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Welcome to the very first AUB Student Podcast, a podcast created by the students for the students of the Arts University Bournemouth. New episodes in Semptember!

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(The Arts University Bournemouth Student Podcast is a podcast created by the students for the students. The people involved are voicing their own opinions and are in no way influenced or endorsed by the university's organisational body and its council. The podcast and its hosts are not endorsed by the services and organisations mentioned.)
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Special Episode 02 - Happy Halloween!
What? Two episodes in a week? Well, that's what happens when Halloween comes round! Weird things are in the air and for this episode, we have a new host. And a ghost. Spooky questions and spookier answers fill our Halloween special, so whatever you're doing tonight, we're here with you! We hope you have a terrifying night! 👻 --- Host: Michael Farra Guests: Anna Venuto Otto Hussain Jiyoung Park Don McGregor Sound recordist: Otto Hussain Jiyoung Park Editor: Anna Venuto Music: Space Journey by
October 31, 2018
Episode 06 - Black History Month
Hello hello hello! It took us a while but we're back! We kick off season 2 with a very powerful and interesting discussion for Black History Month. Together with Louise, Stella, and Janet we look into cultural appropriation, the pressure of social bias, and lack of representation. We open the conversation here, but we won't close it anytime soon. So sit back, tune in, and then let us know what you think. We won't give away much more, but we hope you like it! ----- Guests: Louise Hall Stella Kajombo-Lee Janet Njau Hosts: Anna Venuto Michael Farra Sound recording: Otto Hussain Edited by: Anna Venuto Music: Soda Pop by
October 29, 2018
Special Episode 01 - Endings and Beginnings (an interview with graduates)
We're back! (Or at least we will be soon.) Freshers' over and people are starting to get familiar with the new year at AUB. But while new students settle into their favourite spot in the library, or discover the sophisticated tastes of the cafeteria food, former students are getting to know life after their degree. In this short bonus episode, we share some interviews we had with recent graduates, to celebrate fresh endings and new beginnings. So tune in to hear about their experience at AUB, what they will miss the most, and how to deal with zombies. And keep an eye out for the first full episode of season two! Thanks to: Mihaela Georgieva Max Ellis Kech Wo Sarah Cribdon Samuel Golley Recorded and edited by: Otto Hussain Interviewer: Anna Venuto
October 3, 2018
Episode 05 - Mental Health Awareness Week
From the 14th to the 21st of May it was mental health awareness week in the UK, but we believe it's something that can be discussed all year round (like all things we talk about). This episode we dive into students and wellbeing with two amazing guests and a new co-host! So press play and listen to our little chat about how the uni's counselling services work, why men can and should speak up about their mental health, and media's portrayal of it. (We might also mention Chris Evans, because he's great.) Thanks for tuning in and we wish you a good summer! --- Mentioned: --- Hosts: Anna Venuto and Sarah Gomes-Munro Guests: Ben Ferris and Ollie Turner Otto's Corner hosted by: Otto Hussain Special thanks to: Kech Wo, Sarah Gomes-Munro Music: Soda Pop by Otto's corner by Otto Hussain
May 26, 2018
Podcast Soc x BUMF Media: Edgar Wright Interview
We teamed up with BUMF to record their interview with Edgar Wright and we can finally now share it with you all. Check out Daisy's article on: Special thanks to Edgar Wright and to the Marketing Team of AUB for making this possible.
May 25, 2018
Episode 01 - LGBT History Month pt.1
Welcome to the first episode of the AUB Student Podcast, brought to you by the Arts University Bournemouth Podcast Society! For the first part of this month's topic we are joined by Don (again) and Ana who share with us their experiences within the community and the university. Later, a brief but eventful apparition by Otto The Sound Guy lightens the mood and we keep going with a poem, useful information, and penis jokes (courtesy of Don).  Do not miss out! Mentioned in this episode: The Gallery: Zaha Hadid Architects: SH:24: AUB's Writing society: Poem: Just as it should be by Kech Wo Thank you for tuning in! Music: - Soda Pop - A Touch Of Zen by: Hosts: Anna Venuto; Don McGregor, and Ana Iurov Sound recordist: Otto Hussain Edited by: Otto Hussain and Anna Venuto
May 24, 2018
Episode 04 - Women's History Month pt.2
In this follow up episode we go a bit more in depth on women in the creative industry, specifically film, with Clare Cahill, film producer and tutor at AUB. Her insight on the matter allows us to divulge in an important and interesting discussion and her advice is something we'll definitely take to heart. Later on, Otto goes on a mission, turning his corner into something bigger. We also talk about the environment and the new Gallery exhibition. So tune in once again for this week's episode and don't forget to let us know your thoughts! Guests: Clare Cahill James Potts, Rory Greener Hosted by: Anna Venuto Produced by: Jiyoung Park, Lisa Landi, Anna Venuto Sound Recording: Otto Hussain Editing: Anna Venuto Research: Don McGregor, Kech Wo, Sarah Gomes Munro, Sam Senior. Find details on their research here: Music: - Soda Pop by: - Otto's Corner, by Otto Hussain
May 10, 2018
Episode 03 - Women's History Month
It's a whole new topic and some new voices on Episode 3 of the AUB Student Podcast! This month it's all about women and empowerment and why feminism is for everyone. Joined by Autumn, Kech (you'll remember her name from the poem we read in episode 1), Margret, and our new co-host Ji, we discuss womanhood and the importance of intersectionality, what it really means to have equality, and why boys can cry. Join us for this month's discussion, we've only just started! --- Mentioned: Laura Bates and the Everyday Sexism Project Kimberlè Crenshaw - The Urgency of Intersectionality Stacy Smith - The Data Behind Hollywood's Sexism Look up more info on why we celebrate the 8th of March and its history: --- Guests: Autumn Marjorie Kech Wo Margrèt Thorhallsdòttir Hosts: Anna Venuto, Jiyoung Park Sound recording: Otto Hussain Editing: Anna Venuto Research: Chloe Buck, Don McGregor Music: - Soda Pop by
May 10, 2018
Episode 02 - LGBT History Month pt.2 - Gender identity
Welcome to the second episode of the AUB Student Podcast, brought to you by the Arts University Bournemouth Podcast Society! In this episode, we have a chat with Autumn, Lauren, and Eric who share their experience within the transgender and non-binary community. Loads of positivity, love, and self-acceptance in this hour-long chat! We spend some time talking about transgender artists and films on the topic. By popular demand, Otto's corner is back with another astounding haiku. Enjoy! --- Guests: Autumn Marjorie ( Lauren Faulkner ( Eric Rowan ( Hosts: Anna Venuto, Ana Iurov Sound recording: Otto Hussain Editing: Anna Venuto Music: - Soda Pop (Intro and outro) - A Touch Of Zen (Otto's corner) by The podcast and its hosts are not endorsed by the services and organisations mentioned.
May 10, 2018
Episode 00 - Teaser - AUB Student Podcast
Welcome to the teaser episode for the Arts University Bournemouth Student Podcast! Here our two hosts, Anna and Don, explain what the podcast is going to be like– accompanied by cheesy jokes and Otto The Sound Guy.
May 10, 2018
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