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Part 1 - 2018 Autism Dialogue Conference - keynote talks.

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Whole community learning using Bohm Dialogue in the field of Autism. We are a new and growing community of autistic people, their families and friends, and autism professionals, practitioners and researchers. Established 2017. Sheffield, UK.

Coming soon - interviews and broadcasts for Autism, Dialogue and all in between.
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Part 2 - Autism Dialogue 2018 Conferene
The recordings from Part 2 of the Autism Dialogue Conference, Sheffield, UK, 14th December, 2018. Jennifer Layton Annable – Autism researcher. Panda Mery – Almost too calm neurodivergent researcher. James Pelham – Autscape. Dinah Murray – Participatory Autism Research Collective. Libby Scott – Autistic 10yr old renowned blogger. Kym Scott – Early Years Trainer and Consultant. Lisa Reidy – Sheffield Hallam Autism Research Partnership. Hester Reeve – Reader in Fine Art and Bohm Dialogue tutor, Sheffield Hallam University.
December 30, 2018
Part 1 - 2018 Autism Dialogue Conference - keynote talks.
The Inaugural Conference of Autism Dialogue on 14th December 2018, Sheffield UK. This episode is the keynote speeches from: Jonathan Drury (Autism Dialogue) Jane Ball (co-founder Academy of Professional Dialogue) Carol Povey (Director of the Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society) Anna Nibbs (Learning and Teaching Enhancement Adviser, University of Sheffield)
December 18, 2018
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