "Put yourself in our shoes," is what we said because what we do isn't always as easy as it looks. We as people don't always listen to our hearts telling us to do what we really want in life, we allow others judgments and opinions to play a role in our decision making. We are here to help others find the power within themselves to go and chase after their dream, to follow their hear and to find out what their gift is. It dosent matter what you love to do, what matters is that you go out and do it for you. Your life is a movie and you are the starting role in it.    Go LIKE,SHARE & SUBSCRIBE   Listen to the rest of the episodes on Spotify & follow on our Youtube channel.   Follow is on IG :
June 11, 2021
How to grow a huge following & hold on to a relationship
Follow us on all platforms: Spotify :  IG: EPISODE 18:  This is only our second episode at our new home in Fontana,CA and let me just say it was a special one. We had the pleasure of having a amazing couple, who happen to be some of our good friends, practically family, named Stephanie & Isaac.  Stephanie starts of by telling us about where she came from, how growing up undocumented had a affect on her and why she is going to school to be a nurse. She tells us about her rock, her mom, being a single mother who has strived to give her the comfort to not worry so she focuses in school to have a better tomorrow. She also gives up her big secret on how she has over twenty-thousand followers on twitter and how she got it during middle school to high school.  On the second part to the episode we got her boyfriend, who is the reason why we met Stephanie, and came to open up about his flaws and the hardships she and he had to go through during their relationship. One of the main goals in this podcast is to be able to feel comfortable on speaking about topics we usually don't and that's just what happened. Isaac opens up about his mental health and acknowledges that something is wrong and he is going to get the help he needs. If he reads this just know we are here for you and to support you.  What makes Isaac and Stephanie unique, is the people & support and they take us through who they are and what they do. What makes people whole is knowing they have support and love by the people around them no matter what. So, to those friends of theirs, we here at this podcast salute you guys for being that for them.   Stay tuned for what is yet to come, we are just getting started with this movement.
June 04, 2021
How valuable are your relationships?
Episode 16: In this episode we had the pleasure of having Brianna Suarez. She comes on and elaborates on how life coming from two loving parents helped shaped her in the way she values her relationships with friends and her significant other. We had a breakthrough and she admits she is spoiled and has attitude but with the journey she has had in her masters program she has learned more about herself in how she should treat others and understand where they coming from. We talked about mental health and the views on it. In this case we talk about the seriousness about this issue and helped understand on both sides how we understand the topic. During the process we had her boyfriend Mikey join us and talked about their relationship, friendships & views on life. It was overall a great episode for all of our viewers to see all sides of these topics coming from three different people. Like, Share and Subscribe to the best upcoming podcast.
June 02, 2021
A Latina with Power & Bodybuilding Champion
Episode 15: In this episode we had a first inside look the life of a body building champion. The champs name is Julissa Castellanos ! She takes us back from when it all started from being a softball star, to being a college athlete, to being a correctional officer in Ventura County, to finally doing what she was meant to do, and that is to help people better themselves by being a personal trainer! Being a champion in the fitness world is not easy, it takes a lot of sacrifice, hard work and dedication to the craft to make sure your body and mind stay at one hundred percent all the way through the prep. We touch up on briefly about some of the hardships she had to encounter as one of the only latina softball player in a college surrounded different cultures. In another topic, she took a big leap from leaving a  secure job with great pay, to starting over but in the field that she knows she was meant to in in to make a difference in this world.  Like, Share & Subscribe to the best upcoming podcast !
June 02, 2021
The Young Generation vs The Old Generation
Episode 6: During these crazy times, one of the most common phrases is, " These kids don't understand." In order for us to get a better understanding we had Dilan Robles come on this episode to speak his side of the story. He is a twenty-two year old with a mind as if he was thirty. Takes us through his upbringing as a kid and what he has done to stay ahead as much as he could. From reselling shoes, to refereeing on weekends, to just finding a way to bring extra income for himself. People will treat you not by how old you are but by how you conduct yourself. Agree or disagree ? Like, Share & Subscribe to the best new podcast.
June 01, 2021
How to create a successful business
Everyone always dreams of one day being their own boss. What better way to know how to make it than to learn from a entrepreneur himself, Hector. He takes us through his journey on his trip to China where he learned new business ventures and brought that same motivation he has always had to his craft. We are doing this episode from his own cabin in the city of Big Bear, CA. Listen good to all the big secrets he has to give the audience who are looking into becoming their own boss! Like, Share & Subscribe to the best upcoming podcast.
June 01, 2021
How to Stay Alive After Almost Dying Twice
Episode 3: Everyone always has those stories about how they almost died or had a accident and it scared them for life. My brother from another mother Jonathan Mora came on this episode to talk about how he almost died twice, once when he was off-roading with his family and his side by side flipped and cracked his head and when he was on his way to work at five in the morning on his motorcycle and a car cut it him off and all he remembers is him flying over the car. When you ask him if this affected his view on anything in his life, he tells the story normal and says no, that he still needs to live life as he should. We talk about work, what it is to grind from 5:00am all the way past 4:00pm and what is enough. Don't miss this story because he is alive to tell them to the world. Like, Share & Subscribe to our channel! 
May 31, 2021
Our Story About Being First Time Parents & Moving Out
Episode 4: The person behind the camera running the show gets on camera and out of her comfort zone to tell her story. That person is my girlfriend/ mother to our son Brittney. Being together over the last four years has had its ups and downs like any couple but what I think made a big impact was her and I being our mid twenties, baby on the way and having to figure out our narrative. We both came from two different worlds, same family orientation but lives still different. We argued, we cried, we laughed and smiled and someway somehow made it work. The saying goes that you don't know the other person until you live with them and that is what happened to us at the same time as becoming first time parents. Listen to our story, we are humans just like everyone else but someday somehow we made the changes in both of our lives.  Go follow us on Instagram, Tik-Tok & Subscribe on YouTube 
May 31, 2021
The Truth about College Football
Episode 2: Coming from the small city of Baldwin Park,CA it is not common when a hispanic kid makes it to a top college on a football scholarship. The one who was the talk of the town in 2014-2015 was Paco Perez. Growing up in the same town, just different high schools and only a couple years difference, the talk of the kid who was a monster in football was Paco.  A hispanic kid from a small town making it out was the talk of de decade. He opens up for the first time about how life changed for him during that transition and how his life did a whole 360  when he had unfortunately suffered career ending knee injuries. Depression set in, questions arose on what he was going to do with his life since football was all he knew. He is a young man who many have and should look up to because he figured a way out of his home town in order to grow and have a opportunity most dream of and now he is a much bigger person mentally, physically and emotionally. His fight isn't on the field anymore, it is with life and he is winning. Like, Share & Subscribe Stay Tuned ! Follow us on Instagram, Tik-Tok & subscribe on Youtube
May 31, 2021
How to be successful without college
Episode 10: Since we were young, the words told to us was that we needed to go to college in order to find a great high paying job or career. Maybe back in the early 2000's it was slightly easier than now meaning school wasn't as expensive and now a bachelors degree isn't enough to be qualified. Cesar, the owner of Raawbody Works sports rehab , came on to speak about his journey on how he ended up not going to a regular 4 year university and was able to start his own business and able to open up new doors for himself. We all wonder what is life after high school and how we are going to "make it' and that uncertainty is probably one of the scariest but if we stay hungry, it is all possible to make it out in the real world. Cesar is one that doesn't have all the answers in the world but he found the answers he needed in order to make it. Like, Share & Subscribe to the best young podcast! 
May 31, 2021
Money, Mental Health & Shotgunning energy drinks
Episode 8: Mental health among the young generation is a very important & serious topic that needs to be brought to light. We had the pleasure of having a young man, my friend Jose Vasquez who came and talked about his journey from high school, college football, to the gym and how it all took a toll on his mental health. For being young and coming from a solid family home, Jose still figured out how to make money during school to be able to put some extra cash in his pocket as a young teenager. By doing so, he's view of work & life is as if he was a thirty year old talking to the younger germination. Ask for tips or help if you ever need it, we all at some point need it. Like, Share & Subscribe to the best young podcast.
May 31, 2021
Love Yourself & Value Yourself
Episode 11: We had the pleasure of having one of my childhood friends on this episode Mia Pedroza. One emotional episode when we hit topics like relationships, first love, & how growing up without her father was like. Vulnerability was necessary to be able to open up about each others past and how it has played a part in our life today. Maturing is part of life and its either we do it and change along the way in certain situations or we allow those same events to affect us the same way every single time.  Like, Subscribe & Share this podcast.
May 31, 2021
The Million Dollar Conversation With the Boys
Episode 11: For the first time we have all the boys here, Cesar, Paco & Oso. Oso is on a sobriety journey so he was the only one not drinking alcohol but he was confident in himself to speak on his journey. From almost dying, to heartbreak , to suicide attempts, Oso is here to speak to the world that change and a positive life style is possible. Paco, Cesar & myself added on to the episode with our own events & emotions. Men need to have moments like these to express themselves on how they feel. Time to dance with your demons. Like, Subscribe & Share  Follow us on Youtube, Instagram & Tik-Tok
May 29, 2021
Women in Business & Weightlifting
Episode 12: Women in power is a big movement right now. Women who start their own business & stand tall is something that needs to be respected and normalized in this day and age. One of my closest friends Cindy Hernandez came on to speak on the topics about women being in positions of power, owning a business & women in powerlifting/ weightlifting. Have to listen in to find out about the truth on Only Fans and what the actual take home amount is. For any girl who needs to hear some motivation about starting their own business, being confident in their own skin & not let any man or person talk down on them and be little them, this is the episode for you! Go follow on all platforms, instagram, tik-tok & YouTube ! Give us a like, subscribe & share!! 
May 29, 2021
The Power of Loving Yourself
EPISODE 14:On this episode we had the pleasure of having a tik-tok sensation, Jackie Jaquez. The conversation that was told here was taken place pass midnight and the energy that was brought to the episode was as if it was mid day. We get the 411 on how this girl from Pasadena,Ca goes from working her regular job to having her life change in just days of her videos going viral. With that exposure came the calling for her to help change the world in a positive & impacting way. She talks about self love, her life coach & what is in store for herself. Stay tuned ! Follow our podcast on all platforms like instagram, YouTube & Tik-Tok.
May 29, 2021
Friendships, Relationships & Entrepreneurship
A Toast to Life Podcast Our newest episode, episode 17, we had a group of friends who have been together since elementary. When I say there was no boundaries on how the conversation was going to go, there wasn't. We attack personal relationships with their significant other, energy towards friends, career change & how everyone was feeling mentally and emotionally up until now.  Stay tuned for what is yet to come on this channel. Share and Like the podcast.
May 29, 2021