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Hosted by Matt Leach and a revolving group of co-hosts, Australian Design Radio provides Australia, and the world, with conversations and commentary on Australian Graphic Design and Visual Communication.
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EP113 with Joe Macleod

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Ep139 Ve Dewey (Adobe MAX21)
Our last episode on positivity (as part of Adobe MAX 2021) has Sumita and Matt talking with Ve Dewey in London about how she’s remained positive in her squiggly-line career. Ve has worked for Adobe, Mattel, ReDesign Business and most recently as co-creator for Never Not Creative. In this discussion we look at how she ended up in London, being a ‘servant-leader’ and how the design industry still needs to grow up. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, always finding ways to give back to the Australian design industry. Please give them a try at Links Ve's website: Instagram: Twitter: Articles and podcasts by Ve: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse:
January 16, 2022
Ep138 Kris Andrew Small (Adobe MAX21)
Our Adobe MAX21 mini-series rolls on with co-host, Sumita Maharaj interviewing Kris Andrew Small on his backstory, how his process is changing and what it means to be a role model for younger creatives. Having worked for many large clients like Nike, Apple, Adidas, Channel 4, WeTransfer, Reebok and more, he’s also exhibited internationally at institutions like V&A and The Louvre. Yes, that’s right folks, The Louvre. Make you check out his talks at Adobe MAX, where he’s doing a number of different sessions. Details in the show links below. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, always giving moments of joy to the Australian design industry. Give them a try at ___ Links Kris’s website: Adobe MAX 2021: MTS9 - Meet the MAX Speaker: Kris Andrew Small: MB111 - CJ Hendry: Creative Inspiration (with Kris): Kris Insta: The Bloom by TDC. Ep 01: Jo Hook and Kris Andrew Small: Ocean Bottle: Kris Interview on The design Kids: Streamtime:
October 17, 2021
Ep137 Josie Young (Adobe MAX21)
1st episode in a new mini-series based on Adobe MAX and their 2021 theme of positivity. Co-host Sumita Maharaj interviews Josie Young about her work, living with chronic illness and stepping away from Christopher Doyle & Co. to start her own thing. Go here to listen. Make sure you tune into her presentation at Adobe MAX, aptly titled, ‘Notes on Invisible Illness and Making Work Work for You’ available live Thursday, Oct 283:30 PM - 4:00 PM AEDT and check out Josie’s new site to see her amazing work. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, always trying to give back to the Australian design industry. Give them a try at ___ Links Josie Young Website Adobe MAX 2021 Design Atlas 012: Josie Young: Staying positive in difficult times Adobe LIVE: Branding: The Exploration Before the Presentation with Josie Young Adobe LIVE: Branding: The Presentation After the Exploration with Josie Young Sydney Design Festival — International Women’s Day “Gentlemen Welcome” — Josie Young Streamtime
October 10, 2021
Ep136 REISSUE Jo & Jason (For The People)
I really love doing ReIssue episodes. Pulling old soundbites and getting original guests to comment on them — it’s like digging up a time capsule. This episode we have Jo Roca and Jason Little from For The People looking at our 5th episode. Jo was just ‘the girlfriend’ and Jason had just opened a studio with two mates. In the time between, FTP has gone on to become one of Australia's most awarded agencies, recently named 4th in D&AD design studio polls. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though. Jo and Jas are the first to admit their mistakes and the roads they wished they’d not taken. In this very frank and honest episode, we look back at the ups and downs of running a business and why they never stop learning and trying to improve. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner. Give them a try at
September 26, 2021
Ep135 Olivia & Sam (Studio ChenChen)
This is our final episode in the mini series on ‘how design can help combat stigma’ with co-host, Myla Yeomans. This time we have the pleasure of talking with Olivia Chen and Sam Wearne about the work they do with Studio ChenChen. We spend a bit of time talking about Chattii, a dating app that prioritises humanity and safety in rejecting the stigma of disability and letting all people find love. This project really sums up Studio ChenChen nicely, where they really immerse themselves in understanding the client and what their needs are. It’s rare that you meet a design team that integrates themselves so completely in their clients. As Olivia says, they effectively become in-house designers. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, a constant rock to the Australian design industry. Give them a try at ___ Links Studio ChenChen Chattii website Studio ChenChen Instagram The Design Kids interview with Olivia: Streamtime:
August 26, 2021
Ep134 Peter Brennan (Electric & Analog/Heaps Normal)
This is our 2nd episode in a mini-series that looks at how design can help combat stigma. For this episode we are again at the Design Conference in Brisbane, sitting on the turbine hall stage chatting with Peter Brennan, Founder & Creative Director of Electric & Analog and co-founder and head of brand for non-alcoholic beer Heaps Normal. Pete has had an amazing career, right across the globe, from art directing for Quicksilver in South Africa, directing innovation at ATOMIC 212° in Australia and working at top agencies in the UK, he has had a wide range of experience across all parts of the industry. It was through a few discussions that we thought Pete would be perfect for this mini-series, specifically around the role that Heaps Normal is taking in the alcohol category, where they are promoting mindful drinking, being conscious about what’s normal for you and trying to promote a sustainable change to Australia’s drinking habits. Their ad this July really caught a lot of attention where they suggested doing your best, cutting back, rather than complete abstinence — acknowledging that different things work for different people.  As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, always finding ways to lift up the Australian design industry. Give them a try at
August 19, 2021
Ep133 Keisha Leon (Leon Design)
The start of a new mini-series, where co-host, Myla Yeomans, asks the question, ‘how can design help combat stigma?’ In this first episode, we speak to Keisha Leon, Founder and Director at Leon Design. Keisha cut her teeth in magazine design before taking up a senior position at Lorna Jane. In 2018 she moved to Carbon Creative before deciding it was time to do her own thing. Being a Waanyi and Kalkadoon woman, Leon Design is a First Nations owned and operated creative consultancy, specialising in conceptual design. We get into the what, why and how in the interview. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, consistently giving back to the Australian design industry. Give them a try at ___ Links Leon: Keisha LinkedIn: Cancer Australia: Family Planning: Streamtime:
August 12, 2021
Ep132 REISSUE Christopher Doyle (Christopher Doyle & Co.)
This time we’re doing something a little different, with our first ReIssue. This means rewinding to an old episode, pulling out a few soundbites, and getting the original guest to comment on them. The original guest in question is Christopher Doyle who joined us way back at the start, on our 2nd show. Chris has been an ADR guest a few times so it was a real pleasure to talk with him and explore what’s changed in the 130 episodes since we first recorded. We cover the growth and success, but also how he’s needed to scale back to find his happiness again. Chris is, as always, extremely honest and open and it’s a fascinating look into what’s next for him and the studio he’s spent so long building. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner. Give them a try at
August 06, 2021
Ep131 Nicki Wragg (Swinburne)
In our last episode with Co-host, Stephanie Foti, and her mini-series on ‘what makes a great designer teacher,’ Steph and Matt talk to Nicki Wragg, the Chair of Communication Design at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. If you work in design education in Australia, there is a good chance you’ve come across Nicki. She is a leader in the field of teaching design and, as you’ll hear, has been doing it for more than two decades. One of the things she’s best known for is leading the team that managed to get Swinburne's Design course online. A momentous task that allowed people all over the world to experience that renowned course. She inspires both her students and her colleagues. And, has been a huge advocate for increasing the public's awareness of the value of design. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner—always giving back to the Australian design industry. Give them a try at At the beginning of the episode Andy Wright mentions an article where he spoke to Blair Enns, find it here.
July 22, 2021
Ep130 Felix Oppen (Tiliqua Press & Ligature Journal)
Part two in ‘what makes a great design teacher’ and this time, Matt and co-host, Stephanie Foti, are talking to Felix Oppen from Tiliqua Press and Tiliqua Studio, makers of the award-winning Ligature Journal. Felix has taught in Universities for over 10 years and has a passion for teaching traditional techniques, specifically where type is involved. He’s concerned with making sure students understand the knowledge, but more importantly, are able to use it. And this is why he’s gravitated to teaching people in his studio, on the letterpresses, so they can get their hands dirty and smell the ink. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, always finding ways to give back to the Australian design industry. Give them a try with a 20% discount, you won't be sorry you did.
July 08, 2021
Ep129 Frankie Ratford (Designer Bootcamps)
And we’re back! We’ve had a bit of a break while we started new full-time work, parented, and thought about what the future of ADR might look like. One of the big changes we’ve made is a new format that explores one topic over three episodes with three different guests. On this episode, Matt is joined by Stephanie Foti to interview our favourite creative nomad, Frankie Ratford. We explore the question, ‘what makes a great design teacher,’ a perfect question for Frankie who has been holding Designers Bootcamps all around the world, allowing people to question what it is they want from their career and hit the reset button if they need to. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, always finding ways to give back to the Australian design industry. Give them a try with a 20% discount, you won't be sorry you did. ___ Frankie’s website / Frankie’s Insta / Designer’s Bootcamp / The Design Kids / The Aframe
June 24, 2021
Ep128 with Joyce N Ho
This episode we chatted with Joyce N Ho, Associate Creative Director at BUCK in New York. If you had to describe what Joyce does, which is incredibly diverse, you’d probably settle on creative direction and motion design, but we’d suggest going and checking out her personal website, — just to see the range of stuff she’s been involved in. Many people in Australia will know her from her time at JosephMark and Breeder in Brisbane, where she started as a junior designer working her way up to creative lead before leaving for New York. Joyce’s position at Buck is pretty new when we recorded this interview, so we chat a little about how different it is from her freelancing gigs, of which she is best known for and has been doing in the States for nearly five years. We also have a chance to delve into some of her projects for Riot Games, Patriot Act and Semi Permanent. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, not just for the support they give us but for the support they give the whole Australian design industry. Give them a try at and get a 20% discount just for being an ADR listener. ___ Links Joyce Web: Insta: Vimeo: Joyce’s artwork: Linkedin: Buck: SP Workshop: Breeder: JosephMark: Streamtime:
April 15, 2021
Ep127 with James (Gilmore) Duru
This episode we got to speak to James (Gilmore) Duru, Creative Director at DesignStudio — a branding and digital agency, originally from London, now all over the world, with James running the Sydney studio. You’ll know their work when you think about some of their clients like AirBNB, deliveroo, English Premier League and British Airways, just to name a few. We’ve actually had the founders, Paul Stafford and Ben Wright on previously, way back on episode 66. This episode we focused on James, how he and DesignStudio ended up in Australia, his thoughts on leadership in design, what he thinks about the Australian design scene and why he’s passionate about teaching the next generation of designers. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, always trying to give back to the Australian design industry. Give them a try at ___ Links DesignStudio: LinkedIn: Semi-P: 5 Things I wasn’t Taught at Uni: Streamtime:
April 07, 2021
Ep126 with Sam Bucolo
In this episode we spoke to Dr Sam Bucolo, design strategist and executive chair of The Australian Design Council. Sam is based in Brisbane and it was during a lockdown so apologies in advance for the bad audio quality. What we spoke about was amazing though, everything from what Sam’s PhD was all about, to his book about design leading the way and of course The Australian Design Council, why it’s been reformed and what they are planning to do with it. Sam has an absolute wealth of knowledge in design and where it fits in within Australia. So, expect a number of tangents that focus on how we can help raise the value of design in the eyes of the public and decision makers. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, helping keep the lights on in these strange times. Give them a try at Links Streamtime: Australian Design Council: Are we there yet book: Good Design Australia:
April 02, 2021
EP125 with Dan Agostino
In this episode, we spoke with Dan Agostino, Head of Design at The Brand Agency. Hailing from Perth, Dan joined The Brand Agency in 2007 and over the years his role has grown to Head of Design. The 150+ people agency has offices in Perth, Melbourne and Auckland and covers project management, creative and design, content and production, brand activation, PR and social, technology, media, search and analytics, strategy, UX and CX. We spoke with Dan about the design scene in Perth and dove into some of the stand out projects they have launched including Active Armidale and the brilliant Hungry Puffs campaign for Foodbank. Dan speaks candidly about the purpose of the projects and also how and why they help deliver economic growth, opportunity, health and stability to society. We hope you enjoy this first episode of ADR in 2021 brought to you by our friends at Streamtime. Support the podcast by supporting our one and only partner. If you haven’t tried it before, see how Streamtime can help you run things more efficiently. Links: Dan Agostino Mentions: Hungry puffs ADR
January 15, 2021
EP124 with Ros Moriarty
This episode we had the pleasure of chatting with Ros Moriarty from Balarinji, an Aboriginal-owned strategy and design agency, based in Sydney. Ros started the business with her husband, John, over 37 years ago and during that time has seen a lot of changes in the industry and how Aboriginal design is perceived. Their work includes everything from branding and digital products to curating public art and cultural design principles. They believe in location-specific relationships and outcomes, leading them to work with and engage Aboriginal stakeholders across the nation. This puts them in a very authentic position, being able to communicate legacy of place — something that has been ignored for too long in modern Australian society. In this discussion, we dig into Ros’ background and how she moved from journalism to design, the meeting of John and being accepted into his family. We look in-depth at the studios offerings and consider how much has changed, but also, how much further we have to go in increasing Australia’s understanding of its First People. As always, a big thank you to Streamtime, our supporting partner, helping keep the lights on in these strange times. Give them a try at ___ Links Balarinji: Ros’ website: Ros’ publishers site: Ros Twitter: Ros LinkedIn: Moriarty Foundation: Balarinji art and design collection: Streamtime: SBS Inclusion Program:
September 24, 2020
EP123 with Monique Kneepkens
It’s been a while but this is our first remote episode, where we were in three different states. On this one, we spoke to Monique Kneepkens, Creative Director at Carbon Creative. A Brisbane studio devoted to making an impact in social change. We speak all about what it means to ‘do good’ and how they work with their clients. We look at shining a spotlight on indigenous artists and designers and how Australians can get more in touch with the real history of this beautiful island. So prepare yourself from some slightly delayed laughter (as the stream catches up) and a difference in the microphone sound — thank you to Monique for being so patient. Big thanks as always to our amazing partner Streamtime for keeping us going through tough times. Try Streamtime: ___ Links Carbon Creative web: Carbon Creative FaceBook: Carbon Creative Instagram: Monique LinkedIn: Fries Need Mayonaise: SBS Inclusion Program: AGDA QLD Design That Gives a F*ck!: Mirella at Vertigo: Mirella at Womentor: Matt at Foundry LIVE:
August 06, 2020
EP122 with Michael Wong
Michael Wong (aka Mizko) joins us in the studio to talk about entrepreneurism, start-up culture and growing up a hustler. Professionally he’s a UI/IX expert, internationally known and awarded. He’s recently formed Raw Studio, with his good friend Philippe Hong, so we get into that and go deep on their process, looking at how they build relationships with clients. We also delve into Michael's past and look at the experiences that formed Mizko. Growing up, somewhat of an outsider, we were keen to understand where his incredible energy and motivation came from. It’s a great story of never-ending optimism and seeing the opportunity in everything. As always, much love to Streamtime — we love you guys. If you haven’t tried them out, do it now. Unsurprisingly, they were shortlisted for this year's Webbys. We have our fingers and toes crossed. ADR listeners get a special discount by following this link: ___ Links Raw Studio: Raw on Dribble: Raw on LinkedIn: Raw on Twitter: Mizko: Mizko on Insta: Mizko on Twitter: Streamtime: Streamtime Webby:
May 15, 2020
EP121 with Andrew Hochradel
In this episode, we spoke with Andrew Hochradel. Andrew is a brand identity designer from Los Angeles, CA, who creates visual systems that are sustainable, innovative, and engaging. He's often found speaking, teaching and entertaining at physical and online events like Adobe Live, CreativeMornings, Creative South and Circles. Andrew's ability to entertain and teach is what got us talking in the first place, and this episode is no departure, we spoke about teaching online vs the classroom, stirring up creativity in others, semiotics, emu's and more. Thanks to Streamtime for keeping ADR going especially during these unprecedented times! ADR listeners get a special discount if you use the following link
April 26, 2020
EP120 with Nick Moir
This episode we are teaming up with Andrew Johnstone from TAKE Magazine to interview the Chief Photographer of The Sydney Morning Herald, Nick Moir. Known as the ‘fire guy’, Nick has built a reputation on capturing award-winning imagery and being in the right place, at the right time. He passes it off as being lucky, but the passion of his descriptions and depth of his research suggests it's more about his genuine commitment and love of the profession. Beginning at SMH at the tender age of 17, Nick co-founded the Oculi collective with other well-known documentary photographers. We look at why a group like this was needed and how it has evolved through the evolution of the web and social media. We touch on storm chasing and end up discussing the fires that dominated headlines at the end of 2019. Hearing Nick relate the experience gives you an insight into an event we shouldn’t soon forget. If you haven’t seen his work we’d suggest you check it out while you are listening to get the full experience. Thank you to Streamtime for making ADR episodes happen, try it out and get a discount at Links: Nick’s website: Nick Insta: Oculi website: SMH stories and features: TAKE Magazine: Great video of Nick talking through his shots:
April 17, 2020
EP119 with Alex Skougarevskaya
In this episode, we spoke with Alex Skougarevskaya, Design Manager for Atlassian Design System. Alex has had just about every job title designer can have, from her start as a 'graphics monkey' to a 'speck' in the big world of Advertising before the Global Financial Crisis. She's been a web, visual, graphic and interactive designer before moving her way over to Atlassian. We spoke to Alex in the lead up to her talk at NoBs conference where she'll be talking about the Atlassian Design System, so we spoke a bit about working with teams around the world to her new adventure moving to San Francisco. We spoke about getting things done, which is what Streamtime does for us! If you don't already use Streamtime give it a go for free over at Heading to the NoBS conference? Use the link below for a special ADR discount at checkout
March 05, 2020
EP118 with Tegan Wotton
In this episode, we spoke with Tegan Wotton, Design Director at Space Between in Melbourne. Tegan has an interesting career path which we get stuck into straight away, growing up in the bush has given her a strong connection to her home and what the idea of home can be. Unsurprisingly she has found herself working with a band of likeminded designers at Space Between Melbourne, where is the design director. Outside of her design role, she also co-hosts the Melbourne chapter of Ladies Wine Design, we touch on the importance of networks and space like this for women and non-binary people and spent some time talking about Eat Town, another side project of hers. Eat town is dedicated to cataloguing the best places in China town to eat. She even has a ramen tattoo. Hosting this episode was Matt Leach and Flyn Tracy. Support is thanks to our friends at Streamtime. Try it for free and if you like it use this link to get a discount: Links Australian Charities for Bush Fire Appeal
February 02, 2020
EP117 with Johanna Matt and Flyn
EP117 WITH Johanna, Matt and Flyn It’s that time of the year when everyone is winding down for Christmas… who are we kidding, everyone is frantically trying to get things finished before the enforced shut down. Either way, the ADR crew decided to sit down and chew the fat (as a vegetarian, Matt finds that somewhat offensive), review the year, pinpoint highlights and favourite interviews, before looking forward to what 2020 might bring. Can you believe it’s nearly 2020?! We also just wanted to say thank you, to the listeners, for all the great support you’ve given us throughout this year. 2019 was a big period of growth for ADR with new presenters coming onboard, Johanna fixing our social and generally just getting better at running a podcast. All the feedback and suggestions we’ve received have been amazing. Keep it coming. A massive thank you to Streamtime as well. Longtime supporters and friends of ADR, it’s been wonderful to have them involved for so long. If you’re new to Streamtime use this link to get an ADR discount: Links:
December 21, 2019
EP116 with Craig Black
EP116 with Craig Black In this episode, we spoke with Craig Black a graphic designer, lettering artist and typographer. Craig is Scottish born and after spending some time in London, he currently runs his own design studio in Gourock, Scotland. He has a diverse style and doesn’t seem to be tied down to any single medium or aesthetic. This has led to an impressive list of clients from all over the globe and a growing list of speaking gigs. Also, he’s just a great guy. Quite early on Craig talks about how he feels it’s his responsibility to be helping others achieve their goals and encourages people to be proud of their achievements whatever they are. The culture of overtime, his approach to work-life balance and switching off. A big believer in positive affirmations, Craig talks about the value in congratulating yourself more in your work and for personal and professional achievements. We spoke about how much people connect with artists and designers who put themselves within their work and the value of community including Craig’s initiative in Scotland called Creative Inverclyde, working with prisoners and the value of creativity. Hosting this episode was Prue Jones and Flyn Tracy. Thank you AGDA for hooking us up with Craig Black during his speaking tour. Support is thanks to our friends at Streamtime. Try it for free and if you like it use this link to get a discount: Links
December 09, 2019
EP115 with Andrew Ashton
EP115 with Andrew Ashton When it comes to the Australian design industry, there are few as supportive and as accomplished as Andrew Ashton. Across his 30+ professional years, he has consistently advocated on behalf of Aussie creatives and built an international reputation that has seen him awarded many times over. At 34, Andrew was made one of the youngest members of the prestigious Alliance Graphique Internationale, at that time, only the 8th Australian to be invited. Andrew is great to talk to. Conversations with him tend to roam all over the creative landscape. His experience and thoughtful insight give a unique perspective on what is occurring in the industry. In this episode we dig into his past, look at design in the internet age and talk about what it means to be an Australian creative. As a testament to his practice, Andrew raised the bar for our guests by turning up with a song playlist, an original poster and three poems that covered the main chapters of the episode. We got him to read the poems on air and they are definitely worth digging into to discover their meanings. It was a real honour to sit and chat with Andrew, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again to Streamtime, longtime supporters of ADR. If you’re new to Streamtime use this link to get an ADR discount: Links: Work Art Life: Power House Project: Nite Art: Andrew on AGI: Work Art Life Insta: Behance: LinkedIn: People Things Blog: Future underground people: Neo Koala: Paper Tiger Exhibition:
November 18, 2019
EP114 with Nick Gower and Saakshi Muralidhar
In this episode, we spoke with Nick Gower and Saakshi Muralidhar of Mentally Friendly. Mentally friendly is a group in Sydney that works with health, education, finance, and government to deliver wellbeing at scale. Nick is one of the founders of the business and an advisor to senior product leaders and clients, Saakshi is a senior organisational designer who started her career in product design, you’ll hear some of her journey in the episode. Both Flyn and Matt have a long history with Mentally Friendly, Matt has known the founders, Nick and Jon longer from time spent at Billy Blue College of Design back in the day and Flyn worked with them on Tractor Design School. Don’t bother googling it, it doesn’t exist more. Wah. We spoke about design and innovation, operational design, moving from task-based design to more team-based missions and ‘making good intentions real’ as Nick put it so well. We heard about Mentally Friendly’s hiring process where they look for softer skills rather than hard skills and often find applicants are better suited to roles they haven’t even thought of, which was backed up nicely by Saakshi’s story. We hope you like the episode, let us know what you think! Big thanks to Streamtime for their support. If you’re new to Streamtime use this link to get an ADR discount Links Nick Gower in episode 12 The Paul Rand quote is “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.” Flyn 0 – Paul Rand 1
November 01, 2019
EP113 with Joe Macleod
This episode, Flyn is in conversation with Head of Endineering, Joe Macleod. With a 20+ year career in product design, both digital and tangible, Joe has a wealth of experience in UX and HCD. During his time at Nokia and as Head of Design at UsTwo, Joe became concerned about the end of the customer journey and started a campaign to make off-boarding as important as on-boarding. This ultimately led him to write a book called ‘Ends.’ and launch the World's first customer ending consulting business: ‘andEnd.’ In Joe’s own words, focusing on the end may seem counterintuitive and a hard sell to a client that is all about shipping product. So, throughout this episode, we unpack why ‘clean and considered endings’ should be seen as a competitive advantage, not as a barrier to sale. Joe has spent over 15 years thinking about this and has case studies galore but we also find time to relive the early days of UsTwo, when Nokia was the king of phones and how a “profoundly” dyslexic person went about writing a book. Special thanks to our friends Streamtime for their ongoing support. Check them out at to get an exclusive 20% listener discount! Links: andEnd. Twitter: LinkedIn: Ends. in print: Ends. in Audible: Include Design Twitter: UsTwo: UX Australia:
October 10, 2019
EP112 with Chi Ryan
In this episode, we spoke with Chi Ryan National Experience Strategy Lead at PwC. Chi Ryan makes meaningful products, services and experiences for humans, and humanity — and she’s passionate about empowering others to do the same. She has worked with many of the big names in service design including Fjord, Isobar and Idean and she is now the experience strategy lead at PwC. We talked about Ancient Egypt and Graham Hancock, using video and motion to communicate, teaching and learning, the circular economy and how we can wake people up to think differently. Chi also shared The Circular Design Program and highlighted the responsibility designers have towards fighting to eradicate industrial waste and pollution. Special thanks to our friends Streamtime for their ongoing support. Check them out at Get a free account. Try them out. It'll be time well spent. Links: Do What You Can’t Jodorowsky’s Dune Trailer Jodorowsky meets Kanye West The Circular Design Program Kaching Film
September 27, 2019
EP111 with Steve Baty
This episode sees us sitting with Steve Baty, co-founder and principal of Meld Studios. Let’s just get this out of the way, Steve is a mad cyclist, so we begin there before he expertly links it back to service design, user experience and how to solve ‘dumb shit’ quickly. Steve has an uncanny ability to see the core of the problem and we talk through a range of case studies that explain Melds approach. The team at Meld is incredibly diverse, with a wide range of experience and skills, not normally seen in a studio. We discuss this and also look at the importance of community and Steve’s role in UX Book Club, the Good Design Council of Australia, IxDA and the UX Australia conferences. At some point Matt manages to steer the conversation towards education (surprise surprise) and Steve’s multiple academic qualifications. Special thanks to our friends Streamtime for their ongoing support. Check them out at Get a free account. Try them out. It’’ll be time well spent. Thank you also to Adobe for lending us their Adobe LIVE sound room to record in. Go to to see their library of video tutorials. Photo credit: Emma Nevison Links: Meld Studios: Meld Studios Instagram: Steve Instagram: Steve LinkedIn: UX Australia: UX Book Club SYD: Good Design Council of Australia: IxDA: Streamtime: Adobe LIVE:
September 13, 2019
EP110 with Benni Weller and Mikey Hart
In this episode, we spoke with Benni Weller and Mikey Hart of Hulsbosch. Benni and Mikey are both Creative Directors at Hulsbosch based in Sydney. Hulsboch is known for creating iconic brands and working with big-name clients throughout Australia and Mikey and Benni find themselves today as creative leaders. We spoke about their different paths to where they are today, the pros and cons of specialising vs generalising as a designer, collaboration and the value of diversity in creative teams. ADR episodes stay on time and on track thanks to our partners at Streamtime! It's creative project management software that works. Try it Links:
September 07, 2019
EP109 with Kenjiro Kirton
In this episode, we spoke with Kenjiro Kirton, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Hato. It’s Saturday afternoon on the last day of The Design Conference in Brisbane. The beers are flowing, the heads are sore and the minds overloaded. Still, we found time to sit down with Kenjiro Kirton, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Hato. Hato is a unique studio (both in London and Hong Kong) for the way they approach design. Focused on active play and community engagement, you could say their design is based on co-creation, or facilitation, with the end user — leading to some truly unique outputs. For his part, Kenjiro is incredibly well-researched and curious, always putting the ‘why’ before the what. There are a lot of throwaway references in this episode that are well worth looking up, so have a notepad ready. Matt was very kindly joined by Yasmin Naghavi (solicitor from Media Arts Lawyers and Alex Naghavi’s sister) and Ben Johnston (Alex’s boss — it all leads back to Alex). It was great to have these two on as they added extra depth to the conversation. Thank you so much for saying yes. Thank you to the Design Conference for giving us access to their guests and check out Links: Website: Kenjiro Instagram: Hato Instagram: Hato Press Instagram: Start with a mark: Hato D&AD Festival 18 identity: Célestin Freinet: The Design Conference:
August 15, 2019
EP108 with Ben Johnston and Alex Naghavi
In this episode, we spoke with Ben Johnston and Alex Naghavi of Joseph Mark. We began by talking about working and living in LA and projects with famous people, we spent some time at Adam Sandler’s Christmas Party and the gushed about the Hemsworth's. We later got deep into the future of sex, getting old, sexual compatibility scores and our cognitive load, venturing and investing in people (rather than an idea). ADR episodes stay on time and on track thanks to our partners at Streamtime! It's creative project management software that works. Try it Big thanks to guest host Prue Jones and The Design Conference for having us. Links:
August 05, 2019
EP107 with Amanda Munilla
We’re at the Design Conference in Brisbane and we had the opportunity to sit down with Amanda Munilla, Managing Director, at Wolff Olins.    Amanda, not a designer by trade has had a non-linear path into managing at one of the biggest creative firms in the World. Deciding not to be a lawyer was only the beginning and she has since gone on to build a strong career in strategy. With that in mind, we get into what strategy means, how it’s changed and how Amanda explains it to clients.     Amanda is also a big supporter of Womentor. So we get into what it is, why she got involved and why it’s needed in the industry — now more than ever. We touch on the fact that Wolff Olin's office heads, around the World, are all female. Amanda has a lot to say on this and is passionate that diversity isn’t a token action. Huge thanks to Prue Jones and Andy Wright who co-hosted, our mates at Streamtime and The Design Conference. You guys rock! Check out Project management software for creative agencies. Links: Wolff Olins website: Wolff Olins Insta: Amanda Insta: Amanda LinkedIn: TDCB recap: Womentor website: Prue Insta: Andy Insta: Never Not Creative website: NNC Insta:
July 26, 2019
EP106 with Tea Uglow
In this episode, we spoke with Tea Uglow, experimental person in charge at google's creative lab, Sydney. Tea Uglow is one of those very few people who genuinely make you rethink everything you thought you knew. This episode is full of interesting insights into how we can think about technology, inclusiveness, design, and accommodation. We talk very briefly about her early days at Google in 2006 and how she didn’t particularly see herself working there for long, fast forwarding to today where she works in the idea of information, space and how digital works with humans, technology and culture. We covered how experimentation can be part success and part disaster, our relationship with truth in communication, ethics, inclusiveness and framing problems. Big thank you to special guest host Prue Jones, our friends at Streamtime and The Design Conference Brisbane. Check out to keep on top your projects. Admin without feeling like admin. Links JFK Unsilenced campaign:
July 12, 2019
EP105 with Mills and Sinx
EP105 with Mills and Sinx Founders and owners of UsTwo, Matt 'Mills' Miller and John ‘Sinx’ Sinclair suddenly find themselves in a very enviable position — leaders of a successful ‘independent’ company, and… not really needed. This is of course ‘designed’ and not without a lot of hard work. But, since bringing in a CEO and senior management the best friends finally get to appreciate what they have built. In collaboration with Andy Wright and Never Not Creative, we found some time to sit with Mills & Sinx and explore what their company looks like now, how their friendship continues to work after 30 years and what they are going to do with all this spare time. This is an incredibly frank and honest reflection that charts the naïve, hedonistic beginnings of the ‘fampany’ to the realisation that they needed to pull the needle back towards business, making hard decisions and ‘growing up’ in order to protect the company and their 300+ employees. It’s a perfect end of chapter conversation, before beginning the next. As always special thanks to Streamtime for their steadfast support and motivation. If you haven’t tried their software yet, well, you’re wasting time, literally. Special thanks to The Design Conference who gave us this opportunity. If you haven’t been before, you must, simple as that. Links: UsTwo: Monument Valley: The road to 100: Mill’s podcast: Mills Instagram: Sinx Instagram: TDC: Streamtime:
July 05, 2019
EP104 with Andrea Lau
As Director and co-founder of Small Multiples, Andrea Lau is a data-visualisation specialist. In their words, they are a multidisciplinary team of data specialists, designers and developers, helping people make the best use of their data. Flyn and Matt unashamedly use this as an opportunity to dig into what data is, and how the visualisation of it is affecting many of our day to day decisions. Thankfully, Andrea is incredibly passionate about the education of data and raising everyone’s data literacy, having taught courses and workshops in this area — so, she was accommodating and incredibly informative. We also spend some time on what it’s like to run a niche studio in an emerging area and why data specialists are becoming such hot property. Towards the end, we discuss the crossover point between data visualisation and art and look at how, as a studio, Small Multiples is trying to present data in non-typical ways — in boutique chocolates for example. As always special thanks to Streamtime for their steadfast support and motivation. If you haven’t tried their software yet, well, you’re wasting time, literally. Special thanks to John Allsopp from web directions for connecting us with Andrea. Links: Streamtime Small Multiples: Visualise Today: Bakedown Cakery: Hello Sun: Not A single Origin: Immigrant maps: Framework for designing amazing maps: School planning: Tim Berners-Lee and data: and We Feel Fine: and
June 23, 2019
EP103 with Pip Jamieson
Matt is still in London and he managed to find an empty spot in Pip Jamieson’s — (understandably) very busy — diary (8am after a public holiday). Pip is the founder and CEO of The Dots, a professional network for people in the creative industry. She has been named in numerous ‘ones to watch’ lists and has thrown herself into the world of raising capital and entrepreneurship. She’s passionate about diversity, emerging technology, leadership and creativity — and we managed to weave all of them into this conversation. Many in Australia will know Pip as the co-founder of The Loop before she moved back to the UK in 2014 to begin the Dots. She’s incredibly curious, constantly learning new things and with a signature infectious laugh — it’s impossible not to be inspired by her. Especially when you consider she is dyslexic, which she considers her ‘superpower’. The Dots is fast positioning itself as the main alternative to LinkedIn so we also manage to get into the details of what makes them different and what’s next. As always special thanks to Streamtime for their steadfast support and motivation. If you haven’t tried their software yet, well, you’re wasting time, literally. Links: Streamtime The Dots: Pip’s Wikipedia page: Pip in Marie Claire: Creative Review Top 50 Leaders: Pip on Monocle:
June 16, 2019
EP102 with Mark Stott
This episode Matt is in London and took the time to catch with two old friends, Mark Stott, ECD at Felix® — and, wait for it — Denise Chippindale, Marketing Manager at General Assembly (UK & Europe). Denise very kindly jumped in as co-host and gave great insights into the London design scene and how she’s been keeping busy since she moved over. Mark has been working on a secret project after closing his studio, Common, and moving to the UK. So in this episode, we dig into what that project is and why it was an offer too good to refuse. Felix® is touted as the world’s most advanced way of measuring, understanding and building resilience to stress. It incorporates machine learning analytics connected to wearable technology. Mark was headhunted to develop the brand and its visual language. This was a massive shift for Mark, focusing on a single brand, in an area he knew little about — so we discuss how he managed that and what he’s learnt along the way. Thanks to GA for giving us space to record in their London office. As always special thanks to Streamtime for their steadfast support and motivation. If you haven’t tried their software yet, well, you’re wasting time, literally. Links: Streamtime: Mark’s old studio: The TedX titles Mark designed: Mark Insta: Mark on Linkedin: Denise Insta: Denise on Linkedin: General Assembly:
June 11, 2019
EP101 with Ben Miles
This episode we’re with Ben Miles, Executive Creative Director at Interbrand Australia. Ben has been with Interbrand for over a decade and during that time has seen it evolve and change — this is what Ben terms the ‘three horizons of Interbrand Australia’. We spend some time unpacking these periods, why people made the culture and how the studio has tried to ‘stand apart’ from what is expected of them. We also discuss the new ownership and how big data will further evolve the studio. Matt often refers to Ben as the most optimistic designer he knows, thus the idea of optimism, blind or realistic, is discussed and how Ben’s view on it has changed. Throughout this episode we dig into specific projects (Telstra, G’ AY MATE and The Prince Akatoki), exploring the concepts and how the ideas developed. Ben is a big believer of ideas, but he always wants to know what happens next, how does it grow and get people behind it. Special thanks to Streamtime for their steadfast support and motivation. If you haven’t tried their software yet, well, you’re wasting time, literally. Links: Streamtime Ben Miles Instagram Interbrand Australia G’ AY MATE Telstra Case Study FITCH AGDA NEW
May 24, 2019
EP100 Katja Forbes on Strength and Gumption
In this episode, we spoke with Katja Forbes Managing Director of Designit. Katja is the Managing Director of Designit ANZ, Director, she’s on the IxDA global board, one of 100 women of influence and in the top 10 female entrepreneurs in Australia. She's a specialist in research & experience design with the qualifications that go with it, she's an educator, mentor, coach, who gets genuinely excited when talking about being in 'the field' doing research and understanding how humans interact with technology. We spoke about the diverse career paths people take to get into user experience design and related fields, how tough and lonely it can be to be a sole director of a company, her love for co-design, coaching as a peer-to-peer relationship vs mentorship, what does happiness look like for you as a designer, AI, machine learning and how we as designers must design trust into these invisible decision makers and much more. This was a Flyn only episode, breaking the rules a little bit while Matt is away in the UK. Streamtime keeps ADR going, and we love them for it. Show them some love over at Links IXDA Jay Rogers – OG Founder of the IxDA Sydney chapter Lego Play Catherine Ryan Article about AI responses to Sexual Harassment
April 04, 2019
EP99 with Zoë and Tash on Directing and Direction
In this episode, we spoke with Zoë Pollitt and Natasha Hasemer from independent creative agency eskimo. ⁣⁣⁣ Specialising in fashion, retail, luxury property and consumer goods eskimo design has been a colourful part of the Australian design tapestry for twenty years. Recently, Zoë and Tash have both taken a sabbatical, we unpack what that means, what’s next amid our jealousy. We spoke about the years working together before eskimo at Vogue Australia, founding an agency 20 years ago and managing a business in a constantly changing and adapting environment. We spoke about juggling mentorship and business growth, family and life before diving into women in leadership, support, change and photographing Kate Blanchett. ⁣⁣⁣ Big thanks as always to our friends at Streamtime. Without their support, we couldn’t do half of what we have.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Links:⁣⁣⁣
March 28, 2019
EP98 with Rob Self-Pierson on Words and Verbs
ADR EP98 with Rob Self-Pierson on Words and Verbs Rob Self-Peirson is a writer and brand consultant based in London, UK. He is the founder and head of The Table, an agency devoted to tone of voice and copywriting. He’s worked with the likes of GumTree, British Gas, IKEA, V&A and has a fierce love of design and a desire to see designers and writers working closely together. Rob was actually in Australia (thanks to the Australian Graphic Design Association) for a round of seven workshops focused on writing for design, encouraging designers to explore and engage with the writing process to improve their design work. In this episode, we look at Rob’s view on writing and why it’s becoming more and more important in the current design industry. We also get into how he became a writer, the importance of mentors and writing books about the moon. Special thanks to AGDA for giving us time to talk with Rob and Streamtime for their unwavering support and encouragement. If you haven’t tried their software yet, well, you’re wasting time, literally. Links: The Table Twinned with… article Twinned with… book Twinned with… Design Week Streamtime AGDA
February 15, 2019
EP97 with Carlo Giannasca on Limelight and Curtains
Episode 97 with Carlo Giannasca on Limelight and Curtains.⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Carlo Giannasca is a multi-award-winning graphic and three-dimensional environmental designer. He is the Head of Urbanite, Design Director and one of the founder/owners of Frost*collective. On top of that, he is the joint chair of Sydney's SEGD chapter (The Society for Experiential Graphic Design). ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ In this episode, we chart Carlo’s introduction to design, from drawing on his bedroom walls to hassling Garry Emery into giving him his first job. With over 30 years of experience, Carlo has seen the industry dramatically change in Australia, we look at this but also explore why he made the move from traditional graphic design to environments. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ We also delve into the idea of self-promotion. With all the success Carlo has had, he’s always preferred to stay out of the spotlight, preferring to keep on the tools as much as possible, taking an active part in building and shaping teams, rather than a profile. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Big thanks as always to our friends at Streamtime. Without their support, we couldn’t do half of what we have, or what we have planned for the next 97 episodes.⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Also thanks to Kevin Finn (The Sum Of) who jumped in to co-host on this episode.⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Links:⁣⁣⁣⁣ Frost*collective:⁣⁣⁣⁣ Urbanite:⁣⁣⁣⁣ SEGD:⁣⁣⁣⁣ InDesign Live article w/ Nick Bannikoff discussing the state of XGD in Australia:⁣⁣⁣⁣ Foundry Live presentation:⁣⁣ ⁣
January 18, 2019
EP96 with Mike Rigby on Disruption and Design
Mike Rigby is Vice President and Executive Creative Director at R/GA. We know Mike from his time in Australia working as Creative Director at Interbrand and although he’s always been on our list of people to talk to on the show, the timing never worked out. So when we found out Mike would be at Adobe Max when we were, we jumped at the chance to make it finally happen. This episode could’ve gone in many different directions because when you talk Mike, you quickly realise he has a vast depth of knowledge when it comes to not only design but explaining and thinking about design. A master communicator, Mike can make the complex simple and the impossible seem possible. We spoke about his time at University which Mike credits to teaching him how to think and The Chase where he learned how to design. How mike fell in love with design and what it can do, his time in the UK, Australia and a few selected projects happening at R/GA. Big thanks as always to our friends at Streamtime who help make our episodes possible. 🤘 This is the last episode in a series recorded at #AdobeMAX co-supported by Adobe and HP, big thanks to them for getting us to LA as an #adobepartner! 🙌 Mike Connected brands | TNW Conference 2018 Mike speaking to the legendary Debbie Millman
January 14, 2019
EP95 with Jessica Hische on Encouragement and Bravery
Episode 95 with Jessica Hische on Encouragement and Bravery. Jessica hardly needs an introduction, she is a creative icon and well known for her illustration work, side projects and phenomenal client work. But for those out there who may not know her, she is described on her website as a lettering artist and author with a tendency to overshare and a penchant for procrastiworking. We spoke about design and life, having children, coming up with ideas and her new amazing book Tomorrow I’ll be Brave. Where her thinking starts when creating a book and how it’s different than creating other design project work. It truly was a pleasure to spend some time talking with Jess, the audio has a bit of background noise as it was recorded in the media room at Adobe MAX. Big thanks as always to our friends at Streamtime who help make our episode possible. 🤘 Our Adobe MAX series is co-supported by Adobe and HP. Big thanks to them for getting us to LA as an #adobepartner! 🙌 Jessica Hische
January 04, 2019
EP94 with Mark Heaps on Life and Fulfilment
EP94 with Mark Heaps on Life and Fulfilment⁣ ⁣ In this episode, we spoke with Mark Heaps, designer and synergist.⁣ ⁣ Mark is an American designer from Austin Texas who studied art and design in the UK. With his wife, he runs a service group with a small team of designers and production experts. This episode was recorded in Los Angeles as part of our Adobe Max series. ⁣ ⁣ We spoke about the beginning of his career and how when his friends were drawn to sketching transformers, he was recreating logos and type from he-man and music albums, his love for ketchup, growing up fascinated in technology, skateboarding, the DIY movement, music and being productive and never wanting to be bored. ⁣ ⁣ Big thanks as always to our friends at Streamtime who help make our episode possible. 🤘⁣ ⁣ Our Adobe MAX series is co-supported by Adobe and HP big thanks to them for getting us to LA as an #adobepartner! 🙌⁣ ⁣ Mark Heaps⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ Links mentioned⁣⁣
December 20, 2018
EP93 with Birgit Palma on Imagination and Impossibility
In this episode, we spoke with Birgit Palma Illustrator & Lettering Artist based in Barcelona. Today, Birgit is known for her Illustration but during her studies, she learned a little bit of everything including illustration, graphic design, 3D and sound design. Her work lands at the sweet spot between modern avant-garde and illustration. This episode was recorded in Los Angeles as part of our Adobe Max series. We spoke about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and what impact it might have to artistic work, creating design systems and guidelines for illustrations, her regimented workflow and schedule, how she likes to create impossible imaginative work because the possible is all around us and using instagram as a playground for illustration. Big thanks as always to our friends at Streamtime who help make our episode possible. Our Adobe MAX series is co-supported by Adobe Australia and HP Australia big thanks to them for getting us to LA as an #adobepartner! 🙌 Birgit Palma Links Mentioned
December 14, 2018
EP92 with Adam JK on We're Going to Die
EP92 with Adam J Kurtz on We're Going to Die In this episode, we spoke with Adam J Kurtz a designer, artists, author and more from Brooklyn. He is best known for the honesty and humour in his work and his books. True to his online presence, Adam was open, honest, funny and personal when we caught up for a sneaky chat in a press room at Adobe MAX. We spoke about Adam’s history moving to New York, that time he built a fan site for The Veronica’s, the internet, design, depression, taking ourselves too seriously and the fun fact that we’re all going to die. Thanks to our mates at Streamtime – it’s project management software we couldn’t live without. They’re also behind Never Not Creative who have a great podcast we think ADR listeners will enjoy. Our Adobe MAX series is co-supported by Adobe and HP Australia – big thanks to them for getting us to LA as an #adobepartner! 🙌 Links
December 10, 2018
EP91 with Lauren Hom on Juice and Squeeze
EP91 with Lauren Hom on Juice and Squeeze In this episode, we spoke with Lauren Hom a designer and letterer based in Detroit, schooled in New York, and raised in Los Angeles. Lauren is well known for her bright colour palettes, playful letterforms, and quirky copywriting. Lauren is highly intelligent, funny, passionate about what she does and has an infectious laugh that made this episode incredibly fun. We spoke about her original plans to be a Creative Director and studied at The School of Visual Arts and how lettering was a ’thing on the side’ we spoke about some of her lettering projects, freelancing, picking up book deals, marketing and building a body of work. Thanks, as always, to our good friends at Streamtime – It’s project management software we couldn’t live without. They’re also behind Never Not Creative who have a great podcast we think ADR listeners will enjoy. Our Adobe MAX series is co-supported by Adobe and HP Australia big thanks to them for getting us to LA as an #adobepartner Links
November 19, 2018
EP90 with Mark Conlan on Discovery and Refinement
In this episode, we spoke with Mark Conlan in Los Angeles as part of our Adobe MAX series. Although it was the last episode we recorded, we still have a lot more to publish! Mark is a multi disciplined Illustrator from Dublin working and living in Melbourne Australia, Marks work is a combination of emotion, fantastic worlds, playful characters and a beautiful colour palate. Mark creates conceptual based illustration for products, editorial, publishing, advertising campaigns and one-off commissions for clients all around the world. We spoke about his journey to where he is today, from always being curious and a ‘doodler’ growing up, his animation course in Ireland to graduating during the recession and working for a few years before moving to Melbourne with his partner. It was in Australia that Mark discovered and refined his style by working on one piece of work every day. Thanks, as always, to our good friends at Streamtime. It’s with their support we’ve been able to get s**t done. It’s project management software we couldn’t live without. They’re also behind Never Not Creative who have a great podcast, take a look! Our Adobe MAX series is co-supported by @adobe and @hpaustralia big thanks to them for getting us to LA as an #adobepartner! 🙌 Mark Links Mentioned
November 13, 2018
EP89 with Sally Spratt on Drawing Motivation
In this episode, we spoke with Sally Spratt in Los Angeles as part of our Adobe MAX series. Sally is an illustrator with graphic design roots who found a following through a passion project entitled The Lust List where she drew images of products she lusted after but couldn’t afford. As well as being represented by Roxy Jacenko at The Ministry of Talent, Sally’s work for clients is incredibly diverse but often focused on speed and getting ideas down quickly, making her perfect for conceptual work and free-flowing watercolour imagery. In this episode we spoke all about Sally’s backstory and how imposter syndrome is both a good and bad thing, giving us motivation to always over deliver. We look at making the leap to “follow your bliss” and how to get your friends to write your resignation letter. We also looked at some of the new announcements from Adobe that will positively affect her workflow (Project Gemini) and how she plans to diversify into other areas with the help of the new tech (Rush and Photoshop on the iPad). Thanks, as always, to our good friends at Streamtime. It’s with their support we’ve been able to get s**t done. It’s project management software we couldn’t live without. Try it Our Adobe MAX series is co-supported by Adobe and HP Australia big thanks to them for getting us to LA. Adobe Project Gemini A great video of Gemini in action
November 02, 2018
EP88 with Alicia Souza on Enthusiasm and Creativity
In this episode, we spoke with Alicia Souza in Los Angeles as part of our Adobe MAX series. Alicia is a Freelance Illustrator and Artist working and living in Bangalore India. Her career is a mixture of commercial illustration and running her online store, which has a constantly changing inventory of brands and products. We spoke about life as a freelancer, her life travels from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore via RMIT Melbourne, her process starting with pen and paper, getting up early to finish client work at a reasonable time and more. Alicia has been in India for eight years now and we talk about how the creative scene has evolved over time, her dog Charlie and how jetlag totally, definitely exists. ADR episodes stay on time and on track thanks to our partners at Streamtime! It's creative project management software that works. Try it Our Adobe MAX series is co-supported by Adobe and HP. Check out all the talks from Adobe MAX and take a look at the zbook that Matt never got the chance to try
October 29, 2018
EP87 Flyn and Matt Escape to LA
In this episode, we catch up with just each other for the first time in a long while. This episode is the prelude to our #AdobeMAX series as an #AdobePartner When this episode is released, we'll be in LA hustling to get as much audio content captured during the enormous design event in Los Angeles. Follow us on Instagram for updates during the trip! Our episodes are on track and keep coming thanks to our friends at Streamtime – Our trip is in part thanks to HP and the new laptops called zbooks which we can't wait to get our hands on over in LA
October 16, 2018
EP86 with Jeremy Lord on Deliberate Practice
EP86 with Jeremy Lord on Deliberate Practice In this episode, we spoke with Jeremy Lord, Illustrator, Designer and Teacher from Sydney. Jeremy is a long time friend of the show and an amazing Illustrator, but he’s also a designer working with studios and agencies on projects from branding to packaging to straight-up graphic design. We spoke about deliberate practice if you really want to improve a skill, skateboarding duck foot, drawing dragon ball z, Instagram, workload and workflow. Streamtime Jeremy Lord
September 21, 2018
EP85 with Prue Jones on Gender and Simulations
EP85 with Prue Jones on gender, sex robots and simulations This session finds us still at the Adobe Symposium 2018, where we ‘finally’ got the chance to sit down with Prue Jones. She has been on our list since the first episode but for whatever reason we’d never been able to make it work. Well, the wait only heightened our anticipation and Prue did not disappoint.   Design and Creative Director of Fjord, Prue has over 30 years of experience in the Creative Industries. Starting in advertising she made the move to graphic/digital design and recently began balancing the roles of futurist and gender equality leader. Two topics she’s incredibly passionate about. As you might imagine, with that backstory, this conversation went all over the place but somehow remained connected to what we, as designers, as people, can do to make things better. We talk sex robots, the singularity, living in a simulation and becoming a spokesperson for female creatives. Special thanks to Streamtime for their continued support. If you haven’t started using their software… well, you are missing out. Thank you to Adobe for having us along for the ride and to Jo Roca (freakin’ legend) for stepping in as co-host. Prue Jones Streamtime Jo Roca
September 10, 2018
EP84 with James de Vries on Sea Change and See Change
Episode 84 with James de Vries on Sea Change and See Change In this episode we spoke with James de Vries, Principal Director of Strategy at Second Road. James has recently returned to Australia after six years working as Creative Director at Harvard Business Review, where his role centred around raising the voice of design and building the value and effectiveness of design in the company. We spoke about the contrast between high school and design school, learning that design could be a lightning rod for strategy, how an understanding and sensitivity to good typography makes a good designer, starting a deluxe with his wife, working in the newspaper industry and learning to ‘speak editorial’ and also design, strategy and management. We also dove into his time at HBR, working with Fairfax and his new role at second road. Special thanks to our mates at Streamtime for helping make this episode possible, checkout their approach to project management at Special thanks to guest host Andy Wright for stepping in and Adobe for having us back stage at Adobe Symposium. Listen to this episode straight from the website or subscribe using iTunes or any podcast app. Search for ausdesignradio. James de Vries HBR Streamtime Mental Health Study Never Not Creative Andy Wright
September 07, 2018
EP83 with James Victore on Feck Perfuction
EP83 with James Victore on Feck Perfuction In this episode, we had the chance to grab an hour with James Victore backstage at the Adobe Symposium 2018 — and what an hour it was. James is a designer, artist, educator and author but also an incredibly proud Father. Here we talk about dropping out of art college and going back to teach (at the same school). We look at teaching college students compared to adult professionals and how his teaching/client work has recently changed balance, to incorporate more personal growth retreats.   Most of all we discuss James’ outlook on life and how each day is a chance to learn for him, his book Who Died and Made You Boss? and his recently finished book Feck Perfuction and speaking tour of the same name. Big thank you to our mates at Streamtime! Keeping us on track and episodes of ADR happening. Also Jo Rocca for joining this episode as guest host and Adobe for having us at Symposium! James Victore Streamtime Jo Roca
September 03, 2018
EP82 with Estella Tse on Immersive Art
EP82 with Estella Tse on Immersive Art In this episode, we spoke with Estella Tse backstage at Adobe Symposium 2018 in Sydney. Estella is a Virtual Reality painter and designer with a background in Illustration hailing from Oakland California. We spoke about how virtual reality affects your mind and infiltrates Estella’s dreams, how she became an Artist in Residence with Google's Tilt Brush, how swimming and yoga makes her a better VR artist and exploring how the great art masters may have used VR as a canvas. Special thanks to Streamtime for helping make this episode happen and Jo Roca for being a guest host! Estella Tse Streamtime
August 31, 2018
EP81 Perth Panel on Work and Life
In this special episode, we went to Perth with our friend Frankie Ratford and held a panel with local legendary designers Becky Chilcott, Mark Braddock and Kylie Timpani. We spoke about work-life balance or lack thereof, burnout, how we deal with moving forward in our work, education, internships and industry and community issues. This is a recording from a live event so the audio quality isn't perfect, but we believe the content from the panel was excellent and worth sharing. Big thanks to our mate at Streamtime getting us to and from Perth to run this special event. Kylie Timpani Mark Braddock Becky Chilcott Frankie Ratford
August 24, 2018
EP80 with DIA on Kinetic Identity
For this episode, we are at The Design Conference in Brisbane, where we sat down with power-duo Meg Donohoe and Mitch Paone to talk about their New York studio, DIA. Meg and Mitch are incredibly organised and we look at how they manage their schedules so they have time for life/work and what it takes to run a successful consultancy and marriage at the same time. We also look at their kinetic identity systems, how the concept originated and how their process has needed to change to incorporate a whole new way of working. We explore how they communicate the value of it to their clients and build in time to continually experiment. Special thanks to Streamtime for helping us make this episode happen, Matt from TDCB for having us and Andy Wright for stepping in for Matt. Follow the show on any podcast app by searching for ausdesignradio or stream straight from the website! DIA Streamtime Andy Wright TDC
August 20, 2018
EP79 with Jack Mussett on Words and Psyche
In this episode, we spoke with Jack Mussett, Director at Motherbird. Jack has been on our infamous industry wish list since the beginning of the podcast so it was great to finally get a chance to speak with him in his hometown of Melbourne. We spoke about work-life balance, overdelivering on projects, working with friends, side projects, and diversity. We got philosophical with talk about critical thinking and the meandering brain. We dove into a few projects including The World Cancer Congress the Melbourne International Jazz Festival as well as some of his personal projects including Word–Form. Special thanks to Streamtime for helping us make this episode happen and Tina Victoria Afshar for joining Guest Host! “It’s important to sometimes not have a goal and just enjoy the journey” – Jack Instagram Twitter Web
July 24, 2018
EP78 with George Rose on Walls and Wunderlust
This episode finds us still at the Brisbane Design Conference, finding some time to sit down with our friend, George Rose. George is a multidisciplinary artist, well known for doing incredibly large walls, blending colours, gradients and textures through hand-rendered type forms. An incredibly honest and free spirit, we got into all things about having a career as a mural artist, how she makes her money and life on the road. George has a background as a designer before moving over to the street art scene, having studied both art and design in University. We cover off how that move came about and discuss expiry dates and how long she can keep up the physical pace of leaping around ladders and scaling walls. Thumbs up to Streamtime for making this episode happen, The Design Conference Brisbane for having us and Josie Young for guest hosting. George’s Instagram George’s Facebook Great write up No Cure Magazine Streamtime Josie Young
July 01, 2018
EP77 with Bráulio Amado on Design and Reinvention
EP77 with Bráulio on Design and Reinvention Bráulio Amado is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Portugal, currently living in New York City. He worked as a Designer at Pentagram NYC. Then joined Bloomberg Businessweek as an Art Director. Moved to Wieden+Kennedy. Now he works for himself. We spoke about his journey from Portugal to Pentagram NYC, to Bloomberg Business Week and following Richard Turley from there Wieden kennedy. We spoke about some of his projects like working with Frank Ocean, Notting Hill Carnival and the Janelle Monáe New York Times cover and creating interesting and different type treatments using only a small amount of typefaces. Special thanks to Streamtime for making this episode happen, The Design Conference Brisbane for having us and Josie Young for guest hosting. Streamtime Josie Young Bráulio Amado Design Better Mail Bráulio Notting Hill Carnival Janelle Monáe NYT Cover Richard Turley Tracey Ma Be Best Wieden Kennedy
June 17, 2018
EP76 with Kris Sowersby on Foundies and Roundies
This was recorded during our time at The Design Conference in Brisbane where we managed to get Kris Sowersby to sit in the most ridiculous and ostentatious purple chair and ask him a few questions. We cover everything from why he first fell in love with type, to why he remains independent and where the name Klim came from. Josie even gets to bully him into making round periods for Founders Grotesk. What she calls Foundies with Roundies. Klim Village: Fonts The Letterheads LTD. PayPal Sans FF Meta Serif Thanks to Streamtime for helping make this episode happen! The Design Conference Brisbane for having us
June 01, 2018
EP75 The Gig Economy Panel with Streamtime and Foundry
In this ADR special, Matt Leach moderated a panel discussing the gig-economy and how it affects the design industry. It’s a bit of a change of pace in terms of episodes but we thought there were some good discussions happening you might like to hear. Panellists Andy Wright – Streamtime Vanessa Ward – Founder of Nomadism Anita McArthur – CD of SeeSaw Jim Antonopoulos – TANK Moderated by Matt Leach Thanks to Streamtime, Foundry and the speakers.
May 16, 2018
EP74 with Catriona Burgess on Ideas and Purpose
Growing up in a house designed by Phillip Cox, with Marimekko curtains and with a reconditioned printing press in her house, it’s not surprising that Cat eventually found her way into the design world, but the beginning of her career started her off on a different journey. From a Journalist at channel 7 to public affairs roles with Sydney Water and government organisations she eventually, perhaps inevitably made her way to Emery Vincent where she has spent 15 years and what is now called Frost Collective. We spoke about purposeful brands and the importance of ideas, we spoke about the shift away from the industrial model of the past to today’s connection economy. We also spoke about equality in the workplace, embracing flexible and inclusive work schedules and how far we’ve come from needing employees to be chained to a desk to add value to a business. Head to to listen now or subscribe using any podcast app. Shout out to Guest Host Josie Young, Streamtime for lending us their studio to record and supporting us this year. Catriona Burgess Josie Young Cat’s Defrost Talk Cox Architecture Marimekko Seth Godin Sheryl Sandberg Roxane Gay – Bad Feminist Massimo Vignelli The Design Conference
May 04, 2018
EP73 with Vanessa Ward on Nomad-life
Still in Tassie, still missing Flyn, Andy and Matt spoke with Vanessa Ward, Founder of Nomadism, about her fascinating life. Now living in Hobart, Vanessa has had a life of travel, study and exploration. A respected strategist, product designer and thinker, Vanessa has worked for some of the most exciting design firms in the World, such as BMD (Bruce MayDesign) and FuseProject before setting up Nomadism in 2016 (with Sandy Oh and Dr Stella Humphries). This episode charts a biographical path, from Vanessa’s entry into design via Architectonic Jewellery up to the recent building of her first home and what that taught her about design, permanency and sustainable technologies. It’s a roll-a-coaster of a life that is equal parts careful planning and happenstance. Nomadism: Behance: BMD: L’Oréal UV Sensor: Architectonic jewellery: Streamtime: Never Not Creative:
April 27, 2018
EP72 With Andrew Johnstone on Photocopying with a Pencil
This time 'round, we spoke with Andrew Johnstone, Founder of Design is Kinky and Creative Director of Foundry. Flyn had been called away due to a project he was working on so we called in previous guest, Andy Wright to co-host. Andrew, now living in Launceston, has had a wild and varied career, but one, upon reflection, that could be categorised by following his gut. This ‘gut-feeling’ has led him to establish some of Australia’s most influential events, communities and magazines where he’s sought to expose new talent and shine a light on the more obscure parts of our industry. It’s also led him to walk away from some ventures because it no longer felt right. In this frank and honest interview, Andrew talks about these beginnings and endings. The highs and the lows. Giving us an amazing insight into his thought process and hints about what could be next. Links: Personal Website: Instagram: Design is Kinky: DiK Instagram: Foundry: Foundry Instagram: Lume Magazine: Lume Instagram: Take Magazine: Take Instagram: Mike Campau: Semi-Permanent: Flint:
April 20, 2018
EP71 with Tom Carey on Humanising Brands
In this episode, we spoke with Tom Carey, Creative Director at Landor. We spoke about his early graduate days, sending out more than 100 emails to try to get his first gig, until finally landing his first job working with A+B studio (now Wiedemann Lampe). He then moved onto Hat-Trick, (Jim Sutherland's studio) and later Pentagram before moving to Melbourne and ultimately Sydney. We covered his time working on the Sydney Opera House rebrand where he worked with renounced typographer Laurenz Brunner to create a unique typeface Utzon in product design software Rhino, working with Landor and talked about designers saving the world.
April 13, 2018
EP70 with Shannon Bell on Voices and Words
In this episode, we spoke with Shannon Bell, Creative Director at RE, the branding agency which is part of M&C Saatchi Australia. Shannon has over 15 years experience in copywriting and has a unique perspective on the design industry and how writing fits within (and supports) it. An expert in verbal identity design, we spend time digging into how this area differs and crosses over into naming and branding. As a prominent female leader, Shannon is also involved with a number of initiatives to further gender balance within the creative industries. We discuss M&C’s pledge of 50:50 by 2020 and explore their W&C (Women & Creative) program. Shannon on twitter Re M&C Saatchi W&C Thanks to Streamtime for keeping us on time and making this episode possible check them out
April 06, 2018
EP69 with Ngaio Parr on Making Nice
In this episode, we spoke with Ngaio Parr, We are out and visiting people’s home/studios again, and this time we sit down with the versatile Ngaio Parr, Illustrator, Multidisciplinary Designer, Curator, Teacher and Founder of MakeNice. Thanks again to Streamtime, who without their support, and our new travelling kit, we couldn’t do this. Ngaio (you say it Nigh-Oh) works with a whole range of clients such as The New York Times, Thames & Hudson and Redbull but she’s probably best known for MakeNice, a conference/platform/community that seeks to showcase women in design and the issues they face. This notoriety brings its own issues and we discuss what it means to be known for a movement and how to make sure you are looking after yourself, as well as the community. We also talk about some of Ngaio’s work, such as the transparent KKK outfit and how that came about. What it’s like working from a home studio and how she keeps herself motivated. Ngaio’s website: MakeNice: Instagram: Twitter:
March 30, 2018
EP68 Tarra Van Amerongen On Elephants And Turtles
This episode we did a house call and visited Tarra van Amerongen, Group Director of Fjord, to talk about her role and how she thinks about the future. A massive shout out to Streamtime, as it’s with our new travelling recording kit that we were able to do this. Tarra has recently had a baby boy so we started there, talking about the change a baby brings and how she wants to redesign the complete hospital experience. As you might expect, Tarra is an incredibly big thinker and in a position to bring about change through her role with Fjord, her teaching at UTS and her work with the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) – a 260 year old networking group ‘dedicated to enriching society and shaping the future’. Interestingly Tarra didn’t take the standard design journey, instead studying business and management, working as an Investment Analyst and managing CBA’s Innovation Lab, before moving into more typically creative roles. This experience puts her in a unique position to understand both sides of the corporate/creative divide and we discuss how she navigates it. Matt first met Tarra through an AGDA panel they were on during VIVID in 2017 entitled Can Technology Make us more Human – you can see that panel at Fjord: 2018 Fjords Trends: RSA: CBA Innovation Lab:
March 23, 2018
EP67 with Jordan Stokes Design and Passion
In this episode, we spoke with Jordan Stokes, Design Director at Born and Raised. We spoke about Jord's extensive stint doing internships back in the UK (Flyn goes on a short rant) about this, before talking about his experiences at some amazing studios in the UK including The Case and Music, Riding BMX’s over posters to create work, and working with other talented designers like Craig Oldham. Jord eventually made his way to Australia and worked at Fabric, Ogilvy and Maud before finding his home with Born and Raised. We really picked Jordan's brain about his passion project Secret 7’s, a non-profit based competition, exhibition and design challenge that you’ll have to listen into the show to really get an understanding on what it’s all about. Craig Oldham It’s Nice That Secret 7’s website by Secret 7’s Follow Jordan B&R
March 16, 2018
EP66 with DesignStudio – I'm with the Brand
In this episode, we spoke with Ben and Paul from UK’s Design Studio. We spoke about their history growing up in the same small town in Englands’ north and moving to London to start their careers to working at small and large studios to finally getting together to create DesignStudio. DesignStudio are a powerhouse with clients such as Twitter, Airbnb, EPL and Deliveroo to name a few. Their philosophy is to create a meaningful difference with the brands they work with, to the point where they feel that they become part of that brand and ethos. We also spoke about how to immerse yourself into your clients users, thinking about entire ecosystems and keeping a diverse and balanced workplace. Thanks to our friends at Streamtime for keeping this episode on schedule and us on track. We’re taking ADR on the road this year, if you want us to come to you, or have someone you really want us to speak to on the show, go to and have your say. DesignStudio Streamtime
March 09, 2018
EP65 with Wade and Leta – Follow to the Leta
This episode was recorded late 2017 on the morning after Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree's AGDA talk in Sydney, just after the solar eclipse – which was pretty pointless in Australia, as we couldn’t see it. Still, that didn’t stop us having a lively and far reaching conversation about the couple, being both married in life and work. Discovering they are both huge Anime fans led us down a dark and nerdy path, being that Flyn and Matt are also fans. Thankfully (for you) we’ve cut a lot of that. We also spoke a lot about influences, specifically Arakawa and Madeline Gins, who Leta and Wade have loved for a long time, and obviously covered Wade’s time with Sagmeister & Walsh. Finally we spoke about Ikko Ikko, and the fact it has nothing to do with the 15th Century uprising in Japan. Their studio website: Their influence: Arakawa and Madeline Gins Leta: Wade:
March 02, 2018
EP64 with Tim Clapham on Motion and Experiments
In this episode, we spoke with Designer, Director and Animator Tim Clapham of Luxx. Motion Designers rejoice, we sat down with Tim Clapham of Luxx. If you’ve searched for a tutorial for motions design chances are you’ve heard Tim’s voice guiding you through some new feature or process. Tim is an industry heavyweight so we brought own on motion expert Ian Haigh along to ask some pointy questions. We spoke about Tim’s relationship with Maxon and his experience as part of the beta testing team, his approach to tutorials and why he does them. We also spoke about making titles for Adobe MAKE IT, collaborating with other creatives like (friend of the show) Mike Tosetto, Ash Boland, Patrick Clair and studios like Spinfx. This episode was made possible thanks to Streamtime, without them we would never be on time. Stay on track of your projects and check them out. The app! It's awesome Visit Tim We're planning a tour of Australia, should we visit your town? Is there someone from your community we should be talking to? Get in touch via or regular ole email
February 23, 2018
EP63 with Beck Feiner on The 123 of A-Z
In this episode, we spoke with Beck Feiner, Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Beck is an illustrator as well as a high-concept Art Director, with a work history with some of the top agencies in Sydney, today Beck follows her true passion, Illustration. We spoke about award school, the importance of connections and relationships in her career, her experience moving to London at the beginning of her career with no portfolio and ending up at Blink studio, working with amazing Directors before finally working as a Graphic Designer at Moon in London before making the move to Moon Sydney. We also covered some of her recent solo and partner projects including Mum’s Milestones and the Aussie Alphabet, the success of the projects going viral and the problems that come along with success. Beck Feiner
November 20, 2017
EP62 with Kitiya Palaskas on Craft and Design
In this episode, we spoke with Kitiya Palaskas, Craft-based Designer from Melbourne. We spoke about podcasting goths, goth dads and being a goth in the United Arab Emirates, yep, with Kitiya Palaskas you never know where the conversation will go. This episode was recorded at the Adobe Make It conference in Sydney. Ian Haigh sits in for Flyn, who was busy helping run the event. Kitiya has long been on our list of must-haves and she did not disappoint. In a wide-ranging conversation we discussed building signature styles and working out how to describe what you do, so clients can find you, even when you find it hard to describe yourself. She’s recently tried to sum it all up under ‘craft-based designer’ but, as she points out, the SEO stats aren’t great on that term. We also talked about working freelance, setting up a workspace and getting in the right frame of mind in order to create. Head to the ADR website to stream the episode or subscribe to Her book: Her talk at Adobe MAKE IT:
November 10, 2017
EP61 with Nicole Tung on Composure in Conflict
In this episode, we spoke with Nicole Tung Photographer and Photojournalist. Warning, we talk about people and experiences in war zones and PTSD which may be triggering for some listeners. We were lucky enough to be at the Australian Adobe Make It conference and managed to get some time with Photographer, Nicole Tung. Flyn was involved with running the conference so we grabbed our good friend Ian Haigh to help co-host this episode. We spoke a lot about what she does, how she does it, and why she keeps doing it. Being shot at, dealing with PTSD and reintegrating into western society are just some of the topics we covered as we got a good insight into the life of a war photographer. One of the calmest, collected and open personalities we’ve had on the show. If you want more of Nicole there is a great NetFlix doco she features in called Conflict. You can see it here on RedFitz Films site: Nicole's talk at Adobe MAKE IT 2017
November 03, 2017
EP60 with Nuno Silva on Framing and Perspective
In this episode, we spoke with Nuno Silva, Vice President of Product at Stocksy United and Commercial Photographer. We caught up with Nuno at The Design Conference Brisbane earlier this year and talked about his background in graphic design and how he transitioned into photography, we spoke about Stocksy and how Stocksy saw an opportunity to lift the whole profession it’s set up very much in the artists' favour. We spoke about his time travelling in Australia before getting a bit personal and spoke about battling cancer and his unique way of dealing with it.
October 26, 2017
EP59 with Lauren Carney on Work and Wonder
In this episode, we spoke with Lauren Carney, Freelance Illustrator and Artist from Brisbane. Lauren’s playful approach to her work is in stark contrast to her work savvy and approach to promotion and business acumen. She has an appreciation for all things arty, crafty and vintage which shows through her work. We spoke about Lauren’s approach to treating social media followers well by trying to reply to everyone, working in isolation from home to speaking onstage and interacting with new and existing audiences. We also spoke about Wacom’s Next Level Competition, The Design Conference Brisbane, freelance life and tuning out with music.
October 19, 2017
EP58 with Graham Barton on Spock and Kirk
In this episode, we spoke with Graham Barton, creative director of Folk. Folk is a 30+ strong independent brand identity and UX design consultancy in Sydney. Graham’s focus is on brand strategy and its creative expression. Thoughtful design. Ideas and keeping things simple. Searching for the surprisingly obvious. Prior to his now six years at Folk, Graham was seven years as design director at Principals, plus other stints including The Partners and Enterprise IG (Horniak and Canny). We spoke about Folk’s 2016 Poster’d project, UX ‘design’ and visual design, AGDA, and the need for graphic designers to stand up and be heard. Graham shared his experiences of being prepared to look stupid, the ‘just right’ amount of ego, letting the back of the head do the thinking (and talking), and that everything always comes down to Spock and Kirk. All of which, yes, does sound illogical, captain. Graham’s website Poster'd project 2016 Jobs for NSW project Folk Graham’s Pecha Kucha
October 11, 2017
EP57 with Mark Gowing on Creating with Purpose
In this episode, we spoke with Mark Gowing interdisciplinary artist working across communications, publishing and visual art and Founder of Formist. As big fans of Mark Gowings work over the years, we giddily spoke about his membership to AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and the impact it has had on him, publishing, inspiration and art objects, changes at Formist, working without clients and becoming self-generative. We also spoke about minimalism, reduction, restraint, starting with notes and drawing for projects and finding the balance between listening to yourself vs listening to clients. Formist Alliance Graphique Internationale David Lancashire Design Lars Müeller Preservation Music Vaughan Oliver Peter Saville Neville Brody Hopscotch Klim Type Foundry Dinosaur Designs Gemma Smith
August 25, 2017
EP56 with Ian Anderson on People and Audiences
In this episode, we spoke with Ian Anderson Founder of iconic design studio The Designers Republic™. tDR is a graphic design studio based in Sheffield, England, founded in 1986 by Ian Anderson and Nick Phillips, best known for Electronic Music logos and album artwork. Flyn spoke to Ian about visiting Australia for the speaking tour through AGDA, his influences and methods towards design, breaking the rules, finding a visual language through music, people watching and why he prefers to work with a small team. Warp Records Aphex Twin Watchmen The Shock of the New Wipeout Otaku
August 18, 2017
ADR Review EP03
In this review, roundup...whatever... we spoke a bit about The Design Conference in Brisbane where we ran Q&A, our excitement that Damien Aistrope of Australian InFront is coming back to Australia, friends leaving (Mark Stott), some AGDA events in Australia, VIVID, UX Australia, Paper suppliers KW Doggett and BJ Ball merging and whatever happened to Desktop Magazine? Show notes Graphic Design Documentary Search Find-a-Finder's-Fee in Facebook KW Dogett & BJ Ball Merger
June 14, 2017
ADR Review EP02
ADR Roundup, raw and unedited content.
May 19, 2017
ADR Review EP01
This is the first episode of a new style of the show where we can catch up and talk about what's going on in our design world. We're still producing the guest episodes, but we want to do more. If you hate this idea or love it let us know!
May 12, 2017
EP54 with Nick Bannikoff on Immersive Environments
In this episode, we spoke with Nick Bannikoff, Design Manager of Brand Culture. Starting as an industrial designer, Nick moved into environmental design and saw the transition from that slightly confusing name into how it is now known, as experiential design. Yep, nothing to do with sustainable green environment work with Greenpeace. As an experiential designer (the first we’ve had on the show), Nick is involved in the end-users experience of space and how they transition from place to place. This was a perfect chance for us (who have no idea about this stuff) to dig in and find more about what Nick does day to day and how these types of design decisions affect our engagement with space. Nick is also Co-Chair (along with Carlo Giannasca of Frost) of the Australian chapter of SEGD (The Society for Experiential Graphic Design), a not-for-profit professional association dedicated to increasing awareness of experiential design to the public and other design professionals. The chapter is only a few months old so we took the time to explore why Australia needs a professional body like this and what they plan to do in the near future. BrandCulture - SEGD - Carlo Giannasca - SEGD Sydney chapter - The Design Kids - MediaBank Pam -
April 27, 2017
EP53 with Chris Laws on Generally Managing
In this episode, we spoke with Chris Laws, Managing Director of Born & Raised. Born & Raised, an agency that sits comfortably within branding, design and campaign driven projects. Enduring brand strategy and design craft underpins commercially-driven brands, campaigns, content and experiences. We spoke with Chris about his journey from backing himself through Award School and learning the graphic design ropes at Shillington College all while working full-time cutting his industry teeth. We spoke about the fabled Moon days where Chris was General manager working with many familiar names to ADR. Chris shared some tips on pitching, thoughts on education, running teams and working with good people. Born and Raised Stuart O’Brien Brad Stevens KVB Martin College
March 17, 2017
EP52 with Nick Rudenno on Subscribing to Life
EP52 Nick Rudenno on Subscribing to Life Nick is now Senior Designer at Interbrand Sydney after four years of running Nowhere Famous with business partner and best pal Mig Sicari. Nowhere famous is known for their tactile and craft based approach from a book about delivering content online for google to physical anamorphic projections. We spoke about not sleeping when you have a kid, how Nick went through his design career backwards to writing, naming your studio based on a Simpsons reference, taking the time to think about the problem and how sometimes to get to the good idea you need to over deliver. Anamorphic Projection Interbrand Sydney Design is Kinky 123klan Empty Magazine Smith Journal Paul Garbett Talk
February 03, 2017
EP51 with Gemma O'Brien on Culture and Authenticity
In this episode, we spoke with Illustrator, Letterer, Artist and Designer Gemma O’Brien. Gemma is one of the most well known illustrators in Australia right now. Over the past five years or so, she has been constantly in demand for her murals, illustrations, artwork and speaking gigs here in Australia and also around the world. Her work takes on a variety of forms, from calligraphic brushwork, illustration and digital type. We spoke about the value of temporary works due to their fleeting nature, the challenge of keeping up with what the industry is craving, living in an experience driven age when it comes to cultural value, the inevitable commercialisation of authenticity and much more. Find Gemma Andy Goldsworthy Tracey Emin’s Bedroom Seb Lester the Calligrapher David Jones Jacky Winter Group Levine/Leavitt Who gives a crap Gemma speaking at Adobe Max 2016
January 17, 2017
EP50 with Frankie Ratford on The Road Less Traveled
Episode 50 with Frankie Ratford on The Road Less Traveled In this episode, we catch up with our very first guest and good friend, Frankie Ratford from The Design Kids. We interviewed Frankie in our very first ADR episode and since then, Frankie has been on a mammoth two-year trip, covering New Zealand, the United States and Canada, connecting designers, building TDK cities and spreading the Aussie design love. When we sat down with her she had two days left before she headed back to her seaside shack in Tasmania for a much needed break. It was the perfect time to gather her thoughts about what she had achieved in that time and hear the crazy stories of what life on the road can be. Hitchhiking signs Search #tdkthumbsup on instagram Brand New Conference Will Bryant Kate Bingaman Burt AIGA Conference
December 09, 2016
EP49 with Timothy Goodman on Designing for People
In this episode, we spoke to designer, author, illustrator, artist, experimenter Timothy Goodman from New York. Recorded during the second day of the Adobe MAX conference in San Diego we took some time away from activities to sit with Tim and talk through his recent projects and his thoughts on design as a practice, not a profession. Tim is well known for his collaborations with Jessica Walsh on the cult 40 days of dating and the more recent 12 kinds of kindness in which they explored projects to increase their understanding of empathy. Tim’s second book, The Sharpie Workshop explores his love of the permanent markers and how they have influenced his work and writing. Unfortunately, Flyn had to run for a flight but our good friend Frankie Ratford (from The Design Kids) was able to fill in. Lynsey Addario Janet Echelman Quentin Tarantino Collins 40 days of dating 12 kinds of kindness Sharpie Workshop The Design Kids
December 02, 2016
EP48 with Dan Stiles on Letting Things Unfold
EP48 with Dan Stiles on Letting Things Unfold   In this episode, we spoke to designer and illustrator Dan Styles from Portland, Oregon.   This was recorded during the Adobe MAX conference where we were surrounded by some international superstars, so we broke some of own rules and made Dan our first non-ANZ guest. We also took the opportunity to give a quick run down of what we were seeing on the first day of the conference and how we were feeling about it.   Dan is best known for his music posters which have been recently collected into a book entitled ‘One thing leads to another’ which perfectly sums up his creative process and approach to life. We also speak about Portland and it’s creative community, the need to keep connected, children’s books and how terror keeps us going.   Dan’s book Dan Stiles Adobe MAX talk   Rocket Magazine   Art Chantry   Coop   Frank Kozik   Put on your shoes Draplin
November 25, 2016
EP47 with James K Lowe on Control vs Delegating
In this episode, we spoke with James K Lowe a Fashion Photographer from New Zealand. James is the first New Zealand creative to come on the show. We met James while visiting San Diego for the Adobe MAX Conference and found the time to sneak away for a chat. James is often referred to as a technical photographer and his work speaks for itself. We spoke about photographers that James gets inspiration from outside of the fashion world, building sets, giving up control vs delegating on projects, inventing sign language to communicate with models on a shoot, the dark side of social media and being on the other side of the camera.
November 15, 2016
EP46 with Chris Panzetta on Interactive Experiences
In this episode, we spoke with Chris Panzetta, Managing Director and co-founder of S1T2. S1T2 today stands for Story 1st Technology 2nd which is an apt name for a company that tinkers with new technology to tell stories. S1T2 operates from Surry Hills in Sydney and we focused on the Virtual Reality and emerging technology side of the business. We spoke about experiential technology and how people feel when they physically interact with physical installations and objects. We covered real time design and development, embedded systems, post rationalisation and reverse engineering projects and how it can be different to a typical brief and deliver process. Sydney Swans Wrist Band Kept VR Game Teaser
November 01, 2016
EP45 Andy Hoyne on The Competitive Spirit
In this episode, we spoke with Andy Hoyne Principal of Hoyne. Hoyne is a design agency in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane specialising in corporate/retail branding and property marketing agency. We spoke about writing and making books, bringing 3D developers in the house, peacemaking, risk, passion, perseverance and grit. We also talk about his new Sydney space, designing and marketing for property and having your name on the door. The place economy
October 25, 2016
EP44 Andy Wright on Storytelling and Feelings
Andy Wright – Storytelling and Feelings In this episode, we spoke with Andy Wright of For The People. A design and strategy agency focused on getting businesses closer to people through design, storytelling and technology. Andy Founded FTP with Damian Borchok and Jason Little. We spoke about Andy’s history in history, his years in marketing in Slough (UK) through to working with R/GA in Sydney and finally with For the People. We touched on their book club and agency gaming breaks, hierarchy and flat organisational structure without the organising bit, his on-stage performance review at The Design Conference Brisbane and his CreativeMornings talk on Risk in which Andy spoke about recent health issues and shared some genuinely personal and powerful thoughts. Books
October 11, 2016
EP43 Christopher Gregson on Colocated Production
In this episode, we spoke with Christopher Gregson, General Manager at Space66 and organiser of Glug events in Sydney. Space66 started in the UK, has now arrived in Sydney and focuses on digital production and provides agile marketing support. Glug events are community get-togethers that kicked off recently in Sydney the day after this recording. We spoke about how something like Space66 works in building teams, creating content quickly and the need for multidisciplinary skills. We asked Chris about his views on agile marketing and in-house vs agency models before chatting about the first Glug event in Sydney and where it might go.
October 03, 2016
EP42 Julian Melhuish on Starting with Words
In this episode, we spoke with Julian Melhuish Creative Director at Churchward/Melhuish. Churchward/Melhuish is a branding/design/ad agency in Sydney founded by Julian and business partner Joe Churchward in 2011. Both partners established themselves as industry leaders during their 15 years at Saatchi & Saatchi. In this episode, we spoke about language in design and how we should start all projects with words first, starting a studio at 50, what designers can learn from advertising, design and advertising awards and their relevance, we spoke about the Saatchi & Saatchi days and the bygone era of the advertising golden age.…_Change_Your_Mind_…y/9781780673486…81119164005.html…/jonathan-kneebone/
September 01, 2016
EP41 Linda Jukic On Trust
In this episode, we spoke with Linda Jukic, Creative Director at Hulsbosch. For the past two years, Linda has been Creative Director with Hulsbosch focusing on brand, strategy and design. She's also Vice Chair of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). Before her current role, she was Creative Director at Moon for 10 years. We spoke about the differences between the Creative Director role vs designing in the trenches, what it's like to work for one studio for 10 years and moving to another, rebranding, designers, writing and finding out which 2016 predictions came true.
August 10, 2016
EP40: Flyn and Matt on The New Shiny
In this episode, we spoke to each other. Every now and again, we like to take a moment to recap on some of the things we've learnt so far. We're usually too busy listening to our guests to really have a chat and digest some of the recent episodes. We spoke about the last ten episodes and some of the key takeaways, we discussed the rebrand and website launch and how it went down, thanked a bunch of amazing people who actually did all the work and more.
July 29, 2016
EP39: Dave Foster on A Journey With Type
In this episode, we spoke with Dave Foster of Foster Type. Dave is an independent designer based in Sydney who we all know about thanks to his typographic work through Foster Type. He draws typefaces and lettering for design studios, type foundries, brands and individuals around the world. We heard about how Dave became a type designer, and along the way, we find out what the difference is between a typographer, a letterer and a type designer is – he just happens to do all three. We also talk through some of his most recent jobs, working with Re: on the Optus rebrand and his personal project Tour De Fonts, where he designs a new typeface to match each stage of the Tour De France – within the time that it takes them to ride it (about 4 or 5 hours).
July 21, 2016
EP38: Lara Allport On Work And Life
In this episode, we spoke with Lara (Allport) Horsley, Founder and CEO of The National Grid and The Drawing Arm. Lara Horsley/Allport arrived in Australia in 1999 and found her start in niche publishing houses focused on sound and technology. It’s here she met Simon Barrett and formed a friendship that led to running and owning two influential design businesses together. On top of this, she’s a devoted Mum (of two boys under three) and an illustrator/artist in her own right. The National Grid has just turned 10, so we get a chance to explore what’s changed over that time and lessons learnt. In particular, we look at how to create a great environment for the team and the importance of work/life balance in an ever-busy industry.
July 14, 2016
EP37: Nigel Macquet On Unified Experiences
In this episode, we spoke with Nigel Macquet, Head of User Experience and Design for News Corp. Originally from South Africa, Nigel began his 16-year design career in print, but quickly made the move to digital and is probably best known for his award-winning work on the relaunch of SBS sites (over 100 of them) and their video on demand service which now runs on over 21 different platforms. This job led him to be noticed in the user experience circles and landed him a job at News Corp where he heads up product development, style guides, and design architecture. We talk about the biggest issues he’s facing, how he manages the day-to-day and what he’s planning for in the digital future. When we originally contacted Nigel, he was actually at a Mexico retreat with many of the Worlds largest news service UX leaders. So we get into a bit of what happened there (what he can tell us at least) and what it’s like being part of the UX Illuminati. On top of this, we geek out on StarCraft, GoT, and 100 other small tangents.
July 14, 2016
EP36: Murray Bell On A Semi - Podcast
In this episode, we spoke with Murray Bell, Director of Semi-Permanent. Semi-Permanent is an event many of us are familiar with and we spoke a lot about the early days of the conference, to where the platform of SP is now and where it's going in the future. We found out that some people sat next to Banksy and Shepard Fairey at one of the earlier conferences without even knowing it. [mind = blown] We covered time Murray spent creating Movement Magazine, growing up deaf, leaving design is kinky, and some of the obviously amazing folks speaking at SP this year like Industrial Light and Magic (amazing), Ethan Eismann, Jon Lax and more.
July 14, 2016
EP35: Matt Haynes On Why Epicness Is Only Forged In Hell
In this episode, we spoke with Matt Haynes Founder of Analogue Digital Agency and The Design Conference Brisbane. Matt runs The Design Conference, an event experience, tailored to the creative industry. He also runs Analogue Digital, a global network of 30+ experts who work in collaboration to deliver creative solutions for businesses, councils and the community. Matt hails from sunny Queensland and a lot of what we spoke about centres around the culture in Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Matt gave us an insight into the design scene in the north and what he and others are doing to create positive change. We also spoke about the upcoming design conference and some of the speakers attending the conference including Jessica Hische, Alex Naghavi of Joseph Mark and Timba Smits.
July 14, 2016
EP34: Mike Tosetto On The Mic With Mike
In this episode, we spoke with Mike Tosetto, Motion Designer at Never Sit Still. Quite possibly one of the most down to earth and nicest people we've spoken with on ADR, Mike Tosetto also happens to be a wildly talented motion designer, specialising in 2D and 3D motion graphics. Mike started his rise to prominence at Interbrand, in the company of some exceptionally talented individuals and friends of the show Chris Doyle and Chris Maclean. Waving the motion designer flag, Mike made a name for himself within the industry for helping communicate branding to clients and their audiences. We spoke about his transition from full-time studio life to starting his own business, making his first hire, his roller coaster of a career from playing the didgeridoo at Glastonbury to running tourist tours in the Northern Territory.
July 14, 2016
EP33: Gabby Lord On OMGLORD
In this episode, we spoke with Gabby Lord, Designer at A Colour Bright. Australian born and bred, Gabby now lives and works in Berlin. Gabby won the New Star Fabrica award while she was at Uni (dubbed Gabrica, you’ll notice Gabby has a penchant for puns), which took her to Italy for two weeks of design experience at Fabrica. Since then he has worked with Houston and Christopher Doyle & Co before her move overseas. She was also an important member of the CreativeMornings/Sydney team for quite some time. We spoke about the work life balance there that seems to contrast our culture here in Australia vs Berlin, giving and taking advice, saying no! digital skills and her newsletter which you should definitely take a look at.
July 14, 2016
EP32: Chris Doyle On What A Conversation About Design Looks Like
In this episode, we spoke with Chris Doyle, Creative Director and Founder of Christopher Doyle & Co. One of our most listened to shows from last year was the second episode with Christopher Doyle, and as it’s been nearly a year to the day we thought we’d have him back to fill us in on what he’s been up to. When we first started the podcast the plan was to have a few key people appear more than once so we could see how successful they had become after appearing on the show. That was a joke. Chris has been busy moving studios, employing new staff and hosting the AGDA Awards with his good friend Ian Haigh. We delve into all of this and explore the purpose of awards in an industry where it is just as important to have a following on Instagram as it is to win an award. We also look at the pitfalls of the hiring process and how it’s affected by social media. Chris is also appearing at Semi-Permanent Sydney this year off the back of a successful appearance in New Zealand where he got to hang out with Jessica Walsh and Michael Bierut, two people he hugely admires, so we spend a little time talking about them and how their work has influenced us.
July 13, 2016
EP31: Jess Huddart On Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
In this episode, we spoke with Jess Huddart, CEO at Josephmark. With offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Los Angeles, Josephmark was founded by Ben (Joseph) Johnston and Joshua (Mark) Capelin in 2004. They first gained national recognition when Twitter bought their music finding application, We Are Hunted but went on to best that by being handpicked to redesign Justin Timberlake’s MySpace. These days they balance their client work with a number of in-house ventures, the most recent being Vest, a site dedicated to shining a light on Australian start-ups. Jess joined Josephmark in 2005 and has been instrumental in their success. In 2014, she spoke at TedX SouthBank and wowed the audience with her open and honest account of vulnerability and dealing with people’s reactions when she started dating her boss (Ben). In this episode, we discuss her decision to go there, especially when public speaking is one of her least favourite things. Along the way we talk about Jess and Ben’s organic farm, Falls Farm, working in the States and growing in-house businesses.
July 13, 2016
EP30: Maggie Tang On Design And Devotion To Sound
In this episode, we spoke with Maggie Tang, Head of Brand Design at Ableton. Maggie made a real name by getting involved in the local industry, Sydney Creative Mornings and through working on large clients within Moon and then later at Frost before heading overseas to join Font Font, a foundry of the famous FontShop. Big believers in happenstance we were lucky enough to bump into our dear friend, Maggie Tang. Maggie was on holidays in Sydney from Berlin where she moved nearly three years ago, so we jumped at the chance to sit down and find out how it happened and what it’s been like living and designing in Germany. Maggie also talks to us about what it’s like to work for a company full of software engineers and developers devoted to sound.
July 13, 2016
EP29: David Trewern On Tech Toys And Trewern
In this episode, we spoke with David Trewern Chairman of DT and Tractor. David is a Founder of DT & Republica Education. Advisor, investor and innovator. David founded David Trewern Design (now DT) in 1996. Today DT is one of Australia's largest and most awarded digital agencies, with 200 employees across Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. Clients include Tourism Australia, Honda, Bunnings, Optus and many others. David also co-founded leading brand design company Threefold (now Designworks Melbourne) and spun cloud based hosting company Haylix from DT in 2007. We spoke about his love for new tech, toys like kite surfing and drones, hanging out with Richard Branson on his island and so on. We talked about David's visit to prison to talk to inmates about entrepreneurship with Igniting Change. We covered his journey from DT to today and his transition into the education space. Some experiences bringing Hyper Island to Australia and lessons learned there. We talk about his role at DT today as Chairman or as David prefers – ’spiritual guide’.
July 13, 2016
EP28: James Noble On Being Noble By Nature
In this episode, we spoke with James Noble, Co-Founder of Carter Digital. Carter is a multi-award winning service design, customer & user experience agency based in Melbourne. Regarded as industry leaders in UX, Carter is a carbon neutral studio securing clients such as Tourism Victoria, Australian Ballet, National Heart Foundation, The Royal Women's & Mercy Hospital, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and the world's leading Cancer Research Institute Walter & Eliza Hall. We spoke about his studio which he co-founded with Paul Beardsell, we discussed hi attitude towards charity or special projects which do good or give back. We spoke about doing away with hierarchy (sometimes) when working with staff and clients. James has quite a bit of experience being behind the mic as a regular on radio station RRR and on a podcast we've mentioned a few times on the show this year Beers Blokes and Business. So we learnt a thing or two about the biz. We also covered unplugging from the digital world that surrounds us, mental fatigue and the art of doing nothing on weekends and of course we couldn't have James on the show without talking to him about digital stuff, and user experience.
July 13, 2016
EP27: Chris Maclean On Branding A Frame Of Reference
In this episode, we spoke with Chris Maclean, Creative Director for RE Sydney, part of M&C Saatchi. Formerly Executive Creative Director for Interbrand Australia, Chris has been a practicing designer for over 13 years. He's originally from Manchester in the UK but has been living in Sydney for over 10 years. We talk about working on the Telstra rebrand at Interbrand before moving to Interbrand and working on Optus. We also get the chance to hear the back-story on the Alzheimers Australia rebrand that not only changed public perception but also secured much-needed Government funding. This gives a great insight into Chris’ process and how the search for the problem always needs to take priority. We also wrestle with the idea of what a Creative Director needs to know, the unique skills and how they design through a team, rather than getting on the tools. How does the creative process change in this circumstance and how do you manage the inherent discomfort it brings.
July 13, 2016
EP26: Vince Frost On Chillin' With Frost
In this episode, we spoke with Vince Frost, founder and Executive Creative Director of Frost*collective, Sydney. Vince is arguably one the most famous designers in Australia. Before starting Frost* Design in London in 1994, Vince was the youngest Associate Director at Pentagram. In 2004, he relocated to Sydney and, as Creative Director of Frost* Design, has lead a wide range of projects for clients such as Deutsch Bank, Qantas, Frasers Property and Sydney Opera House. We spoke with Vince about bringing The Nest into the Frost fold and expanding out Frost Design to include Urbanite, we covered his vision of 'Designing success by Inspiring Ideas to Life' and how this concept plays a part in the business vision. We also spent some time discussing The Alliance Graphique International of which Vince is a member and head of in Australia.
July 13, 2016
EP25: Michaela Webb On What Goes Round
In this episode, we spoke with Michaela Webb, Creative Director at Studio Round. Michaela is an internationally recognised designer with over 18 years experience and has worked at some of the world’s leading brand and design agencies. Her work has won numerous local and international awards and appeared in feature articles for Idea Magazine, IDN and Visuelle. With a history of working for arts and cultural clients, we spend time talking through how creatives work for creatives and what sort of give-and-take is needed. Round also has a habit of linking clients together, creating something entirely new and different. One such venture is the pairing of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra with another of their clients, Chef Andrew McConnell to produce a music/food sensory event - one of the most talked about events at The Melbourne Wine and Food Festival, yet another of their clients, last year.
July 13, 2016
EP24: Tony Prysten On Two Sides Of The Same Coin
In this episode, we spoke with Tony Prysten, Digital Director at Mccann in Melbourne. Originally an industrial designer, Tony evolved into the world of digital leading his own agency Igloo for 20 years. Tony has worked on significant digital strategies, campaigns and implementations for Metro, Mazda Australia, Cricket Australia, Quit Victoria, VicHealth, Cancer Council Australia and Red Cross Blood Service. We found out about Tony’s roots in industrial design and how he evolved from industrial to branding and graphics, then digital and now is championing digital design in the advertising world. Tony has unique perspective from running a design studio for two decades and then not only moving to advertising but also from employer to employee.
July 13, 2016
EP23: Jim Antonopoulos On Why You Don't Need A Title To Be Vital
In this episode, we spoke with Jim Antonopoulos, Owner at Tank. Tank is a B Corp company based in Melbourne that is hard to describe since Jim and the team don't believe in hierarchy. Their multi-disciplined team includes storytellers, writers, designers, design researchers, producers and technologists. Jim himself has had a zig-zag career, jumping between many different specialisations and this gets us talking about the idea of Full-Stack Employees, although check out this article for a differing view of whether it’s just a generalist. Tank is well known for it’s written content with Hello Tomorrow, both on their blog and in printed journals they provide to clients and the lucky few. These journals bring together much of their learnings from projects and helps strengthen the relationship between studio and client.
July 11, 2016
EP22: Justin Smith On Why The End Is Just The Begining
In this episode, we spoke with Justin Smith, Creative Director and Co-Founder of End of Work. End of Work is a Sydney-based studio working accross branding and design, communications, digital and film and interiors. Justin has two other businesses which are Get Commando Fit and The Online Chairman. We spoke about 'us' as a design industry here in Australia, free pitching, the value of design and loving what we do and being inspired to come to work. Justin also shared a personal experience with getting some particularly bad news and finding ways to turn that into a positive.
July 11, 2016
EP21: Nick Hallam On Uncoated Positive Sex
In this episode, we spoke with Nick Hallam, Director and Product Designer at Joan. Nick is one-third of digital product design company, Joan. They work with clients to help bring to life ideas that create value for their customers. They also build our own products. Most of their work is in product strategy, prototyping & user testing, and interface design. Nick also created international design competition Positive Posters and Design Conference Sex, Drugs and Helvetica. We covered plenty of ground in this one with a general focus on people coming before technology. We also talked about loving tech for what it can do rather than what it is, how amazing the internet is, grid systems in graphic design a must read design book, business vs design and creating value before you ask for value.
July 11, 2016
EP20: Matt And Flyn On Rest Is For The Week
In this episode, we speak with each other and reflect on the first two seasons of Australian Design Radio.
July 08, 2016
EP19: Matt Jackson On Affecting This
in this episode, we spoke with Matt Jackson, owner of Drawing Book Studios and Founder of Affectors and Affectors Academy. Affectors facilitate highly interactive workshops with organisations and individuals to lift performance and inspire action. We dig deeper into his businesses and the difference between an effect and an affect, and why creatives need to be thinking more about the difference. Matt’s also just opened a school, Affectors Academy and we discuss how this came about and why it’s the right time for more specialised offerings in the Australian education industry.
July 08, 2016
EP18: Buzz Usborne On A Buzz By Any Other Name
In this episode, we spoke with Buzz Usborne Product Lead at Prevue. Buzz (real name Pete) is well known in the digital design and user experience sectors having worked for digital giants such as Campaign Monitor, Mentally Friendly and Skype. He’s also the founder and product lead on Prevue, a much-loved presentation tool in many digital agencies. In this conversation we discuss the conception of Prevue and what it’s like to grow a digital product over the last eight years, how much the industry has changed in that time, and when he knew it was a sustainable product, not just a start-up.
July 08, 2016
EP17: Rich Davy On The I In UX
In this episode, we spoke with Rich Davy, Design Director of Lowe Profero. Rich is a well-known entity in Australian digital agencies with his LinkedIn page reading like a who’s who of the industry; DT, Deloitte Digital, Reactive, Isobar to name a few. Since recording Rich has taken a new position as Associate Creative Director at Huge in NYC. In this conversation, we spend a lot of time talking through his design journeys in London and New York, Rich’s own studio, Red Afro and what insights he was able to bring back to the Oz industry. Obviously, UX featured a lot throughout the 45 minutes as we delved into digital transformation and the importance of language in design.
July 07, 2016
EP16: Jenni Doran On Fast Moving Consumer Good - Times
In this episode, we spoke with Jenni Doran, Design Director of Landor Associates. Jenni has over 12 years experience in consumer brand identity and FMCG design. At the time of recording she was working with Landor Associates in Sydney and since then has Co-Founded Creative Agency Our Revolution. We spoke about packaging, mainly talking about home brands, and schools not really teaching packaging anymore. We spoke a bit about the new iTunes streaming platform, the expectation and image packaging as specialisation or career and lots more.
July 07, 2016
EP15: Tim Kotsiakos On Mutual Gravitational Attraction
In this episode, we spoke with Tim Kotsiakos, Creative Director & Founder of Mass. A studio based in Melbourne, Mass designs rational and expressive digital experiences through design thinking. Before starting Mass, Tim K worked with the folks at Reactive (part of Accenture). In this conversation, we discuss why he decided it was time to start his own thing, how he came up with the name and what it feels like to be back on the tools. He also delves into the Paradox of choice and the importance of building resilience through presenting your work.
July 07, 2016
EP14: Matt Hopper On Inframe Traction
In this episode, we spoke with Matt Hopper, Director and Founder of Melbourne based video content studio Compulsive. Over the past decade, Matt has produced creative projects across both big and small screens for international brands, boutique creative teams as well as government & institutional clients. This work includes television commercials, branded content, original web-series, and education/training content. We spoke about his ambitious side project Inframe TV, his creative process, commercial shoots, traction (that'll make sense later), earthquakes and angering Japanese spirits.
July 07, 2016
EP13: Nathan Leong On Distilling The Leong Memoirs
In this episode, we spoke with Nathan Leong, Founder and Managing Director of The Distillery and Rockstar Memoirs. The Distillery is well known by just about every designer in Sydney and many interstate Australian designers. Nathan is also the Founder and owner of Rockstar Memoirs who caters specifically for high school graduate yearbooks. We spoke about how great things happen with initiative, the human aspect of wanting to help people, running a business, hiring people you trust, expanding to south-east Asia, letterpress and how much an original Heidelberg weighs.
July 07, 2016
EP12: Nick Gower On Finding Opportunity In The Midst Of Chaos
In this episode, we spoke with Nick Gower Co-Founder and Director of Mentally Friendly. Nick founded Mentally friendly in 2004 with Jon Christensen and since then it has grown to over 50 staff based in Sydney and London. Today they help companies design and grow profitable digital businesses through planning, UX/UI design, product development, product growth and content & community. We spoke with Nick about traditional agency models and other ways to work, navigating a digital agency with emerging technologies, cross-platform retail, creating his own products vs agency process and creating a fun and collaborative work environment for designers and staff.
July 07, 2016
EP11: Ian Haigh On The Jacky Winter Stage
In this episode, we spoke with Ian Haigh computer guy/video guy/bon vivant from motion graphics company Ketchup. Ian runs his own business Ketchup which is a small company that uses film and animation to tell stories of brands – and the people behind them. He also wrote the script for Ease and Wizz. This episode was recorded live on stage at an event in Sydney called Jacky Winter Gives You The Business. We were invited to record a live episode on stage and cover 'How and when do I talk about money with a client?'. A challenging topic and we so in true ADR style we invited someone who knows about this stuff.
July 06, 2016
EP10: Flyn And Matt On Seasons Of Change
In this episode, we spoke with each other. We kick the conversation off by listing off the designers we would love to chat to during the next season before heading into the Hillary Clinton logo meme - it’s making World news at the moment and if you haven’t already read the stories then Milton Glaser’s piece on the AIGA blog is well worth a look. We discuss the Apple Watch and why Matt bottled out at the last second and bought a record player instead (knowing full well he will look at Flyn’s wrist with jealousy) and we examine some of the design events happening during VIVID Sydney at the end of May. Finally, we talk about being part of the Jack Winter event next month and how on earth we are going to do a live event.
July 06, 2016
EP09: Julie Faktor On The Writing On The Wall
In this episode, we spoke with Julie Faktor freelance design writer and Co-Founder/Creative Director of Yonder. Along with her business partner, Benjamin Gay Yonder creates a hybrid service bringing advertising and design together under one roof. This is a good analogy for Julie as well who throughout recent years has sought to bring more awareness to each side in the advertising/design divide through her work with the AGDA and AWARD councils. We spend some time in this conversation talking about living in San Francisco and working with the legendary Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Julie was in San Francisco during not only the Dot Com Boom but also for its Bust so we discuss what the city felt like in its peak and after the dust settled.
July 06, 2016
EP08: Amy Sheppard On Designing On The Client Side
In this episode, we spoke with Amy Sheppard the Digital Creative Director of Australia Post. Amy has had a long history of working both in and out of client-side so she’s the perfect person to give both sides of the story. As you’ll guess from her accent, Amy has only been in Australia for about two years. Previously working for Deloitte in both Sydney and Melbourne she hails from New York where she worked for corporate giants such as Johnson & Johnson and Weight Watchers when they were just a start up. Because of her recent arrival she was also the right person to answer last week’s question from Chris Billing when he asked about distinctly Australian design. Amy talks about what she knew about Australian design before arriving and what she knows now that she’s been immersed in it.
July 06, 2016
EP07: Chris Billing On Exploring Main Brain Drain
In this episode, we spoke with Chris Billing Founder and Director of the Foundry. The Foundry, a start-up collective devoted to bringing a larger spotlight to the creative communities of Tasmania. In this discussion, we spend some time looking at the Tasmanian design scene and the good and bad of being an island. We talk about the ‘main-brain-drain’ where creative talent feels the need to move to the mainland and we touch upon David Walsh and Mona’s ever-present influence on Tasmanian culture.
July 06, 2016
EP06: Tim Buesing On Boarding The Mentorship
In this episode, we spoke with Tim Buesing, Executive Creative Director at Reactive. Tim has over 20 years experience in digital design and has worked for agencies such as BBDO, Publicis, Razorfish and MetaDesign. For the last three years, he’s been known as a Creative Director of Reactive, editor of Adverblog contributor to Australian in Front and speaker at numerous events around the World. Tim talks through his approach to design, why he’s excited by digital experiments and the importance of collaboration. In our regular slot, we also pass on a question from our previous guest and ask Tim what he’s doing to encourage and help young designers. This leads into a listener email about mentors, how to get one and what to expect.
June 27, 2016
EP05: Jason Little On Upstarts And Startups
In this episode, we spoke with Jason Little, Co-Founder of For the People. Jason is known for a lot of things but mostly branding, in fact he’s been featured by D&AD multiple times for his branding and even been picked to be in the Graphis Branding annual. He’s been the Creative Director of Landor, not just here but also in Paris, still is AGDA NSW Chairman and up until recently was heading up Re: in Sydney. We spoke about his new agency which he founded recently with Andy Wright and Damian Borchok, their own podcast called By the People, technology, start-up and agency culture and much more.
June 27, 2016
EP04: Mark Stott on the Idea of Time
In this episode, we spoke with Mark Stott of Common Creative. Stott started Common in 2005 as a boutique design agency concentrating on brand and visual solutions. Mark originally started out in London working for the Designer’s Republic – the poster studio for a whole generation of designers. In ’97 Mark moved to the Attik before immigrating to Australia to set it up over here. 11 years ago though he decided to go out on his own and he’s been running his own studio ever since. In this conversation we get into all sorts of topics including design process, how designers can give back, finding time and even tinnitus due to an ill-spent youth.
June 27, 2016
EP03: Kevin Finn on The Power of Personal Projects
In this episode, we spoke with Kevin Finn Founder of TheSumOf, DesignNerd, and Editor and Founder of Open Manifesto. For fans of lateral thinking and The Six Thinking Hats, Kevin talks about what it was like to have de Bono Global as a client and how, Collaborating with Amanda Mobbs (CEO of de Bono Global) he developed a brand and visual language around Edward de Bono's life's work. If you haven’t already seen it check out Kevin’s work for the de Bono 56 book collection.
June 23, 2016
EP02: Chris Doyle on The Wild West
In this episode, we spoke with Chris Doyle of Christopher Doyle and Co. In 2009 Christopher was named one of InDesign Magazine’s Top Ten Faces before going on to set up his own studio: Christopher Doyle & Co. His work has won numerous awards both in and out of Australia and he regularly speaks on the design industry. Among the many topics covered Christopher talks about seeing Sons & Co. as part of the AGDA National tour and what comfort he found in famous web designers admitting they didn’t know code as much as they know design. Do we need to be jack-of-all-trades or can we just get really good at a specific area?
June 23, 2016
EP01: Frankie Ratford on Beginnings
In this, the very first episode of Australian Design Radio, we talk with Frankie Ratford Founder of The Design Kids. Frankie is one of the most active people in the design industry, having founded TDK in 2009 she's worked all over Australia including traveling tours in the TDK bus and more recently jumping from city to city for the TDK Fourplay exhibitions.
January 28, 2015