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At Your Cervix

At Your Cervix

By Emma and Grainne
At your cervix is a podcast dedicated to pelvic health issues such as incontinence, pelvic pain or sexual dysfunction affecting both men and women.
Shrouded in stigma, these issues are often poorly understood and considered embarrassing or taboo resulting in a delay accessing help. Gráinne Donnelly and Emma Brockwell are two pelvic health physiotherapists on a mission to myth bust, empower and educate the public, health and fitness professionals about pelvic health. Join as they converse honestly and authentically with a variety of interesting guests on the taboo topics others don't discuss.
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Session 7 - Bringing female health into focus with the English Institute of Sport with Dr Anita Biswas

At Your Cervix

Session 7 - Bringing female health into focus with the English Institute of Sport with Dr Anita Biswas
In session 7, Emma and Gráinne sit down to chat with Dr Anita Biswas who is a leading Sports Medicine Physician at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) at Bisham Abbey, including a strategic role with responsibility for optimising athlete health. She has worked with national and international sports teams at the Olympic Medical Institute, The British Olympic Association Intensive Rehabilitation Unit and the EIS. She is passionate about keeping athletes playing their sports, keeping active people active, regardless of age, and helping inactive people become active. She has a holistic approach, treating not only an injury but addressing the underlying cause or causes. She works closely with allied professionals including physiotherapists and podiatrists to ensure optimal care for her patients. We discuss the EIS SmartHER program, their increased focus and service development for female athletes and pelvic health and lots of discussion about what pelvic health is and what a pelvic health evaluation may look like. You can find out more about Anita and the EIS at or on the EIS social media channels: Instagram @eis2win Twitter: @eis2win Please subscribe to our channel on your favourite podcast platform and leave us a review. We want to ensure topics like this reach all women and men who need to hear it.
April 18, 2021
Session 6 - Cliterally Speaking with Jessica Pin
Jessica Pin is an internationally renowned advocate for equitable coverage of clitoral anatomy in medical literature and curricula. She is a published researcher on the topic of clitoral anatomy and her health advocacy journey began due to personal experience of female genital surgery. This session follows on from the amazing  TherapyLive session with Jessica, Emma and Grainne. Find that here  Make sure you hit subscribe and tell all your friends about this podcast!
March 21, 2021
Session 5 - Boobs, Bras and Breast Health with Nicola Brown
In session 5 Emma and Gráinne discuss boobs, bras and breast health with Dr Nicola Brown. They lift the lid on common mistakes women make when it comes to bra fitting and the various types of support available. They discuss the implications of poor breast support and how better breast health education during the teenage years can improve girls' body confidence, health and participation in physical activity.  Nicola offers advice to women of all ages and backgrounds and this session is one for ALL women and anyone serving women….male or female. Find Nicola on Twitter: @DrNikkiBrown Insta: @nikster_nb Siobhan O Donovan is the founder of PostureFitting physiotherapy service and the creator of "GALS against GRAVITY" workshops, which aim to raise  awareness amongst health and fitness professionals about the issues associated with poorly fitting bras. She is on a mission to educate women worldwide to prevent the negative implications of poor breast support and prevent it becoming a barrier to exercise. She needs other physios, healthcare & fitness professionals to join her on that mission! Find out more at: Facebook - PostureFitting, IG @posture.fitting, Twitter @posturefitting, LinkedIn PostureFitting, email -, website -
February 21, 2021
Bonus Session: This Vet Runs - coping with a less active pregnancy with Nat Scroggie
Nat discusses how running enormously helped her cope with her experience of baby loss in 2018 and the blog and support group she set up for Vets experiencing baby loss or infertility. She opens up about pregnancy following baby loss and her unexpected difficulty of keeping active due to significant pelvic pain.
February 14, 2021
Session 4 - How To Power Through Pregnancy With Sophie Power
Emma Brockwell is behind the Microphone this month interviewing Sophie Power who does some incredible things in the world of endurance running. Thats before you consider she did some of these things while either pregnant or just a few months post-partum. Covering topics like running while breast feeding, how to adapt your exercise while pregnant and more controversial topics such as event organisers getting annoyed at women breast feeding at their events...  Make sure you follow the AtYourCervix social media feeds and subscribe to the channel to never miss an episode!
January 24, 2021
Bonus Session - Diastasis Revolution- Busting The Myths!
During episode 3 of @atyourcervix_thepodcast, @physiomumuk and spoke to @stephrothstein about her postnatal journey, recovery from pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti and return to run postnatal, smashing her pre baby PBs and feeling stronger than ever!    Last night talked to @physiomumuk about Diastasis recti so if you have a diastasis or work with women with this condition do check it out here.   We believe it is so important that the perceptions of the postnatal body are reframed, the myths and taboos surrounding pelvic health are busted and informed evidenced based information is available to everyone!    Follow @atyourcervix_thepodcast on Instagram and enter our competition to win the diastasis rectus abdominis e-book or even a free entry to the online diastasis revolution course written by @absolutephysio  #postnatalrecovery #diastisisrecti #pelvicfloor #atyourcervix #pregnancy #tpmp
January 3, 2021
Session 3 - "Flawless" - Redefining the Postnatal Body with Stephanie Bruce
We discuss Stephs journey with Diastasis Recti, how she overcame the aesthetic stigma associated with it and became "internet famous" overnight by not covering her postpartum belly up when back running at events. We discuss the lack of awareness of pelvic health issues within her running world and the importance of women supporting women. Steph discusses the retreats she now runs several times a year for women to access an overall experience of wellbeing. This podcast is part of the PhysioMatters Network
December 20, 2020
Session 2 - Too far, too fast, too soon with Joe O'Connor and Lizzie Lee
Gráinne Donnelly is At Your Cervix for Session 2 of the podcast where she interviews Joe O’Connor and Lizzie Lee. Joe is an Exercise Physiology and Performance Nutrition lecturer at IT Tralee and the strength and conditioning coach for Olympic athlete, Lizzie Lee. Lizzie is a mother of 3 who represented Ireland in the 2016 Rio Olympics marathon race. Follow the Podcast on Social media search At Your Cervix on twitter and instagram This Podcast is part of the Physio Matters Network join our member area here for early access to podcast materials and much much more
November 22, 2020
Session 1 - PMSL with Luce Brett
Emma speaks to author and blogger Luce Brett about her new book PMSL: or how I literally pissed myself laughing and survived the last taboo to tell the tale.  They talk about the impact of pelvic floor dysfunction, the taboos and stigmas that still surround urinary and faecal incontinence, the treatment that exists and the importance of lifting the lid on all things pelvic health. Don't forget to subscribe to get notifications for further shows! This podcast is a Physio Matters production
October 25, 2020
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September 2, 2020