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Audio Experiments

Audio Experiments

By Tal Minear
A sketchbook of sound - short audio doodles from Tal's DAW.
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Everything is Fine
Happy Halloween Month! Here's a short scary story for you! Content warning for paranoia.  This was written, performed, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript: There is something wrong. There has been something wrong. You’ve tried to figure it out for months but all you have to show for your work is a constant feeling of unsettledness. What is missing? When you meet with your friends, you swear they’re exchanging looks behind your back, but you never catch them at it. The waiter at the restaurant seems worried. The clerk at the grocery store stammers. Your cat will sit in your lap but she will not purr. Are you being followed? No. The door is locked. People start to reference events you don’t remember, inside jokes you seem to be a part of. You cannot laugh. You focus on winning your friends over. Smile at the waiter. Joke with the clerk. Sooth the worries. Make the cat purr. Everything’s fine. There’s nothing wrong. Everything’s fine. There’s nothing wrong. Everything is fine. Nothing’s wrong... Except you.
September 30, 2021
Eulogy For A Lost Object
This was made based on the prompt "Eulogize an object you have lost." It was written, performed, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript: We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of the kitchen scissors. I know the kitchen scissors have touched all of our lives. Everyone has the place they saw these scissors last. I know we will all hold that location dear, filled with the memories of our time with the kitchen scissors. It was truly life changing when they arrived. Endlessly helpful and optimistic, it seemed like there was nothing that these kitchen scissors couldn’t do. We all know how much they liked to help with cooking and baking, but even when the random craft project or home DIY even took place they were always there to lend a hand. The day will be a little less bright without them here to see the sunrise. In these moments we must remember how brief life can truly- WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY WERE UNDER THE COUCH THIS WHOLE TIME?
September 6, 2021
Dispatch From The Future
Time traveling to a former version of myself and sending a dispatch. This was written, performed, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript: Hey Tal, it’s you from the future. Don’t mind the mask. It’s uh… for time travel reasons. Definitely. Don’t worry about it. The future is… great. Yeah. Everything’s fine. You’ve got a lot to look forward to. Listen, I’m just here to tell you that tomorrow is the kindergarten entrance test and when they show you the color orange you’re gonna say yellow and it’s gonna stick with you for the rest of your life and you should brush up on your colors now. Look, we still mix up yellow and orange these days and I know it’s your fault - yes you right now. Go practice. Find some crayons and nail that shit down. Okay? Good. Oh, they still let you into kindergarten dont worry about that. I said everything was fine!
August 16, 2021
No Inspiration
This is what my brain sounds like when I have writers block. 
May 7, 2021
Voice Acting Demo Reel - Tal Minear
I'm Tal Minear, a voice actor for audio drama and beyond! Need an annoyed teen, conniving antagonist, friendly kid, adventurous hero, worried parent, or something else? Get in touch! at
April 18, 2021
Forbidden Art
I wrote this for a local storytelling event and recorded this practice performance. It's about steam tunnel paintings. Don't tell the deans ;) Transcript here. This episode was written, performed, and produced by Tal Minear.
March 15, 2021
A Podcast for My Current Commute
A podcast for my current commute - from bed to dining room table. This episode was written, performed, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript:  Good morning! No, don’t hit the snooze button I know you’ve already done it once and it is literally 7:30. You know, the time you’re supposed to log in to work? Yeah. Come on. Get out of bed. There we go. Welcome to a podcast for your morning commute. Your weather today is that the apartment is 73 degrees and about to be lit by two lamps and a string of christmas lights. The only change in this forecast is additional lighting when you go to the kitchen for tea. Today’s affirmation, as pulled from a deck of cards, reads “Make Space For It.” We both know what you’re avoiding, and you should take this as a sign to deal with it. Today’s mood, as pulled from your last reblogged tumblr post, is “why are we still here? just to suffer? every day i get emails.” Yep, that’s a mood. Good luck with the emails. Your desktop should be booted up by now, so I will leave you to go log in. Thank you for joining us on this commute from the bedroom to the living room. Tune in tomorrow for the same thing, as always.
November 23, 2020
Tuesday Morning, a poem
Sometimes there's a big fire nearby and also a pandemic going on and you're still expected to show up in the office at 8am like always.  This was written and recorded by Tal Minear. Transcript: I wrote this poem two days ago on a Tuesday morning, in the office at work on a day that felt very apocalyptic. It's made more to be read from text, but I thought I would make a little audio version. It’s called Tuesday morning. I am tired of waking up to a smokey orange sky. And that it is normal. In the office, coworkers discuss the ash on their windshields. We should not be here. I kick myself for forgetting my N95. My bag only has cloth masks. The air is hazardous. And that is normal. I wonder if it is safe to eat lunch in my car. We should not be here. The office smells like a campfire. Even though both fires are miles away. Both. That is normal. I text friends nearby to check in. We should not be here. My job expects productivity. I expect survival. Is that asking too much? Going about my day while the world is sick and burning. One phrase repeated in my mind We should not be here.
October 30, 2020
Tick Tock Train
Sometimes your brain goes "I wonder how a time-traveling steampunk train would sound" and you just have to sit down and make it.  Anyway, this is how I think a time-traveling steampunk train would sound. 
October 4, 2020
Background Noise
On having a bad memory and too many things. This was written, recorded, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript: I’m really forgetful. I’m bad at putting things away and remembering where I put them. The best way for me to know where something is is to look around and see it, so things pile up. Often literally. I want things around so I can see them and remember where they are. Though, sometimes, I just forget to put things away. Every flat surface acquires objects. Reminders of what to do. Reminders of what’s already been done. Reminders that I have something to make a task easier, so that I remember I don’t need to do it the hard way. It’s visual noise, everything on every surface, and when I see it everyday it fades to the background. The pile of clothes on the chair. The stack of books on the table. The letters on the kitchen counter. The pill bottle on the desk.  It’s normal. It’s how things are. Until I finally get around to tidying, and then I notice the noise is gone.
August 12, 2020
Audio Hug
I really want to hug my friends. This episode was written and recorded by Tal Minear.  Transcript: I wish you were here. If  you were, I’d be running right at you to give you the biggest of hugs. I really want to give you a hug, but, well, there’s a problem -  I am here and you are there. Way over there. The precise distance isn’t too important, I suppose, because you could be 6 feet away right now and that wouldn’t cut it. That’s not hugging distance. I can wave across the sidewalk, across the states, across the whole damn world. But I don’t want to just wave. I want to hug you.  So I guess I’ll just have to make do. Consider this a little audio hug. A smile. An embrace The feeling of warmth. The expression of friendship.  But most importantly, you being here with me. Someday you’ll be here with me.
August 7, 2020
In a rare break from sound design, here's a piece of music I made! This is the soundtrack my brain plays when I'm feeling anxious, usually for no good reason at all.  (Anxiety was composed by Tal Minear using Garageband.)
July 28, 2020
The Never Ending Carousel
A short story about a long ride. This was written, recorded, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript: We live and die on the never ending carousel, around and around and around and around. It keeps spinning, indifferent to the happenings on its surface. The horses go up and down, uncaring if anyone is riding atop them. The music plays, unaware of our own preferences. Some people say we should destroy the never ending carousel. If it were broken, they say, maybe we would be free. But the never ending carousel cannot stop, will not stop. You can only stop the people on it. You can only break them. The never ending carousel doesn’t care about us, but we care about it. We defend the never ending carousel from the people who want to destroy it, because it is our home. We live and die on the never ending carousel, around and around and around and around, and we call it Earth.
June 10, 2020
Tomorrow Will Be Fine
I wrote this at the end of a no good very bad week. Really, don't listen to me - I'm just being a grump. This episode was written and recorded by Tal Minear. Transcript: Things will be better tomorrow, they said. Today is just bad. Tomorrow will be fine. And then a day passes. Things will be better tomorrow, they said. Today is just bad. Tomorrow will be fine. And then a day passes. And another. And another. Tomorrow will be fine, they said. But tomorrow never comes.
May 12, 2020
Quarantine Update
I've distilled the entire month of April (as I experienced it) into one short little clip. You can't hear the internal screaming (because it's, well, internal), but I promise you it's there. This episode was recorded and produced by Tal Minear.
May 4, 2020
Voicemail to the Past
Tal leaves a voicemail to their middle school self. This episode was written, recorded, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript: Hi Tal. It’s me, from the future. I just  want to leave you a little message, because I know what you need to hear  right now.  You wouldn’t recognize me if we met in person. At this  moment, you think you’re never going to cut your hair short or dye it  something permanent. You think you’re never gonna get a tattoo. Right  now, you’re scared of so many things. Eventually, those things will get a  little less scary.  Don’t get the wrong idea though, future you is  still winging it just as much as always. I don’t think that’s ever gonna  change. We still have a lot in common, though. I know you dream of  having a pet cat - well, I have three of them. I still only wear  converse high tops, or sometimes boots. I still hate red plaid skirts  just as much as always. I’m always still daydreaming - just at work now,  not at school. Those stories you have in your head? They keep coming.  Keep writing them down. Things aren’t great right now for you right now.  You’re not sure it’s gonna be better, but you have so many hopes for  the future nonetheless. And I want you to know to hold on to that hope. Cause you’re not gonna believe where we end up.
May 1, 2020
Apartment Weather Report
This episode was written, recorded, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript: Hello and thanks for tuning in to this one minute weather report.  It’s bright and sunny outside. This is southern California, it’s almost  always bright and sunny outside - I’m sure this isn’t a surprise.  The  exciting weather reports are for rain. Or those days of Santa Ana winds. Or that one time, years  ago, when a tiny tornado flipped a car over. It’s dark and cloudy  inside. This is my apartment, it’s almost always dark and cloudy inside -  I’m sure this isn’t a surprise. The exciting weather reports are for smiles. Or those days when I clean. Or that one time, years ago, when you were here with me.
April 22, 2020
The Sound of Petrichor
What I think petrichor sounds like.  This episode was produced by Tal Minear.
April 12, 2020
1 Minute Audio Tour of the Steam Tunnels
This episode was written, recorded, and produced by Tal Minear. Transcript: And welcome to the steam tunnels! It’s this  hot practically everywhere in the tunnels; there’s a couple of places  where it’s even warmer than here, actually. It’s kind of nice though,  because it keeps the spiders away - the one section of the tunnels  that’s actually cool has a bunch of spiderwebs. It’s very fun to walk  though.  Yeah, that box fan is always there. Nobody knows why. We just  don’t mess with it. Now, make sure to watch your head as we walk though.  Some of the pipes on the ceiling are really low. Make sure to check how  hot a pipe is before you touch it - there’s a couple of pipes down here  that will burn you. These tunnels are a maze, so make sure you stay  close and don’t go wandering off. Our first stop is this way, to a mural  called Faith. It’s part of a series of paintings by an artist called…
March 14, 2020