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Aura Fury Podcast

Aura Fury Podcast

By Aura Fury
We cover all the topics of the Aura Fury Gaming Community, a non-profit organization dedicated to making gaming a better space for everyone. Learn about current events in gaming, what goes into content creation, community news, games, community guest, guests from the gaming industry, resources to better yourself, free events, free game servers, Esports, Leagues/Tournaments, sportsmanship, inclusiveness in gaming, careers in gaming, and much much more. We hope you find the content informative and fun!
Totem Arts
Join Jacob (EconBrony) and Alex (Plexus) as they interview the Totem Arts Team: Whistle, Fobby and Sarah as they talk about the history of the company and one of their successful projects Renegade X. They also go over their exciting new project Firestorm! 00:00 Starts 00:29 CnC in Aura Fury 01:24 Introductions 03:12 What is Totem Arts and Projects Have You Done? 05:46 Killing Renegade and Adding the X 09:00 Organizing Before Discord 11:38 Was Renegade X a Mod? 19:47 What is the Difference Between a Mod and Renegade X? 21:50 What Engine Did You Build the Game On? 26:00 Is Unreal Script the Language You Programmed Everything In? 27:18 How Do you Recruit and Motivate Volunteers? 34:30 What Kind of Turnover did you all Deal With? 37:20 Do Volunteers often Return After Leaving? 37:50 How Do you Recruit Volunteers? 43:06 How Did you Get Permission from EA To Use There Intellectual Property? 47:09 What was one of the greatest challenges your team overcame? 53:29 At Point Did You Say This is Ready for Release? 01:04:08 How Did the Community Receive Renegade X? 01:05:16 What Can you Tell Us About the Firestorm project? 01:10:38 Differences Between Renegade X and Firestorm 01:20:06 How Many People Can Play on a Map in Firestorm? 01:20:42 Is There an ETA for Firestorm? 01:26:24 Where do You Want to See Totem Arts in the Future? 01:28:10 Any Fun Stories From the Game Dev? 01:33:01 What recommendations would you have for someone looking to get into game creation? 01:38:35 Totem Arts Contact Info Support us on Patreon: Aura Fury Merch: Aura Fury’s Discord: Totem Arts Discord: Totem Arts Website:   Totem Arts Youtube: Totem Arts Facebook:   Totem Arts Twitter:
April 04, 2022
Game Modding in Vintage Story and in General
Join EconBrony with three guest from the Aura Fury community talk modding in Vintage Story and in general. Aledark, Apache, and Th3Dilli go through their mods, their stories as to why they mod, resource recommendations, tips for modding and more! Aura Fury is officially a Texas non-profit now! Stay turned for more Podcast episodes coming soon! 00:00 Start 00:20 Aura Fury is a Non-Profit Now! 00:49 Guest Introductions 03:17 Guests Introduce their Mods 19:06 Future Plans for Mods 27:34 Aura Fury Mod Project 33:51 Importance of Feedback to Modders 38:31 Why They Mod 47:26 What Got Them Into Modding 53:40 What Challenges Have they Encountered 01:04:10 What do you need to know to Mod 01:07:20 What Hardware and Software do you need 01:15:13 Other Recommended Resources 01:21:11 What Can Game Devs do to help Modders 01:26:46 Modding and Coding Stories 01:32:03 Have they ever Considered Doing Game Dev 01:37:42 Conclusion 01:41:51 Community Connections Aura Fury’s Discord: Community Connections Discord: Vintage Story: VS Works Discord: Aledark’s Mod and Youtube: Apache’s Mods, Youtube and Twitch: Th3Dilli’s Mods and Youtube:
March 06, 2022
Ep.2 Content Creation
Join JuCoHi with three guest from the Aura Fury community talk Content Creation. Highestflow, RinVindor, and Kingreaper33 go through how their channel started, why they stream, equipment recommendations, how to grow your channel, great stories and more. We also over some news from Aura Fury and the coming Watchathon event. Stay turned for more Podcast episodes coming soon!   Time Stamps: 00:00  Start 02:35 Vintage Story Server News  06:10 Halo Nights/Halo Esports  07:25 Episode Theme starts  07:40 Content Creators Introduce their channels  32:05 What got them into content creation and why they still do it  47:23 Equipment used and recommendations  1:02:12 Recommendations for starting content creation and how to get found  1:13:12 Watchathon  1:17:10 Memorable Moments and Stories from Content Creation   Guests: Highestflow:  Kingreaper33:  RinVindor:   Ashantin's Channel for AF Server Contests:   Check this episode's video out on youtube:
January 15, 2022
Aura Fury Podcast Episode 1 News, Poll Results, Events and More
Join JuCoHi (Justin), EconBrony (Jacob), Plexus (Alex), and Aledark as they chat about news, poll results, events and more going on in the Aura Fury discord. Lots of cool things to learn and hear about. Stay tuned for even more Podcast coming! Video can be watched here: Learn more about or join the Aura Fury Non-Profit Gaming Community at
January 06, 2022