Verity Weaver

Catch a Falling Star

An episode of Verity Weaver

By AudioHour Productions
[Pilot episode.]

If you were given the chance to escape into the illusion of a perfect life, would you take it?

Verity Weaver is a gritty, honest, and immersive science-fiction audio drama about reality, identity, and what we owe to the universe.
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Catch a Falling Star
Verity Weaver is living the life of her dreams. Companion to space pioneer Fable Ashwood, she travels the galaxy in a rackety old spaceship, having adventures and getting into trouble wherever she goes. That’s until she wakes up. Until the start of the next shift. In Verity’s real life, there are no spaceships. There are no adventures. There is no Fable Ashwood. But there is a way out. The question is… will Verity take it, if it means letting go of reality?
February 13, 2019
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