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Aviation Action Podcast

Aviation Action Podcast

By Soma Pemmireddy
Aviation Action charity was found by Chris Wild (Head of Airfield Operations @Manchester Airport Group) and being supported by many aviation professionals. Aim of this podcast is to reach out to those in need and support them as appropriate by sharing tips and career advice + some amazing stories of colleagues working in aviation and support services. We hope you enjoy Aviation Action Podcast and please follow us by subscribing.
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First woman Airline CEO - Mrs Harpreet A De Singh
This episode NOT TO BE MISSED! It was an absolute honour talking to the first woman CEO - Mrs Harpreet A De Singh of Alliance Air Airlines (A subsidiary company of Air India). Harpreet talks about how she overcame challenges and what has helped her all the way to keep her spirits up in what's once called a very male dominated industry. Being first is not new to Harpreet! first woman pilot at Indian flag carrier called Air India, first woman flight/ground instructor and now the boss at Alliance Air. Her exemplary way of seeing things positively and learning from whatever comes in her way has definitely helped Harpreet achieve great heights and leading by example.  Please feel free to read about Harpreet on following links: 
March 8, 2021
Aviation Action Charity and it's Services by Sophie West
Short but very sweet conversation with Sophie West from Aviation Action, who explains what the charity stands for and services offered by Aviation Action.  Sophie by trade a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and volunteering as an Executive Board Trustee at Aviation Action charity.  Enjoy the episode and please don't hesitate to reach us on for any help or to get involved in helping others through the charity.  PS: Aviation Action Clearway has now successfully finished on 28/02/2021 and more updates on our social media pages and 
March 1, 2021
Time to Talk with Rob and Stevie - Episode 6
Pease read Podcast description for further details.  It's easy to think there's no right place to talk about Mental Health.  WRONG! We have 2 x wonderful aviation colleagues Mr Rob O'Dare from Bristol Airport and Mr Stevie Muir from Edinburgh Airport, both of them have come forward to share their difficult yet very valuable personal and professional experiences with intention to help those who may be experiencing anxiety and mental health conditions. MUST listen to see from their point to of view and don't hesitate to get some help.  And CLEAR WAY initiative starting from 01st Feb 2021 can be registered via   Please Note:  During this podcast Rob discusses the cost of the counselling he received.  Since recording Rob has researched further and identified that counselling and therapies are available to those without, or not wishing to use, employer support at very affordable costs.  For example, a range of therapies including CBT, CFT and hypnotherapy are provided to members at AnxietyUK on a rolling scale between £15 and £50 a session depending on employment status and/or household income. Visit Access Therapy - Anxiety UK for more details.
February 3, 2021
Success of Aviation Action
After successful few months since Aviation Established under Chris Wild, it's time to catch up with him to see how far we have come and celebrate success with our audience.  We are officially now a UK registered charity, for more info, please tune in and listen to the episode. Thank you all for your support as always. 
December 31, 2020
Conversation with Colin - Episode Four
During this episode Mr Colin Russell, who's a Director of Safety and Security at Flybe, talking to us about his personal experiences and how he coped and coached others during challenging times. Also providing some advise and tips to our listeners on how to make sure we maintain high aviation standards despite of challenges being faced in current circumstances.  Having worked in Royal Navy for 19 + years, Colin shares his experiences of transition from Military to Civil.  
October 4, 2020
Human Performance and Factors by Dr Sarah Flaherty
In this episode, Dr Sarah Flaherty beautifully describes human performance and factors across aviation industry and other.
September 12, 2020
Episode 2 - Aviation & Human Factors
In this episode our guest Felicity Argent who’s an expert in Aviation Human factors takes us through her experience and expertise. Felicity shares some tips and tools to overcome any potential human errors that cause due to fatigue or stress.
July 30, 2020
Story of Aviation Action by it’s founder Chris Wild
Our host George Bloor interviews Chris Wild, the founder of Aviation Action. Chris takes our listeners through the aim of Aviation Action and services available within this charitable initiative. Also, for anyone out there listening to this podcast, Chris explains ways to get involved and support members of aviation and the industry especially during pandemic times.
June 21, 2020
AAP Launch
Welcome to launch of Aviation Action Podcast. Aviation Action is a charity initiative found by Mr Chris Wild (Head of Airfield Operations @Manchester Airport Group) and being supported by many industry professionals and experts. Aim of Aviation Action is to reach out to those who may need help & support working in aviation industry, such as providing advice on coping and overcoming mental health issues and building resilience, skills upgrading and many more. Throughout our podcast episodes, we aim to produce 1-2-1 interviews with experts and some amazing stories of aviation colleagues and industry insight where appropriate. We hope you enjoy the episodes to come and don’t forget to hit subscribe button to be notified of new episodes. Happy landings 🧘‍♂️.
June 14, 2020