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By Audio Oasis
I create & tell stories for you to stop by, listen, think, laugh, & most importantly, rest. Your audio oasis. Enjoy and be well.


11 Episodes
E11 Mangos, CT Scans, Macaroni Pie & Coffee Talk
Mar 30, 201802:49
Coming Soon
Mar 22, 201800:19
E10 Mumbling, stumbling & leaping into greatness!
Mar 21, 201802:34
Ep9 Take the Downside Up Challenge!
Feb 27, 201802:21
Ep8 Bite the bullet and ask
Feb 1, 201804:59
E7 The Crunchy Crouton Wisdom in Your Failure Salad
Jan 14, 201804:57
Ep6 Happy New Year & Count Your Blessings: Love, Siri & Alexa
Dec 29, 201705:12
Hairbrush Vocals: A Tale of Survival
Nov 29, 201704:59
Rock, paper, scissors & Barry White
Nov 20, 201703:11
What is audio oasis and why?
Nov 9, 201701:03
MTA: The Ultimate Wingman
Nov 5, 201704:59
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