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Andi and Zach, founders of, dive into distance running from every angle. Training tips and racing recommendations? Staying healthy or recovering from injury? Stories of successes or tales of tragedies? It's all here!
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Running Under Pressure w/ Parker Stinson

A to Z Running

How can runners execute RACE REASON?
Andi and Zach bring a recent conversation with Olli Hoare (professional runner for On Athletics Club featured in episode 79) to the common runner’s experience, discussing the importance of approaching racing like a season instead of a singular focus. Listen for that conversation as well as the latest running news, including more records and interesting upcoming events featuring the world’s best. For complete details and materials, visit For coaching and training interest, visit
April 13, 2021
Racing Season w/ Olli Hoare
Oliver Hoare, On Athletics Club’s Australian indoor 1500m national record holder, joins Andi and Zach to discuss race season and the difficult choices runners have to make to execute a good season. Andi and Zach also dive into the latest running news, including a new world record, an Australian record, and some incredible personal best performances from a couple of our own athletes (great work, Nikki and Andrew!). For all the details and links, visit For information about our coaching services, visit
April 6, 2021
How can runners train to AVOID INJURY?
Andi and Zach discuss how certain training elements and considerations help keep runners healthy and avoid injury in addition to recent running news about Hobbs Kessler, the British marathon trials, and the gorgeous new track and field facilities at Hayward Field. For complete details and resources, visit For information about coaching and training services, visit
March 30, 2021
Why do runners PACE races? w/ Andrew Buikema
Andrew Buikema, race director and proficient pacer, joins Andi and Zach to discuss pacing as only someone who has paced dozens of races can. Andi and Zach also share updates on more championships and one of the most impressive cross country team efforts in recent decades. Don’t miss your chance to win race entries. Complete details and resources at For coaching and training services, visit
March 23, 2021
What is a GROWTH MINDSET in running? w/ Kim Conley
Kim Conley (Olympian and US champion) joins Andi and Zach to discuss the role of mindset in the runner’s journey. Andi and Zach also unpack the recent NCAA indoor track championships and the first post-pandemic fully open to the public marathon in Japan. For the complete details and links, visit For training and coaching questions or support, visit
March 16, 2021
What can runners do to PREVENT INJURY? w/ Adam Homolka
Adam Homolka, MPT,ART,FMT and owner of Endurance Rehabilitation and Athletics, joins Andi and Zach to talk injury prevention and “prehabilitation”. Adam also put together a unique strength routine exclusively available to YOU for the occasion. Additionally, Andi and Zach highlight the recent European Indoor Championships and a slew of 5000m Olympic standards run recently. For resources, links, additional videos and more, visit For coaching or training support, whether you’re looking to run your first 5k or win your 100th marathon, visit
March 9, 2021
Why must runners FACE THE NOISE? w/ Ajee' Wilson
Ajee’ Wilson, multiple-time world-championships medalist in the 800m, joins Andi and Zach to discuss how to deal with pressure and high stakes in running, whether in a world-record attempt or a run-of-the-mill Wednesday workout. Andi and Zach also share notable results from the weekend, including a new Japanese marathon record, world U20 800m record, and German 10,000m national record. For all the resources, links, and details, visit For coaching or training support, visit
March 2, 2021
How should runners approach IN-RACE DECISIONS? w/ Emma Bates
Emma Bates (2:25 marathon, US marathon champion) joins Andi and Zach to break down race experiences and the decisions runners make, ranging from how to stay positive to how to identify when things are off. Andi and Zach also break down another recent record-shattering race. For complete resources and details, visit For coaching and training support, visit
February 23, 2021
How can we STOP wasting time?
Andi and Zach drive home considerations for all runners seeking to better manage time. Recent guest Marty Hehir commented about “No wasted minutes,” and this conversation helps make that wisdom a reality. The episode also features a slew of recent record-breaking performances on the track. For complete details and other resource, visit For more about our coaching and training services, visit
February 16, 2021
How can BUSY RUNNERS train? with Marty Hehir
Martin Hehir (2:08:59 marathon) joins Andi and Zach to share how he finds balance as an elite distance runner, a husband and father of two, and a med student deep in his program. Andi and Zach also break down the recent USA high school mile record among other notable performances in running news. For links, resources, and more, visit For coaching services or training plan options, visit
February 9, 2021
What is essential for HEALTHY FEET? w/ Dr. Bill Johncock
Podiatrist and running specialist Dr. Bill Johncock joins Andi and Zach to discuss foot health, including shoes, strength and mobility, and general care. During the World of Running segment, Andi and Zach share ongoing excitement from the indoor track season and the latest update about the Tokyo Olympics. For complete resources and links, visit For coaching or training services, visit
February 2, 2021
What makes a GOOD RACE? w/ Alicia Monson
Alicia Monson, after recently running 31:10 for #9 all-time in the US women’s 10k, joins Andi and Zach to discuss what it means to have a good race and how to make that happen. Your hosts also discuss a recent NCAA collegiate record and a devastating near-miss 100k world record attempt, among other things. For complete resources and links: For coaching services:
January 26, 2021
How can runners SUSTAIN long-term PROGRESS? w/ Nathan Martin
Andi and Zach talk with Nathan Martin (2:11 marathoner) about progress over time and the secrets to sustaining ongoing long-term growth. Happenings in the world of running include high schoolers qualifying for the Olympic Trials and U20 world records, among other things. For complete resources and links as well as discount codes on products and events, visit Need to get your act together for the return of the racing season? We help athletes in all distances of all experiences better achieve their goals. Learn more at
January 19, 2021
How can runners train WELL in ADVERSE CONDITIONS? w/ Anna Dalton
Andi and Zach speak with Alaskan marathoner Anna Dalton about the challenges of training in the cold and other adverse conditions. The discussion highlights when to head indoors, what to do about getting warm before and after runs, and how to adjust mindsets and workout plans for the conditions at hand. For complete details and resources, visit Finding your training haphazard? We can help:
January 12, 2021
What helps REVIVE running? w/ Kendra Chambers
Andi and Zach with professional middle distance runner Kendra Chambers discuss identity as runners and how to best pursue goals and passions as a whole person. Kendra shares from experiences with injury, self doubt, and major career setbacks how to revive the dream in holistic balance with life. For links and resources, visit Interested in taking your running further? Check out our coaching and training services at
January 5, 2021
The BEST of RUNNING 2020
Andi and Zach recap 2020 with the best running moments and achievements, from world records incredible inspiration, from championship races to unexpected quirky events. Tune in for a complete breakdown of the story of 2020 from the runner’s experience. For additional resources and links, visit Want more from your running? Consider our coaching and training services:
December 29, 2020
Why is it HARD to THRIVE right now?
Andi and Zach discuss the things that are making thriving difficult right now and break down how those things impact running as well as draw on thoughts and insights from the audience for remedies to such obstacles. Don’t miss the full recap of The Marathon Project as well. For links and resources, visit Looking to get more from your running efforts? Consider AtoZrunning coaching or training services at
December 22, 2020
Why does NUTRITION matter for running? w/ Meghann Featherstun
Andi and Zach, with sports nutritionist Meghan Featherstun (, discuss why nutrition matters for running and how runners can maximize fueling to help achieve their goals. Tune in for that practical discussion as well as some recent running news (like more records broken!). For complete details and resources, visit Looking to get more from your running efforts? Consider AtoZrunning coaching or training services at
December 15, 2020
What HABITS reap the greatest REWARDS? w/ Charlene Lipsey
Andi and Zach interview world record holder Charlene Lipsey about the habits that make her successful, discussing routines, body care, mental reinforcement, and more! Don’t miss incredible updates from the world of running as well, including a new world record on the roads. For complete details and additional resources, visit How is your running journey going? Need a change or extra support? Consider our coaching services and learn more at
December 8, 2020
How does running influence MENTAL HEALTH? w/ Carol Seppilu
Andi and Zach tackle the topic of running and mental health from two angles: what does the research say and what does experience show? Both include weighty consideration in this discussion, aided by a recent publication of the largest review of research since 1970 and the personal story of guest Carol Seppilu in her own battles. Many sources are cited and can be found at Need something more in your own running? Take a look at our coaching services on
December 1, 2020
What are the BENEFITS of running TRAILS? w/ Rob Steger
Andi and Zach talk trails and ultra running with an industry expert, author, podcaster, filmmaker, and ultra runner Rob Steger. What does it look like to make the move to trails? What do trail runners need to know? How do trails help runners of any persuasion? All these and more! For resources, links, and references, visit (and don't forget to enter for the latest giveaway - Knockaround sunglasses, DeFeet socks, and an AtoZrunning head wrap!)
November 24, 2020
Why should runners structure training? w/ Jed Christiansen
Andi and Zach are joined by Jed Christiansen to answer the question “Why should runners structure training?” They dive deep into the facets and periods of training and how to accomplish the intended purpose of all the pieces of a well-developed training program. For complete details and resources, including the discount link for SB Sox, visit
November 17, 2020
How should runners navigate the space between goals?
Andi and Zach discuss what runners might be thinking about after a big race or goal or season but before the next big thing starts. How should we train? What if we are feeling burnt? What if we want to try something different? For complete resources and details, visit
November 10, 2020
What is recovery and why does it matter? w/ AnnMarie Kirkpatrick
Andi and Zach answer the question: what is recovery and why does it matter? AnnMarie Kirkpatrick, 2:37 marathoner, joins to share her own experiences honing recovery practices as well as practical ideas for others. For resources and links, visit Ready for the next level in your training or finding yourself in a slump? Check out our training and coaching services at
November 3, 2020
How can runners intelligently modify training?
Andi and Zach discuss how training can change when things aren’t going your way. Whether a bad day, a bad week, a schedule conflict or otherwise, when the grind fights back, what are your options? The important point is that we have options. We just need to know how and when to exercise them. For details, links, and additional resources, visit
October 27, 2020
What is serious running? w/ Anne
AtoZrunning continues the quest to answer every question about running, this week talking with Anne about serious running and what it means to go from “a person who runs” to “a runner”. To watch instead of listen and to view additional links and resources, visit
October 20, 2020
Speed, Strength, or Endurance? (with Kate Grace)
Andi and Zach tackle the question of how to approach key training elements like speed, strength, and endurance, and to dig deep into the topic, Kate Grace joins the show to share her experiences and expertise as an Olympic 800m runner and a member of America's premier track program, Bowerman Track Club. For the complete details and to access additional resources from this episode, visit
October 13, 2020
What is the best way to mobilize? (with Phil Wharton)
What is the best way to mobilize? We answer that question in-depth with musculoskeletal specialist and mobility expert Phil Wharton. Additionally, we discuss the London Marathon elite only race and break down the highlights. For links, resources, and discount codes to, visit
October 6, 2020
Patience & Consistency w/ Paul Chelimo
Paul Chelimo (2016 Olympic 5k silver medal) joins Andi & Zach to discuss the depth of the need for and benefits from being patient and consistent as distance runners. What does that look like over the years? What does that look like in a single workout? We cover it all. For links and resources from the episode, visit Not thriving as a runner? Maybe we can do more to help. Training and coaching available for the best price you'll find anywhere at
September 29, 2020
Behind the Numbers w/ Dathan Ritzenhein
Dathan is back, this time joining Andi and Zach to discuss his recent retirement from professional running and complete transition into professional coaching. For complete details, resources, or to WATCH the episode, visit
September 22, 2020
Victory Beyond Gold w/ Mary Wineberg
Olympic gold medalist, author, and motivational speaker Mary Wineberg joins Andi and Zach to talk about both the highs and the lows and where we can all find victory in running. For complete details, links, and resources, visit
September 15, 2020
Father-Son Teams w/ Team Agar & Team Johncock
Duo teams epitomize bringing the dream to those who can't find it alone. Jeff and Johnny Agar and Bill and Logan Johncock are two examples of father-son duo teams that have inspire millions while achieving incredible things. Listen to these two interviews and more in this episode.  For the complete details, links to videos and other resources, and ways to get involved, visit 
September 8, 2020
Creativity on the Run w/ Brittany Charboneau
Olympic Trials marathoner (13th in 2020) and professional comedian Brittany Charboneau joins Andi and Zach to discuss the myriad uncommon ways to enjoy running. From role-casting on runs to sweeping for pennies, Brittany shares plenty of quirky but practical ideas! For the complete details and links/resources, visit
September 1, 2020
How to Develop Speed w/ Cindy Ofili
Olympian and British champion Cindy Ofili joins Andi and Zach to discuss how to develop speed and what that looks like in a distance runner's training regimen. Tune in for additional conversation about the latest running news (diamond league results, more records on the track, and an update from On Running's newest team) as well as an answer to a listener's question about knee pain. For complete details and resources, visit
August 25, 2020
10 Epic Moments in Running History w/ Nate "Q" Van Holten
Nate Van Holten, more commonly known as Q,  joins Andi and Zach to discuss notable and legendary moments and figures in running and track and field history. Listen for examples from humanity's best athletes and how they moved the sport further in a myriad of ways. For details, links, and all the fun extras, visit
August 18, 2020
Better Together w/ Training Partners Emily Oren and Leah Falland
Emily Oren and Leah Falland (previously O'Connor) spent the last year training together in West Michigan and are now moving to Boulder, CO to continue what they started, still under coach Dathan Ritzenhein. This conversation delves into the power of supportive training partnerships and how to elevate each other in the sport. For the complete details and resources, visit
August 11, 2020
The Art & Science of Strength w/ Kaylin Russeau
The Fitness Artist herself, Kaylin Russeau, joins us to sculpt an outstanding representation of what well-rounded strength and stability looks like for runners. It's practical, with specific examples to identify the most essential areas, and concise. Kaylin knows her stuff, and after listening here, you will too. For the complete details and an opportunity to access "Core for Runners" FREE (limited time), visit
August 4, 2020
Unfinished Business w/ Keira D'Amato
Keira D'Amato (15:04 5k, 2:34 marathon, 32:33 10k) joins the show to discuss the rise to world class in her mid-30s after 10 years away from competitive running.  For complete details and resources/links, visit
July 28, 2020
The Highest Level w/ Abdi Abdirahman
5x Olympic qualifier (once the Tokyo games, happen, we'll change that to 5x Olympian!), oldest American Olympic runner, and many other accolades describe Abdi Abdirahman, our latest guest. Abdi shares training, life, racing and the approaches that have elevated him to the highest level for decades. For the complete details, visit
July 19, 2020
Running Foundations: General Health and Wellness
What does it take to thrive as a runner? If you missed the first two parts, go back and listen to episodes 39 and 40. This episode reveals the third and final element: general health and wellness - body, mind, and spirit harmony. For complete details and to view resources and links shared in the episode, visit (remember, subscribers to the website get the FREE running foundations guide).
July 14, 2020
Running Foundations: Strength and Mobility
The second installment in a 3-part running foundations series ("The 3 Keys to Thriving") explores strength and mobility from every angle and provides practical takeaways for all runners. This episode includes several references to outside work, so for all links, sources, and materials, visit the episode's main page at:
July 7, 2020
Running Foundations: Aerobic Condition
Whether you're looking to start a new foundation, repair some cracks, or check your foundation's integrity, we have distilled numerous schools of thought to give you simple explanations for fundamental elements of training for distance runners. For complete resources and links from this episode, visit
June 30, 2020
Rebuilding Momentum w/ John Cody Risch
Rebuilding momentum not accidental. It is intentional. It is fought for, every inch. Olympic hopeful, John Cody Risch works toward forward motion as he trains and competes at the top level of American Racewalking in hopes of competing for Team USA at the Olympics. Cody joins Andi and Zach to discuss how to cope with disruption and rebuild momentum. Find the complete details and resources at
June 23, 2020
Where Personality & Performance Meet
More Norwegian records fall, someone has run over 200 sub-3hr marathons, and colleges are cancelling sports. Andi and Zach then discuss the intersection of personality and performance. All resources and details can be found at
June 16, 2020
The Language of Running w/ Obsie Birru
We talk with 2:30 marathoner Obsie Birru, an elite runner with many accolades and a big heart. Obsie connects well with others through the sport, calling running a "language." She shares her journey to inspire others with running and displays a joy that you will agree is quite contagious! Andi and Zach also discuss a new Superior Hiking Trail FKT (fastest known time) and the Chaski Challenge treadmill world record attempts. For the complete details and resources, visit
June 9, 2020
The Future is Bright. Talem Franco is Proof.
BYU sub-4 miler Talem Franco joins Andi and Zach to talk about how his radioactive season almost went nuclear (before the shut-down) and what he's doing now (plus where he's headed next!).  Additionally, Andi and Zach discuss the blue jeans mile WR, a 310-mi ultra record to be attempted, and Sara Hall's plan B for the Tokyo Olympics. And guess what? Races are returning! Few and far between, (double meaning intended), but they are creeping in. AtoZrunning will keep you posted. Find links, resources, and more at
June 2, 2020
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn w/ Sam Palmer
Sam Palmer (2:29 marathoner) shares the hard lessons we all have to learn in disappointment and insights into how an all-in mindset works and when a break is needed. Additionally, Andi and Zach discuss the Norwegian road 5k national record (yes, a race actually happened!) and other running news. For the complete details and links to resources, visit Did you know we offer a wide range of training and coaching services for runners? The key ingredient is total personalization - your goals and needs inform every aspect of what we provide. Learn more here:
May 26, 2020
Winning the Uphill Battle w/ Jake Riley
What do you ask an Olympic marathon qualifier? You ask him how he managed to rehabilitated achilles surgery to return not just better than ever, but 3 minutes faster in his marathon time. So that's what Andi and Zach ask Jake Riley, among other things.  Don't miss new world records for things like a treadmill 100-mi run (hint: he did it at just over 7:00/mi pace!) and more. Find all resources and details for this episode at
May 19, 2020
How to Support Mother Runners w/ Whitney Heins (
Whitney of joins Andi and Zach to talk about life for mothers who run. Andi and Zach also discuss the retirement of American distance legend Dathan Ritzenhein and in honor of Mother's Day, several notable mothers who ran at the highest of levels while balancing family life. For the complete details and episode notes, visit
May 12, 2020
When Persistence Pays Off w/ Joe Niemiec
Joe Niemiec, Olympic Trials marathoner, proves for the rest of us how persistence can realize dreams. His running is a story of relentless pursuit and passionate devotion that you don't want to miss.  Andi and Zach also discuss the roles of both carbs and fat in fueling your race and how to train your system to leverage them better. As always, find everything at
May 5, 2020
Check Yourself - Don't Wreck Yourself
During this episode, Andi and Zach discuss race cancellations for this fall, Gallowalking, and ways to maximize benefits and minimize costs of every run.  For all the details and resources, visit
April 28, 2020
Why you should run like a Zombie w/ Mike Swinger
Zombie's got it right. And we're only partially joking. Mike Swinger is a Physical Therapist ( in Northern Michigan with some seriously practical and accessible suggestion for every runner to take away and implement immediately!  And we're giving away a copy of his latest book (Runner's Fix: A DIY Guide to Running Pain-Free). You need to check out this page for the details and more resources from our conversation:
April 21, 2020
Her Dreams Don't Quit! w/ Joanna Stephens
Anyone care to guess how old Joanna was when the dream was born? Here's your hint: at that age, I was still entertaining myself by biting my dog's ear to see how she would respond. Not Joanna. This one's a story about a dream born in a child's imagination, cultivated one step at a time through both abysmal loss and mountainous success. Now decades down the meandering road, has she realized her dream? For more details and links to resources, visit
April 14, 2020
Stay in the Fight with Ron Romano
Ron Romano: the Mayor of Central Park, World Marathon Majors 6 Star... in ONE year! We connected with Ron to talk running the majors. This conversation is inspiring, informative, and loaded with great anecdotes and analogies! For more information about Ron and other topics discussed, visit
April 7, 2020
Long Term Vision
We were all thrown into this crazy holding pattern, and while we're always looking to set strong foundations, that's just about the only productive thing we are doing right now. The question is, how and what and when?  Andi and Zach discuss doing today what best supports the long-term goals. For more related resources to this episode, visit
March 31, 2020
Finding Motivation and Community while Social Distancing
What do you do now? Valid question. The answer is personal and complicated. With race plans thwarted and social distancing keeping us from our favorite groups and gyms, our goals need adaptation. We can still find motivation and community, but it is challenging. Andi and Zach line up a group from personal trainers to professional athletes to share motivation, community, and more. Find more at
March 24, 2020
When life gets you down, HANG IN THERE! (Lessons from Olympic Trials Marathoners, part 2)
Life affects running, and running affects life. Sometimes perseverance extends beyond the run, requiring runners to "hang in there" through difficult times. Andi and Zach interview another round of Olympic Trials marathoners to share their experiences hanging in when life hits hard. For the complete episode resources and details visit (don't miss our training services like custom training plans and any-time consultations!)
March 17, 2020
When Things Don't Go Your Way, HANG IN THERE! (Lessons from Olympic Trials marathoners, part 1)
Having spent the weekend with 700 of the best marathoners on the planet, we made it a priority to capture as many stories as we could, stories about moments when they had to "hang in there." For this episode, we delve into the first half of those lessons learned, and stay tuned for the second half soon. For the complete details and more, visit
March 10, 2020
U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon REPORT (2020)
Results are in! The 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials were nothing if not exciting! Andi and Zach break it down, sharing Andi's experience on the inside, Zach's experience on the outside, and the complete analysis of the race results. Read all about it at
March 5, 2020
U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon Preview (2020)
The US Olympic Marathon Trials are here! (2/29/2020) Andi and Zach break it down so that you know all the most important (because we certainly don't give any irrelevant, unrelated facts about the various runners... *winks*) details about the likeliest contenders for the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Team. You'll want to check out the resources and details in further depth here, as well:
February 25, 2020
It's All in Your Mind
What do you see when you look in the mirror? What to say when you speak to that person? As runners, we are well aware of importance of self-perception and self-talk. For this episode, Andi and Zach dig into the topic a bit deeper, share some practical ideas and experiences, and travel the well-worn path of how we play the mind game. Find links, resources, and more at (and don't forget that AtoZrunning subscribers get discounts on all our training services! Subscribe at
February 20, 2020
Love and Support
What role have others played in your successful running endeavors? Andi and Zach tackle the easy task of celebrating those who support us and what it means to support others well. BONUS! This episode features several stories and examples from our listeners and subscribers! Listen to hear it all, and visit for more details and links.
February 13, 2020
Let it Go
There are things we need to let go of and things we need to embrace. We are all multi-dimensional beings and running is just part of who we are. Andi and Zach discuss deciding when to sacrifice for training and when to sacrifice training for life. For the complete details and links for the episode, visit
February 6, 2020
Treadmill or Dreadmill?
Treadmill or dreadmill? Whether you love or loath stationary running, there are times training on the treadmill can be beneficial. Andi and Zach share lessons learned, unfortunate anecdotes, and practical tips! For the complete details, visit
January 30, 2020
Raw and Simple: Track and Field w/ Louis Falland
At it's core, track and field is a primal thing, the ultimate test of the physical prowess of humankind, pitted one against another. And that's just a part of why we love it! Louis Falland, 4-minute miler with Gazelle Elite Racing, joins Andi and Zach to talk track from the inside out. For links, resources, and the must-see video of Louis's national championship victory, visit
January 23, 2020
Running Under Pressure w/ Parker Stinson
25k American Record holder and 2:10 marathoner Parker Stinson joins Andi and Zach to talk about his journey through the highs and lows and how to navigate pressures external, internal, and otherwise. For the complete details and links to resources for this episode, visit
January 16, 2020
Thoughtful Training
What's the best workout for a given purpose at a given time? Andi and Zach dive deep into different run efforts and workouts and how they navigate the various purposes. See more at Need support in your training? Check out our training services options at
January 9, 2020
Feeling Powerful Again w/ Leah O'Connor
Andi and Zach talk with Leah O'Connor about overcoming struggle and injury in running and what it means to be back in the game. Listen for that and more, and find the full details with links and resources at
January 2, 2020
'Twas the Day After Christmas (SPECIAL)
Naturally, we couldn't resist some holiday fun! Listen for a bit of festivity, and be sure to visit for additional resources.
December 26, 2019
Run Faster without Trying Harder w/ Dave Hodgkinson
It's no con. Running faster is a great deal easier than many of us realize! Dave Hodgkinson joins Andi and Zach to unpack how to run better and more easily. Listen for the full conversation, or visit for more resources from the episode.
December 19, 2019
One Small Change
How do you move a mountain? One spade-full at a time. Andi and Zach discuss making habits of simple measures that contribute to big outcomes for runners.  To access related resources, examples, and links, visit
December 12, 2019
Making the Most of the Race Experience w/ Kyle Cutler
Kyle Cutler has been the race director of the LMCU Bridge Run (in Grand Rapids, MI) for over 6 years and joins Andi and Zach to share how runners of all levels can maximize the race experience.  Find out more by visiting
December 5, 2019
Never Again on Thanksgiving Day (SPECIAL)
Every great moment of feasting and play Went terribly wrong last Thanksgiving Day Listen to the episode to hear the whole story, or find the full text at
November 28, 2019
How to be a lifelong runner w/ Dathan Ritzenhein
Who better to talk about longevity in the sport of running than three-time Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein? Dathan dives into some key aspects runners need to focus on to be pursue lifelong running. For the complete details, visit
November 21, 2019
Are you a data-driven runner? Or no? Zach and Andi come from totally different camps when it comes to the love and usage of data. In this episode, we discuss the positives and negatives of data saturation and how we can healthily utilize the feedback we are getting. For the complete details, visit
November 14, 2019
The Next Level
We've been talking, writing, and living the topic of elevating your run. (Training with excellence comes with obstacles, but the benefit of taking your run to the next level isn't just about running.  Our previous blog post is dedicated to the topic).  For the complete details and resources, visit
November 7, 2019
Nothing douses the fire of a passionate pursuit more than burnout. Listen to Andi and Zach discuss their experiences with burnout, ideas to prevent it, and how to cope when in the midst of it. For all the details, links, and resources supporting this episode, visit
October 31, 2019
Knowing Yourself
Knowing yourself can facilitate your next goal or break through.  Owning where we are at and where we have to go shouldn't bring us into doubt or fear, but motivate us to make plans to achieve the incremental steps.  The World of Running  As always, before discussing our main topic, we shared some of the most recent tidbits dominating the running conversation this week:  The Ripley's with Allyson Felix in 2018  Nike shoes controversy (link to Letsrun Podcast with more opinions)  Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price considered to be the fastest woman in the world. (NBC reports)  Allyson Felix broke  Usain Bolt's World Gold Medal record with 12 gold medals in world events.  The great American distance runner, Shalane Flanagan retired (here's the article mentioned).  Main Topic Summary:  11. Know your limits (time, physical, pace)  2. Your limitations don’t always mean a cap on your goals, but rather an honest evaluation of how many miles you should run, what pace you should aim to hit during workouts and races, and how much time you need to prepare your body (routines) beforehand.  3. Set reasonable goals/expectations  Create multi-tier goals (Thanks, Coach Rod Wortley ). Check out this article all about racing mindset and strategies.  Pursue incremental gains.  Follow or develop suitable training plans with your current effort in mind (not always the pace you want to run or thing you "should" run). 
October 24, 2019
The Struggle
One thing every runner understands is struggle. Having just (both of us) completed the Chicago Marathon, we decided to dive deep into the topic of struggle and our experiences surrounding embracing the struggle and overcoming the struggle. The World of Running As always, before discussing our main topic, we shared some of the most recent tidbits dominating the running conversation this week: Eliud Kipchoge's INEOS 1:59 Challenge A whole lot of Chicago Marathon (more on that here) Brigid Kosgei's new world record Parker Stinson's impressive 2:10:53 ANDI RAN HER FIRST EVER OTQ (Olympic Trials Qualifier)! Main Topic: The Struggle We break it down like this: embracing the struggle means thriving amidst the pain overcoming the struggle means understanding what you CAN control and learning HOW to control it To illustrate, we highlight those points with examples and experiences of how struggle in and out of running interrelates. Then we wrap it up with a short list of helpful ways to overcome struggle, like: prioritizing effectively knowing yourself thoroughly and more!
October 16, 2019
Thriving in the Running Community
Every episode can be found at with links and resources and additional info about the episode. For this episode, Andi and Zach discuss the Berlin Marathon, World Track and Field Championships, and the power of the running community. Read more at! Find us on Facebook, Instagram (@atozrunning), and Strava (Zach Ripley).
October 8, 2019