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Petanque Points

Petanque Points

By Rex .
All things Petanque. News, Views & Interviews. Reports, Reviews & Rumours
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Playing with 30 cm jacks Boxwood Demise What Caused the Earthquake Struggling with Rules Ultimate Shoot Challenge Talking About Talking More Segment slots: Robin 1.09, Gerry 4.55, David 14.55, Remote game 19.18, Commentators Giselle 20.14, Commentators Gary 27.15, Ray Ager. 36.35, Sign off 38.33
September 30, 2021
Options in Threesomes. Gerry's Exploding Boule. David Shaw Answers. FUSION & Petanque Launceston. Dylan's Foot Fault. Lockdown Fixes. Jenny & Heinz. and The Last of the Sins
August 25, 2021
Petanque Canberra Princely Supporter Australian Mobile Petanque Challenge Pastis on the Pistes Hijacked Historian And more
July 25, 2021
Petanque England's Baz Wing Eastern Suburbs Menus Trip to Tassie Ettiquette & Rules with David Shaw Good Guy Guy's Tips to stance Master Games And more
June 13, 2021
Searching for Fanny Forbidden Objects Drugs & Other Stuff Book Review No.3 of 7 deadly Sins Sydney Party Poopers  & More
May 18, 2021
Bayside & Bunnies Glenelg & Novars Avoca & Michael Madam Prez Number 2 Of the Seven Sins Weaponized Boulles .....and more
April 20, 2021
Super Novar One of Seven Deadly Sins Peter Wells on MyPetanque Griff's Mum Reports on WarrFair Why Hot Boules are so not Cool ........more
March 1, 2021
St.Kilda Menage a Trois. How Boules Got Cool. Burnham Beeches & Mt Beauty. Bayside Mid Summer Melee. Cross Dressing Trophy. Square Boules. Ballina Petanque & Dong the Thong. MyPetanques Bikini Girl. and some Dad jokes
February 2, 2021
Numero Uno
At Wierds A New South Eastern Club Rule Changes Familiar Voices Whose Birthday was it And More
January 17, 2021
Petanque Points - Pilot episode
This is the pilot episode of the new Podcast show "Petanque Points". The show aims to cover anything petanque, particularly appertaining to Victoria & Australia, but will cover world wide reports too. The Show is hoping to be on a semi regular to regular basis. Created by Rex, the show is completely independent and has no affiliation with any Petanque Authority, Club, political party or commercial interest. Designed to present anything positive about petanque generally, reports, interviews and anything entertaining in the World of Petanque. Comments and submissions are welcomed .  We can arrange interviews personally or via 'phone, skype and most other mediums. Initial contact: please email
January 2, 2021