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Audio Panorama

Audio Panorama

By Audio Panorama
Audio Panorama is a biweekly podcast featuring man-made aural soundscapes. Forged from a motley collection of sound sources: (un)randomly generated, carefully composed, or found in open source libraries. Assembled in the south of the Netherlands by tonal tinkerers René Smaal and Tim van der Avoird. “Every sound alarms.” — Virgil
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Nothing left, nothing left. Time is unlimited, try living someone else's life. Start making other plans, go there where the path may lead. Be close to failure, give up.
September 5, 2021
Déjà écouté, pas encore écouté, les répétitions se répètent
Repetition creates pattern. If I have a hundred of these, a hundred of those, it doesn't make any difference what these and those are. If I can repeat anything, I have the possibility of a pattern from hickory nuts and chicken eggs, shards of glass, branches. It doesn't make any difference. — Dan Phillips “Repetition opens doors, you know?” ― Tim Lucas, The Book of Renfield: A Gospel of Dracula This episode marks the end of season one of this podcast. We will take a little break until the first Saturday in September. In the meantime, we will charge our batteries, collect new sounds, get a tattoo or two (you got a tattoo too?), train some muscles, and acquire a sun tan. We thank all our listeners for their love and support during this first season, and we love to be back on September 4 for season two!
April 10, 2021
It literally means soft (and) strong. Its sounds should resemble a guitar, but have more similarities to a bell. You can hear this bell ringing and not know. You play it, it is playful. Man is playful, homo ludens.
March 6, 2021
We of Audio Panorama love sounds of all kinds and of all origins. The sound of nature, the sound of humans, the sound of animals in their natural habitat, or far from it. Even — or should we say: even more? — the ethereal sound of matter in continual transformation... (only to be enjoyed with patience and acquired taste). And then there's this thing with sound in the context of its locality. Yes, sounds do sound different in different places. Did you know that, for example, sounds sound different in Japan? It's hard to get your head around it, but in Japan, somehow, sounds sound... shall we say BIGGER?
February 20, 2021
Stalk stalk
The four elements find their place. As well as speculating about what is really going on. The picture changes from black and white to color; otherwise there is silence. People disappear in such a way that the zone appears to have a consciousness. Someone is dismantling the weapon. A train rumbles.
February 6, 2021
Ceci n'est pas jeufroid
What is the taste of the holes in a Swiss cheese? When you blink your eyes, what do you see if they have just closed? What do you feel right before someone puts her hand on your hand or just after she lifts her hand from your hand? What do you smell with a pinched nose? And what do you hear...?
January 23, 2021
Of all the sounds that surround us, the human voice occupies the most prominent place. The human voice in all its manifestations. As a means of communication. As a messenger with commercial or political motives. As a musical instrument. Or as a cacophonic background noise. With all that excessive attention that the human voice demands from us, in this episode of Audio Panorama let's put the human ear to work for a change.
January 9, 2021
Niet ik, niet jij
Time: you can think of it as a large plain, a long sausage, as a beginning to an end. But it could just as well be a moment, a tick, a drop. Infinitely repeated, distorted, stretched. It's the same at its core, it's completely different at its core. As I am not you, you are not me. As I am you, you are me. Not me, not you. Me you. Inspired by our friend Eefje of the podcast 'Vonken in het Donker'.
December 26, 2020
It was not that I was upset while travelling to the west on my latest model carpet what I purchased not half an hour ago from a boutique. It was more that my morale was broken by a confrontation with the pack. A sense of liberty was missing, I felt a loss of protection. When passing the border, the guy who asked me for identification looked at me as if I were something extraterrestrial. I was ready for something revolutionary. Whatever.
December 12, 2020
Words like violence come to talk with me again. In restless dreams vows are spoken, people talking piercing right through me. Words are very softly creeping. Take my arms, here in my arms. They are very unnecessary, planted in my brain. In the naked light, they can only do harm. Enjoy the silence, the sound of silence.
November 28, 2020
On the road
With the advent of electric vehicles, the sounds of our roads will change drastically. This is to raise an aural statue for the road sounds that are so familiar for our generation and the generations that preceded us. These sounds are firmly anchored in the collective consciousness of those born in the twentieth century, and the first decades of the twenty-first. This aural statue is for future generations, born after electrification and hydrogenation brought the era of combustion engines to an end. When their children will ask us how our world sounded like, this statue may serve as a starting point.
November 14, 2020
"Van halen" in Dutch means that you order someone to pick up the truck. Germans would say: "Hol schon mal den Wagen". Unfortunately, it was Eddie who had been assigned way too early by our dear Lord to be 'gehaald'. This episode of Audio Panorama is dedicated to Edward Lodewijk van Halen (1955-2020).
October 31, 2020
Sexy Time
We are no guiltier in following the primitive impulses that govern us than is the Nile for her floods or the sea for her waves. ― Marquis de Sade, Aline et Valcour 
October 17, 2020
We come from it, it goes into us and, not much later, it leaves us again. It falls on us, we fall into it. It is our life, for some it is death. We start in it, we float in it on a sunny day. A simple molecule, two ingredients: two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. So simple, so essential, so often overlooked.
October 3, 2020
Imagine an entrance hall, corridor, a vestibule, as in a public building. Or a large public room, a hall adjacent to a legislative chamber. What about a group of persons who work or conduct a campaign to influence members of a legislature to vote according to the group's special interest?
September 19, 2020
Big ostrich
As the ostrich when pursued hideth his head, but forgetteth his body; so the fears of a coward expose him to danger. — Akhenaton
September 5, 2020
And pop...
Time is like an ocean. Waves move up, waves move down. It is unclear when they will reach the coast. And which wave is it anyway that rolls over the beach? Suddenly there is that wave that turns out to be a carrier of a bottle. A bottle with a message...
August 22, 2020
A global warning
There are all kinds of warnings, big and small, loud and quiet, from Prague to Wellington and from Beijing to the deepest depths of the ocean. But today, we are facing something of a completely different magnitude. One for the entire planet. A global warning.
August 8, 2020
The thing about Fred
Fred Fred (Fred Fred Fred Fred 'Fred') Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred. Fred Fred Fred Fred, Fred Fred Fred Fred, Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred. Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred or Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred. Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred you. Fred, Fred Fred Fred Fred.
July 25, 2020
Return Zero
- In that case, "Return zero" would not be a very appropriate ending. - I think so. That's our "42". - A nod to the Hitchhiker's Guide? - Yes. The underlying question in both works is: "What is the meaning of life?" Douglas Adams came up with "42" in answer to the ultimate question. And we say:  "(Return) 0". Which could be interpreted as "There is no meaning". - Fine! - Or, alternatively: "Stop thinking about the meaning of life". That is what I had in mind when I contributed to this episode: all fairly random pieces of text and/or music that were converted into a 'sound code'. I noticed how many rhythmic and melodic materials were produced that way. Somehow, a certain order seems to be audible in arbitrariness. - Chaos swings. - Anyway, that's what I hear, what the listener might hear in it. And that is another answer to the question (besides "(Return) 0"): "Just hear the answer yourself". - Yes. All in all another beautiful philosophically charged episode.
July 11, 2020
The enthusiasm (sometimes referred to as ‘animo’) is not so great to concern ourselves with the animals. Some people collect them, but as a species, we are primarily bringing them to the brink of extinction. That there will be no life without these furry or burly creatures has not really dawned on us. Let the sounds of this adventure penetrate you. Afterwards, we will talk again.
June 27, 2020
African ghost ride
It is a well-known African saying: behind each door, there is another door. But it makes you wonder: what's between those doors? You really don't want to know. Because you don't want to enter this world. Or because you DO want to enter this world and then want to be surprised. Do you listen to the voice of your heart or to the voices in your head? Get in the cart and let yourself be carried away...
June 13, 2020
Life is a party
We don't know where we came from, nor do we know where we are, or where we are heading. Something to keep in mind when you find yourself with a drunk in an elevator. It really doesn't matter which floor to exit the elevator. If life is a party, we are neither the guest nor the host, but always late.
May 30, 2020
It was such a day. Again. Trains delayed, the elevator is far too slow, the buzz of my neighbor's chainsaw, my footsteps sounding just a little too loud in the alley outside my back door. Shall I run? Or should I give in? Do I stop at the violin player in front of the station entrance? The intercity is calling, the intercity is calling. Put on your headphones and go on a trip (or not).
May 16, 2020
Can you crawl through a water tap? Scientific research has shown that people are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times. This is not (a) spinal tap, but it might be an aural puncture. You are strongly advised to put your headphones on, blue, blistering barnacles!
May 2, 2020
When two tribes
Two countries, two cities, two men. And many opinions. By nature, sounds are the same anywhere, yet their voices can be so darn different. In problematic times, wisdom is often difficult to find. Put on your headphones and find yourself on a sliding scale between what sounds right and what is in fact wrong.
April 18, 2020
Hiroshima, mon murmure
In this first Audio Panorama adventure we are taking you on a trip to the East. Be invited to board a pontoon. Be surrounded by birds of all feathers. And don’t forget to take the first train to... Is nightfall already? Oh well, it’s for your ears (and your ears only). Put your headphones on and drift to the auditory dimension.
April 4, 2020