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Authentic Presence

Authentic Presence

By Authentic Presence Courses
Exploring the heart of living and dying. This podcast explores the deeper questions of human experience and caregiving featuring conversations with practitioners, pioneers in healthcare, and contemplative thinkers. It looks at what it means to care at the threshold of life and death and how mindfulness, meditation and contemplative wisdom can help us tap into our sources of wellbeing, purpose, and meaning. Training in contemplative care and end-of-life care:
The host: Kirsten DeLeo, teacher and author of 'Present Through The End'
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It's okay to be kind to yourself
Being kind to ourselves doesn't come easily. Especially for those of us who are caregivers. This short podcast offers you inspiration and a practical method to practice self-kindness because we all deserve it.
January 01, 2021
Frontline stories: Being a hospice chaplain during Covid-19
Annie Blampied-Radojcin is a hospice chaplain and interfaith minister in East Sussex/UK. She shares what’s it been like to serve patients and families during the pandemic and how she meets the new challenges.
December 26, 2020
Finding Self-Compassion In Our Grief
Facing the darker winter months in the middle of a pandemic is hard, especially when we are dealing with a loss. Treating ourselves kindly when we hurt doesn’t come easily. Kirsten DeLeo sat down with John Douglas, a meditation teacher, Authentic Presence trainer and therapist from West Cork/Ireland to explore how we can find self-compassion in our grief.
November 27, 2020
Doulas - The ‘firefighters' at the end of life
Kirsten DeLeo talks with Deanna Cochran, a longtime hospice nurse and a pioneer in the doula movement in the US.  Deanna currently chairs the End-of-Life Doula Advisory Council of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO). She is a graduate of the Authentic Presence, a training program in the contemplative approach to end-of-life care. Deanna is the author of Accompanying the Dying: Practical, Heart-Centered Wisdom for End-Of-Life Doulas and Health Care Advocates. Topics What it means to journey alongside a dying person The role of the doula in modern hospice/palliative care and the doula initiative of the NHPCO Serving as a doula during Covid-19 and advice for anyone who wants to become a doula at this critical time A look into the future beyond 2020
September 14, 2020
Let It Flow Through You - Being an ICU nurse during the pandemic
In this first episode, Erica Conery shares her experiences working as a night nurse at Albany Medical Centre/ NY in a ICU designated for Covid 19 patients. The interview was recorded on April 20, 2020. Erica was interviewed by Kirsten DeLeo, a faculty member of  Authentic Presence. This podcast is part of, a program offering training in contemplative care with a special focus on end-of-life care.
April 23, 2020