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Author Bound

Author Bound

By Laura Winter
Turn your aspiring author dreams into published reality. Resources to help you on your authorpreneur journey.

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Goal Setting for Authors

Author Bound

Writing to Market
What does writing to market mean? How can you use it to your advantage? Does this mean you can't write what you love? We explore these questions in this week's episode of the Author Bound podcast. Website
February 2, 2021
Strategies to Prioritize Writing
Let's make this our writing year. But how can we get started and keep that momentum later in the year? These four strategies will help you break your goals down and actually get writing done. Blog - 4 Ways to Prioritize Writing Website
January 19, 2021
Goal Setting for Authors
We wrap up 2020 and the first season of the Author Bound podcast talking about setting goals and how to set yourself up for a successful new year. Check out our page at and share your goals for 2021. We'll see you next year!
December 15, 2020
Self Care for Authors
This week we talk about different ways to care for ourselves, especially during the holidays. Have other ideas? Tweet us @authorbound with your suggestion. Find us at and be sure to rate and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. You can support this podcast and other resources on Patreon.
December 8, 2020
Building an Audience with Reader Magnets
Reader magnets are a critical piece of marketing for an indie author growing their audience. Email lists belong to you, which is why you want to take care of the people who have given their email to join your tribe. Build connection and give them something of value. Today we talk about what sort of reader magnets you can offer and what value you can give back to help conversions down the road. Mentioned in podcast: StoryOrigin | Bookfunnel Find us at and be sure to rate and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. You can support this podcast and other resources on Patreon.
December 1, 2020
Power of a Series
Curious why many indie authors turn to series to launch their writing business? We have the answers and talk about why you might want to launch with a debut series to keep readers, and yourself, entertained. Find us at and be sure to rate and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. You can support this podcast and other resources on Patreon.
November 24, 2020
Building an Author Website
Your author website is the central hub for your audience... but what exactly should you include? The Author Bound podcast shares information about what content to include on your author website and why it doesn't have to be perfect right away. Patreon | YouTube | Author Bound
November 17, 2020
Debunking Self-Publishing Myths
Heard that self-publishing is the 'easy way out'? How about that you have to spend thousands of dollars to self-publish your book? Author Bound is here to debunk all of these myths and give you resources and confidence to publish your book. Patreon | YouTube | Author Bound
November 10, 2020
What it takes as an authorpreneur
Tips on what it takes to be an authorpreneur - a writer who runs their publishing like a business. If you're ready to dedicate yourself and put in the hard work, this one's for you. Read more about how to be an authorpreneur. Patreon | YouTube | Author Bound
November 3, 2020
Considering participating in National Novel Writing month in November? Here's why authorpreneurs should add it to their schedule. NaNoWriMo website Patreon | YouTube | Author Bound
October 27, 2020
Turning Writing Into a Career
Common advice says we shouldn't turn our passions into a career, but we think otherwise. Learn how Author Bound can help you keep your passion and work through the not so fun parts of self-publishing so you can focus on writing. Patreon | YouTube | Author Bound
October 20, 2020
Defining Authorpreneur
What does the term authorpreneur mean? How does it affect us as writers? Transcript can be found on the Author Bound website. Patreon | YouTube | Author Bound
October 13, 2020
Thank you for checking out the Author Bound Podcast! I'm Founder and self-published author Laura Winter. My goal is to give you great resources to help you become an authorpreneur. No matter where you are on your self-publishing journey, Author Bound is dedicated to delivering advice to help you make this a reality. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast wherever you listen. You can also check out our blog for more in-depth advice. If you'd like to support the making of this podcast and help Author Bound deliver great resources, head to our Patreon and learn more.
October 7, 2020