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By Aureate
A Christian exploration of the meaning of everyday work
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Paul Watson - Getting to grips with the culture of Secularism in which we work
In this final episode of our first series, Paul Watson unpacks the prevalent worldview in Scotland/UK today in which we continually work. How can we live authentic lives at work with our colleagues, clients and managers? It’s hard enough understanding our faith from ancient texts, but it is surely just as difficult naming and comprehending the atmosphere we work in. Paul helps name and propose ways in which we should be heading in our secular age. If you are a leader in your church and wish to learn more about cultural engagement, join his group by emailing him at:
July 09, 2021
Alex Duncanson - Accountancy, Developing People, and the Economics of Heaven
Alex works in finance for a large company which creates several Scotch whiskys. Tune in to find out what shape his daily work takes, but also how he understands what he does in relation to 'heaven's economics'. In what way does the Jesus we meet in Luke's telling of it, given the sheer volume of Jesus' teachings on money, influence Alex's work in financials? Is there an economics of earth and an economics of heaven? If so, can they intersect? Thanks for joining us on Aureate Alex!
July 03, 2021
Ian Futter - Being a Vet, Managing Teams, and having agency in this world
We highly recommend tuning into this conversation that Stuart has with Ian Futter, a Vet and senior manager of vets in the SSPCA. Ian's insights into animal welfare, developing teams that work with animals, and how significant our agency in God's good creation, all provide unique insights into how much benevolence we can offer our fellow creatures. Tune in!
June 25, 2021
Paul Robertson - Microbiology, the NHS, and the Pandemic
Tune in to listen to Dr. Paul Robertson, a consultant microbiologist in the NHS, explain how his work has become more acutely required in the hospital than ever before due to coronavirus. Discover how he came to terms with how the kingdom of God can emerge in the detail and structures of his job, even during a global pandemic. Thanks for joining us Paul!
June 16, 2021
Darrell Cosden - Understanding disruption at/from work
It's so great to have Darrell Cosden, Senior Lecturer and Academic Dean of Pacific Theological College, Fiji, join us on Aureate!  Tune in to hear his story of realisation that something about how we tell the Christian story of salvation just left him wondering what the point of earthly existence is. But listen too to his unpacking of the reality of disruption as it judders us in a world of chaos. How do we find meaning and meaning in our work if survival is all we can manage? A real treat from a powerful thinker.
June 07, 2021
What is the purpose of the earth? Part 3
What are some implications our work if the earth has a future? Take a listen and find out! 
May 05, 2021
What is the purpose of the earth? Part 2
Without some kind of steer on what the purpose of the earth is, we cannot work effectively as followers of Jesus. Tune in for more!
April 29, 2021
What is the purpose of the earth? Part 1
It's Earth Day, so let's talk about the earth in macro as it helps us frame the meaning of work.
April 22, 2021