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The Autism Father Podcast

The Autism Father Podcast

By Autism Father
This is a podcast about autism and raising three kids who are on the autism spectrum in varying degrees of severity. I will give tips on how we have handled certain things plus tell you all of the fun and interesting stories.
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Keeping Autistic Kids Calm During a Hurricane or Storm
Hurricane Hanna blew through our area this weekend. In this episode, I give some tips on keeping the kids calm during a stressful time. I hope that someone will find these useful for anytime there is a storm brewing outside.
July 27, 2020
Who Cares What Other People Think
Sometimes people who are not on the autism spectrum or raising an autistic child don’t get it. You may have to avoid family get together or someone may give you weird looks in the grocery store if your child is melting down. It doesn’t matter. Don’t let others feel bad for being you or doing what is best for your child and family.
July 22, 2020
Support Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis
I have seen instances where sometimes a child will get an autism diagnosis and the dad is unwilling or unable to accept that their child has something going on. Some dads don’t ever acknowledge it while other dads disagree with the moms on treatment, medication and how to handle every day life when it comes to their child. In some cases the parents divorce or the dad leaves. I encourage all dads to ask questions but be open minded even if they don’t see it or accept it, because at the end of the day the child needs both parents on board for life!!
July 21, 2020
My Son’s Therapies and How They Have Helped
In this episode, I talk about the therapies that my son has been receiving, what was addressed and how they have helped him and us.
July 17, 2020
Introduction to Me & Our Life
I do an introduction of myself and talk a little bit about our life as autism parents.
June 30, 2020