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Authentically Me Radio

Authentically Me Radio

By Serena Rose
A Podcast dedicated to activating the magic that is within us all through the power of authenticity, sharing, and transmuting with love.

Here you will find real-life experiences shared through the lens of: everything is always serving.
Serena invites on guests that are experts in their craft, along with the most authentic beings from all over the world.

Tune-in and experience raw, uncut conversations with woke AF humans. Learn more about Spirituality, what it looks like to be vulnerable on the day to day, and how to be human in this new age.
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54. Prostate Play and Sex Work with Rachael Zevecke
Everything is 'hacked' nowadays, so why not 'hack' your sex life? Sex Hacker + Female Empowerment Coach, Rachael Zevecke, shares her sex working secrets on today's episode. You will NOT want to miss this episode, I mean, check out all the juicy details below.. Today on Authentically Me Radio: What hacking your sex life means Tantric Penis Massage All of the benefits of prostate play for men and how to approach it with your partner Handy-Hacks for women to improve their hand jobs Edging- what it is and why you should try it Rachael's intimate story surrounding her choice to be a sex worker Connect with Rachael: IG: JOIN HER SEX HACKER PROGRAM: Master Your Man Connect with Serena: Apply to work with me here. FREE GIFT when you: SUBSCRIBE IG:
July 05, 2021
53. Strip Club Confidence + Body Dysmorphia to Authentic Confidence with Jasmine Rose
Join Serena and this self-proclaimed, transformational addict who goes by 'Jazz' (Jasmine Rose). In this episode we dive into the shadows and pain points of the human experience and how to transform pain into pleasure. We highlighted turning body dysmorphia and self-judgements into confidence that is authentic, and shared things to consider in 'the sex talk' to ensure authentic confidence in our future children. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - How to activate and connect to your inner voice - The masks we can wear and how to take them off - Why following what lights you up is important - What is authentic confidence and what could that feel like? - Body Dysmorphia defined and explained - Core Wounds and how to identify them - Things to consider in 'The Sex Talk' to build confidence in our children Connect with Jasmine Rose: IG: Website: Connect with Serena: Apply to work with me here. FREE GIFT when you: SUBSCRIBE Join the next Community Call IG:
June 28, 2021
52. Are you in a different place than your partner? Spiritually, Sexually, Emotionally.. (solo)
Have you ever felt like your partner wasn't in the same place as you? This can show up in small or big ways and it is important to not only be aware of, but to have the resources to grow through it. Please tune in to this episode and receive these beneficial relationship hacks, it could be exactly what you need. Sex + Relationships Coach, Serena Rose, shares examples of how these things have shown up in her partnership and personal experiences, along with the outcomes when these 'hacks' were applied. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - Energetics of relationships - Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine - What to do if you're not in the same place as your partner spiritually - What to do if you're not in the same place as your partner sexually - What to do if you're not in the same place as your partner emotionally - Relationship Hacks - Self-Growth Hacks Book recommendation HERE Connect with Serena: Apply to work with me HERE FREE GIFT when you SUBSCRIBE FREE Coaching HERE IG:
June 21, 2021
51. When to Leave + How to Receive: Authentic Pleasure with Brynn Marhefka
Sex, Love, and Embodiment Coach, Brynn Marhefka, joins us today and shares her personal journey about leaving her husband. Relationship transitions can be a challenging thing to navigate, and it may not be the choice for you- but experiencing authentic pleasure IS. Tune-in to this episode to hear the wisdom and insights that came through Brynn and Serena on both of these topics. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - What co-dependency can look like - How to know it's time to leave - 3 methods that could change your relationship forever: Relationship Board Meeting, Fast, or a Sabbatical - Faking orgasms and what that does - Emotional and physical bypassing: Are you doing this? - The ego and how it might show up in sex - So much more.. Podcast Resource Mentioned: CLICK HERE Connect with Brynn: IG: Website: Connect with Serena: Apply to work with me here. FREE GIFT when you: SUBSCRIBE Join the next Community Call IG:
June 07, 2021
50. Marriage is NO joke (solo)
On this episode, Serena opens up about a conflict she had with her husband and how they navigated it. Conscious partnerships depend on our energy, awareness, effort, and presence. You deserve a successful and satisfying relationship. Even conflict gets to be fun (or as fun as it can be)! Today on Authentically Me Radio: - Ways to navigate conflict - What marriage means spiritually - The 3 P's to help your relationship thrive - Embodiment and what we can learn from it in marriage - How shadow work and reflections can help us grow - Karmic Lessons through conflict - Triggering one another - Conscious Coupling Connect with Serena: Apply to work with me here. FREE GIFT when you: SUBSCRIBE Join the next Community Call IG:
May 31, 2021
49. Sex for Self-Discovery (solo)
Anyone can tap into sex as a tool for healing and self-discovery! Join Sex + Relationship Couples Coach, Serena Rose, as she shares with you her own personal discoveries through different varieties sex play. Even just talking about sex or listening to this podcast episode could provide breakthroughs in your self-growth and understanding. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - How to use sex as a tool for self-growth - Why sex is an important part of our soul's ascension - Double penetration and what it's taught me - Embracing 'shadow work' through kink/sex play - Releasing and retaining control as a submissive - 3 Self pleasure practices for sexual healing - Sexual Trauma and how disassociation can impact daily life - Brat/Brat-Tamer relationship and what that can look like Resources: - Existential Kink Book - Discover YOUR kinks and desires Connect with Serena: Apply to work with me here. FREE GIFT when you: SUBSCRIBE Join the next Community Call IG:
May 24, 2021
48. What you actually want SEXUALLY (solo)
There is so much we can learn about ourselves through the power of Sex. Join Sex + Relationship Coach, Serena Rose, as she shares her journey of self-discovery through sexual relationships and experiences. Here you will get the opportunity to reflect on who you are and what you may actually want. Learn more below. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - What defines who you are? - 3-Step Process for Self-Discovery - External factors that influence sense of self - Self acceptance and what it's taught me - How to actualize what you desire sexually - Take the BDSM-KINK test - Learn more about BDSM Connect with Serena: Apply to work with me here. Join the next Community Call IG: FREE GIFT when you: SUBSCRIBE
May 17, 2021
47. Womb Wisdom + BDSM with Rachel Beaudette
Listen to this week's episode featuring Pleasure Coach Rachel Beaudette. Rachel went from having BDSM-style sex in her younger adulthood to learning how to blend all parts of her pleasure into motherhood. She takes us through her empowering journey and shares what she calls, womb wisdom, with us all. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - Healing the motherhood wound - Womb medicine: what it is and how to use it - Ancestral imprinting on parenting and sex life - How EVERYTHING connects to sex - Embodiment and why everyone needs it - Pleasure Practices Connect with Rachel: Website: IG: Connect with Serena: Are you in a relationship and 'ready for more'? If so, click here. Let's connect on the next Community Call Website: IG: Listen: Want more: SUBSCRIBE
May 10, 2021
46. Why am I a Spiritual Sex Coach? (solo)
Why am I a Spiritual Sex Coach and what does that even mean? What does it look like to work with a Spiritual Sex Coach? This is a recent shift for me and my career, but one that comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me. In this episode, I dive into my background and what brought me to 'my why' as a Spiritual Sex Coach. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - What is a Spiritual Sex Coach - Victim Mentality vs Taking Responsibility - How I view Sex + how Sex can be a tool for healing - Life Coaching vs Therapy - Trauma Responses: what they can look like, how to hold oneself - Disconnection to body, desires, love - Spiritual and Empathic Experiences    Connect with Serena: Are you in a relationship and 'ready for more'? If so, click here. Let's connect on the next Community Call Website: IG: Listen: Want more: SUBSCRIBE
May 03, 2021
45: Sexual Trauma + Communication (solo)
Ah, sex and wordplay- 2 of Serena's favorite topics! Listen to this episode now and hear Serena dive deep into her own experiences surrounding language and sexual trauma. How do the two connect? Communication is widely known as the #1 most important tool for a successful relationship- wouldn't you agree?! It's just that there is much more that this tool and skillset can improve upon in your life.. Below you will see some of the key points from today's episode. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - How to stop projecting and own your feelings|desires|experiences - What could be influencing your language choices now - Communication in relationships - The #1 tool that helped me process trauma - Boundaries in conversations in + out of the bedroom - Conscious Language: what is it and ways it could help improve your life - What no one told you about communication - Language Upgrades (throughout the episode) Here are some books that have lit the path for me on my journey with language so far: Conscious Language: The Logos of Now Non-Violent Communication The 5 Love Languages Connect with Serena: Register for a Community Call: Are you in a relationship and 'ready for more'? If so, click here. Website: IG: Listen: Want more: SUBSCRIBE
April 26, 2021
44. Medicine from a women's cycle (solocast)
Have you ever been caught in a cycle or pattern? Women experience a moon cycle (or period) monthly which also comes along with it's own patterns as well. We are not alone in this experience, as men have their own cycles and patterns too. Let's dive into the topic of a woman's cycle and the medicine that is available to all of us during this dynamic release. Today on Authentically Me Radio: - Societal Conditioning surround periods and the stories men + women have adopted - Personal experiences surrounding my cycle - Sexual Education and Body Autonomy - 4 phases of a menstrual cycle - How to view 'that time of the month differently' - How to connect to 'that time of the month differently' - Red Tent: what is it and why is it beneficial for women to support one another - Medicine available to us through this release Connect with Serena: Register for a Community Call: Are you in a relationship and 'ready for more'? If so, click here. Website: IG:   Listen:
April 19, 2021
43. Post Wedding/Retreat Chat with Bae
Weddings alone have the power to bring so many emotions and relational experiences to the surface, as do retreats. On the weekend of 4.3.21, I took part in a life-changing ceremony, whilst holding transformational space the entire weekend for some of my closest friends|family (there for our micro-wedding). Join my (now) husband and I as we talk through our vulnerable experiences leading up to, during, and after our wedding slash retreat in an authentic way. Today on Authentically Me Radio: -Our magickal and emotional process in creating this once in a lifetime experience for our guests (and us ;) ) -Kingship among men: what is means and how important it is to acknowledge one another -The power of vulnerability and how it helped us navigate through -Calling in our community and the value of it -Accessing deeper levels of intimacy in platonic relationships -Transactional Relationships vs. Intimate Relationships Connect with Serena: Register for a Community Call: Are you in a relationship and 'ready for more'? If so, click here. Website: IG: Listen:
April 12, 2021
42. Authentic Love Transmission with my Husband
Love is sold to us every day- on tv, in movies, even on our newsfeed. I am not here to sell you love.. but I am here to share with you mine. Spiritual Sex + Life Coach, Serena Rose, is joined by her partner on this week's episode. They dive deep into the topic Authentic Love, what it is, and how one may have the opportunity to experience it. Today on Authentically Me Radio: -The layers & variations of love available to us -What is Authentic Love vs Surface Love? -Why surrendering & letting the ego die is so important in a relationship? -Past Relationship Holograms -What may or may not being holding YOU back from Authentic Love   Connect with Serena: Register for a Community Call Website: IG: @spiritualsexcoach Clubhouse: @serenarose Listen:
April 05, 2021
41. Life Problems are Business Problems with Cha Cha Magida
Join Serena as she interviews Life Coach and Artist Entreprenuer Cha Cha (Sarah) Magida about well.. #life, #art, and #entreprenuership. The current climate has led us all down a path we were not expecting and we have all been navigating things we weren't expecting to navigate as well. Cha Cha dives into what led her to #lifecoaching, how she blends #spirituality in her present reality, and what #COVID #challenges she has faced. Or no challenges at all. Life problems are business problems- join us as we tell you why. More about Cha cha: Cha Cha is a life coach and artist in beautiful #baltimore city. She is a #creatrix in every sense of the world and loves bringing people back to their #passion in life, the world and career. She primarily works with artists in her programs but stays open to #unicorn clients who relate to her #message. Connect with Cha Cha >> HERE Learn more about the podcast >> HERE
February 12, 2021
40. Rawthentic Chat on emotional growth through COVID with Bri Ariel
Join Serena and Bri as the move through what being present with everything during these challenging times have been like. Bri Ariel is a soul sister whom was brought into Serena's life through pure divine circumstance. Bri Ariel is an authentic, vulnerable, and sweet lightworker whom inspires many with her wisdom and charm. She is known as a soul teacher, business owner, an 'old soul with free spirit'. Check out her latest offerings to the world HERE Get a reading from Serena HERE
February 05, 2021
39. Thoughts and feels surrounding COVID
This is something that I have been more quiet about on social media because of banning, flagging, and new restrictions in place. However, here on my podcast- you get to here my thoughts and feels surrounding COVID. This share is vulnerable, because so many people have opinions regarding everything from how it started, the political side of it, and the vaccination. I want to share my views so that many others can learn how to do so in a loving way too. We are in this togther. WORK WITH ME
February 03, 2021
38. Women connecting to women, or not with Katie Lynn
In this episode, Serena interviews Queen Katie Lynn. We cover the ancestral wounds and real-life traumas that have the power to influence women and our ability to connect to other women- or not. With her background we compare the differences between therapy and life coaching. Katie Lynn is a, mother, psychotherapist, transformational coach and speaker who has dedicated her life to being the catalyst of transformation on your journey to creating a life of pleasure, purpose, prosperity and power. With over 14 years working in the field of psychology and personal transformation, Katie Lynn has worked with millionaires, millennials, mothers, serial killers and entrepreneurs as they step powerfully into their lives. On the way to becoming an embodied queen, Katie Lynn found herself exhausted from trying to portray a perfect life on the outside while knowing deep down she was anxious, depressed, heavily medicated, traumatized, divorced and living a lie. She knew that there was a higher calling on her soul and began to follow that still small voice within. Katie Lynn studied Psychology at the University of Seattle and earned her Master’s Degree at the University of Southern California. She has extensive training in Somatic Therapy, NLP, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and is highly intuitive. Katie has now created the Embodied Queen coaching programs where women come together to embody their authentic pleasure, purpose, prosperity and power! Queens can visit to learn more about Katie and her work. Learn more about this podcast at
January 08, 2021
37. Sensuality, Sexuality, Tarot, Being Honest, and Profit with Tamara Leigh Piron
Who knew that being true to yourself could produce a lot of money!? Well, it is one of the things I've always known but got to dive deep into and learn more about with my soul sister and vulnerability expert: Tamara Leigh Piron. Tamara is an online Biz & Social Media Strategist, whom offers Creative business strategy for the free spirit, wanderlust soul that wants to align with their passions & create financial freedom.. {Special Offer} HOW TO MAKE THOU$AND$ OF DOLLAR$ A MONTH ON INSTAGRAM (even with a small following) --> FREE 3 day training!  Book a Free Strategy Session - even if you don't quite know what you'll offer, but feel an inner pull!
December 11, 2020
36. Listen to 'the voice' and watch your business grow with Amber Valdez
Amber Valdez is a former TV Personality & NFL Cheerleader turned Life Purpose Cheerleader.  Amber is an author and speaker who is leading 1 million+ Lightworkers to own their light, activate their light, remember why they came, so they can get paid for their medicine & soul assignment. In 2016 her book, "Stickie Affirmations to Live your Purpose," went number one on Amazon's best seller list. Amber is a spiritual business coach & mentor to an International tribe of lightworkers, coaches, & healers. She is the Creator of The Lightworker Academy membership community, the Lightworker Activation worldwide workshop & the co-creator of The Lightworker Immersion & Mountain Medicine Retreats. Her online offerings include the Turn "You’re Crazy" Into Your Purpose virtual program, The Lightworker Mastermind, and the “Let your Light Shine Live”  live video bootcamp that teaches lightworkers to own both their dark and light and shine authentically online. Amber is committed to gathering & serving arm and arm with  the chosen 144,000 lightworkers to lead the planet through the ascension. Amber is proud to be supporting Lightworkers in activating their voice & being the cheerleader for others that she never had. For more information visit: or connect with her on Instagram, @iamambervaldez And, here's a link to her FREE abundance kit: 
November 20, 2020
35. I've never voted, and here is what I have to say about it.
This is a very personal episode in which I speak freely because #freedomofspeech. Now more than ever it seems the most controversial to share this part of my experience. I am not here to convince anyone of anything, or to take any power away from anyone either. If voting empowers you, I support you! I invite you to expand your mind and listen to my share surrounding voting. Similarly, to most Authentically Me Radio podcast episodes, the philosophies and wisdom in this recording can be applied to everyday life. For example, how easy it is to blame others for our problems vs taking responsibility of them. Tune in to find more. Link to Kevin Orosz HERE. The Facebook Post Mentioned. Let’s Connect More! Instagram + Facebook Community.
November 18, 2020
34. Sex is Everything with Jenna Hitchcock
Jenna shares with us her gracious spirit and insight into the world of Sex and how it is connected to everything we know in this life. Tune in to learn how important Sex Magick is to our everyday life, along with many other treats along the way. Including how to connect to the deepest layers of Self. More about Jenna: Jenna Hitchcock is connection coach, she helps women to deconstruct ideas around sex, money, and god-- allowing them to be seen as innocent/neutral energies in which to create the life and businesses desired from their highest joy and expression. This work is transformational and empowering for women as it reminds us of the truth of what we all are and once we remember we can live the life we have perhaps only dreamed of, and create it into our reality. Connect with her HERE. Be her Insta-friend HERE.
November 13, 2020
33. Overcoming Family Judgement with Rosie Volcano
Phew, this episode goes deep. Rosie doesn't just answer a question, she dives deep into what is underneath each of those 'answers' and shows us how to be present with ourselves by listening to her level of presence.  Have you struggled with family judgements? This episode is for you, 100%. Be a part of Rosie's community + experience her magical healing HERE. More about this Transformational Coach below: Rosie Volcano is a fiery force of nature whose soul’s purpose is to help others ignite their own inner fire. Through the power of authenticity and connection she has brought her teachings to thousands of people worldwide through powerful online and in person coaching experiences. Her own secret sauce of transformation includes a smooth and spicy blend of shamanic magic, sparkling spandex, and disney song alongs.
November 06, 2020
32. Imposter Syndrome + Money
Imposter syndrome is something that we all experience at one point or another in our lives. I explain on this episode what exaclty imposter syndrome is and my experience of navigating it. Join me as I explain my personal experience of imposter syndrome and how it has shown up for me so far. Join the community HERE. Receive a Tarot Reading from Serena for $5: HERE.
November 04, 2020
31. Inside Online Entrepreneurship with Alexa Houser
Are you an online entrepreneur? or perhaps have you ever wondered what that would be like? Join Serena as she interviews Alexa Houser, a self-made online entrepreneur who's business is booming on multiple platforms. Alexa discusses what brought her to this point now, the hardships and challenges of her craft, and gives solid advice for anyone walking this path. Alexa is an Intuitive Coach and EFT Practicioner (listen to find out more about what this is and experience it yourself!). I believe that everything is connected, and even if you are not an 'online entreprenuer' the content of this episode can bring awareness to the life you are building for yourself. LIVE EFT session included in this episode, to book a personal session with Alexa click HERE. More about this week's guest: After experiencing her own spiritual awakening which was catalyzed by back to back ER visits for an unexplained swelling of the body, Alexa discovered and fell in love with EFT, also known as “tapping”. She has benefitted from this quantum healing technique herself, utilizing EFT to process everything from anxiety, childhood trauma, relationship issues, sexual shame, money issues and beyond. In addition to building her EFT practice she is also the host of Innerbloom Podcast, a podcast about spiritual growth, intuitive empowerment, and conscious community. It is Alexa’s life mission to help others receive the healing they need and inspire them to step into their power as the creators of their own life experience. Listen to Alexa's podcast HERE. Contect with Alexa on Instagram.
October 30, 2020
30. Self-Worth and the Internal Struggle
Hello and welcome back to Season 3! When I first started doing this podcast, I knew nothing about creating a podcast and what this entailed. Over the first few seasons and leading up to this season I experienced self-doubt. Join me as I face off with my inner and outer realities to bring you the first Episode of Season 3! >> CONFIDENTLY!!
October 28, 2020
29. What is Divine Masculine? Learn more and lots of Spiritual Codes with Zachary G
Listen to host Serena Rose joined by Zachary G, a Mentor and Life Coach who helps people communicate better in relationships and level up their mind-body health. Zachary is a soul brother from another mother and I am so delighted to show and tell you about him. Tune in to learn more about our Spiritual Discoveries on this journey of life. We share on what Divine Masculine is and speak to how to step into that more. Find our more about Zachary G's offers HERE! Visit Zach G's website HERE. for updates + more!
July 14, 2020
28. Judgement, Challenges, and Real Life Sh*t with Jamie Skagen
What happens when an Authenticity Expert and Vulnerability Expert come together and chat? Well, tune-in to this episode to find out! There is so much real, raw, unfiltered, loving, and insightful conversation happening here. By example we will show you and share with you ways to step into the fullest expression of YOU. Free Coaching Call with Jamie >> HERE. Follow Jamie on FB >> HERE + Insta >> HERE. for updates + more!
March 13, 2020
27. Full Spectrum Medicine- The Layers of Spiritual Embodiment with Chrissy Marie
Join Serena and Chrissy as they dive deep into LIFE as a Spiritually Embodied human, because guess what- that’s what you are. As much as we are spiritual beings, we are also humans. Sisterhood and Emotional awareness is strong in this episode. Tune in and soften into the experience of life you’re having. Follow Chrissy: here. Reach out to her personally:
March 07, 2020
26. Dating with Herpes (Solo)
This is a challenging share for Serena, as she opens up more to you about her lifestyle of dating with Herpes. It is up to us to normalize the normal. 50% of the population has Herpes. Listen in to hear her perspective. Learn something new. Push edges. And to fight against the taboos of our culture. Please share this episode with those whom may benefit, you are not alone. xo -S
March 03, 2020
25. Dating + Attachments (Solo)
This is Serena's favorite Solocast so far this season! Attachment is defined as: The action of attaching something. It can be so easy to attach to certain things when dating, specifically. If your energy is attaching in some way, it's okay- you are human. But-- Why is this showing up? Why are you 'attached'? Let's bring some esoteric understanding into the subject of this and shine some light on what may or may not being happening.  Join Serena as she shares some personal experiences in relation to Attachments, how 'attachments' have shown up, how she has responded and navigated them, and some other helpful wisdom. To receive a Chord Cutting Ceremony, click here. 
February 24, 2020
24. Ancient Wisdom, Controversial Opinions, and Sex Advice from the Conscious Couple: Alexa Martinez + Jordan Bowditch
Join Serena in her first 3-way interview with Sex and Relationship Coaches AND Couple: Alexa Martinez + Jordan Bowditch. These two are an idealistic 'conscious couple' who share there secrets on keeping the sex alive, the relationship healthy, and what we need to know about dating as a human this day in age. Alexa is a sex and relationship by design coach and sex coach business mentor on a mission to reform sex education and sexuality expression across the globe. She is from the deep south of Louisiana and if anyone knows how to bust through taboos regarding sex, it’s her. She is the founder of The Violet Butterfly & The Kaleidoscope, a blog, brand, podcast and NY Times featured community with love, sex & relationships as the central focus. Alexa also speaks internationally on the same subjects. Blog >> Community >> Want, Will, Won't List >> Jordan is an unapologetic #consciousbro. Silly and sincereAF, he is the bridge between the esoteric and the generic, inspiring higher truths through humor and radical authenticity.  He is a men’s confidence coach, social media influencer, and event/retreat host/MC.  He facilitates elevated connection by creating safe spaces to not play it safe, integrating bioenergetics, interpersonal polarity and social magnetism into his work/play.  He is the Co-Founder and COO of Mystic Misfit, a conscious(ish) boy brand who host high end immersion experiences (think personal development bootcamp on steroids) and MC/facilitate events. Mystic Misfits >> Follow >> Thank you Jordan + Alexa for sharing with us! Please leave a review + share if you liked this episode! xo
February 21, 2020
23. Online Dating (Solo)
Join Serena as she keeps it 100% real about her experience and philosopies in regards to Online Dating. It may change the game for you. This episode is short and sweet, like most online relations- JUST KIDDING, or maybe not. Enjoy the show! Visit the website at for more info!
February 17, 2020
22. Sex, Shame, and Navigating it all with Sex Counselor Karyn Fleck
This episode is a vulnerable share for Serena, Karyn held space for our vulnerability expert to have a massive sexual breakthrough. We discuss shame, sex, our culture, suppression, and what it is like to be a sex therapist.  There are practical tools shared to help you enhance your level of intamacy, no matter where you are. Here is some more information about Karyn: Karyn is a Sex Therapist and Intimacy Coach based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has a Masters degree in Social Work and has been working in the area of counselling for almost 30 years. In 2017 Karyn took Layla Martin’s year long Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification course to further her specialization in sex and relationships. In 2018 she worked for Layla Martin as a Mentor for her coaching program and in 2019 became her Head Mentor, managing and supervising the mentors on the Layla Martin team. In 2020, Karyn has decided to focus full time on her work as a sex therapist specializing in people who are seeking support in their relationships. Her focus is particularly with people who are in relationships outside the mainstream culture such as LGBTQ+, polyamory, open or lifestyle etc. who are affected by an inability to experience arousal and/or desire whether due to trauma or other circumstances. Visit Karyn's website >> here. Connect with her on FB >> here. If you liked this episode, please leave a rating for Authentically Me! See more of Serena's vulnerability >> here. 
February 14, 2020
21. What is Conscious Dating? (Solo)
Today let’s discuss Consciousness as it correlates to dating. What is ‘Conscious Dating’? This episode is kinda fire, let's dive in! It feels important to say that whether one is ‘consciously dating’ or just simply dating that there are messages in here for all. We are all the same, all one, and all doing the best we can at being human and relating to one another. My wish is that this episode helps you be more aware of the exchanges of energy you share in the context of those relations and in dating specifically. Be conscious and wake up to what it is you are doing- you GET TO love yourself, the life you live, and in the relationships you share. Reach out to Serena for deeper support at
February 10, 2020
20. Containers, Sex Magic, Knowledge, and Love with Erikaa Briones
In this episode of Authentically Me, Serena interviews Erikaa Briones. Erikaa is an emotional clearing practitioner at the Spiral Institute. She shows creatives and entrepreneurs how to direct their sexual energy in a way that impacts their lives both in the bedroom AND in business. Before embracing this path of sharing her passion of sex, love, and archetypes Erikaa was living a double life. She was telling people she was a secretary but was working as a dominatrix in a dungeon. Her belief is that when you start to become really honest with yourself, then the whole world will reflect love back to you.  Erikaa blessed us with so much knowledge, resources, and her own real-life experience of navigating her previous double life. Learn what led her to where she is today, who and what inspires her to keep expanding, and tools with which she navigates inside and outside of the bedroom with. One of those tools is a Conversational Container, which ended up being a main talking point favored by both Serena + Erikaa. Both go deep into their self-expression, emotional shares (even touching on suicidal thoughts), and more. You do not want to miss this episode OR the special offer Erikaa has just for you. Link Below.
February 07, 2020
19. Permission Granted for Boundaries + Real Life Examples (Solo)
Join Serena on this Solocast as she welcomes her listeners back to Season 2 of Authentically Me. For the month of February, we will be focusing on Sex|Dating|Relationships starting with the topic of: Boundaries. What is a boundary? How does one define a boundary? And how does one honor those boundaries? You have permission to have whatever boundaries feel aligned for y o u, THIS is your permission slip. Examples used: - ‘I am not ready to share an orgasm with you yet.’ - ‘I am not in a space to communicate about this right now.’ - ‘Do not touch me.’ Or ‘I do not want to be touched.’ - ‘I appreciate your adornment, but I am not willing to engage at this time.’ - ‘What is your intention?’ - ‘Can you use more words to describe what you are saying to me?’ - Share your intentions. - Use the power of your words to set boundaries. - Speak your truth, whatever that truth may be. From Serena: ‘Man oh man you guys, it feels good to be back in the saddle, but I’ll admit I feel a little bit nervous about Season’s 2 release. It was weird to record everything back to back to back instead of on the fly. I am honored to be gifting my listeners an upgraded sound quality this go-around. A big shout out to all of YOU for being here + supporting me, to my sound engineer Max Wilson with Mix Well Studios, and to all of the beautiful guests who will be on Authentically Me this month!’ Set up a free 15 minute call with Serena if you would like to upgrade your ability to set boundaries >> here.
February 03, 2020
18. Rawthentically Me: Carlos Delaplaya
Everyone meet my soul brother Carlos, he is one of the most authentic people I know! The flow of this raw conversation and what comes through is pure magic! Join us as we drop deeply into the heart, soul, and experience of life to share it with you! Carlos is a Personal Expression Coach who is on a mission to gift 100 FREE coaching sessions in 90 days, tune-in and use the link below if you’d like to receive from him in a deeper way: @carlosdelaplaya on IG Carlos DelaPlaya on Facebook @DelaPlayaCarlos on Twitter Thank you for sharing in the magic of life with me! -S
July 13, 2019
17. Rawthentically Me | Pick Your Friends Follow-up (Solocast)
Last week’s Episode was a doozy for me, on a personal and real level. Join me this week as I recap, follow-up, and dive deeper into the subjects at hand.
July 08, 2019
16. Authentically Me: Joel Olmstead
Joel Olmstead is a Physician Assistant and Wellness Coach who thrives in life with spiritual disciplines and scientific evidence. Upon first meeting, Joel and I were instantly connected. The true evidence of our brotherhood and sisterhood is in this podcast episode making it was a treat to interview him on Authentically Me.      Join us as we discuss the trajectory of our lives since that first meeting and what we have been able to decode throughout the process of expansion. This interview was free- flowing, heart-centered, and wisdom-filled. There is so much to be had in the presence of our day-to-day lives, which Joel and I both discuss as we dive into a living a more conscious lifestyle.     I say this after every interview BUT I think this one was my favorite! (Probably because Joel is one of my favorite humans!) My wish is that you enjoy this Episode as much I did- recording it! And so it is. -S     Follow Joel here: 
July 05, 2019
15. Authentically Me Magic| New Moon Medicine
The New Moon is upon us and I am here to read the energy for the Collective Consciousness. The New Moon in Cancer is the start of the next phase of our lives holding space energetically for the next 6 months. Tune in for this Energy Read, Affirmations, a Moon Mantra, Life advice, and so much more. You are Magic. And so is this Queen who I shouted out in this Episode: Katie Lynn. Here is her information to follow, so subscribe to continue to receive.  The Light in Me Honors the Light in You. -S
July 03, 2019
14. Rawthentically Me | Pick Your Friends (Solocast)
On this Episode I: Explain the Connection I have to The Collective Consciousness Am Reborn Have an Anxiety Attack Share what I have learned in regards to 'Picking Your Friends'. Proccess Emotions LIVE Define some Spiritual BuzzWords. Talk about my retreat: Circle of Sisters Gathering| September 13th-16th| West Virginia Learn more by visiting: | Hit 'Apply' if you want to join! | Follow my Soul Sister and Co-Host: Leesha Epler on Instagram @leesha.tdh  I trust this message touches the lives of those who are ready to receive it. -S
July 02, 2019
13. Authentically Me: Ben Azadi
Ben Azadi is a 3X best-selling author, speaker, founder of Keto Kamp, and educator of all things keto and fasting. From a formerly obese video game addict to who he is today, Ben has first-hand experience to share in how to turn your health around with real-life ways to do so. Join us as we dive into deep conversation on everything body, health, and diet. YES we touch on Spirituality too- you don't want to miss this informative, vulnerable, and loving dialogue. It may be JUST what you need to hear.   Discover more medicine from Ben Azadi here: 
June 28, 2019
12. Authentically Me Medicine | Energy Read and The Octopus
It’s Woo Woo Wednesday and I am bringing you the m a g i c TODAY with this Energy Read. Ride the wave with us and tune in for this week’s dose of medicine. Learn more about the Animal Spirit here to guide us through this time: The Octopus. Thank you so much for being here! -S
June 27, 2019
11. Rawthentically Me | Golden Information (Solocast)
Quick re-cap and update from the last Solocast on my journey with picking one thing, plus GOLDEN INFORMATION. If I had to sum up all of what I have learned through Self-Development to the most universally vital tid-bit: It is this. I kept the message general so that each of you can relate it to whatever is most present for you. Tune In and to hear more. You are loved. -S
June 24, 2019
10. Rawthentic Conversation
Welcome to the first of many in a series called: Rawthentically. Instead of an interview style conversation, Loni and I have an intimate, raw, and uncut convo sharing our most authentic selves with you. Here you will find real-life scenarios and hear about our growing pains|gains of embarking on the ‘Spiritual Path’. Loni and I relate to one another through our California  versus the East Coast experiences. Tune in to grow with us. We are all growing through this experience together! -S
June 22, 2019
9. Authentically Me Medicine| Everything is Medicine
Tune in for visualizations, breath, presence, and learn how to turn everything into medicine.
June 19, 2019
8. Rawthentically Me | Do you struggle to pick one thing? (Solocast)
Have you ever struggled to pick or focus on one thing? Join me as I speak to my present processing of this exact scenario and share vulnerably about where I am at plus past patterns that have led me to this point. My wish is that my LIVE processing is the exact message that you need to hear. -S
June 17, 2019
7. Authentically Me: Frank Jay
Authentically Me: Frank Jay. Frank Jay is a Philosopher, Writer, Life Consultant|Coach, Key Note Speaker, and Retreat Facilitator. He will go down as the first Spiritual Mentor I ever invested in and in my eyes will always as an insurmountable inspiration. It is always a pleasure to experience what this man brings to the table, and TRUST me he b r o u g h t it in this Episode! If you are into self-improvement, spirituality, or if you have ever had questions about either- you will want to tune in and receive. It was an honor to have Frank Jay on as a guest and pleasure to share the medicine from this human's heart to yours. 'A man on a mission to bring the Spirit of Life to the hearts of as many people as possible.' Follow him on Instagram @iamfrankjay Love you all, -S
June 15, 2019
6. Authentically Me Medicine | Self-Love Guided Meditation
Join Serena as she invites you into the warm embrace of Self Love. This is something that I know WE CAN ALL USE MORE OF, our world is c r a v i n g for it's humans to love themselves. This is a short, welcoming, easy, and fun meditation for those who have never tried it before and for those who want to try something new! Enjoy and remember: You are Love. -S
June 12, 2019
5. Authentically Me: Jordan Bowditch
Authentically Me: Jordan Bowditch. Jordan is Lifestyle Design Coach, Bulletproof Performance Hacker, Retreat|Event MC, and Co-Founder of The Mystic Misfits- and a dear soul brother of mine. I have had the pleasure of crossing his path multiple times along my journey with personal development and have been touched deeply through our exchanges every time. It is an honor to share with you authenticity in the form of Jordan Bowditch and in our conversation throughout this episode. Join us as we discuss what it looks like to show up genuinely both online, offline, and in dealing with matters of the heart in front of 50+ people. Jordan is an amazing story teller who will keep you engaged while dropping humor and truth bombs along the way. It was a blessing to have him on the show and absolutely divine since his name was dropped in the 1st Episode: 'Who the F*** am I?'. Please tune-in and experience my FIRST PODCAST INTERVIEW EVER (of many to come)! As always- I love you, -S  
June 07, 2019
4. Authenically Me Medicine | Collective Tarot Read (Work Your Light Oracle Deck)
Spirit asked me to jump right into a Tarot Read with a very important message for the collective energy. Energy is building and guidance is needed at this time. If you feel the pull- find a comfortable place to sit, tune in, and receive. The Light in Me honors the Light in You.
June 05, 2019
3. Rawuthentically Me | The Power of Words (Solocast)
Join Serena as she speaks to her own personal challenges in and around her surrounding Wordplay. In this episode, learn more about The Power of Words and how to be more intentional with what we say and why to pay mind to it in the first place. Words are spells cast when spoken, whether or not you are in tune to the power behind them- it is there. Reclaim your power by tuning in. You are powerful. You are reclaiming your power now. -S
June 03, 2019
2. Authenically Me Medicine | Meditation (Chakra+Healing)
Join Serena as she takes you on a meditative journey, this Episode starts with breathing prompts and leads you into a soft, intimate space for healing. This healing is for yourself and the collective energy, because we are one. Come into alignment with your energy fields through this chakra focused guided meditation. I recommend finding a comfortable place to relax, tune in, and 'be' for the duration of this Episode. To stay conscious, I would recommend sitting up opposed to a deeper release while laying down. Hold your favorite crystals for grounding and enjoy! I love receiving feedback! Please let me know what you feel|experience on a review! I love you.
May 29, 2019
1. Rawuthentically Me | Who the FUCK am I? (Solocast)
I am Serena Rose, a human with a phone recording this Podcast for you right now. Join me as I dive into how to answer that question and discover a deeper part of self by raising your self-awareness. Throughout this Episode I invite you on the journey of Authentically Me and leave you with questions to meditate on, journal with, or simply just digest. Here are the links to the Radical Humans mentioned Jordan and Alexa! Until next time FAM, -S
May 22, 2019