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Welcome to the very first AUB Student Podcast, a podcast created by the students for the students of the Arts University Bournemouth. New episodes in Semptember!

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(The Arts University Bournemouth Student Podcast is a podcast created by the students for the students. The people involved are voicing their own opinions and are in no way influenced or endorsed by the university's organisational body and its council. The podcast and its hosts are not endorsed by the services and organisations mentioned.)
Current Episode
Podcast Soc x BUMF Media: Edgar Wright Interview
May 24, 201813:25
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Episode 05 - Mental Health Awareness Week
May 26, 20181:03:05
Episode 01 - LGBT History Month pt.1
May 24, 201836:17
Episode 04 - Women's History Month pt.2
May 10, 201854:05
Episode 03 - Women's History Month
May 10, 201845:07
Episode 02 - LGBT History Month pt.2 - Gender identity
May 10, 201859:46
Episode 00 - Teaser - AUB Student Podcast
May 10, 201805:23
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