A Touchline Rant: A football podcast like no other

A Touchline Rant: A football podcast like no other

By A Touchline Rant
Think The Joe Rogan experience but talking football. A weekly light hearted look at the football landscape with the occasional guest thrown in too. Talking shit about the beautiful game

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We’ve been good, you’ve been great but football has been the greatest

“The best podcast I’ve ever heard” - Sepp Blatter

“A wonderful walk through the world of football” - Andy Gray

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Formerly The FIFA Ramble
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143 Premier League hall of fame - Shearer? Henry? Giggs? Cantona? Lampard? Gerrard?
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Luke, Alex, Mitch and Jordan are all back to discuss who they think should be inducted into the Premier League hall of fame! They all came up with 2 names with the only rule being that if someone else selected their choice first then they had to think up a new one on the spot. Let us know what you think and get in touch if you think we got any wrong or missed anyone out Hope you enjoy Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
July 8, 2020
142. Liverpool finally win the Premier League, Champions league, Europa League + underrated players
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Luke, Alex and Jordan have a bit of Liverpool love in after they finally win the premier league, look at the race for Europe and who we think will get into the champions league and Europa league and discuss who they think are the most underrated players in the league Hope you enjoy Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
July 1, 2020
141. Football as a platform for change, Rashford, Black Lives Matter, mental health and more
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Luke and Alex discuss football players using their platform for a positive change, Marcus Rashford, Black Lives Matter, why we need football and roundup the next fixtures of the premier league Hope you enjoy Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
June 24, 2020
140 Premier League, fantasy football, FIFA 20 crowds and noise, Beat The Fan, Mourinho and Wolves
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Luke, Alex and Jordan look ahead to the return of the premier league in empty stadiums? Will there be FIFA 20 noises and super imposed fans? Who knows but we have a good guess. We also play our new game - BEAT THE FAN! Play along at home and let us know how you get on on our social media Hope you enjoy Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
June 17, 2020
139 Jack Grealish, Chelsea transfers, second wave, premier league hurdles, mascot dogs, Torquay
This week Luke and Alex ask if Jack Grealish has made himself too much of a risk for big clubs to sign, if the second wave of Covid will coincide with the return of the premier league, how players need to put their health above profit and reject the notion they are merely puppets on a stage, of Chelsea are going to make huge headway in the transfer window early on, if Spurs are going out of business and if mascot dogs are the way forward. Hope you enjoy Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
June 10, 2020
138 Which footballers would make good wrestlers and which wrestlers would make good footballers?
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Luke and Mitch ask which wrestlers would make good footballers and which footballers would make good wrestlers? We can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had recording this episode Hope you enjoy Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
June 3, 2020
137. Alternative Premier League team of the season - no Salah, Mane, Van Dijk, Vardy, Henderson
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week is Luke and Alex give us their Alternative Premier League teams of the year and it’s hosted by Jordi Alba! In episode 135, Mitch and Jordan gave us their Premier League teams of the year and the rule for today’s episode was you couldn’t pick anyone that was picked by them. Trickier than first thought and there are some interesting selections in this one. Hope you enjoy Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
May 27, 2020
136 Football Room 101 - half and half scarves, waxed footballers, shit adverts and John Motson
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week is the first time that Luke, Alex, Mitch and Jordan have all been on the same recording since lockdown began! What a time to be alive! We are very proud to bring to you this week football room 101! Alex, Mitch and Jordan all picked 3 of their least favourite football related things and Luke picked which ones would be banished forever - we hope you enjoy Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
May 20, 2020
135 Premier League team of the year
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Jordan and Mitch pick their Premier League team of the year whilst Luke throws in some honourable mentions along the way. Let us know what you think of our choices and if you think we’ve left anyone out who deserves to be in there Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
May 13, 2020
134 Project restart, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League, footballer dream and King Kevin Keegan
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Jordan and Luke discuss project restart and (we think) come up with a better solution than the one currently being discussed. Mitch brings us a melancholic, interactive spiritual journey through mind, body and soul while consciously awakening ones true self when he discusses dreams involving footballers with our listeners and Alex once again reads from the gospel according to Kevin Keegan Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
May 6, 2020
133 Expiring contracts, Icardi, Liverpool, Leicester City, Newcastle United + Kevin Keegan goes mad
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Alex reads us an excerpt from Kevin Keegan’s autobiography that includes him talking about THAT Sky Sports rant at Alex Ferguson plus Luke discusses what will happen to the players who see their contracts expire this summer and all the players who are currently on loan Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
April 29, 2020
132 Newcastle United takeover, Kevin Keegan, Players Together, Panini stickers and missing football
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week Luke discusses the imminent Newcastle United takeover and why he can’t understand why more people aren’t up in arms about it, Jordan does a live panini premier league sticker pack opening, Mitch talks us through the Players Together initiative and why it’s a wonderful plus why Matt Hancock is an absolute cock, Alex reads us a juicy excerpt from Kevin Keegans autobiography and we are joined by stand up comedian Jonny Brook who tells us just how much he misses football Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
April 22, 2020
131 Harry Kane to Manchester United, FUT addiction, fondest football memories and furlough problems
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week we have another bumper edition for you so strap yourselves in. We have Mitch discussing our listeners fondest football memories, Luke talking transfer gossip (Harry Kane to Manchester United in particular), Jordan reviews The Damned United, Alex talks clubs furloughing non playing staff and we are joined by Rhys from Heavy Mental Podcast to talk his addiction to FIFA Ultimate Team Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
April 15, 2020
130 Euro 1996 retro edition - Three Lions, Gazza, Czech Republic, golden goals and Germany
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media This week we have something a little different for you as Luke talks us through his favourite international tournament of all time - Euro 96! It was the summer of Killing Me Softly by the Fugees, From Dusk Till Dawn was number 1 at the UK Box office and girl power was about to take off. England was hosting its first major international tournament since 1966 and Three Lions was the new national anthem. It had penalty shootout drama, golden goal heartache, the rise of an unlikely underdog and the most predictable winner. It captured Luke’s heart like no tournament had done before or has done since. We hope you enjoy reliving it with him Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
April 8, 2020
129 Eric Cantona, Jack Grealish, Sunderland Till I Die, lockdown positivity and football apocalypto
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media. This week we are very pleased to bring you a bumper episode This week we are very excited to be joined by the brilliant author Wayne Barton who reads us an excerpt from his new book, “King Eric: Portrait of the artist who changed English football”. It’s available to buy now on amazon and we strongly advise you do so. Elsewhere Jordan looks back at season 1 of Sunderland Till I Die and tells you all why you need to watch it, Mitch rounds up all the good things that players and clubs are doing during these troubled times, Luke discusses the sheer stupidity of Jack Grealish but why we need to be careful who we react to it and Alex continues his football apocolypto series with a special Cantona edition as he breaks down his uefa presidential award speech Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
April 1, 2020
128 Adjusting to life without football, coronavirus FAQs, Leyton Orient and football post apo
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media. This week our podcast is very different as we are all doing our part and socially distancing. The podcast is split this week into 4 sections each brought to you by a different member of the ATR crew - Mitch talks us through all the coronavirus football questions that you hadn’t thought to ask, Luke looks at how we all have to adjust for the time being to life without football and what clubs are doing to try and fill the gap, Jordan talks about the phenomenal Leyton Orient documentary “Club for a Fiver” and Alex paints a picture of the post virus football landscape (an apocalyptic waste ground if you will) Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
March 25, 2020
127 Coronavirus chaos, premier league preview, Nations League, player celebrations and dystopia
This week we talk the absolute chaos that coronavirus is causing for the world. Fixtures delayed or cancelled. Nobody knows if they’ll play again and when. Madness. We then have a look at this weeks premier league fixtures, the upcoming (maybe) nations league plus player celebrations
March 11, 2020
126 Manchester Derby, Liverpool bounce back, Bundesliga protests, champions league and goalkeepers
This week we take a look at the upcoming premier league games - will Liverpool bounce back against Bournemouth, can arsenal continue their run of good form against West Ham, will Wolves devour the seagulls, will the eagles of Crystal Palace soar high against a resilient Watford who are coming off the result of their life and we have a Chris Wood and Burnley love in. We then deep dive into the psyche of goalkeepers and why you can’t criticise them unless you’ve walked a thousand miles in their gloves. We then look at the Bundesliga fan protests and cast an eye over the 2nd round of champions league fixtures. See you next week - @atouchlinerant
March 4, 2020
125 Manchester United positivity, Bruno Fernandes, Arsenal resurgence, EFL Cup final and Barcelona
This week we preview the upcoming premier league fixtures and discuss why we think it’s too late for Norwich, why Southampton will be ok, why West Ham should be worried and why Wolves could still get champions league football next season. We then talk the promising signs of resurgence at both Manchester United and Arsenal who both have some incredibly talented young players coming through their ranks - we also talk the maestro that is Bruno Fernandes. We then look ahead to the EFL Cup final and talk why we want Aston Villa to win but think Manchester City will. We then cast an eye at the La Liga rule that allows clubs to buy players outside of the transfer window to cover for long term injuries, how Barcelona have taken advantage of it by signing Braithwaite from Leganes and why it’s unfair. We also highlight how this must be a dream come true for Braithwaite and why we really want to see him succeed. Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
February 26, 2020
124 Be Kind- Premier league preview, Man City vs UEFA, Champions league, social media, mental health
This week we look at the return of the full premier league calendar - can Chelsea bounce back against Jose Mourinho and his striker less Spurs? Will Everton continue their good form against Arsenal? Will Manchester City and Leicester City cancel each other out or will one of them sneak ahead? We then turn our head to Europe and preview with champions league and Europa league next round of fixtures. We also look at the 2 year ban from European football that has been imposed on Manchester City - what impact will it have? Will they lose players? Will Guardiola leave? How will it impact the teams around them in the league? Then - following the awful news of the death of Caroline Flack - we look at how we need to address how we use social media, why we need to realise footballers are human beings with the same emotions as us and why we should all just be kinder to each other. We then open up the doors of kind club to welcome in the legend that is Dean Windass. Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
February 19, 2020
123 Campachoochoo - Premier league preview, FIFA Ultimate Team and footballess saying dumb things
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media. This week we look ahead to the premier league fixtures - will Manchester United get a result against Chelsea? Will West Ham get annihilated by Manchester City? Do Norwich stand any chance of upsetting Liverpool? Can a newly bald Mourinho inspire a Spurs victory against Jack Grealish and his Aston Villa army? We then have a look at the premier league table to see who is doing well and who is doing not so well. We cast our eye over FIFA Ultimate Team which is the Gambling problem nobody wants to acknowledge plus look at the stupid shit that footballers say. Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
February 12, 2020
122 with Rhodri Jones talking playing for Manchester United, mental health, Sir Alex Ferguson + more
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media. This week we were joined by Rhodri Jones who signed for Manchester United at the age of 14. We talk his life as a footballer, what it felt like to sign for a club the size of United the same year they won the treble and being under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson. He tells us all about the initiations the 1st year youth players were put through by the first team and what it felt like to be at the club with legends like Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Peter Schmeichel. He talks us through what it felt like to be told be Sir Alex Ferguson that he was not going to be offered a contract at United, joining Rotherham and how his life changed from there. He then talks us through the injuries that ultimately ended his career early, how this impacted his life and the mental health issues that followed and his honesty and openness talking about his mental health issues is so inspiring. Thank you so much to Rhodri for his time and for telling us his story. Thank you also to our sponsor this week Heavy Mental Podcast and our producers Bendigedig Media Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
February 5, 2020
121. Premier League returns, FA Cup hangover, football clubs on social media and January transfers
Welcome back to A Touchline Rant Podcast. This week we talk the impact of the FA Cup results and look ahead to the premier league returning including Manchester United vs Wolves, Liverpool vs Southampton and Spurs vs Manchester City. We go across to Europe to see what’s going on in Italy with Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus. We also discuss the suggestion this week that football talk should be banned in places of work. We take a look at the good the bad and the ugly of football clubs and their social media outputs. We also look at the madness of the January transfer window and why Chelsea need to bring players in fast. We have some listener feedback and then we go home. Don’t forget to follow us on social media @atouchlinerant and stay tuned next week when we welcome an ex Manchester United player onto the podcast:// This podcast has been brought to you by Bendigedig Media ://
January 29, 2020
120 FA Cup, Concussion, Game of Thrones, Manchester United, gambling, strange transfers, Liverpool
This week we talk the return of the FA Cup and why it might just be our favourite competition. We look at the absolute joy that is Liverpool and the horrendous depressing void that is Manchester United. We then take a look at the dangers of heading the ball, the black hole that is gambling, the confusing nature of the brain, look at the strangest transfers we can recall plus reopen the doors to Kind Club for a Manchester City legend
January 22, 2020
119 Liverpool vs United, Mourinho magic, Watford and Deeney, Real Madrid and Bale, transfer gossip
This week we make the bold statement that if you’re looking for integrity then football isn’t the sport for you, we look ahead to Manchester United vs Liverpool and ask if Ole’s boys can stop the Anfield Juggernaut, ask if Mourinho has had an impact at Spurs, if Deeney has had as much an impact at Watford as Pearson, if injuries are the sole reason why Bournemouth have been so poor and if Leicester are on the turn. We then take a ganders at what’s happening in the transfer window and open the doors to Kind Club to our favourite Australian
January 15, 2020
118 2020 predictions, Manchester United buy now, Arsenal comeback, Liverpool dominate, Spurs rocked
This week we give our predictions of the year - what will 2020 bring for us in the world of football. We then have a ganders at Spurs vs Liverpool asking if Tottenham and Jose can haunt the Liverpool juggernaut. We ask if Uncle Roy can stop a resurgent Arsenal, if Sheffield United are over, if Villa can upset Manchester City and whether Bournemouth can turn their season around. We then pick out our highlights of the January transfer window so far - who is going where and who is staying where they’re told. Thanks again for listening to us and don’t forget to follow @atouchlinerant on twitter, Instagram and Facebook - Produced by Bendigedig Media
January 8, 2020
117 Manchester United hope, Liverpool dominance, VAR Anger, David Moyes - Make West Ham Great again
Hello and welcome back to A Touchline Rant podcast produced by Bendigedig Media. After a week off over Christmas and New Year (including the Ivanhoe Band New Year’s Eve party) we are back to talk FA Cup and preview the 3rd round. We look back over the hectic festive fixtures to see who did what and how it affected them. We then talk dreaded VAR - how is it this annoying?! - and discuss football manager dinosaurs e.g. David Moyes who is the Donald Trump of British managers - make West Ham great again. We also hone in on Manchester United to see if they have depressingly found that they have dropped a couple of levels. Thanks again for tuning in - go follow us on social media (everywhere) @atouchlinerant See you next week
January 2, 2020
116 Our 12 highlights of 2019, Man City, Liverpool, Barcelona, United, Wales, Champions League +more
This week we count down our top 12 highlights of the year including Champions league, Barcelona, our live shows, touring Australia, Santi Cazorla, Wales at the Euros and Cardiff City. We then ask our listeners to give us their best players to not have played in the widely called top 6 of British football. We also look ahead to the champions league and Europa league fixtures. Thank you very much. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. ATR
December 19, 2019
115 City stumble, Liverpool dazzle, Manchester United rebirth and our Christmas single. Vote Labour
This week we bring to you your next Christmas Number 1 by our house band Ivanhoe. We then marvel at the wise words of, amazingly, Graeme Souness and the woes of homophobia in the modern world. Liverpool on an absolute mad one. Man City and the relentless nature of Pep Guardiola. We get so cheered up by United and seeing little Ole smile that we re-open the doors to kind club to let in Ozil, Iwobi Kean and Everton. Shoutout Ivanhoe
December 11, 2019
114 Live at Little Man Coffee with our charity football quiz - Who da hell is dat?
This week we proudly bring to you our 4th live show of the year and our third football quiz in aid of The Wallich from Little Man Coffee in Cardiff. Play along and tweet us your answers to @atouchlinerant
December 4, 2019
113 Mourinho and Spurs love affair, Bale and Zidane love affair gone wrong and Burnley
This week we take a look at Mourinho’s start at Spurs and if it’s the start of a beautiful love affair. We also look at the other side of the coin of romance when we discuss the Bale vs Zidane love affair gone wrong at Real Madrid. Who is to blame? Who is right? Will he go to China? Has the media played a huge role in it? We re-open the doors of Kind Club once again to welcome in Everton, Liverpool, a euro millions winner, Max Taylor at United plus ball boys. We then talk Burnley because ... WHY NOT?! See you next week live at Little Man Coffee. ATR
November 27, 2019
112 Wales qualify for the Euros, Mourinho in and Pochettino out at Spurs all with Al Lewis
This week we are at The Bridge Studios in Cardiff to talk to Al Lewis. We discuss the full extent of our joy at Wales qualifying for the euros next summer. We also look at Spurs doing a madness by sacking Pochettino and employing Mourinho in less than 12 hours! How our heads haven’t exploded is beyond us. We then talk Liverpool Vs Crystal Palace to ask if they can keep up their lead. Chelsea vs Manchester City and the heated encounter this is bound to be. Leicester City being brilliant, arsenal having a great run of it and Everton needing to turn it around. We also bow down to Kieffer Moore - potentially in bronze.
November 20, 2019
111. Leicester City love in, Wales hopes and dreams, Sterling v Gomez, world kindness day + more
This we we discussed: Spurs breakdown and Poch watch, Norwich Doom, Moise Kean and Everton have fallen out, Sheffield United woo us, Arsenal and Manchester United hope shaped depression. We also ask if Leicester City have cloned Harry Maguire whilst confirming that if you feed Vardy and he will score. Exciting times ahead for Wales. Sterling and Manchester City vs Gomez and Liverpool. We open up kind club on world kindness day. Say Goodbye Neil Warnock. Championship Corner. Outro. ATR brought to you by Bendigedig Media.
November 13, 2019
110 Fans vs Players, Arsenal and Xhaka, Derby County Destruction Derby, Premier League 10 games deep
LIVE FROM LUNA PARK, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA WITH CSKA SOPHIA GARDENS CAPTAIN JORDAN LLOYD ... THIS IS A TOUCHLINE RANT - this week we talk Fans vs Players and ask whether it’s acceptable for players to give it back to fans that are giving them abuse from the stands. We also discuss the Granit Xhaka situation at Arsenal and argue why we think he was fully justified to do what he did. We then travel to Derby (without drink driving) and look at the disgusting situation happening there with Richard Keogh, Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett. We then sink our teeth into the premier league to see who is doing well, who is surprising us and who needs to do a lot better. Thank you Luna Park and thank you Sydney for 2 amazing live shows. You were incredible
November 6, 2019
109 LIVE FROM SYDNEY Manchester United bouncing back, Man City chasing Liverpool, Arsenal draws
This week we were once again a threesome of hosts as Mitch joined us live from Sydney Opera House in Australia to talk Manchester City vs a wounded Southampton, Arsenal and Wolves both needing a win but knowing that one of them will be left disappointed, United having a little bit of momentum behind them and asking if they can keep that up against Bournemouth. We then round up all the other premier league games and have the best listener feedback you’ll hear in any hemisphere. ATR
October 30, 2019
108 Manchester United are really bad whilst Liverpool are really good, racism, Kind club and vegans
This week we look ahead to one of the biggest games in Europe that people are imagining is a forgone conclusion - Manchester United vs Liverpool. We round up the rest of the premier league including Norwich needing to bounce back, Newcastle momentum, West Ham silently being pretty good and Sheffield United have the steel to upset Arsenal. We discuss the sickening racist abuse suffered by some of the England squad in Bulgaria. We then re-open the doors of Kind club - now sponsored by the wonderful @KindCardiff - to let in Coventry City, Atletic Club and Jermaine Jenas. AUSTRALIA WE ARE COMING. ATR
October 16, 2019
107 Chelsea improvements - Newcastle memories, dreams and reflections - Internationals - Kind Club
This week we talk how Chelsea are actually far better than we thought they would be. Tammy Abraham not throwing away his shot. Newcastle - dreams, memories and reflections - Imagine scoring that goal for the club you grew up supporting against Manchester United at home! Powerful stuff. We also get excited about England and downhearted about Wales. Then we re-open the doors of kind club to let in some positivity. We are ATR. See you next week
October 9, 2019
106 Liverpool vs Leicester, Spurs woe, United hope, Chris Smalling and Roma sponsored by GSD Media
This week we were joined by CSKA Sophia Gardens manager Craig Robertson to discuss our game of the weekend - Liverpool vs Leicester. We look at the other games including Manchester United probably losing to Newcastle, Brighton maybe getting an upset against a sad, Spurs, Bournemouth potentially beating Arsenal and Chelsea deserving more credit. We take a peek at the Bernardo Silva racism cauldron. We re-open the kind club and welcome in vegan Chris Smalling. Shoutout CSKA and shoutout The Wallich.
October 2, 2019
105 Manchester United are awful, Arsenal are improving , what’s wrong with Spurs & Champions League
This week we talk Manchester United vs Arsenal who are two sides that simply refuse to get into any sort of rhythm and ask which one is most likely to win as well as if either of them can get into back the top 4 this season. We also look ahead to the other premier league games whilst asking what the hell is wrong with Spurs, are Man City still a wounded animal after the Norwich game (which would spell danger to the rest of the league), if Liverpool can keep up their momentum in the league, if Everton need a change of manager to stop stagnating plus if Wolves can finally get their first league win of the season against Watford or if the 8-0 hammering the Hornets received from Man City will galvanise them. We also look ahead to the next round of Champions League fixtures, have some feedback from our listeners and Galatasary. ATR
September 25, 2019
104 Chelsea vs Liverpool, Man City bouncing back, Norwich, young players and pressure and Luton Town
This week we were joined by Jamie McGowan from Welsh Ice to talk start up businesses and the wonderful things he does. We look ahead to Chelsea vs Liverpool and ask if this is the game that Liverpool show they are a team here to stay. We ask if Manchester City can bounce back against a potentially on the rise Watford, we round up the rest of the premier league fixtures and make what will probably turn out to be awful predictions. Then we head to Skinners Corner to talk about young players and potential as well as the pressure that comes with it. We also play Jamie’s brand new game - Kit or Campus - making him the first guest to create their own game. We then all go home. Luton Town May come up once or twice too. ATR
September 18, 2019
103 Premier league returns - Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal, Cardiff City, PR, AVE + more
This week we were joined by Dan Tyte, acclaimed author and MD of Working Word, to look at the returning premier league and highlight Liverpool, United, Arsenal and Chelsea as being involved in our games of the weekend. We also look at the power of PR in the modern game. We also see how Cardiff City are doing and look back at the beautiful homeless World Cup. ATR
September 11, 2019
102 LIVE FROM IKEA International football returns, European league roundup, a premier league glance
This week we were very lucky to record at Ikea in Cardiff - you guys are amazing hosts - to talk the return of international football and why its only exciting at summer tournaments. We also have a look at La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 to see what’s been happening with our European friends. We also talk the continued disgusting scenes of racism that have taken place around the world of football and have a quick glance at the premier league to see how everyone is getting on. Thank you for listening - ATR proud sponsors of CSKA Sophia Gardens Football Club
September 4, 2019
BONUS EPISODE w/ The Strength Temple talking mental health, social media, motivation, nature + more
This week we were very lucky to sit down with Richie Norton, aka The Strength Temple, to talk mental health in sport, why its vitally important and why more needs to be done as it’s just as important as good physical health. We learnt all about Richie, how he started on the path he’s now on, what motivates him, why its important to get out into nature, the power of breathing, social media and how it can be used as a force for good, why its important to keep checking in with yourself to ensure you aren’t living on your phone, how the rabbits in his garden have become internet famous plus SO MUCH MORE! Thank you so much to Richie for his time, kindness and patience. We came away from the chat feeling like we had learnt so much and know you will feel the same way. SIDE NOTE - our original recording of this got corrupted so we’ve had to use our backup recording - sorry!
September 1, 2019
101 Why are Manchester United awful, RIP Bury, Arsenal vs Spurs, gambling + ATR X CSKA Kit reveal
On this weeks episode we were once again joined by CSKA Sophia Gardens captain Jordan Lloyd to unveil the clubs new kit for their upcoming season which we are very proud to be the front of shirt sponsor for! We discussed what the hell is wrong at Manchester United, if there is anything that can be done to stop their seemingly never ending decline and if they can bounce back with a win against Southampton. We also looked ahead to the north London Derby which has added pressure with both Arsenal and Spurs looking to get a win after both of them lost this past weekend. Elsewhere we have a look at Everton vs Wolves which is a game that could have huge ramifications in the quest for European football. We say sad farewell to Bury FC and hope for better for Bolton. All of this plus we play a brand new game - Get Your Shirt Together, address the continued problems with gambling companies attaching themselves to football plus more. ATR
August 28, 2019
100 Liverpool v Arsenal, Chelsea struggling, Newcastle woes, Spurs fire and racism in football
This week we sat down for our 100th episode! Absolute scenes We look ahead to Liverpool vs Arsenal and ask if the Gunners back line will be able to resist the Anfield firepower. We look at the terrible state of racism in football and ask how it can be stopped. We also ask if Norwich can take advantage of what seems to be a weary Chelsea and if there is any way in hell Newcastle can stop Spurs. We then have a look at how our home town club of Cardiff City are doing and have some feedback from our listeners. Here’s to the next 100. ATR
August 21, 2019
99 w/ Jordan from CSKA talking Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea + the best Wolves game ever
This week we welcomed Jordan Lloyd captain of CSKA onto the show to discuss who they are, what they do and an exciting announcement about our future. We look back at last weeks premier league results and how we think that may impact teams going forward. We look ahead to Wolves vs Manchester United and Manchester City vs Spurs. We look at the continued impact of VAR and our problems with it. We then play the greatest game you have ever seen/heard - Sheep in Wolves Clothing. Do not miss this. ATR x CSKA
August 14, 2019
98 Premier league predictions with Captain Gareth, Manchester United and Arsenal woes plus more
This week we give our premier league predictions as the busiest league in the world begins. We discuss all the biggest transfer stories that have happened this week and talk about the latest gossip. We discuss why Arsenal and Manchester United are in for a very hard time of it. We also touch on VAR, Ian Rush and why everything is dench. ATR WITH CAPTAIN GARETH
August 7, 2019
BONUS EPISODE- Interview with Michael Sheen at Homeless World Cup 2019 in Cardiff
This weekend we were very lucky to be able to sit down with the absolute legend and star of Good Omens (and Welsh dragon) Michael Sheen to discuss the wonderful Homeless World Cup in our home city of Cardiff, the impact that its had on the city and what he hopes will be its lasting legacy. We just want to say a huge thank you to Michael for giving us some of his very precious time and to Dan Tyte and the crew at Working Word for helping make this a reality.
August 4, 2019
97 At Museum of Cardiff talking Cardiff City, the history of our city, Homeless World Cup plus seals
This week we were joined by Victoria from Museum of Cardiff. We learnt how the museum started, its history and future. We also heard the incredible impact sport including football has had on the city. We also hear about the history of Cardiff City football club including expensive leeks, how the FA Cup was pretty much created by the ckub, Trixie the cat and the origin of the phrase “back to square one”. We talk the incredible Homeless World Cup and the impact it will have on the city plus the usual feedback from our listeners. Shout out Billy the seal.
July 31, 2019
96 Homeless World Cup edition plus best and worst transfers featuring Manchester United and Arsenal
This week we discuss the incredible, life changing tournament that is the Homeless World Cup that’s taking place in our home city of Cardiff this weekend. We talk the best and worst transfers deals with Maguire to Manchester United edging closer and everyone doing business with everybody except Arsenal, Leicester on the rise and Barcelona and Griezmann sweating it out. We also take a long hard look at Cardiff City to find out whether they’ve got what it takes to go back up plus a whole lot more. Goalkeepers and such. Next weekend we are joined by Victoria from Museum of Cardiff to talk the history of our city and it’s love affair with football. Don’t miss it. ATR
July 24, 2019
95 Manchester United and Maguire, storming Area 51, Arsenal, Juventus and this years best new kits
This week we talk the uninspiring Harry Maguire to Manchester United and/or Manchester City ... maybe not and actually. Casting couch with Arsenal and all the supporter groups who got #WeCareDoYou trending, love in with Juventus, talk this years best and worst football kits, why gambling companies should be nowhere near football, listener feedback with our good old friend MItch plus all the usual nonsense. ATR
July 17, 2019
Which ex Manchester City striker came back 3 stone overweight for pre season? Which ex Manchester United goalkeeper hates Magic Mike? Which ex Spurs striker pined for Sunderland? Who joined current England manager Gareth Southgate for a cry over pizza? What type of sex toy was thrust into a reporters ear? Which Chelsea legend called the FA twats? This week we held our 2nd charity football quiz at Little Man Coffee in Cardiff with all money made from tickets going to Mind. Play along at home now and tell us how you get on. ATR
July 10, 2019
93 Manchester United, Manchester City and Harry Maguire, Juventus, Real Madrid, Forest + Flat Earth
This week we were joined by Rob from Little Man Coffee in Cardiff to talk Manchester United and Manchester City transfer policy, Real Madrid and Juventus battling it out to have the best window, Nottingham Forest and it modern footballers have too much power, have some great feedback from our listeners and glance at Flat earth
July 3, 2019
92 with Heavy mental pod talking mental health, social media and the pressure cooker of football
AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ... This week we are sponsored by NickiBockerGlory.com (@nickibockerglory on them socials) and filmed at Twin Made (@twin_made) in O Dan Nosa Da (@odannosda) in Cardiff with Rhys from Heavy Mental Podcast (@heavymentalpod) to talk the importance of mental health and what we can do to improve our own, why authenticity is vital, addiction, the pitfalls of social media, Sunderland Till I Die, Messi vs Ronaldo, comedy and a whole lot more. Look after yourselves. ATR
June 26, 2019
91 Manchester United transfer policy, Statsbomb, the social media age and no loyalty for Totti. ATR
This week we talk transfer gossip, look in depth at Manchester United’s new look transfer policy and direction plus have a chat with Ted Knutson from Statsbomb, look at the age of social media we live in and how it makes for the most pressurised generation of footballers we have ever seen, go in on VAR and goalkeepers off their lines at the Women’s World Cup, ask if there is loyalty in football anymore as Totti says goodbye to AS Roma, have some feedback from our listeners and then go home. See you next week! Don’t forget our second live show on July 10th at Little Man Coffee Cardiff. Blue skies
June 19, 2019
90 with Kongs Cardiff talking Manchester United are garbage, Transfer rumours, video games, FIFA WWC
This week we recorded at the amazing Kongs Cardiff with Rob and Tom. We talk about what makes their arcade game themed bar one of the hubs of Cardiff’s night life, what our favourite football games are, breakdown the biggest transfer rumours flying round including De Ligt, Lukaku, Maguire, AWB and the Serie A merry go round player swap fires up again. This week also sees the return of listener feedback and our favourite game of all time - Airport vs Stadium. ATR
June 12, 2019
89 Where do Liverpool go from here, Nations league, Women’s World Cup, mo Salah and a gulp of squash
This week we ask if Liverpool winning the champions league is the start of the Klopp led dynasty, if Poch has taken Spurs as far as he can, why we love the nations league, why the women’s World Cup is one of our favourite international tournaments, get our teeth into some of the biggest bits of transfer window speculation, read out some of our recent listener feedback plus Alex drags Luke down another Manchester United worm hole. ATR
June 5, 2019
88 Champions League final Liverpool vs Spurs, all change at Milan + Juventus, Chelsea glory
This week we talk the most important champions league final for a long time with Liverpool facing Spurs, English clubs dominating in Europe and the impact that has on the premier league, all change at the top of Serie A with Juventus, Roma, Milan and Inter changing the guard, look at how short football careers actually are, get some lovely feedback from our loyal listeners. ATR
May 29, 2019
87 Manchester City, Europa League final Arsenal vs Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus, Ajax, Lyon
This week we talk the all English Europa league between Arsenal vs Chelsea and ask who has the most pressure to succeed, Man City and Pep historic domestic treble, Allegri leaving Juventus, Ronaldo player of the year, De Rossi stepping down as lead gladiator at Roma, Lyon ladies dominance, Ajax and the rebuild they may need this summer plus lots more including Roy Keane and his social media agenda
May 22, 2019
86 Manchester United debate, Premier League round up, FA Cup preview, Man City rule, Liverpool +more
“HOW HAS HE PULLED PICKLES OUT OF THE BAG?!” This week we look back at the Premier league and the predictions we all made at the start of the season, discuss why Manchester United are an utter shambles, look ahead to the FA Cup final and ask if Watford are the most supported side in Europe this weekend, shoutout our players and stories of the season, listener feedback and ANNOUNCE OUR SECOND (AND THIRD!) LIVE SHOWS AT LITTLE MAN COFFEE!!! as well as Japanese Knot Weed. ATR
May 15, 2019
85 Liverpool and Barcelona, so long Cardiff City, Manchester United and Arsenal Slip, Spurs battle
This week we talk the absolute barnstormer that was Liverpool vs Barcelona in one of the best champions league seasons we can remember, why we will miss Cardiff City and you should too, the premier league not actually being that competitive as Man City and liverpool have been so far ahead and Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and United have been awful, have some listener feedback all whilst admiring Wolves. ATR
May 8, 2019
84 Talking Cardiff Bluebelles, Liverpool and Man City, top 4 rave, team of the year, taxidermy +more
This week we were very excited to record at the amazing Broken Hare in Cardiff and be joined by Adam Hewings, the 1st team manager of the record breaking Cardiff Bluebelles team. We talked the craziest premier league title race we can remember, nobody wanting to finish 4th, fascinating relegation fight plus more. We talk our team of the year and why it’s not as easy as you’d think it would be to make your choices, Readers Wives, listener feedback and more. ATR
May 1, 2019
83 Manchester United are a hot mess, player of the year, racism in football and design with Dan Bird
This week we were joined by Dan Bird to talk the importance of design in football, the hot mess that is Manchester United, discuss the player of the year and young player of the year nominations, racism in football and how to end it, a certain someone returns, get some lovely feedback plus more. ATR
April 24, 2019
82 The Benjam special talking Manchester City, Cardiff City and Brighton, Man United + more
This week we welcomed Paddy on the podcast to talk the much loved Ben McDonald, the Benjam event organised in his name at Cardiff Depot for Welsh Hearts on May 2nd and why you all need to be there. We also talk Manchester City and their season defining week, Cardiff City and Brighton suddenly becoming a fascinating relegation fight, Liverpool and their swagger, United potential top 5 success story, Tiger Woods, career resurrections and have some amazing feedback. ATR
April 17, 2019
BONUS EPISODE w/ Tommy Heaney talking VAR, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Cardiff City, Liverpool plus more
Here we are again with a sneaky bonus episode! The legend that is Tommy Heaney was so gracious with his time we managed to record a second episode with him and, according to our co-host Luke, this is the best episode we have ever done. We talk the most contentious issue in football today - VAR, the champions league, the pressure cooker that is being a goal keeper, Chelsea and their up and down season, Real Madrid and the return of Zidane, we all have an argument about what Sarri should have done with Kepa, Cardiff City and their relegation fight plus how Tommy watches football whilst running the kitchen at one of the best restaurants in Cardiff. This one is special. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it. ATR
April 14, 2019
81 w/ Tommy Heaney talking Liverpool title challenge, Man City, Cardiff, Great British menu +more
This week we were very lucky to be invited to Heaney’s in Cardiff to sit down and chat with the legend that is Tommy Heaney to talk great British menu, running a restaurant and your own business, we asked our listeners to send in their best homemade meals in #TakeItToHeaney, Liverpool’s chance for glory and why their fans aren’t ready to talk about a potential title win just yet, Cardiff City, the rise of Cardiff as a city of excellence, champions league plus so much more. ATR
April 10, 2019
80 Man City are too good, Arsenal, United and Chelsea battle for top 4, Cardiff City fight on + more
This week we talk the tightest title race in years as City and Liverpool continue to fight it out, look ahead to FA Cup semi finals and somehow manage to have a little Wolves love in, the 4 team mini league that has formed with Spurs, Chelsea, United and Arsenal fighting to get into the top 4 and ensure champions league football next season, ask if Cardiff City can survive where Fulham and Huddersfield couldn’t, find out if money is more important than glory and honour, have some great feedback from our listeners plus a whole host more
April 3, 2019
Bonus episode - Live football quiz at Little Man Coffee in Cardiff - PLAY ALONG AT HOME
A few weeks ago we did our first ever live show. It was a charity football quiz and live podcast recording at Little Man Coffee in our home town of Cardiff. We’ve already published the live podcast sections but thought it would be nice to release the quiz side of it too so here it is! Play along at home and let us know your scores. ATR
March 31, 2019
79 Liverpool and Spurs clash, double gameweek from hell for Cardiff City, United season decider
This week we talk the delicious Liverpool vs Spurs game and how it could re-shape the Top 6 forever, Cardiff City and the double game week from hell as they play Chelsea and City, Man United potentially two most important fixtures of their season and debate Solskjaer getting the job full time, ask if Virgil Van Dijk is better than a seasonal classic plus more. Goodbye Mitch - it’s been a pleasure. ATR
March 27, 2019
78 Euro 2020 begins, England excitement, Zidane moves back in at Real Madrid, Van Dijk Pizza + more
This week we talk the return of international football as the Euro 2020 qualifiers kick off and relive our love of the World Cup, discuss Zidane going back to Real Madrid and if it’s a good idea, HUGE IF TRUE with a story about a certain ex Spurs Egyptian striker, the championship has really started to beat up and Mitch gives us a run through of the action, ask if Virgil Van Dijk is better than a highly seductive food item and paint a dark picture of the future of football. Enjoy. ATR
March 20, 2019
77. Our first live show at Little Man Coffee Cardiff Talking VAR, gambling ads and the future. TFR
This week we hosted our first live show at Little Man Coffee Cardiff and it sold out. Thank you to everyone for coming. We talked VAR, our hatred for Gambling adverts, money in football and we ask what the future of the game has for us to look forward too
March 13, 2019
76 Arsenal vs United and the race for 4th, Wolves humble Chelsea, Champions league preview + more
This week we talk the resurgent and exciting again Manchester United, Chelsea on the comeback trails, Corgis for days, Real Madrid and champions league preview, Arsenal on the March, Ajax making history plus loads more.
March 6, 2019
BONUS EPISODE - Cardiff City X The Grazing Shed collaboration live from Cardiff City Stadium
We had the absolute pleasure of going to Cardiff City Stadium and making the official burger of the Fifa Ramble podcast with Adam from The Grazing Shed - The Naughty Ramble! Thank you so much to Cardiff City and The Grazing Shed for their hospitality and Adam for his great teaching skills. We talked whether Cardiff City will be relegated, our favourite City moments and iconic City players. TFR
March 2, 2019
75 w/ Little Man Coffee - Liverpool and Everton, Arsenal and Sours, Chelsea and Kepa, Forest love in
This week we were joined by Rob from Little Man Coffee to talk our upcoming live event, the Merseyside and North London derbies, Manchester City juggernaut, Brendan Rodgers and Leicester start their love affair, Sarri Chelsea and Kepa - the awkward threesome, Championship Corner and VVD vs plus all the fun of the fair in a football podcast. TFR
February 27, 2019
74 Man United and Liverpool clash, Man City and Chelsea cup final, Spurs title blues and gambling
This week we discuss Chelsea vs Man City cup final and why Chelsea shouldn’t be written off, Manchester United vs Liverpool is going to be game of the season, are Arsenal in a crisis plus why we hate gambling adverts, who our favourite shit house players are and our very first live show. TFR
February 20, 2019
73 Champions League, Man United fall, Liverpool, City and Spurs 3 way, FA Cup magic, Newport County
This we talk PSG beating United, Juventus hope, Liverpool and City march on, Aston Villa and Sheffield United, quiz show, Newport County hope and potential upset, Atletico Madrid running out of ideas, CHARITY QUIZ AND LIVE SHOW IN CARDIFF ANNOUNCEMENT, we can’t see Arsenal anywhere at all plus loads more. Tune In. TFR
February 13, 2019
72 Man City on the warpath, Everton expect too much, Cardiff City heart, Sala, Bournemouth and more
This week we talk Man City vs Chelsea clash - could Chelsea take the 3 points? Cardiff City and the heart they are showing making us proud, Liverpool stuttering, Bournemouth confusing is all, Everton fans overreacting, Readers Wives on VAR, we ask is Virgil Van Dijk better than many things? Mitch is back to discuss the championship and we welcome a special guest. TFR
February 6, 2019
71 Spurs are the new Arsenal, United fall just short, Chelsea crisis? Liverpool vs City hots up
This week we talk Spurs being the new Arsenal, Chelsea in a crisis, Liverpool vs Man City title race hots up because of Newcastle, United fall at 8, Readers Wives and the tale of the January transfer window, Buffon love affair at 41, Albert Camus, the definition of ego, Mitchell Lewis Gadd joining us on the phone, shoutouts galore and follow us on social media spam. TFR
January 30, 2019
#70 Cardiff City and Sala, FA Cup magic, problems at Spurs, joy at United, trouble at Chelsea
This week we talk the tragic story of Cardiff City and Emiliano Sala, asking is the FA Cup still magical, Manchester United vs Arsenal, Feta cheese, Premier preview where we ask why Chelsea are so confusing, why Southampton are so frustrating and why Spurs are all injured, Fantasy football plus more
January 23, 2019
#69 Arsenal and Chelsea are both limp, Manchester United joy, Hard Brexit Warnock and City attack
This week we preview Arsenal vs Chelsea, discuss the incredible Higuain deal between Juventus, Milan and Chelsea, talk continued Man United joy, Bielsa love in, Neil Warnocks hard brexit (don’t visit Malaysia), Huddersfield brace for City’s penetration, an ominous prediction of an injury and why we’re all Sunderland Till We Die. TFR
January 16, 2019
#68 with Adam from Anna Loka talking being vegan, community , Manchester United, Messi plus more
Veganuary special - This week is like nothing we have ever recorded before. We are joined by Adam from Anna Loka Cardiff. We talk what it means to be vegan, which footballers are vegan, positivity, spirituality, the Cardiff community, Manchester United, Lionel Messi, the miracle of Barcelona our upcoming live show at Bigmoose Coffee plus so much more. Do not miss this one.
January 9, 2019
#67 Can Liverpool be caught? Can Solskjaer lead United to the top 4? Are Spurs tired plus more
This week we ask if Liverpool can be caught at the top of the table, can Solskjaer lead Man United to the top 4, if Spurs are looking tired to anyone else, Absolute chaos in the championship, listener questions - including Racism at Chelsea, an FA Cup preview and lots more. TFR
January 2, 2019
BONUS EPISODE - what we are thankful for this Christmas
We are currently on our winter break so won’t be talking Manchester United’s Solskjaer revival or Liverpool seemingly marching towards the title or Manchester City slipping up but we will be talking about what we are thankful for this Christmas as well as our upcoming live show. Thank you so much for the support this year. It truly means the world to us. Hope you all had a great. Christmas and the happiest of New Years. We will be back next week to discuss all the football that happened and probably moan about Arsenal. TFR
December 27, 2018
#66 Christmas Special talking Mourinho and Man United plus our listener Christmas wishes
This week we talk the break up of the Jose Mourinho and Manchester United relationship, Ole stepping in and leading the charge against Cardiff City, Championship Corner, Champions League preview plus our listeners Christmas wishes. TFR
December 19, 2018
#65 Liverpool vs Manchester United, Arsenal vs Southampton, Man City march on and Jonny Brook
This week we discuss why United will be killed by Liverpool, why Arsenal will destroy Southampton, how Manchester City are (amazingly) under appreciated and under valued, Raheem Sterling and the British press, the champions league, Championship Corner plus loads more ... all with Jonny Brook. TFR
December 12, 2018
#64 Arsenal excite, Klip Klopp and Liverpool, Man United woes, Cardiff City improve and EURO 2020
This week we talk Arsenal showing championship form, Manchester United and Mourinho boring us all to tears, Cardiff City giving Neil Warnock a birthday present, Spurs’ very indifferent form, Brighton surprising all of us and we look ahead to EURO 2020. TFR
December 5, 2018
#63 Boring Manchester United, resilient Arsenal, rampant Spurs, imploding Chelsea
This week we talk Mourinho talking the talk but not walking the walk at Manchester United, Arsenal determination (and Ozil heartbreak), Spurs turning it on and Chelsea not being able to do a single thing about it, Ronaldo and Mandzukic love in at Juventus, Copa Libertadores mayhem between Boca Juniors and River Plate,a roundup of all the action in the championship plus more. TFR
November 28, 2018
#62 with The Grazing Shed talking Cardiff City, Burgers, Premier League, Serie A plus more
This week we welcomed Adam from The Grazing Shed, Cardiff to Ramble Towers to talk Cardiff City, Burgers, Guardiola, Cardiff Devils, Premier League, Serie A plus more. TFR
November 21, 2018
61 with Handlebarbarista talking Manchester City, VAR, Charlie Austin and is Aguero underrated?
This week we welcome the Handlebarbarista boys into the studio and talk Manchester City, Manchester United and the Manchester Derby. Charlie Austin talking like a real person. Sol Bamba winning it for Cardiff City and (maybe) taking his shirt off. Ask who are the most underrated players? Plus we play Airport or Stadium - this winters hottest game
November 14, 2018
#60 Leicester City, Manchester United revival, Arsenal improvement, European super league
This week we talk Manchester United and Jose Mourinho’s revival, Leicester City and how will they deal with loss, Arsenal and Unai Emery improving on Arsene Wenger’s foundations, looking ahead to the Manchester Derby, the madness that is Serie A including AC Milan dramatic last minute win, Real Madrid finally winning a football match, Bayern Munich struggling, Monaco struggling even more, the proposed European Super League, Manchester City and PSG being very naughty boys (allegedly), VAR plus lots more. TFR
November 7, 2018
#59 United on a roll, Bournemouth for Europe, Liverpool title push
It’s the Halloween special featuring special guest Marilyn Manson! This week we talk Manchester United turning things around, Bournemouth might be doing a Leicester, Fulham definitely aren’t doing a Leicester, Mark Noble can’t tackle, Unai Energy Arsenal, Fabianski and Hart save, Barcelona destroy Real, Shout Out Aspas
October 29, 2018
#58 Ronaldo returns, Mourinho fights, Arsenal inspire
This week we talk Manchester United and Jose coming out fighting, Cardiff City’s dramatic first win, Arsenal continue to inspire, Manchester City destroy Burnley, Watford shock, PSG kind of storm on, Juventus slightly stumble, the Champions League and Europa League return plus loads more. TFR
October 24, 2018
#57 with Jeff from Bigmoose Coffee Co talking homeless World Cup, Spurs, Everest
This week we had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and chatting to Jeff from Bigmoose about his inspiring story including who Bigmoose are and what they’re all about, climbing Mountains, the homeless World Cup, Spurs, Arsenal, United plus a whole lot more. TFR
October 17, 2018
#56 Man Utd come from behind, Arsenal deliver, Mahrez doesnt
This week we talk Manchester United’s come from behind victory over Newcastle, Arsenal’s phenomenal start to life under Emery, Dwight Yorke’s CV, Bournemouth being the new Everton, Liverpool and Manchester City disappoint whilst PSG don’t. TFR
October 10, 2018
#55 Cardiff Bluebelles, Boring Man Utd, Champions League joy
We explore the world of the Cardiff Bluebelles - South Wales’ fastest rising Women’s football team, we discuss Cardiff City and their dinosaur tactics, why Manchester United are the most boring side in Europe, the man of the moment Jose Mourinho, ask if Daniel Sturridge is good enough for this Liverpool side, get excited about Chelsea, dive into the Champions League plus a very special Championship Corner
October 4, 2018
#54 Sir Alex returns, City destroy, Liverpool feast
In this weeks episode we talk Burnley turning up (finally) and beating Bournemouth, Manchester City turning it up even more against Cardiff City, Liverpool continue their winning ways and we give Wolves credit where it is due for getting a point against Manchester United. We also talk the big games in Europe and “Nice tackle boy!”. TFR
September 24, 2018
#53 Spurs woes, Liverpool shine, Chelsea glorious
This week we talk Champions League, Spurs woes, Liverpool continuing to shine, Chelsea quietly having an incredible season almost completely under the radar, Manchester United turning things around, Wolves showing how good they are, Douglas Costa being a dirty boy, Ronaldo popping his Serie A cherry, Leeds marching on together plus a shed ton more
September 19, 2018
#52 Nations League, Harry Kane tired, Giggs, France dance
This week we talk Nations League including Rashford’s double, Wales’ hit and miss, Keane and Walters go to war, Spain regenerating as Spain. We look ahead to all of this weekends games asking if Cardiff City can beat Chelsea, will Spurs beat Liverpool, can Newcastle beat Arsenal, will Jose and Manchester United stumble plus loads more TFR
September 12, 2018
#51 Watford March on, Lukaku’s pants, West Ham are garbage
This week we talk Watford dreaming of a Leicester City esque season, Spurs slipping up, Cardiff City finally scoring but Arsenal scoring more, West Ham being hot garbage, Manchester United planes and not sacking Mourinho anymore, Newcastle trying their best but Manchester City trying harder, Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Bale and Glen Murray. Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1 roundups plus fantasy football corner. TFR
September 5, 2018
#50- Give Mourinho respect, Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal
It’s our 50th anniversary episode! Stand by your Jose - why it’s ridiculous to be talking about Mourinho being sacked by Manchester United, Spurs brilliance, Liverpool looking dominant, Chelsea quietly doing what they need to, Arsenal getting things together, Wolves showing lots of heart, Cardiff being unable to score, Serie A madness, Sarri and Biesla dinner party, keepers in the wet and fantasy football. TFR - brought to you by Gary’s guitars
August 30, 2018
Interview with Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho
We were very lucky to be given a couple of minutes with Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho recently. He talked about the rumours of problems with Ed Woodward, the lack of summer signings, problems on the pitch plus the upcoming game against Spurs
August 26, 2018
#49 United unrest, Arsenal concern, Chelsea joy
This week we discuss all this weeks games, talk about our trip to see Cardiff City v Newcastle United, Arsenal positives, ask what the hell is going wrong with West Ham, La Liga history made, Juventus v Chievo madness, Biesla going top, happy managers and bring you some really good news in good news corner
August 22, 2018
Ramble on the Road - Cardiff City v Newcastle United
Today we were lucky enough to be invited to watch the Cardiff City vs Newcastle United premier league match by the wonderful Bigmoose coffee. We watched the game from different sections so though it would be interesting to each give our take on the game at both half time and full time then publish it without listening to each other’s. Hope you enjoy
August 18, 2018
#48 - Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Biesla, season predictions
In this weeks episode we talk Manchester City continued brilliance, Liverpool looking incredibly strong, Wolves and Neves, Jorginho changing Chelsea's style, Biesla magic at Leeds, Cardiff City plus give you our season predictions. This one got weird - ICHIBAN
August 15, 2018
What have we learnt from the Community Shield?
So Manchester City beat Chelsea 2-0 yesterday in, either, the first trophy of the season or a glorified pre-season game depending on how you view it. Will Foden get more minutes on the pitch this season? Will Aguero ever age? Will William and Courtois be Chelsea players by the time Manchester United and Leicester kick off the premier league? We address these issues plus more in today’s mini ramble
August 7, 2018
The FIFA Ramble 47 - Mourinho, Man United, Serie A plus more
This week we discuss the Mourinho and Manchester United fallout, Serie A incestuous transfers, Wolves, Fulham, talk who we think has had the best window and who has had the worst plus lots more
August 1, 2018
The FIFA Ramble 46 - Chelsea, Ozil, Transfers and more
This week we talk Mesut Ozil retiring from international football and the absolute shambles that is the DFB, Chelsea comings and goings, Roma doing some wonderful business under the radar, Wolves revolution and much more
July 23, 2018
Is Ronaldo to Juventus the biggest transfer of all time?
Very interested in hearing your thoughts on this one because it’s very hard to answer. Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving to Juventus the biggest transfer of all time? Let us know what you think
July 20, 2018
The FIFA Ramble #45 - Transfer window roundup
Football has sort of come home and this week we are getting back to reality. We shall be hot-stepping through transfers, players to watch, KANTE, THE POGBA CONUNDRUM 2.0, SHOCK moves, Juventus, Madrid, Ronaldo, fan mail and anything else that comes through our tiny minds!
July 19, 2018
Paul Pogba Conundrum volume 2
Manchester United and France star Paul Pogba is not only a World Cup winner but he has now proven himself to be the best central midfielder in the world
July 18, 2018
Live podcast tonight - It’s transfer window time
Tonight we will be doing a live podcast on our Facebook page and YouTube channel - The FIFA Ramble. Head on over there and give us a like/subscribe to get notified when we are live and send us your questions, points of interest etc and we will discuss them
July 18, 2018
France v Croatia World Cup final preview
It’s here! Today we new World Cup champions. Will France add another star to their jersey or will Croatia add their first? We preview the game and tell you which players we think will play the biggest part for their nation as well as predicting the winner. Enjoy the football and we’ll see you soon
July 15, 2018
World Cup 3rd/4th place playoff preview
Does anyone really care about this game? Is it important to find out who finishes 3rd at a World Cup? Are we going to see a rework of the England v Belgium group match where we see who has the better reserves or will they treat it seriously and try to go out with a bang?
July 14, 2018
League football is almost back
On this weeks live podcast we will be discussing the imminent return of league football and we went to hear from you. What have been your league football highlights and lowlights of the summer? Is it Ronaldo signing for Juventus? The comings and going at West Ham? Nagelsmann announcing he will take over at RB Leipzig in 2019? Ancelotti in at Napoli? Sarri in at Chelsea? Buffon and Tuchel in at PSG? Let us know and we’ll read out the best on Wednesdays show
July 14, 2018
World Cup semi finals roundup
It’s not coming home but England should be very proud of what they have done at this tournament. Congratulations to Croatia who continue to not know when they are beaten. Their never say die attitude has been a joy to watch. Now, roll on the final! France v Croatia should be one hell of a football match
July 12, 2018
Croatia v England World Cup semi final preview
Who will play France in the World Cup final on Sunday? Today we look ahead to Croatia v England as well as discussing yesterday’s France v Belgium game. Is football coming home? We’re almost one game closer to finding out
July 11, 2018
Cristiano Ronaldo is actually joining Juventus
I thought it was all the usual transfer window talk and I was assuming he would soon sign a new, improved contract at Real Madrid but he’s not! He’s joining Juventus for £105m! Unbelievable
July 10, 2018
France v Belgium World Cup semi final preview
So today we have what should be one of the games of the tournament. Can France get to their 2nd consecutive international final or will Belgium finally realise their potential and reach a final? I can’t wait to find out
July 10, 2018
5 more things we have learnt this World Cup
The 5 things we have learnt about this wonderful Russian Word Cup are; 1. France have an epic young squad 2. VAR is splendid 3. Belgium fulfil their potential, finally 4. Croatia never say die 5. England have the nation dreaming again.
July 9, 2018
The FIFA Ramble #44- Homecoming
WE RAMBLE RUSSIA & everything in between. WORLD CUP FEVER! Big up England's lions, especially Kane, Sterling & Pickford. The unreal France squad of quality, the Croatian sprit and Belgiums potential being reached (FINALLY!)
July 9, 2018
World Cup quarter finals day 2 preview
Today we talk about France knocking Uruguay out in one of the most professional performances we’ve seen this tournament and Belgium outrunning Brazil to set up our first semi final. We also look ahead to Sweden v England and Russia v Croatia and discuss if football is really coming home as well as predicting the winners in both games
July 7, 2018
World Cup quarter finals day 1 preview
Today we have France v Uruguay and Brazil v Belgium and we cannot wait! Arguably the 2 best games the tournament has given us and they arrive 1 after the other. Who do you think will be going through to the semi’s? Let us know
July 6, 2018
We happily ramble through all the thrilling games recently as they keep getting better and better. So much excitement! Join us, join in now!
July 4, 2018
England’s dreaming. It’s coming home...
We ramble aimlessly through the hopes & dreams of a nation! Is it coming home? Can it possibly come home? Why the fudge not!?
July 4, 2018
World Cup day 20 roundup - England won a penalty shootout!
England are through to the quarter finals of a World Cup for the first time since 1990 and they didn’t it by beating Colombia on penalties! England won a penalty shootout at a World Cup for the first time in their history. Unbelievable! We talk about that game in depth as well as discussing Sweden v Switzerland and looking ahead to the QF games. Is football coming home?
July 4, 2018
World Cup day 19 roundup and day 20 preview
Today we talk about Brazil not really getting out of 1st gear but still doing more than enough to knockout Mexico, Belgium and Japan giving us the game of the tournament so far plus we look ahead to Sweden v Switzerland and Colombia v England. Can England finally win a World Cup knockout game? Time will tell. Enjoy the football and we’ll see you tomorrow
July 3, 2018
World Cup day 18 roundup and day 19 preview
Penalty shootout drama! 2 games, 2 1-1 draws and 2 penalty shootouts. Russia pull of one of the shock results of the tournament by knocking out Spain and Croatia, despite not playing well, match on by eliminating Denmark. Today we have Brazil v Mexico and Belgium v Japan to look forward to and something tells us we may not need a penalty shootout to separate the sides today
July 2, 2018
Live at the luzhniki stadium in the rain and discuss VAR with a die hard England fan just before Spain go through and Russia put in an impecable defensive performance.
July 1, 2018
World Cup day 17 roundup and day 18 preview
Messi and Ronaldo can’t help but get themselves mentioned in the same sentence can they? They both leave the tournament as France beat Argentina and Uruguay beat Portugal. That is going to be a great quarter final. Today we have Spain v Russia and Croatia v Denmark which, although not as good on paper, could both be just as good as yesterday’s games. Thank you for your continued support of the podcast and enjoy the football
July 1, 2018
World Cup day 17 preview
So after what felt like an eternity without football the World Cup returns with 2 absolute crackers! We have France v Argentina and Uruguay v Portugal which could be the best games of the tournament so far. Today we give our predictions as well as discussing the squads in depth and give some insight into how we think each time will play. Thanks for listening and enjoy the football
June 30, 2018
What we have learnt so far about the World Cup in Russia 2018!
June 29, 2018
World Cup Day 15 roundup
So Belgium beat England 1-0 but it came off as a game that neither side were that interested in winning plus, as many have said, finishing 2nd might not be so bad for England. Absolute heartbreak for Senegal yesterday as they lost to Colombia and exit the competition because of their fair play record. Elsewhere Japan advance despite losing against Poland and Tunisia beat Panama in a game that meant absolutely nothing. We also talk about the next round of games and preview what we have to look forward to
June 29, 2018
We speed through some of the goings on of this very enteraining World Cup and talk about the shocks and things people have overlooked.
June 28, 2018
World Cup day 14 roundup and day 15 preview -GERMANY ARE OUT
GERMANY ARE OUT OF THE WORLD CUP! This is not a drill. The current world champions are out which means Mexico and Sweden progress to the next round. We talk about that in-depth as well as looking ahead to Japan v Poland, Senegal v Colombia, Panama v Tunisia and England v Belgium
June 28, 2018
World Cup day 13 roundup and day 14 preview
So Argentina did it. They managed to fight their way into the next round ... where they’ll meet France! What a game that is. We also discuss Peru going home with a win, Iceland and Nigeria going out fighting plus look ahead to Serbia v Brazil, Switzerland v Croatia, Mexico v Sweden and South Korea v Germany. Enjoy the football and remember - it’s still possible that both Germany and Brazil won’t make it past the group stage. That is crazy. See you tomorrow
June 27, 2018
World Cup day 12 roundup and day 13 preview
So we have our first 2nd round fixtures confirmed - Uruguay will play Portugal and Spain will play Russia. We talk about those games, how they came about as well as VAR raising it’s head again. We also look ahead to Australia v Peru, Denmark v France, Iceland v Croatia and Nigeria v Argentina. 8 good games which will have a huge impact on the tournament going forward. We can’t wait. Have a great day and enjoy the football. See you tomorrow
June 26, 2018
World Cup day 11 roundup and day 12 preview
It’s coming home, it’s coming home ... So, England smashed Panama as we said they would, Japan and Senegal played out a very entertaining 2-2 draw and Colombia sent Poland home. Today we have Saudi Arabia v Egypt, Uruguay v Russia, Iran v Portugal and Spain v Morocco in the first day of games being played at the same time as each other which is annoying. Never mind - it’s coming home, it’s coming home ... ;)
June 25, 2018
World Cup Day 10 roundup and Day 11 preview
So that Germany game was something wasn’t it?! What a finish! We talk about why we think thats the best game of the tournament so far as well as discussing Mexico beating South Korea and Belgium destroying Tunisia. Is this Belgiums year? Are they finally living up to their potential? Elsewhere, we looked ahead to England v Panama, Japan v Senegal and Poland v Colombia. Thanks for listening and enjoy the football
June 24, 2018
World Cup day 9 roundup and day 10 preview
Today we talk about Brazil leaving it late to beat Costa Rica 2-0, Nigeria finally showing the world what we have been saying about them by beating everyone’s favourite underdog Iceland and Serbia throwing it all away against Switzerland in a 2-1 defeat. We also look ahead to Belgium v Tunisia, South Korea v Mexico and Germany v Sweden
June 23, 2018
World Cup day 8 roundup and day 9 preview
Australia can’t go a game without a penalty being given thanks to VAR, France unshackled Pogba and reaped the benefits and Messi and his friends weren’t enough to hold off Croatia. Argentina are on the ropes - can they come back fighting? Also we look ahead to Brazil v Costa Rica, Nigeria v Iceland and Serbia v Switzerland. Thanks for listening. Have a great day and enjoy the football
June 22, 2018
World Cup day 7 roundup and day 8 preview
Portugal and Spain continue to match each other whilst Ronaldo breaks another record, we say goodbye to Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Egypt whilst welcoming Uruguay into the next round. Also, we look ahead to Denmark v Australia, France v Peru and Argentina v Croatia. Thank you for your continued support of the show, have a great day and enjoy the football
June 21, 2018
World Cup day 6 roundup and day 7 preview
Yesterday saw the first red card of the tournament as Colombia lost to Japan, Senegal showed they aren’t here to make up the numbers as they beat Poland and Russia continue to defy the odds as they brushed aside Egypt. We also look ahead to Portugal v Morocco, Uruguay v Saudi Arabia and Iran v Spain. Let us know your predictions and have a wonderful day
June 20, 2018
World Cup day 5 roundup and day 6 preview
Yesterday saw Belgium destroy Panama, a poor Sweden sneak last a poor South Korea and England bat Tunisia. We break down all of those games as well as look ahead to Colombia v Japan, Poland v Senegal and Russia v Egypt. Some good games today and we think there may be an upset or 2 on the cards
June 19, 2018
The FIFA Ramble #41 - World Cup wonders
This week we chat England, VAR, stunning free kicks, overlapping fullbacks plus roundup our highlights from the first few days of the World Cup
June 18, 2018
The VAR debate
Which side of the argument are you on? Good thing for the future of football or ruining the game?
June 18, 2018
World Cup day 4 roundup and day 5 preview
It was World Cup upset day yesterday as Germany lost to Mexico and Brazil could only draw against Switzerland. We look back on those games as well as looking ahead to another 3 games today including Belgium and England making their first appearances in the tournament
June 18, 2018
The POGBA Conundrum
What do you do with a Paul Pogba? This is a casual chat with my mate bobby whilst watching some games following the France game. I had just expressed that Pogba was the driving force behind him getting the winning goal...
June 17, 2018
World Cup Day 3 roundup and Day 4 preview
So day 3 didn’t disappoint with a lot of talking points. Messi and Argentina underperformed, France and Croatia did what they needed to do and Peru were extremely unlucky to not get anything from their game with Denmark. Today, Brazil and Germany enter the field of play when they play Switzerland and Mexico. Also we have Costa Rica vs one of our dark horse picks, Serbia. Should be another great day of football ⚽️
June 17, 2018
The FIFA Ramble WORLD CUP EXCITEMENT - WE ARE BACK! We have had our little post season break and are back just in time to for the World Cup which we will be talking about with the unbridled power of a wild shetland pony.
June 16, 2018
World Cup Day 2 roundup and Day 3 preview
We look back at day 2 which will now be called Cristiano Ronaldo Day and look ahead to what should be a great day 3 with France v Australia, Peru v Denmark, Argentina v Iceland and Croatia v Nigeria. Let the good times roll
June 16, 2018
World Cup Day 1 roundup and Day 2 preview
Russo destroyed Saudi Arabia and we have a great day 2 to look forward to. Will Mo Salah play? Will Spain self combust? Can Morocco take advantage of Spanish chaos and sneak through? We can’t wait to find out
June 15, 2018
World Cup - we pick our winners
Here you go - we pick our winners of the World Cup. Place your bets and thank us later
June 13, 2018
World Cup Groups - preveiw and predictions
Who will qualify for the next round? We break down each group and pick our winners and runners up
June 13, 2018
Interview with Adam Hewings, manager of Barry Town United Ladies football club
We had the pleasure of sitting down with the manager of Barry Town United Ladies FC manager Adam Hewings recently to talk about the clubs recent success in their double trophy winning season, how they intend on continuing to improve, the development of young talent, their promotion aspirations plus the rising profile of Ladies football in South Wales and the rest of the UK.
June 13, 2018
Live World Cup preview podcast Wednesday night
After a little break to refresh and recharge we are back on Wednesday night with a new live podcast and want you to get involved. Give us your World Cup predictions- who will win, who will claim the golden boot, who will be this tournaments underdog, who will be the tournament MVP? Let’s us know
June 11, 2018
Arise Sir Kenny Dalglish
Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish has been given a knighthood
June 9, 2018
Saying farewell to some old friends
This season we said goodbye to Buffon, Wenger, Iniesta, Lichtsteiner, Pirlo, Torres. Some retired, some moved on but all of them left us with memories .. sad times. Grab your tissues and let us remember them together
June 7, 2018
Sergio Ramos vs Liverpool
Ramos v Salah. Ramos v Karius. Ramos v Firmino. This is going to run and run. Cantona knows what will happen if Spain play Egypt in the 2nd round of the World Cup and then Brazil at some stage
June 7, 2018
The transfer window is wide open and ready for business
Fabinho to Liverpool, Can to Juventus, Lichtsteiner to Arsenal, Fred and Dalot to Manchester United - nobody is hanging around! Business being done very early this summer
June 4, 2018
Zinedine Zidane has left the building
He came in, he did things his way, he made history and he bounced. Zinedine Zidane has stepped down as manager of Real Madrid manager 5 days after winning a 3rd consecutive European cup. Our question to you is who will replace him?
May 31, 2018
We’ve caught World Cup fever ⚽️🤒
Argentina are looking very strong, England are going into a major tournament with a clear identity, Salah looks like he will be fit and, if Egypt qualify, might play Ramos’ Spain in the next round, Brazil and Germany are ... well ... Brazil and Germany. Exciting times! We can’t wait. Now pass that vuvuzela
May 31, 2018
Mini Ramble - Antonio Valencia fan club meeting
In this special edition mini Ramble we ask who the best right back in the Premier League is, youth football, the problem with Manchester United, Liverpool and why it is sometimes best to let a talented individual leave a club for the better of the team
May 29, 2018
Did Gareth Bale score the best goal ever?
Was it the best goal ever scored in a champions league final? Was it better than Zidane’s against Leverkusen? Was it the best goal EVER?
May 27, 2018
Champions League Final preview - Liverpool v Real Madrid
So the day has arrived. It’s Liverpool v Real Madrid in the champions league final. In this episode we give our thoughts on where the game will be won and lost, which players will be key if their side is going to win and we give our all important prediction on who will win
May 26, 2018
Unai Emery appointed Arsenal head coach
Ex PSG and Sevilla manager has taken over at the Emirates. We think it’s a great appointment but are interested to hear what you think
May 24, 2018
Premier League predictions and roundup
At the start of the season we made a few predictions for the season ahead. In this episode we revisit those and find some interesting results
May 21, 2018
Car chit chat - mini Ramble
PSG, Leicester City, Porto, Cardiff City, summer transfer window, World Cup, managerial changes
May 20, 2018
Another legend leaves - Goodbye Iniesta
Today, Andreas Iniesta plays his last game for Barcelona and, after yesterday’s emotional scenes watching Buffon play his last game for Juventus, we will try our best to keep it together. Also, little preview of the very special video we are recording today. Keep your eyes on our YouTube channel
May 20, 2018
FA Cup final and Buffon’s last appearance for Juventus
Huge day today! It’s the FA Cup final, Gigi’s last game for the Old Lady plus Serie A has delivered and given us some last day drama with something still to play for at the top and bottom of the league. Oh and apparently 2 people are getting married too
May 19, 2018
Buffon is leaving Juventus and we are sad
Buffon has announced that he is leaving Juventus but, for now at least, he has held off from announcing his retirement
May 17, 2018
The Fifa Ramble #39 - FoOtBaLl pAlAvA & other ramble
May 16, 2018
England World Cup squad 🦁🦁🦁
What do you make of the squad? Anyone in that should be out? Anyone out that should be in?
May 16, 2018
Have you seen the Brazil squad?! Unbelievable
The strength of the Brazil squad is ridiculous! The players they’ve left out could pretty much get into any other squad at the tournament
May 16, 2018
Why doesn’t Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling get more praise?
May 16, 2018
The managerial merry go round
Where will Carlo Ancelotti end up? Will Arsene Wenger take a new club on? Will Conte leave Chelsea and who will replace him? Who will take over at Bayern Munich? Who will take over at Arsenal? Will Nagelsmann stay at Hoffenheim? Will Allegri stay at Juventus? So many questions - and we want your answers
May 15, 2018
100 points or the Invincibles - what’s the bigger achievement?
What do you think is the bigger achievement- Manchester City’s 100 points or Arsenal’s invincible undefeated league campaign?
May 14, 2018
Juventus, Buffon and the Champions League
Go follow us on Twitch and see if we can get Buffon that champions league winners medal he deserves - twitch.tv/calhounreview
May 12, 2018
Why are Manchester United so boring?
Long gone are the Sir Alex days of fast, counter attacking, high pressure football and, speaking as the 50% of the show that supports United, it hurts my red heart
May 10, 2018
May 9, 2018
The Fifa Ramble #38 - LET'S GET READY TO ramble.
The Fifa Ramble #38 - LIVESTREAM LETS GET READY TO RAMBLE. Latest offerings for this week are CARDIFF CITY, Promotion, Warnock, Underdogs, Championship, Stephen Dougherty, Freedom of the city, CARDIFF, Haters, GOOD NEWS, Rochdale, Joe Thompson, Thiago Silva, Les Herbiers, Coupe De France, Roy Hogdson, Darren Moore, WBA, Pardew, ARSENE WENGER, Sir Alex, Dulwich Hamlet, Juventus, Buffon, Southampton, Hughes, Swansea, Fabianski, Rooney and much more rambling etc.
May 9, 2018
Are Juventus the coolest club in world football?
There is no club cooler than Juventus - fact!
May 9, 2018
The Wenger farewell tour nears its end
Arsene Wenger we love you
May 9, 2018
Roy Hodgson deserves more credit
Not enough is being said about what a phenomenal job Roy has done at Crystal Palace. We salute you Roy - we salute you
May 9, 2018
Cardiff City, Neil Warnock and cattle grazing
Cardiff City are back in the Premier League and the local MP is campaigning to give Neil Warnock the freedom of the city
May 9, 2018
Steven Gerrard - New Glasgow Rangers manager
So the Liverpool legend has been confirmed as the new manager of Rangers and we want to know your thoughts. Either send us a voice message through Anchor or tweet us @thefifaramble We aren’t sure what to make of this appointment are are interested to see what you do
May 4, 2018
The Fifa Ramble #37 - What's tickled our pickles this week?
Champions League, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern, Rodriguez, Zidane, Wenger, Legacy, Wenger goodbye v Alex Ferguson goodbye, Arsenals young guns, Mourinho, European success, FA CUP, Man United, Spurs & Pochettino the vampire?
May 2, 2018
Is Pochettino a vampire?
Spurs - where did it go wrong and how can it go right
May 2, 2018
Zidane o’clock
Is Zidane one of the best younger managers of the last 20 years or is it a case of the perfect storm of right manager, right club, right time
May 2, 2018
Will Liverpool win the premier league next year?
Which positions do they need to strengthen? Will the Klopp effect push them to greater heights?
May 2, 2018
Arsenal are felled by Fellaini
Late drama at Old Trafford as a stoppage time header from Fellaini breaks Wenger’s heart and Manchester United come away 2-1 winners
April 29, 2018
Serie A drama
Red cards, late goals and upsets galore. It’s been a fun weekend in Serie A (unless you’re a Napoli fan)
April 29, 2018
Arsenal - why do you do things like this?
Absolute peak Arsenal that was. Perform unbelievably well and then throw it all away due to an individual error. Where do they go from here? Can they get the away win or will Atletico Madrid be too strong at home? Can’t wait to find out
April 27, 2018
Is this Real Madrid side better than Guardiola’s Barcelona?
It’s an interesting debate to have. Has Zidane’s got a better side on his hands than that great Barcelona one? Let’s us know what you think. Hit us up @thefifaramble on Twitter
April 26, 2018
#36 THIS WEEKS BUNCH OF STUFF ft. Wenger and lots more...
April 25, 2018
Does Mo Salah deserve to win the Ballon D’Or
Is Salah better than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo? Some people seem to think so
April 25, 2018
Chelsea vs Southampton - what have we learnt from that?
That Giroud finish, that Wembley feeling, that ungratefulness from Chelsea fans, that Conte woe
April 25, 2018
Manchester United v Spurs review
That ball from Pogba, that header from Sanchez, that smug Mourinho, that Alli celebration, that continued lack of winning mentality from Spurs
April 25, 2018
The future of Arsene Wenger
Where will the great man go next? What role we have? Will he retire or has he got too much in him to put his pipe and slippers on?
April 25, 2018
Arsene Wenger love in
Be careful what you wish for Arsenal fans. You’ll never know how good you had it
April 25, 2018
Liverpool vs Roma preview
Can we preview a game this big in 4 minutes? Damn right we can. Who wins - Roma or Liverpool? Frankly we dont know but we reckon we are going to enjoy finding out
April 24, 2018
We haven’t forgotten about Arsene Wenger
Don’t worry Arsenal fans (you can stop messaging us) we haven’t forgotten about Arsene Wenger. Tomorrow night we go live on our Facebook page where we will be discussing the great mans departure in depth. Search The FIFA Ramble, give us a like and watch us live. You can even get involved and we’ll answer your questions live on air
April 24, 2018
Do you want to be on next weeks podcast?
Do you want to be on next weeks podcast and be heard by thousands of people? Here’s your chance
April 20, 2018
Joey Barton - good choice or accident waiting to happen?
So Joey Barton will take over as head coach of Fleetwood Town at the end of the season and we want to know what your thoughts are on that. Send us an audio message and we will include it in next weeks full length podcast
April 19, 2018
YouTube isn’t just cat videos (SUBSCRIBE NOW)
Go subscribe to us on YouTube where you can watch us try to turn Ajax the biggest European superpower as well as hear more about our quest to find hairy footballers
April 17, 2018
Smooth football players etc
Smooth football players, FootbalL Rambling around London, Special football watching places, CHAMP-E-O-NES across Europe, and a fecking load of beautiful nonsense. Come on in!
April 16, 2018
A 19:45 kick off on a Saturday?! Are you mad?!
What’s up with that?! Not having that at all
April 16, 2018
Why doesn’t Rafa Benitez get more love?
It’s time that Newcastle United manager Rafa gets more love than he currently gets - he’s a superb manager
April 16, 2018
Manchester City - a tactical breakdown
Here we break down why we think Man City have been so good this season
April 16, 2018
Wolves will be a force in the Premier League
Wolves will surprise a lot of people next year. They are already brilliant and will only get better. We can’t wait to see what they do this summer in the transfer window
April 16, 2018
The world needs more hairy footballers
Thank you to everyone that sent us photos of hairy footballers but, frankly, it’s not enough.
April 16, 2018
Ligue 1 - there’s more to it than you think
As PSG seal the title we look at Ligue 1 and why we love it. It’s not just the Neymar show, honestly. Give it a watch and you might just fall in love with it like I did
April 16, 2018
How super was Super Sunday this week?
Manchester City confirmed as premier league champions following West Brom’s 1-0 history of Manchester United, Arsenal love their 5th straight away game, PSV crowned Dutch champions and Donnarumma makes a wonder save
April 15, 2018
Where are all the hairy footballers?
Why do all footballers look like dolphins? We want ruggedness back in the game
April 10, 2018
Which managers will leave their clubs this summer?
Big Sam? Wenger? Conte? Dyche? We also discuss Arsenal having a much better squad than people want to admit
April 10, 2018
Let’s talk Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba, when allowed to roam, is one of the best footballers in the world - fact
April 10, 2018
De Gea - Dave saves
Is Manchester United’s David De Gea the best goalkeeper world football?
April 10, 2018
Let’s talk Chelsea
Why aren’t Chelsea getting the same amount of criticism as Arsenal and Manchester United do?
April 10, 2018
Derby day is over and what a day it was
What a second half performance that was from Manchester United! Have they set a marker down for next season? Where do Manchester City go from here after losing back to back games for the first time under Pep. The less said about the Merseyside Derby the better. Shame on you Liverpool and Everton for trying to ruin our Derby day
April 7, 2018
Was Pep really offered Pogba?
Is there any truth to the story that Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, was given the chance to sign Manchester United player Paul Pogba or was it just pre Manchester Derby mind games?
April 7, 2018
Twitch Stream FIFA 18 West Brom
Go follow us twitch and watch out West Bromwich Albion career mode. Can we turn WBA into world football giants? Probably not
April 4, 2018
Manchester City v Manchester United
Is this the most important Manchester Derby ever?
April 4, 2018
Zlatan Out - Mic drop
Zlatan came, saw, (kind of) conquered and is now Hollywood’s newest star
March 26, 2018
Who should Argentina play in attack?
Who should Argentina play in attack at the World Cup? Whoever Lionel Messi wants them too. This is his last World Cup (potentially) and he knows it
March 26, 2018
Englands World Cup No.1
Who is Englands best goalkeeper?
March 26, 2018
Harry Kane - Real Madrid quality?
Is Harry Kane really worth £175m?
March 26, 2018
Fantasy football corner
Who’s hot and who’s not in the world of Fantasy football
March 21, 2018
Mo Salah - hands down player of the year
Liverpool’s Mo Salah - our player of the year
March 21, 2018
Sanchez debate and Part Time Giggs
Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs starts his life as Wales manager - how will he get on?
March 21, 2018
Luke Shaw fat shaming?
Is Manchester United left back Luke Shaw being bullied or is he just being asked to be a professional footballer
March 21, 2018
Spurs need to win something soon
Do Tottenham need to win something soon to be considered a great team? How many years can they go without winning a trophy before the media turn on them like they have Arsenal? Can they keep that squad together without winning silverware? Let us know your thoughts
March 17, 2018
Are Manchester United getting unfairly criticised? - Pt2
This week we talk Manchester United exiting the champions league and ask why are they getting criticised more than Spurs. We also talk Arsenal, Cardiff City, Barcelona, Chelsea, football books plus more
March 15, 2018
Are Manchester United getting unfairly criticised? - Pt1
This week we talk United exciting the champions league and ask why are they getting criticised more than Spurs. We also talk Arsenal, Cardiff City, Barcelona, Chelsea, football books plus more
March 15, 2018
Youth team player development
Should teams have to include 3 players that have been at the club prior to turning 15 in their 18 man match day squad? Give us your thoughts
March 9, 2018
Chelsea - lack of penetration will always end in tears
This week we talk City (and Neville and Redknapp) vs Chelsea, scenes at Palace, the full spectrum of West Midlands clubs, Cardiff City, Harry Redknapp as well as asking the question - Big Sam or Warnock?
March 7, 2018
Getting social
Go follow us across all social network platforms and get ready for the new podcast on Wednesday night
March 4, 2018
The Problem With Arsenal Is...
Here we discuss the problems at Arsenal, United v Chelsea, PSG + lots more
February 26, 2018
Welcome to The FIFA Ramble
Nothing to hear here - just a brief intro
February 25, 2018