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Aura Mystica

Aura Mystica

By Jaron (Future Master)
A jovial, lighthearted and yet DEATHLY CRUCIAL modern day message to all spiritual and philosophical seekers that desire supreme unsurpassed and unexcelled Enlightenment! Join Jaron and guests explore our self-realization and the spiritual implications within all aspects of human life and society. This is an ascension with the universe, a meeting of terrestrial, extraterrestrial, and mystical minds— but beware listener! It is also far less than that.
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Is there a theme that has been set by the higher self? Music Credit: Space Cruise - FTL Writing: Intense Energy Of The Higher Dimensions Is This The Nature Of Destiny? --- More insights at
June 28, 2022
Ascended Masters In the Golden Age of Disinformation
Spiritual wisdom and conscious awareness while being bamboozled by disinfo, sending 40 billion to Ukraine is still very awkward, ascended masters who can trust everything, and the question of whether we live in the Iron Age, Silver Age, or Golden Age? Music credit: DOS-88 - Battle Stance Wandering The Plaza - Assorted Vaporwave Mix --- More insights at
June 12, 2022
Spiritual Advancement: Path Of Ascension
I provide some possible insight into your spiritual endeavors through the symbols that may allow a more conscious and blissful experience. Always with that slim possibility that you may obtain supreme unexcelled, and unsurpassed Enlightenment! Music credit: Slow Moon - Doni & Gamechops --- More insights at:
June 02, 2022
Knocking On The Glass Wall: Balancing The Trust Of Self As All That Is
With Guest: Raffael Kemenczy! Being positive while aware of negativity, censorship in spiritual groups, insights into channeling and trusting one's ostensible mishaps, Bashar channeling intrigue, All-Trusting human mystical masters and more! Find Raffael: Latest Work: Virus Of Alienation Interview mentioned in podcast: Tartarianism and Atlanticism --- More insights at:
May 26, 2022
Enlightenment: A Constant State of Being
Spiritual Bypassing aspects of life within spiritually minded people or otherwise, Shadow banning and open source technology, A negative comment on my writing article is great!, Scorpion synchronicity and channeling our wisdom, a few meditative visions and a spikey river rock ride down the path of streamlining our behavior towards harmony. Music Credit: Waltz In The Lake - Mario & Luigi Soundtrack Video On Copyright: Everything Is A Remix Article: The Human Potential Is Unbelivable: And In-Depth Look At Superhuman Abilities --- More insights at
May 21, 2022
UFOs Are Real And Unlocking Quantum Creativity
Jaron blogs about his enlightenment endeavors, Open Congressional UFO hearings, CEO Twitter Takeover, censorship, and reducing extremism, Learning quantum creativity and psychic development in our future education, The point of games, and how games are used to teach, dream/meditative stuff and more! Music Credit: U.N. Owen Was Her? - GlitchxCity, Smooth McGroove, Gamechops Writing Articles: Unlocking A Quantum Leap In Our Ability To Learn And Create Let's Play, And The Paradox Of Conscious Gaming Animation: UFO Congressional Hearings On UFOs Animated --- More insights at:
May 13, 2022
Google Is God, And Other Ways Of Knowing And Expressing Love
With Guest: Tee-Duhb! Liberating our shame with Nudism, A secret Count of Monte Cristo film?, Stopping war by playing video games, Daily Spiritual benefits, Extra-dimensional deviants. Jeff Bezos's Treasure Hunting Super Yacht and more! Music Credit: ULTRA ウルトラ - 液体 DREAMS, SAINT PEPSI - Shakealong Connect With Tee-Duhb:, --- More insights at:
May 07, 2022
Spiritual Implications of Coronavirus
What is the meaning of the universe inflicting this experience on us? I will tell you exactly what it means! Scientific information from fringe to mainstream tied in with mystical knowledge that can improve immune system function and insight on how to better maintain your blissful energy field. Music credit: ▲ † ENCARTA '97 † ▲ by Sean Downey Article on the same topic: The episode is one hour long, if cut short listen to the rest here: --- More insights at:
April 28, 2022
Spiritual Awakening of An Artist
With Guest Shanelle Powell! Meditation vision of a glistening red dimension, the beauty standards for women in the media, an extraterrestrial terrestrial helper, sexual manifestation, the first historical glimpse into pornography, initiation of DMT from a shaman and more! Music Credit: Sword Search - Gamechops --- More insights at:
April 24, 2022
Could Even Jesus Be Bamboozled By A Psy-op?
Forums! Sharing perspectives to xenophobes and fascists in order to accelerate our ascension, Can Extremely Enlightened Masters be victims of psy-ops? And a healthy drawn-out dose of 'vegan ranting'. Music Credit: Aisle 420 (Vaporwave Mix) by Meatblaze Studios --- More insights at:
April 18, 2022
Fantasy To Reality, Journey Into The Astral
A daunting personal list of visions in meditation, astral-like/sexual encounters with extraterrestrials and other dimensionals, as well as unlocking meaningful cryptic dream symbolism. Music credit: Gary's Synthesizer song by Regular Show Audio: Emerald Tablets of Thoth by Altrusian Grace Media Other Audio: Game Grumps 10 minutes Power Hour --- More insights at:
April 13, 2022
Creating, Passion, And The Machine
With Guest Bo Marcus (aka Akio Daku)! Society stacking the odds against pursuing our passion, Is most work useless? Content Creation vs Being an Artist, Collective ways to change, and more. Find Akio Daku here: Music Credit: Super Gran Turismo - Dreams West --- More insights:
April 07, 2022
Lucid Dreaming: Self-Realization And Sexual Pleasure
With Guest: TinRam! How to induce lucid dreams, our lucid dreaming experiences, my lucid dream sexual fantasy obsession, and much more! Music Credit: Legend of Zelda - Mikel & Gamechops Cover Art: u/prodigalkal7 - Blade Runner Pixel Art TinRam's Mural (upper right) ---
April 02, 2022
Moving The Train Beyond The Everlasting Dream
With Guest: Steven Nord! The struggles of the working environment, being a part of a team, unconditional basic income, and Steven's profoundly amazing dream that seemed to last for years. Music Credit: Chocobo And Chill - Gamechops --- More insights at:
March 31, 2022
Serious Buddha; Laughing Buddha
I talk about my second comedic performance, fame, money and the spiritual quandaries that go with everything else. Music credit: Streets of Rage Remix: The Streets - Gamechops 'Climb to the top' A Vaporwave/Officewave/Synthwave Mix ---- More content at:
March 29, 2022
Green Party, Anarchy, and Political Willpower
Politics, my fear of politics, and hierarchy. With Guest: Kiel Corkran (Facebook to join the cause) ---
March 24, 2022
The Dark and Light of the Great Reset!
Learn more about the decision making process of the GREAT RESET!! Dark or Light? Also, the gross underbelly within the cartel of the flesh eating hobgoblins. Music Credit: "PERSONAL SHOPPER" - Steven Wilson
March 20, 2022
Freedom From the Matrix and Energy Work
Everyone has their path in life. Why is it sometimes difficult to give money away to those that need it, and utilizing energy work for one's life. Guest: Myko Vong ---
March 19, 2022
Desire To Be Known And Spiritual Enlightenment?
Why was it so hard to talk with people during COVID? Is desiring fame spiritual? My spiritual shame and spiritual bliss. Dystopian Amazon Meditation Box. Telepathy with an Extraterrestrial!! Mentions: Allen Little: John Paul Henderson: Ramin Nazer: Nayalla: Music Credit: Hydrocity Remix (Joshua Kruszyna)
March 17, 2022
Is This Marketing or Is This Brainwashing?
Exploring how to market my spiritual content! What is selling out? Is this going to brainwash people? Finding ways to get more people involved and more! Guest: Biyi Music credit: Enjoy Yourself - Saint Pepsi --
March 16, 2022
Trust In God Power
Transcending the low-density way we normally interact each other with, to a more awesome rainbow bliss kind of thing. Music credit: LUKHASH and Ben Prunty
March 09, 2022
The World Tree
Creating the "World Tree" video game while simultaneously aiming for supreme Enlightenment, the paradox of conscious gaming or being mindful in our careers. Unconscious of the negative can allow the continual grind of a lesser positive. Music credit: Psychokinetic II and Rifti Beats ---
November 25, 2021
The Fool Seeps Into Sweet Lotus Tea
The transcendence of mystics. A choice of bliss or pain. Being comfortable with any state of being you experience. Music credit: Rifti Beats ---
September 25, 2021
My Initiation Into The Mystic
Story of satori, astral visions and experience of my foothold gain of wisdom in the mystic world.
September 15, 2021
Living In The Future Society
The evolution of our society, a constant state of meditation, creating my new video game, and more.
September 07, 2021
Wisdom From The Howl Of Coyotes
Metaphors of bringing in the light, and the story of the howl of coyotes.
August 31, 2021
Did Buddha Have A Guru?
Buddha Nature, The point to enlightenment, The Mysterious man at the train station, speaking language as magic, and more.
August 26, 2021
Propagation of Light
A transmission to raise vibration towards enlightenment. Along with a few stories of telempathy.
July 06, 2021
Consciousness Within Artificial Intelligence
Discussion on achieving conscious AI/Ei, and the way they interact with humanity. Guest: Rico Roho
June 29, 2021
The Planetary Consciousness
Synchronicity with 8, planetary consciousness, The story of Merlin, the connections with Mercury/Thoth/Hermes and more! Guest: Cody Cosm
June 20, 2021
The Only Way Out Is Through
Dream states and attitudes. Health talk, blessed animal interrelations and more! Guest: Dr. Strib
June 18, 2021
Quantum Kitty
A conversation with Quantum Kitty!
June 11, 2021
Disclosure and the Mystical
UFO disclosure is finally being taken sincerely by the media. What does this mean for the mystic man or woman?
June 08, 2021