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Rate of Return

Rate of Return

By Austin Hankwitz
Join online creator turned venture capitalist Austin Hankwitz as he equips you with the resources to become the best financial version of yourself. Through solo episodes and special guest interviews (CEOs, founders, athletes, tech leaders, etc.) — you'll walk away with the actionable insights needed to get, save, and grow your money.
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#10: the iPhone of Air Conditioners w/ Mike Mayer
Austin Hankwitz sits down with serial entrepreneur Mike Mayer to talk all things.. air conditioners?  Mike Mayer, the co-founder of Windmill Air, walks us through his initial idea for the product, when he believes it's time to go "all-in" on building a startup, the major problems Windmill Air solves for their customers, as well as their positive impact on the Earth's environment. 
June 07, 2022
#9: Sustainable Investing (ESG) w/ Boris Khentov
Betterment's Senior Vice President of Product Strategy & Sustainable Investing, Boris Khentov, joins Austin Hankwitz to talk everything ESG. We discuss product expansion since launch, the company's ESG-focused investing strategy, how they ensure their ESG investments properly reflect this ever-evolving landscape, and the rise of employer-sponsored ESG investing.  Investing involves risk of loss and performance not guaranteed. Just my opinions, not advice. Higher bond allocations in your portfolio decreases the percentage attributable to socially responsible ETFs. #sponsored.
June 07, 2022
#8: the Rise of AI & Superintelligence w/ Dr. Roman Yampolskiy
Austin Hankwitz sits down with Dr. Roman Yampolskiy, Professor of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Louisville’s Speed School of Engineering, to discuss the basis of AI, superintelligence, and cybersecurity.  --- Dr. Roman Yampolskiy holds a PhD from the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University at Buffalo, Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and worked at the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the University of London. He is the author of over 100 publications, has been cited by over 1,000 scientists, and his research has been featured over 250 times in media reports across 22 languages.
June 07, 2022
#7: Makara's Diversified Crypto Baskets w/ Jesse Proudman
Betterment's Vice President of Crypto Investing, Jesse Proudman, joins Austin Hankwitz to talk everything crypto. Jesse's background and first exit to IBM, the 2018 crypto bull-run, starting Strix Leviathan during a bear market, the company's strategy for selecting "blue chip" cryptos, and Makara's recent sale to Betterment.  Investing involves risk of loss and performance not guaranteed. Just my opinions, not advice. #sponsored
May 23, 2022
#6: The "Black Card" for Creators w/ Eric Wei and Will Kim
Karat Financial's co-founders Eric Wei and Will Kim walk us through their experience building the "Black Card" for online content creators, their master plan for where they're taking their business, how they were able to get other incredible entrepreneurs on their cap table, and their thoughts on underlying trends being seen in the Creator Economy.
April 22, 2022
#5: High-Risk Investing Made Effortless w/ Som Mohapatra & Thomas Stewart
Quantbase co-founders Som Mohapatra and Thomas Stewart walk us through their experience building the world's first SEC-registered robo-advisor for high-risk investing, their plans to beat the market over the coming years, their Nancy Pelosi and Jim Cramer funds, and their rebalancing processes. 
March 28, 2022
#4: Game Changing Tax Hacks w/ Expert Eric Bronnenkant
Betterment's in-house tax expert breaks down everything you need to know about taxes as it relates to capital gains on your stocks & crypto, side hustles and small businesses, retirement investing, as well as buying / selling a home.  Betterment is not a licensed tax advisor. Investing involves risk of loss and performance not guaranteed. Just my opinions, not advice. #sponsored
March 22, 2022
#3: Modernizing Student Loans w/ Sparrow CEO Harrison Hochman
Sparrow's CEO Harrison Hochman talks student loan lifecycle, the intricacies between federal and private student loans, applying for student loans without credit, and how important student loan payback assistance can be for employers navigating a competitive job market. 
March 04, 2022
#2: Investing Millions into Creators w/ Creative Juice CEO Sima Gandhi
Creative Juice CEO Sima Ghandi talks being the 15th employee at Plaid (now worth $13.4B), how to get paid the next day on your YouTube AdSense, underwriting the risk surrounding "Juice Boost," social media manager salaries, and how Creative Juice is investing millions of dollars into what Sima believes will be the next big asset class. 
February 21, 2022
#1: Managing $34B in Assets w/ Betterment CEO Sarah Levy
Betterment CEO Sarah Levy talks why she joined a financial services company after decades in the media industry, the rise of shareholder activism, women in business, debt freedom, and why Betterment is betting big on socially responsible investing.  --- 0:00 Introduction of the podcast & Sarah Levy 1:28 Sarah Levy introducing herself & Betterment 5:01 "Will you walk me through your career switch from media into financial services?" 8:01 "What makes you qualified to lead a financial services company of this caliber?" 11:40 "What is Betterment doing to equip their customers with the right information to make educated financial decisions?" Mailbox Money - Audience Questions 17:45 "What would you say to a young woman trying to rise in the business world?" 20:04 "Wealthfront was just acquired for $1.2 billion by UBS, what does this mean for Betterment?" 21:53 "What would you say to someone who is never looking to get back into debt?" 24:18 "What makes Betterment different from other robo-advisors?" 30:36 "What does it mean to be a socially responsible investor?" 35:04 "What obvious trend is happening right now that no one paying attention to?" --- Important Links:
January 28, 2022