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The Average Golf Society Podcast

The Average Golf Society Podcast

By Rob & Warren
A golf podcast for the average golfer. We don't focus on what the pro's are doing, this is for all of you shankers, hackers and bandits out there. Join us for tips, amusing stories and much banter
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Par Putt Penny
This week we are joined by the golfer, wellness coach, and thoroughly lovely lady, Penny (@parputtpenny on Instagram) Penny shares some fascinating insights into what it was like to work at a golf club during the pandemic.  Cracking listen
April 30, 2021
Golf Fitness
This week, Warren and Kev are joined by Joe from Joe Macro Golf, a coach specialising in golf fitness for amateurs.  This episode was recorded just before golf was reopened in England, so the boys are very excited about their upcoming return to the fairways.
April 9, 2021
Colin McCarthy
Rob is off this week. Stepping in to fill his boots is the one and only Kev from Golf Guys Reviews. Wazza and Kev's guest is Colin McCarthy (@colinmccarthygolf on Instagram) Colin is a golf coach and content creator. If you haven't already be sure to check out his awesome videos on Instagram.  Enjoy
March 19, 2021
Amateur Golf Collective
This week we are joined by Jay from The Amateur Golf Collective (@amateur_golf_collective on Instagram) Jay talks us through the ethos behind the AGC, to bring together independent golf brands under a mutually beneficial umbrella. We also learn about The Box, AGC's purchasable package of mysterious golf goodies. Enjoy
March 5, 2021
Q&A with Average Tim
This week we are joined by Tim We're sorry.
February 19, 2021
Michael Campbell !!!
We mark our 50th episode with an absolutely cracking guest, 2005 US Open winner Michael Campbell. Michael was good enough to give up his time and give us some insight into what it is like to play as a professional, what it is like to win a major and what it is like to beat Tiger Woods. We were bowled over by Michael's warmth and humility and we really hope you enjoy our conversation with him. The episode was recorded a few months ago, just prior to the Masters and it was so special we decided to save it for our big 5oth.  Enjoy
February 5, 2021
Christer Holst
Not much golf to discuss this week as we are all in lockdown, which is why its the perfect time for a chat with Christer Holst (@christerholstgolfing on Instagram). Christer is from Sweden, a country lucky enough not to have any lockdowns thus far. This is why he was able to play over a hundred rounds last summer while the rest of us were housebound! Enjoy
January 22, 2021
The Golf Bros
This podcast was recorded in late 2020 and the rules around COVID have since changed. Don't worry we are staying safe and sticking to the rules. In our final podcast of the year, we are joined by Matt and Rich Brooker, The Golfing Bros. In one of our more meandering chats, we talk about condiments, Lowestoft, how to evade the wife for a cheeky round and much more.  Thank you to all our guests and listeners in 2020. Here's to an awesome 2021 (It can't get any worse! Right!?)
January 8, 2021
Bonus - Music to get you pumped for Golf 2020
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
We've had some cracking guests in 2020 and we've also had an eclectic range of answers for our question 'What music gets you pumped for golf?' Here are a selection of our favs Spotify only I'm afraid
December 30, 2020
The Golf Fiend
This week we are joined by Sean Barnhart who is the creative genius behind The Golf Fiend Club. Sean's unique branding needs to be checked out. You can visit his website here Enjoy
December 11, 2020
The Newbie Golfer
This week we are joined by Sinead (@sineademgolf in Instagram). Sinead has only been playing golf for a year and due to injuries and lockdown she has barely been on the course at all.
November 27, 2020
This week we are joined by Fergz (@fergz_7 on Instagram), who many of you will know from the Only Fools & Golfers Podcast or from his Youtube Channel.  As usual, Fergz talks us through his golfing journey and offers his unique insights into our wonderful sport.
November 13, 2020
Par73 Apparel
This week we are joined by Aaron Waterhouse from Par73 Apparel (@par73apparel). Aaron talks us through his own golf journey as well as how his golf clothing brand came into the fold Enjoy
October 30, 2020
The Number Thirty Three
This week we are joined by Justin Eldridge, professional skater and the mastermind behind The Number Thirty Three.  Enjoy
October 16, 2020
Elevation Golfing Nation
This week we are joined by Alex Frolish (@elevation_golfing_nation on Instagram). Alex has many people's dream job - a commercial pilot, which means he has travelled the world and played golf at many courses that us mere mortals can only dream about. Alex shares with us his golfing story, some of his favourite courses and of course, the music that gets him pumped up for golf. Enjoy
October 2, 2020
Zippy: Local Legend
This week we are joined by a good friend of Warren's, Zippy Fryer (@zippygolfer on Instagram). Zippy is a near-scratch golfer and plays at Warren's local course, alongside Rob's dad. So expect lots of banter and a few pearls of wisdom.
September 18, 2020
Northern Golfer Girl
This week we are joined by Emma Martin (@northerngolfergirl on Instagram) Emma talks us through her golfing journey, the ups and downs of being a female, gay golfer and her questionable taste in music! Just kidding Emma, there's no question your music taste is bad! ;-) We both thoroughly enjoyed this one and we hope you do to
September 4, 2020
Uncool things in Golf
No guest this week, instead, we settle in to talk about the most stupid, irksome and downright annoying things from our favourite sport. Enjoy
August 21, 2020
That Ozy Guy
This week we are joined by Dan Frost aka @thatozyguy on Instagram. Dan is a @banditgolfapparel abassador, but more importantly, he is a thoroughly decent bloke! Expect the usual banter, our review of our latest society game, more piss taken out of Rob's shoes and probably a small mention for Tim too!
August 7, 2020
This week we are joined by Alex from ORKA (@alexorkagolf on Instagram) If you don't know much about the ORKA brand, this is how they describe themselves... "ORKA Golf is a multi award winning, leading hardware brand for professional club building, club fitting and product design utilising innovative technologies. Everything we make is custom fitted and built to your exact requirements by our network of professional custom clubmakers and club fitters."
July 24, 2020
Golf and Mental Health
This week, we are joined by Ryan Curtis from The Club (@wetheclub on instagram). Ryan is part The Club Talks, an initiative helping mental health through golf. They raise funds for their partners, CALM, as well as offering mental health training for staff in the golf industry. Please check them out
June 26, 2020
The Lock Down
Its been several months since we last released an episode. We have not been able to play golf, therefore there has been nought to talk about! But finally courses have reopened and we are back to tell you what we have been up to.
June 12, 2020
Golf Guy Reviews
This week we are joined by Kevin who guys by the name of Golf Guy Reviews on his Instagram, Twitter and Youtube channels. Kev wowed us with his knowledge of golf shoes and by the end of our hour long conversation, we declared him a thoroughly nice chap!  Enjoy
April 10, 2020
Alice Hewson, Professional Golfer
Greetings from the 'lockdown' Not much golf is being played out there at the minute. Luckily, a few weeks ago, we were able to chat with Alice Hewson (@alicehewson97 on Instagram) about her golf career. Alice won her first event on the LET recently and we think she'll be a big star in the future. Enjoy
March 27, 2020
The Disabled Golfer
On this week's podcast, we are joined by Mike Jones (@mikejonesdisabledgolfer on Instagram) who has some really interesting insights into his experience golfing with a disability.
March 13, 2020
Ladies Tees & Buddy Golf
On this week's episode we go through the fallout of our recent society game which was cancelled due to a water logged course. We also discuss whether in this modern age we should still be referring to tees by gender, and Blakey is back to answer another of your rules questions. Our guest this week is Steve Brett, a previous guest who is back to discuss his new app - Buddy Golf, an app designed to help golfers find playing partners.
February 28, 2020
Average Tim
He's been on the Podcast a few times before. Warren refers to him (affectionately) as the Karl Pilkington of our podcast. But we've never dedicated a whole episode to him. So, this week Average Tim (@tim_moo28 on Instagram) is here to talk about his golf journey. Warning - this episode contains much banter and a few naughty words here and there. Sorry mum
February 14, 2020
The Travelling Lady Golfer
On this week's podcast, we dissect our recent round at Ufford Park and Blakey explains the ruling if you find your ball in a water logged bunker. Our guest this week is Sarah Forrest (@sarah_thetravellingladygolfer on Instagram). As the title of this podcast suggests, Sarah has the extremely enviable job of travelling the world as a golf journalist. She has played golf in more countries than she cares to remember and has some amusing stories to share. Enjoy
February 7, 2020
Golf Rules
We've got an absolute belter this week! Warren is joined by Blakey aka @golfrules_questions on Instagram. Blakey has built up quite a following answering his followers questions about the rules of our fantastic but complicated sport. Amongst other things you can hear how he got into golf, how he shook Tiger Wood's hand last year and he's got possibly the best answer for 'worst club in you garage' that we've ever had. Enjoy.
January 24, 2020
Cack Handed Golfer
This week Rob sets out his golfing goals for 2020 and we discuss Cameron Smith's recent win dedicated to those suffering from the fires in Australia. Our guest this week is Ronan McDermott, who you can find on Instagram under @cack_handed_golfer. Ronan has a very unique swing, some great taste in music and he shares his 'worst club in his garage' with us. Enjoy
January 17, 2020
Bandit Golf Apparel
In our first podcast of 2020, we are joined by David who runs Bandit Golf Apparel
January 10, 2020
Open Stance Golf
This week we are joined by Joe Bryon-Edmond, the man behind the popular Instagram page @openstancegolf Joe talks us through how he got into golf, his Instagram page, what he thought of his trip to Portugal this year (he played the same courses as us) and he comes up with an absolute belter for our 'Songs to get you pumped up for golf' playlist. Make sure you listen to the end as after we have chatted with Joe, we give our review of 2019, both on a golf and personal level.  Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020!
December 19, 2019
No guest this week, instead we've answered some of the questions you've been sending us via Instagram. Highlights include: How to convince someone to play golf in just 10 words, whats in our bags, if you have to drink a shot on every hole how long would you last and whats the best golf movie. Enjoy.
December 6, 2019
Social Golfing
This week we are joined by Luke James who goes by the handle of @socialgolfing on Instagram. We talk to Luke about his pet hates, music, why he left his former club, ideas for improving the appeal of women's golf and much more.
November 29, 2019
Teenage Golf
When we sat down to chat with Danielle Ferry ( on Instagram) we presumed we would be talking about the women's game not life as a teenage golfer. We had know idea that she had started golf at a very young age, played serious competitions, then fell slightly out of love with it in her later teens and stopped playing completely when she went to university. Now, Danie has rediscovered her passion for the game. This is her story.
November 22, 2019
The Rookie Golfer
This week we are joined by Lewis Reynold (@rookie.golfer on Instagram). Lewis writes a blog (, aimed at the average golfer, much like our podcast. Its a good read for anyone looking for product or course reviews tailored for the higher handicapper. Check it out.
November 8, 2019
Josh Antmann
This week we are joined by the presenter of the Sky Sports Golf Podcast, Josh Antmann (@joshantmann on Instagram) Josh found it quite the novelty to be the guest on a podcast for a change. We talk about how he got into golf, how he became a producer at Sky Sports, his podcast, golf fashion and of course, his favourite music to get him pumped up for golf.
November 1, 2019
Portugal 2019
This week's episode was recorded live from sunny Portugal where we enjoyed 3 days of golf, beer and banter. We stayed just outside Portimao, at the Morgado resort. You can here our thoughts on the facilities, the course as well as the two other courses we played - the Alamos and Salgado. Spoiler - all three were excellent :-) Tchau!
October 25, 2019
Average Guy Golf
We are back to our roots this week - chatting to average golfer, Phil Murphy (@average_guy_golf) Phil is relatively new to the game but is eager to learn, improve and enjoy our wonderful sport. Enjoy
October 18, 2019
The End of Season Weekender
Last week was our end of season stay-away and our society travelled to Wensum Valley just outside of Norwich for 2 days of golf, food and alcohol. Find out how Rob got on in the final of the knockout cup and whether Warren managed to claw back the remaining points he needed to steal the coveted league trophy. Enjoy
October 11, 2019
Solheim Cup Special
We don't usually cover the pro game on our podcast, but we were both so inspired by the awesome performance from the ladies at the Solheim cup that we wanted to give our views on it. We have also gathered together not 1, but 3 guests. Emma Brown (@theladygolfcoach) talks about the pride she felt for the European team. Ashley Harris (@enablegolf) was at Gleneagles and talks about what it was like for people with disabilities and covering the event as a photographer. Lastly, we have Josh Antmann (@joshantmann) who was part of the excellent Sky Sports Golf team covering the event.  Josh is joining us for a proper chat in two weeks time. But if you want to hear more from him in the meantime, he presents the Sky Sport Golf podcast.
October 4, 2019
Golfing Loves and Hates
This week we are joined by the main man, the internet sensation, the long-haired, pink sock wearing heartthrob known as Average Tim. Between the three of us, we discuss what we both love and hate about our wonderful sport.
September 27, 2019
The Lady Golf Coach
We start off this week's episode with a recording we made on a trip to Mill Green Golf Club where we met Shane (@golfing_on_the_daily) for a round. Then the main event is a chat with Emma Brown (@theladygolfcoach) who is a PGA Professional coach at The Kendleshire Golf Club in Bristol. Emma talks us through her golfing life, how she became a coach and her thoughts on the women's game. She is a very warm and passionate lady and we think you will really enjoy our chat with her.
September 20, 2019
Far From Par
This week we are joined by Daniel who runs the hilarious instagram account @farfrompargolf_vlogs Daniel talks us through his (recent) journey into the golfing world and how he started making videos with his mates. 
September 13, 2019
Northern Ball Markers
This week we are joined by Dan who makes personalised, hand made ball markers under the name Northern Ball Markers. We have spoken about the exceptional quality of these ball markers on the podcast before, so it was great to have him on the show and discuss his golf, making the markers and his taste in music. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow Dan on Instagram (@northernballmarkers), and check out his website
September 6, 2019
Golf Photography
In this cracking episode of the Average Golf Society Podcast, we talk to Patrick Koenig (@pjkoenig on Instagram). He is photographer who captures awe inspiring vistas from some of the best golf courses in the world. As you would expect, he is also full to the brim with interesting stories and we were extremely lucky that he shared a few with us. To see more of his work, check out his website: Enjoy.
August 23, 2019
An Instagram Guru
This week we talk to Instagram comedy genius @golf.views (also known as Jack) about the secret to growing an Instagram golf page. He is also the man behind, a page where average golfers take on the Can You Make A Par challenge. We also talk about golf snobbery. Enjoy
August 16, 2019
Disabled Golf
This week we talk to world number 1 disabled golfer, Ashley Harris (@enablegolf on Instagram). Ashley educates us on what golf is like for disabled players. He talks about his personal journey and the challenges he has overcome to get where he is today. It's a very inspiring story and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.
August 9, 2019
Family Golf and Dream Fourballs
We packed an awful lot into this week's episode. Firstly we had our recent society match to unpack and analyse. Then, having not put out a podcast last week, we needed to talk a little bit about The Open. We were also joined by Rachel Hill (@golf_run_train_repeat on instagram) whom discussed her own golfing journey and the joys of playing with her entire family. Then to top the episode off we answered some of your questions. Our dream four balls proved to be quite the point of conversation.
August 2, 2019
Charity Golf
This week we are joined by Lloyd Osagie, whom you might know from Instagram as @oneputtlife. When we caught up with him he was on the home stretch of playing 30 courses is 30 days, raising money for Breast Cancer Care and The British Heart Foundation. He is doing this whilst working full time, so I am sure you will agree that it is quite an achievement. If you want to donate via Lloyd's Virgin Money Giving page, please follow the following link:
July 19, 2019
The High Society
This week we are joined by Steve from 3-Putt Life, a society that boasts 150 members from all over the world. Steve tells us how the society was formed and how it operates. He also talks a little about his upcoming app 'Buddy Golf' which aims to connect golfers with paying partners.  The 3-Putt Life community are very active on instagram and they are all well worth following, but in particular check out these accounts that Steve mentions on the podcast... @3puttlifesociety,, @justyouraveragegolfer, @oneputtlife, @lloydigolf And for new on the Buddy Golf app, visit
July 12, 2019
Golfing on the Daily
This week we are joined by Instagrammer, Golfing on the Daily. He has swapped martial arts for golf and had some very funny musings on how his journey in the game has progressed over the past 18 months.
July 5, 2019
Your Questions Answered
This week on Instagram we asked our followers to send us over any questions or topics they wanted us to discuss on the podcast. Thank you to everyone who responded. You can hear our views on pitch mark repair, pace of play, driving irons and much more. If you are not already following us on Instagram, just search for @theaveragegolf, and if you like the podcast why not take a minute to leave us a few stars and a review. Thanks for listening.
June 28, 2019
Girl Power
We are very happy to be joined this week by a prolific blogger and Instagrammer who writes under the moniker of Ladies Golf Blog. She shares her views on the game of golf from a female perspective. If you like what you hear you can find her on Instagram @ladiesgolfblog. Or if you want to read about her golf related musings visit Enjoy
June 14, 2019
Top tips to take 10 shots off your round
This week we are joined by fellow society member Tim to share some valuable tips and tricks to save 10 shots off your average round. Definitely a good episode to listen to if you feel a little wisdom would go a long way in helping you improve your game. Thanks for listening, and if you would like to get in touch you can find us on Instagram @theaveragegolf, we would also greatly appreciate a rating. Cheers.
June 7, 2019
Is it on?
It's the very first episode of the Average Golf Society Podcast, so we thought it would be best to introduce ourselves, explain why we want to do a podcast and have a little chat about our personal golf experiences. Hope you enjoy
May 24, 2019