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2019 Showcase: The Moonologue Sessions

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Welcome to the Audio Verse Awards Nominee Showcase Podcast: your destination for the latest Audio Verse Awards nominees! All productions showcased here were nominated by community members like you. So take a listen! Only YOU can decide which of these nominees make it into the Finals!
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Welcome to the Audio Verse Awards Nominee Showcase Podcast: your destination for the latest Audio Verse Awards nominees! All productions showcased here were nominated by community members like you. So take a listen! Only YOU can decide which of these nominees make it into the Finals!

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2019 Showcase: Relativity
Hello! This is Lee Shackleford ... I am the creator and head writer and producer and one of the actors on the science-fiction drama serial RELATIVITY, starring Alana Jordan.  RELATIVITY is a PG-rated audio drama that's basically about two people: a woman ... who is the Mission Control flight director ... and a man out in deep space who has found himself suddenly being the only person aboard a giant spaceship. And it's about their struggle to remain connected, the two of them, to help each other out through life and death situations that arise -- at mission control, believe it or not - - and on this ship hurtling through the void.  Their only link across the vast emptiness of the cosmos ... is the sound of each other's voices.  What I'd like for you to listen to now is a scene from episode 37, which aired in May 2019... ... and it's a little bit of a reversal of the situation -- usually Sophia, the mission control lady, is the one who's helping Chris with his problems on the spaceship out into deep space. This time something terrible happens in her life and Chris is there to help her across trillions of miles of space.  The only thing you need to know to understand what's going on in this scene is that Sophia has a younger sister who has a deadly disease -- and the only hope for her has been to put her in suspended animation. And their mother is despondent about the fact that the girl, Sybil, l had to be put into this freezer for who knows how long.  There's also a hurricane hitting Puerto Rico where mission control is!  So here is a little bit of episode 37 of RELATIVITY ... starring Alana Jordan and Lee Shackleford. CW: Discussion of suicide CW: Dis
October 27, 2019
2019 Showcase: Sumeria
Hi this is Mark Luckie, writer, editor and producer of Sumeria, a podcast about a group of space travelers searching for their home...somewhere in the universe. I'm loading Episode One of the debut season of the podcast for your listening enjoyment. All set to launch?
October 10, 2019
2019 Showcase: Splintered Caravan
Splintered Caravan is a Cyberpunk Audio drama focused on the lives of Caravan runners (specialized brains and guns for hire) as they survive their ruthless, unforgiving world the only way they know how; together. Where there’s credits, there’s a job, no matter what needs doing. Get swept up in the action and intrigue of their story as the runners experience sacrifice, connection and consequences surrounding their infamous lifestyle. The bonds you choose to make in this world will either save you or send you under, but remember; A Caravan comes first…Always.
October 6, 2019
2019 Showcase: Once It's Begun
This is Saul Gillingham, co-writer and creator of ONCE ITS BEGUN, a post apocalyptic western revenge story. You’re about to hear a trailer for series 1 of the show. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for listening.
October 6, 2019
2019 Showcase: We Cantrip - A DandD Podcast
October 6, 2019
2019 Showcase: Marsfall
October 6, 2019
2019 Showcase: All My Fantasy Children
"I am recording now, so we will record in 3, 2... Hi, this is Jeff Stormer." "This is Aaron Catano-Saez" "And this is All My Fantasy Children, a character creation, storytelling and world-building podcast powered by listener prompts." "This is Episode 97, Arcana Dimdae: Whispers of Order" "What we do on All My Fantasy Children is we take, every week, a listener-submitted prompt. We spin that prompt into an original fantasy character using some of our favorite tabletop roleplaying games. And we populate a shared universe called Fantasy every single episode, week by week, story by story." "That's right!" "And that's pretty much it, we hope you enjoy!"
October 6, 2019
2019 Showcase: Project Nova
Project Nova is an original Audio Drama created by Aaron Sarka and produced by Evil Kitten Productions. Project Nova follows the lives of four subjects of a secret scientific project.  Who are they?  Why are they here?  What is Project Nova? Project Nova is written and directed by Aaron Sarka Starring: Sarah Sarka as Armstrong T.J. Anderson as Vespucci Jon Penick as Battuta Rachel Craig as Eberhardt Aaron Sarka as The Computer The Project Nova theme is by Aaron Sarka. All  other music is composed by Kevin McLeod and can be found at
October 6, 2019
2019 Showcase: Arden
This is Emily VanDerWerff, Co-Creator on Arden, which is about the missing person case of Julie Capsom, a starlet who vanished in 2007 leaving behind a male torso in her trunk, and Bea Casely and Brenda Bentley, the reporter and detective who are hired ten years later to find her. The following is a highlight reel from Season One, comprising some of our favorite moments from the show, and highlighting the work of everyone who was nominated for the longlist. Thank you for listening.
October 6, 2019
2019 Showcase: Merely Roleplayers
This is Matt, host on Merely Roleplayers, which is about a real London theatre company jumping through decidedly not-real stories in lots of different genres. This is Act One of season seven, “Upstaged!", where the company enter a nationwide televised theatre competition to raise money to save a children’s theatre programme. Thank you for listening.
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: Ballad of the Seven Dice
Hey there, I’m Lucas Duff I am the GM and editor of Ballad of the Seven Dice. Our Show is a 5e podcast, like many others out there. What we do that’s a little different is not only do we have our fully produced actual play podcast, meaning sfx, music, ambiance, you name it, but we also do audio drama episodes between our main episodes. So our story takes place in the forgotten realms, where it is a bit of an alternate timeline because I liked some stuff from 3.5 and just kind of jumbled it all together. Essentially the Forgotten Realms has become somewhat of a battlegrounds where people from many many different worlds have been dragged here and they’re all being forced to fight in this eldritch war, they are not quite sure who their patrons are. They know that there is a person, a woman known as Dorem Highfyre, who is trying to summon something so ancient and evil to destroy all the gods, because she believes that will free everyone from the God’s control, but what that’s actually going to do is destroy existence entirely. So these beings are all being summoned from different worlds to try to stop her and they are called the Chosen. The reason that they are called the chosen is because they are given these parasites that are placed on their left hand that gives them each a unique ability. Kind of think of it like a little bit like super powers. So our main players have Time, Chaos, Fire, and Blood. Those are their powers that they use on top of already their Dungeons and Dragons classes they’ve already chosen. Our story heavily focuses on roleplaying, drama, we do have plenty of goofs as it is unavoidable in these kind of things, and we try to make sure that we tell the most of the story. The audio drama episodes are there to tell the story of the npcs, the villains, the other characters they interact with in this world and what they're up to and what they’re doing and it helps really shape things. So if you’re in the mood for crazy otherworldly beings, giant wars, and some pretty good times trying to save the world then by all means give us a listen. I’ve included an episode called “No One Gets Out” where we had two guests, Tea and Jason, play where they are trying to escape from the city of Arkham with one of the NPCs that the players have met, Diar’rna. Basically it is to show you the kind of theme that we have, that there is a very dark underlying theme. So I won’t keep you any longer, I’ll just go ahead and let you listen to that episode, enjoy!
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: X Why Podcast
This is Melissa Sheldon, Writer, Producer, and occasional actor on X Why Podcast, which is an anthology series of short stories based around themes of all kinds, chock-full of social commentary, sarcasm, bad and good jokes, and showcases the immense talent of indie voice actors & writers from all over the internet. This is episode 4: Relationship Planet. In this episode we have a nature documentary-style study of the wide world of dating. We study the mating rituals of the New England frat boy, the devious manipulations of predatory flirts, dangerous ways for women to unwind, and the way some relationship predators take advantage of our vulnerable and loving selves. Tune in monthly to X Why podcast on your podcatcher of choice. And thank you for listening.
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: Astral Queen
Hello! Sarah Golding here - Astral Queen dialogue editor and voice actor as Captain Kelly and the AI Computer in this one off script - a winner of the first ADPP Script writing competition by the amazing Paul Spencer. This was edited and sound designed by Eli McIlveen with original music by Tom Rory Parsons and guest appearances from Mark Lubienski Steel and Graham Rowat. Love a northern accent me. Find out what happens when a space cruise ship Captain finds out that its’ AI has mysteriously jettisoned all of its passengers, and the ship is heading bow first towards a crash land on a distant planet.... Enjoy. And do check out the other gazillion ADPP winners made by amazing audio drama royalty involving a myriad of recognisable AD names on the Audio Drama Network Spreaker site. And also if you wanna voice act pls listen to MADIVA podcast and look out in the audio drama hub fb page for more Audio Drama Hub Virtual Pub sessions to learn from those making it about the craft of Audiodrama! Thank you so much for listening ya Legends!
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: Wheels of Justice
My name is K. Thomas Zipperer, and I’m one of the writers behind the true crime comedy “Wheels Of Justice”. Wheels of Justice is a one hour standalone audio drama covering the fictional investigation into who pushed the Governor of Texas down a staircase in his wheelchair. In this scene, our main protagonists, Bob and Zipp, meet with a wheelchair salesman in an attempt to gather some information about the case.
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: Fun City
Hey there! I'm Mike Rugnetta, I'm Shannon Odell, I'm Nick Guercio, I'm Jenn de la Vega, I'm Bijan Stephen and I'm Taylor Moore. We are the cast of Fun City, a Shadowrun Actual Play RPG podcast about a group of career criminals living in a super-future, post-climate apocalypse New York City who are trying to navigate the moral grey areas of contemporary life. Also there are jokes. This is episode one, where you get to meet the crew, and the guy who wants to hire them to do a crime. Thanks for listening!
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: Still Lives
This is Colton Flick. I was one of the writers, vocal directors, and audio editors for Still Lives [pronounced like a noun] -- or Still Lives [pronounced like a verb], if you prefer. It's a pun! Our show is about the last five people on Earth hearing a knock at the door, and trying to come to terms with the fact that they may not actually be the last five people on Earth. We think of it as a pastoral post-apocalypse. This is our first episode, "The Quiet," written by Ríoghnach Robinson. Thank you so, so much for listening!
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: The Moonologue Sessions
Hello Sarah Golding here - Producer and wannabe Voice actor and Writer of some parts of The Moonologue sessions. I set it up with my production company Quirky Voices to celebrate the moon landings 50th anniversary, man, as I DO LOVE SPACE very much and the moon - and encouraged folks to submit some new writing - I DO LOVE NEW WRITING - short monologues to be performed by some of the best and my most favourite of favourite Audio Drama voice acting chums. So, this is a collection of monologues interspersed with some daft story of me and Tanja Milojevic and her dog Nabu and some - Nabu - I always say it wrong - and some strange doll called Mr Twinkletoes journeying to the moon in a rocket powered by the words of the monologues. Howcoolisthat? Thanks to Tanja and winning monologue writers Haydn Davis, Dany Ellet, Faith McQuinn, William J Meyer, J Christian Ellet, Fiona Thraille, Maya Peace, Sara-Mae Tuson, Emily C Snyder, Cheyenne Bramwell, Karin Heimdahl and performers Jordan Cobb, Madison Upton, Cheyenne Bramwell, Bret Maskil-Watts, Lucille Valentine, Erika Sanderson, Fiona Thraille, Tanja Milojevic, Karim Kronfl, Angélique Lazarus and James Oliva! I adore you all (I hope you do too) Thanks also to the Audioverse team and to you for listening - please do share this gently entertaining gem....and watch out for more script writing opportunities with Quirky Voices! Here’s the Moonologue Sessions Parts 1, 2 and 3. Enjoy!
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: Radio Free Detroit
This is James Palmer, producer on Radio Free Detroit, an in character, in universe podcast set in the cyberpunk future of Shadowrun in 2080; we have a mix of monologued pieces and audio drama, and the primary character is Ziggy the Troll Shadowrunning Philosopher, a big man, with cybernetic arms, big thoughts, and a perennial love of ice cream. This is Episode 5 of our crossover audio drama, called Blackout, and takes place in the fall of 2080 in the communal living space occupied by our characters after a nationwide blackout enters its second week. Thank you for listening.
October 5, 2019
2019 Showcase: Victoriocity
This is Dominic Hargreaves, producer of Victoriocity. Victoriocity is a detective comedy drama set in a reimagined Victorian past, and is written by Chris and Jen Sugden. The story follows Inspector Archibald Fleet and journalist Clara Entwhistle, who in season one investigated the murder of an eminent scientist in the vast metropolis of Even Greater London. In season two, Fleet and Clara have a new case, investigating a mysterious kidnapping. This episode - the first of season 2 - features all the Audioverse award nominees from the show: Tom Crowley is Inspector Fleet, and Layla Katib is Clara Entwhistle. The episode was directed by Nathan Peter Grassi; and music is by Jon Ouin. Thank you for listening.
October 4, 2019
2019 Showcase: The Hidden People
This is Megan Burnside, executive producer of The Hidden People, a creepy modern fantasy that begins with a murder mystery and slowly pulls back the curtain on a hidden world of dark action and adventure. This is episode four, which will give you an idea of the characters and their world as they deal with the fallout from the murder of Mackenna and Thomas's parents. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to start from the beginning to experience the entire story. Season one will have twenty-two episodes released every other week throughout the remainder of the year. Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy The Hidden People.
October 4, 2019