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Part 2 - Autism Dialogue 2018 Conferene

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Group dialogue facilitation, coaching & mentoring in the fields of autism, neurology and holistic mental health care. We are a new and growing community of professionals, practitioners and researchers, some of whom are autistic and some who are not. Listen to inspiring interviews and conversations with a wide range of interesting people!
Established 2017 in Sheffield, UK.

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Interview with Holly Bridges, author, keynote speaker, therapist and inventor of the Autism Reframe Technique (A.R.T).
Jonny Drury interviews autism author and practitioner Holly Bridges, prior to departure from Perth, Australia for a working tour to the USA and UK.  In an at times, candid and personal discussion, the pair cover a wide-range of difficult, contemporary (and historical) issues around the phenomenon of autism, the limitations of Western science and language, and try to address some of the deep-seated problems autistic people constantly face in a predominantly medical, deficit-based environment. Holly is a keynote speaker, workshop leader and 1:1 therapist and the founder of an innovative technique which uses the widely respected Polyvagal Theory (Stephen Porges) along with inspiration gained from Anat Baniel's pioneering 'neuromovement'.  Holly starts from the premise that every autistic person can 'upgrade' their mind / body connection, if they are given the right tools and are treated respectfully, positively, and creatively. The beauty of the PVT, Holly says, is that it can explain to autistic people what might be happening for them.  Holly's technique pushes past the ‘glass ceiling’ of autism, reducing the sensory distress and re-engaging awareness of the physical system.  Holly says "I don’t work with how to make autistic people fit into the world, just how to fit into their body better." www.zebr.co
March 11, 2019
Interview with Caroline Pakel, creative facilitator, coach and founder of 'To the Heart'.
Caroline Pakel has been working as a creative facilitator, coach and trainer for 15 years, helping individuals, teams, organisations and communities around the world. Before that, she was a cross-cultural qualitative researcher with clients including the Disney companies.  Caroline’s passion is in the facilitation of understanding and change for greater wellbeing, and the production of regenerative solutions for the future. One of the focuses of her work today is about generating authentic and compassionate leadership. She is particularly interested in bringing dialogue tools to the community: helping others open to different ways of being and thinking; helping them connect or re-connect with themselves and others and get involved in and committed to the creation of a more sustainable future, for themselves and for future generations. Caroline will be co-convening the national Autism Dialogue project in Sheffield, UK in 2019. Here we had a great chance to interview her just two weeks before the unique programme started, to get a better understanding of her and her approach and style. Also available as a video. Caroline's website www.totheheart.com Autism Dialogue www.autismdialogue.org Flow Dialogue - website coming soon
March 3, 2019
Part 2 - Autism Dialogue 2018 Conferene
The recordings from Part 2 of the Autism Dialogue Conference, Sheffield, UK, 14th December, 2018. Jennifer Layton Annable – Autism researcher. Panda Mery – Almost too calm neurodivergent researcher. James Pelham – Autscape. Dinah Murray – Participatory Autism Research Collective. Libby Scott – Autistic 10yr old renowned blogger. Kym Scott – Early Years Trainer and Consultant. Lisa Reidy – Sheffield Hallam Autism Research Partnership. Hester Reeve – Reader in Fine Art and Bohm Dialogue tutor, Sheffield Hallam University. www.autismdialogue.org
December 30, 2018
Part 1 - 2018 Autism Dialogue Conference - keynote talks.
The Inaugural Conference of Autism Dialogue on 14th December 2018, Sheffield UK. This episode is the keynote speeches from: Jonathan Drury (Autism Dialogue) Jane Ball (co-founder Academy of Professional Dialogue) Carol Povey (Director of the Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society) Anna Nibbs (Learning and Teaching Enhancement Adviser, University of Sheffield) www.autismdialogue.org
December 18, 2018
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