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From My Brain To Yours - An Atomicast

From My Brain To Yours - An Atomicast

By Anders Andy Sporring
An Atomicast dedicated to interesting People, Technologies, and of course Notemaking
Episode 4 - About my niche
Still trying to fin my voice, but this episode is about me finding my Niche
March 14, 2022
Ship30 and online meetinge
An short Atomic talk about ship30 and online meetings
March 04, 2022
Second episode of From my brain to yours
I talk about imposter syndrome and the upcoming cohort of Ship30for30
March 01, 2022
Episode one - About Twitter
In this episode I talk about Twitter and what it has meant to me through the twelve years I have been there.
February 21, 2022
Episode zero of "From my brain to yours"
A 3 miute atomicast where i Talk (ramble) what this is all about.
February 16, 2022