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avocadotoast is a podcast for and by young people to increase political literacy and awareness among young Millenials and members of Generation Z. Each episode is split between the weekly news and a socio-political political topic the hosts explain and discuss around. The hosts offer varying levels of expertise of the subjects they choose, and sometimes have guests around their age to discuss topics that are either relevant to their lives, or that they might have expertise in.
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82: Coronavirus, pt. IV
Griffin delves into non-corona news, but Jessi just talks about all of the depressing US-related news. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @jessi_quinn @SirGriffington
April 5, 2020
81: Coronavirus, pt. III
The world keeps turning and this week we cover a sweep of coronavirus news, largely focusing on US executive orders. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @jessi_quinn @SirGriffington
April 2, 2020
80: Coronavirus, pt. II
We'll keep reporting on this until they make a vaccine for it I guess... Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
March 22, 2020
79: Coronavirus, pt. I
Talkin' corona. Although, this was recorded about a week and a half ago. New episode VERY soon. Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
March 20, 2020
78: What is Super Tuesday?
News updates include: Buttigieg, Guinea Bissau, Harvey Weinstein's trial, Israel, and Coronavirus. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @jessi_quinn @SirGriffington
March 3, 2020
77: Post-College Adulthood
Griffin and Jessi tackle the truths and lies about what you're "supposed" to be doing after you graduate college. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @jessi_quinn @SirGriffington
February 25, 2020
76: Will There Be War with Iran?
Woooowwww sorry for that hiatus bruv, shit really hit the fan but now we're BACK baybee! Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
January 5, 2020
75: Are Boycotts Even Effective?
Wow sorry about the depressive episode too. I'm trying to get on top of editing things on time but god is dead and so is Jessi. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @jessi_quinn @SirGriffington
November 6, 2019
74: New Atheism is Just Old Racism
So so sorry for the delay. I was away the last 3 weekends 'cause I'm a crab. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @jessi_quinn @SirGriffington
October 28, 2019
73: The History of GMOs
This could also be titled "Griffin steals Jessi's BA in Environmental Policy". Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
October 6, 2019
72: The Overpopulation Myth
This one's really great, despite it being a little longer than usual. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
September 27, 2019
71: Israeli Election, part 2
Apologies for the episode being late--I couldn't fix the sound quality. Jessi sounds like they ate a hornet of bees and it just can't be fixed. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
September 27, 2019
70: Square Up, Andrew Yang
Sorry for the delay--Jessi edits the episodes and they were so sick the last few days all they did was sleep. But never fear! We are back and ready to fight our least favorite presidential candidates, as always! Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @jessi_quinn @SirGriffington
September 19, 2019
69: Jewish (Dis)loyalty
Had to cut out like 20% of the episode because it was just Jessi screaming because a spider fell onto their mic and they live alone. Also it's episode 69....nice...! This episode was partly inspired by Trump's comments last week and a conversation on antisemitism Jessi had this week. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @jessi_quinn @SirGriffington
September 3, 2019
68: What's Happening in Hong Kong?
Griffin and Jessi explain the situation in Hong Kong and talk about some updates on the protests and police brutality. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
August 23, 2019
67: Epstein's Murter
Was Epstein murdered or did he actually commit suicide? We use Epstein and his crimes to segway into a long talk about sex work and sex trafficking, primarily talking about the grave missteps that have been made by legislation to stop sex trafficking. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastppn @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
August 22, 2019
66: Generational Difference
Jessi and Griffin talk about the differences between Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z as a result of a dumb conversation Jessi had to have. We also talk at length about the recent mass shootings and Latin American political news. Follow us on Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn
August 12, 2019
65: We Play Catch-Up
So unbelievably sorry about the wait on this one. Jessi was at a conference for work and then just moved and started their job literally three days ago. Jessi edits and uploads the episodes, which is why this happened. Things should be on track from here on out! Follow us: @SirGriffington @jessi_quinn @avocadotoastPPN
August 7, 2019
64: Democratic Debates, part 1
Jessi and Griffin discuss the highlights and disappointments of the first round of Democratic Debates for the 2020 election.
July 3, 2019
63: Let's Talk About Representation
Same show, different week, different news.
June 17, 2019
62: God Punchers
Which faiths are cool with being queer? Which religions recognize more than two genders? We talk about that after we're done with news (around 26:00)
June 10, 2019
61: All Corporations Are Bastards
Griffin gets heated about cops, corporations, and politicians, and Jessi just tries to keep up--while mostly agreeing. There is a solid mix of good and bad news this week.
June 3, 2019
60: Sloughs of News
We have tons of great news and tons of terrible news.
May 29, 2019
59: Much Ado About Religion
IDK there is just so much news omg pls listen. Also at one point the audio is fucked up but then it goes back to normal I promise.
May 13, 2019
58: It WARRENts a vote
We catch up on 2-3 weeks worth of news and spend a lot of time talking about the recent town halls, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigeig. We delve into the various terror attacks that have been happening. We also catch you up on our lives! Jessi graduated with a job!!
May 6, 2019
57: The Israeli "Election"
The recent Israeli election re-elected Netanyahu as Prime Minister. There is a lot of good stuff if you want to hear it, it starts after halfway through the episode.
April 15, 2019
56: What's Wrong with Zoos? (feat. Casper Peters)
There is just so much news I don't even remember anymore. But Cas answers questions like: are zoos bad? is captivity bad? are the animals depressed? and other stuff. Let us know if you have more questions for Cas that you'd like answered! Send them in to our twitter!
April 1, 2019
55: Send News
This week we talk about the Christchurch massacre, Venezuela, 2020 Democratic nominees, natural disasters, and more! Last week was extremely busy.
March 25, 2019
54: Accountability & Call-out Culture
From the blackout in Venezuela to the cheating scandal going on in the US, we cover a bUTTload of ground in the news this week, so be sure to listen!
March 17, 2019
53: Science Denialism
We discuss why people don't believe in climate change and why people are so afraid of vaccinations.
March 12, 2019
51: Who Will Be Our Nominee?
Lots of news that I don't remember now ahhhh sorry just listen. We talk a lot about Bernie Sanders who just announced his run for the 2020 presidency. We discuss who is most likely to win the democratic nomination.
March 4, 2019
52: Political Participation
Jessi and Griffin discuss a lot of Israeli news, the India-Pakistani conflict, and the Cohen trial. We end the episode with a discussion on political literacy and participation, talking about the ways other countries increase or mandate voter participation and why its important for us to find a solution to this problem.
March 4, 2019
Ep 50 Bruh!!!!!!!
WE DID IT BiNCH !!! In this ep Jessi and Nicole dump more news on the listeners than a Texan pipeline dumping jet fuel into the Indiana River (that'll make more sense once you listen to the ep, promise). And at the risk of sounding click-baity, we've got a pretty big and important announcement for all our lovely listeners so make sure you slam that mf play button (the announcement is right at the beginning because we here at avocadotoast believe in instant gratification, as it is in our millenial/centennial nature that we simply cannot escape) Enjoy!
September 14, 2018
49: "Good" Comedy
Jessi and Nicole talk about what makes John Mulaney and the McElboys SO GREAT at comedy. Spoiler: it's the fact that they don't try to disparage groups of people (other than jugglers, of course). BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: LISTEN TO THE LOL WORD:…d1362313152?mt=2 Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Links:…ot-report/amp/…y-parade.amp.html…bilization-programs/…donald-trump.html…uthern-indian-state…esias-lombok-island…ex-abuse/index.html…ate-law-1.6390496…-weekend-box-office/…shooting/index.html…-monitored-for-year…ath-intl/index.html…story?id=50809368…public-health/…-consent-you-can…lty-plea/index.html…amazon-tribe.html…wseum-statue.html…-return-and-rebuild…-thrones-video-game/…arettes-1.6411472
August 27, 2018
48: Domestic Violence
This week we are joined by psych student and mental health advocate, Elsa Marie Moeller (who is also our good friend since forever). She helps us tackle the complicated topic of intimate partner violence. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: LISTEN TO THE LOL WORD:…d1362313152?mt=2 Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Links:…-private-57150361…canceled/index.html…collapse.amp.html…ttack-faryab-ghazni/…n-denver-57180270…-or-other-witnesses…-street-clean-up…er-2016-1.6385086…-effect-1.6384899…lin-dead.amp.html…illion-over-budget…l-school/index.html…t-review/index.html
August 20, 2018
47: Racism is Bad
Nicole and Jessi catch you up on the last month's news! And then we tell you... not to be racist. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: LISTEN TO THE LOL WORD:…d1362313152?mt=2 Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Links:…06_story.html…-death-sentences,7340,L-5309871,00.html…nal-mediation/…ce-champions.html…didates-2020.html…l-in-just-24-hours/…13-story.html…ouse-committee/…d-police-say/…es-los-angeles…ministration.html…lection%2Ftheater…lection%2Ftheater…rdose-report.html…recinct-maps.html…ons-deadline.html
August 13, 2018
Seriously--how many times do we have to say it? BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: LISTEN TO THE LOL WORD:…d1362313152?mt=2 Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode Links:…a3_story.html…cing-prison-time-fo…can-we-be…02_story.html…boys-rescued.html…ign=buffer-bi
July 9, 2018
45: The Supreme Court
Jessi and Nicole catch you up on news from the last 1.5 weeks of mess and Nicole gives you a run-down of the Supreme Court! BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode Links:…69_story.html…69_story.html…ble-condition/…other-trishmishtree…agnitude-tremor…blic-transit.html…_breakingnews…f0b9e9a630b2…tm_content=20180626
July 2, 2018
44: Keeping Up with the Podcasters 2.0: the International Edition
Jessi and Nicole catch you up on their summer plans and Jessi's travels. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode Links:…m-kneeling.html…times&smtyp=cur…ty-lon-orig-bks.cnn…e-dead/index.html…3c1aa77d3c827bd4
June 27, 2018
43: Contraception
This week Jessi and Nicole tackle contraceptive options and tell you a little about our personal experiences with various types of birth control. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode Links:…t-fda-bn/index.html…l-friday/ar-AAxsSdP…tcy-idUSKCN1IJ0IS…0200bcab94bf2
May 28, 2018
42: The Electoral College
Nicole and Jessi explain the electoral college and why it ought to be abolished to be better suited for our modern world. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode links:…-community-college…32b10bfb44ab…ort-david-marcus…KqYq#.jzzOr4KqYq…67_story.html…-final-season-cw
May 21, 2018
41: Nicole ruins the podcast!
Nicole and Jessi talk about fuck-all, but mostly college. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode links:…ina-second-visit…52_story.html…outs-america.html…ees-released.html…any-payments.html
May 14, 2018
40: Sugaring (trouble in paradise)
Jessi and Nicole discuss some very stupid reddit comments on Jessi's post about their experience where a sugar daddy ghosted them!! BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode Links:…ml?no-st=1524858087…utm_term=4ldqpho…es-talking-about…/jobs-report.html…dish-academy.html…3yyEv#.pnVjDLLWV…e-injection-site
May 8, 2018
39: Not as Tired as OUR TROOPS!!
Jessi, Nicole, and Jessi's roommate Amy talk about the military and many of the issues with the US armed forces. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode links:…ead-tim-bergling…l-school-walkout…e-house-shooting…ter-center-kabul…for-his-seat/…19th-century/…tion-in-2020/…-banks-fraud.html…dead-mini-me.html…ss-cambridge.html…estrians/index.html…s-kaepernick.html…iran-climate.html…ona-congress.html
April 30, 2018
38: Israel Talks: De-escalation from Gaza
Jessi introduces the news and for the episode it is a talk from Grisha Yakubovich that they heard in Israel. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Episode links:…2a1&tid=sm_fb…nned-in-the-uk/…utm_term=4ldqpho…st-civil-lawsuit/…a2_story.html…a2_story.html…ampaign-spending…2a1&tid=sm_fb
April 23, 2018
Ep 37: Travel-the-World Privilege
This week Jessi and Nicole talk about the privilege to travel. BECOME A PATRON: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter @avocadotoastPPN Links:…orea-nuclear.html…emerovo-fire.html…view-sacramento…ss-testimony/…tml?smid=fb-share…cc_story.html…-plane-crash.html…PBBKA#.ctJAnggJv
April 16, 2018
LIVESHOW! Talking Israel and Conflict
This episode Nicole and Jessi discuss the merits of enjoying art even if problematic people have been involved in the production of that art. DONATE HERE: OR HERE: BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Episode links:….9aeac0e1f7b9…n-blasts/index.html…tuary-cities.html
April 2, 2018
36: Stigma Against Mental Illness
In this episode, Jessi and Nicole discuss, you guessed it, stigma against people with mental illness both in the news and in media. DONATE HERE: or HERE: BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Episode links:…047655a06c60/…YEELV#.vveXoAAwk…-support/ar-BBKBzZi
March 26, 2018
35: LEGENDS ONLY: Stephen Hawking Mcfreaking Died but Amelia Earhart's Bones are [CONFIRMED]
In this episode Jessi and Nicole discuss what an iconic genius Stephen Hawking was for wanting to run over Margaret Thatcher's toes with his wheelchair and give a Good/Bad/Ugly profile of America's (gay) Sweetheart: The one and only Amelia Earhart! (Spoiler: Meeley has done nothing wrong ever in her life) DONATE HERE: OR HERE BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Links:…8MT8&pnref=story….1f186ff0b6e6….d6d7ae5e24d9…ial-election.html…ef_story.html…dge-collapse.html
March 19, 2018
33: Toxic Masculinity
UPLOAD DATE: Monday March 12, 2018 TITLE: 33: Toxic Masculinity AUTHOR/ARTIST: avocadotoast DESCRIPTION: Nicole and Jessi talk toxic masculinity and Nicole discusses a seminar she recently attended on the topic. DONATE HERE: BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Episode links:…9JJOZ#.kp22MbbVq…redistricting-ap/…4U8.facebook…a-school-officer…to-riots/ar-BBJt0Xz…on-corruption-charg
March 12, 2018
32: Keeping Up with the Podcasters
This episode Nicole and Jessi just get back on track and catch up with a lot of persona news and world news that took up the entire episode. DONATE HERE: BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Episode links:…peace-prize/…ef_story.html…r-renewables.html…e-in-washington-dc/…interference.html
February 19, 2018
31: Ableism
This episode Nicole and Jessi explain what ableism is and describe why it’s so shitty in all of its forms. DONATE HERE: BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Episode links:…the-fcc-says/….2e5e651dc3ef….68735fe0bdb1…own-day-zero.html…k_time=1517336939…terest-rates.html
February 5, 2018
30: Can you enjoy problematic art?
This episode Nicole and Jessi discuss the merits of enjoying art even if problematic people have been involved in the production of that art. DONATE HERE: BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Episode links:…/….34cb67124d49…pgtype=collection…s&WT.nav=top-news…a99rq#.avLPXjjA2…fauna-the…Ojjg8#.bmOjxww94
January 29, 2018
29: Should Student Athletes be Paid?
This episode Jessi explains to Nicole why she thinks college football players should be financially compensated for potential injury and labor. DONATE HERE: BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Episode links:…n-kuwait-airways/…-for-u-s-senate.html…-jacobs-assault…nth-sentence.html…e-arpaio/index.html…A0mNV#.plEK2J1eO….3fcf35168b7e….99ae3cc6fce9…aca-improper.html…en-raids-ice.html…juana-bill-governor…/954423162929901569
January 23, 2018
28: The Paul Brothers
This week Jessi and Nicole discuss recent controversy over Logan and Jake Paul, including Logan Paul’s disgusting video in Japan’s Mt. Fuji suicide forest. DONATE HERE: BUY A POCKET NOTE HERE: Episode links:….5dd44ca530d9….6631c31762e5…-others-1202651199/…ens-seat/ar-BBHMW6l….645cf1e1d0d6…rid-idUSKBN1ES0WC…-90-idUSKBN1ES0HM…inton-foundation/
January 8, 2018
27: 2017 Year in Review
Nicole and I touch on the highlights of 2017 news stories. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: BUY A POCKET NOTE: Follow us on... Twitter: @avocadotoastPPN Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Links:…als-idUSKBN1EH05A…f4_story.html…ump-1831578306…ic-tweet/ar-BBHpE0z…17-compared-to-2016…-lead-service-lines
December 30, 2017
26: Vaccinations
This week we talk about the news we didn't report on for the last two weeks, potential democratic candidates for the 2020 election, and vaccinations and why we all should get them. Follow us on... Twitter: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Look at our our new network! Episode links:…ox-deal/index.html…/4585/cosponsors….b9561a6ea7c1…sed-the-house-of…5233416_3210.html…tling-2017-12…n-30-from-record…erg-idUSKBN1EF2TE…election/ar-BBH673Y….d5c5744d11ac…-king-26887007….63c6328cfab2
December 23, 2017
25: Intersectional Feminism
Sorry for the very late episode--finals are *Jean Ralphio voice* the Woooorst. Join our facebook group pls pls pls. Follow us anywhere we have accounts, you know the logo. Donate to us, we need moolah: Episode links:…or-swift.html
December 13, 2017
24: Colonialism/Nicole Loses It On the Podcast
This week, since Nicole and I are together and she doesn't know anything about history, I school her in the process of American colonialism. Donate (PLEASE!): Follow us on: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Links:…-a7913681.html…sworn-in/ar-BBFzdMd
November 26, 2017
23: Bill Clinton: The Good/The Bad/The Ugly
This week Nicole and I do a profile where we talk a lot about the shit Bill Clinton has done, regardless of how hot he is. Donate: Follow us... Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Links:….7cfee9a7cd80…ine-leak/index.html
November 19, 2017
22: Voting and Elections
This week Nicole and I talk about the history of voting rights and voting laws, and also highlight the enormous successes of the elections this past week! Donate to our Patreon: Follow us on... Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Facebook: Facebook group:…0/?ref=bookmarks Links:……ocialflow_twitter….15813711859a…death/836890001/…election/ar-BBEPVBQ…ctions-america
November 12, 2017
21: What Makes a Role Model
This week we talk about what role models ought to be, and what celebrities need to be doing better, especially to be better role models. Our host, Jessi, released a book this week, you can purchase it here:…eywords=worlwhind Donate to us here: Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Email: Links:…led-students/…e-of-the-same/22
October 29, 2017
20: I'm Coming Out and You Better Get This Party Started
This week we talk about what it's like to come out as a sexual orientation and a gender orientation, both to family and to friends. (CW: in our news section this week we talk about sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein, and the "me too" movement) Thank you to Matt Vitullo for being our guest this week! You call follow his instagram here: Follow us on... Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Links:…8308?pnref=story…protested/12804778…-news-makes…yfive
October 22, 2017
19: Gun Control Policy
This week we talk about some really heavy news and potential solutions to our gun control problem. FYI, you can now listen to us on Stitcher! Follow us: Facebook: Facebook group:…1404155682995961 Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Links:…ef6be9ebc.html…sults-see-90…slannister…g-felipe/index.html….3f837d9d798c…ge-raised-to-21/…are-marseille-morts….b2a083df50db…down-gays-n806641…tistics-maps-charts…gs-gun-violence…05f005d35ae02…stralia-updated/
October 7, 2017
18: The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder (also patriotism is gross)
This episode we talk a LOT about news--everything from parliamentary collapse to Kylie's pregnancy to racists loving the flag more than they care about people of color's well-being. Our topic this week was patriotism, so we talk about how racists conflate patriotism with standing for the national anthem and "respecting the flag" (whatever that really means). Like our Facebook page and join our group! Page: Group: Donate to our patreon! Episode links:…n-female/index.html…s-act-waived.html…rive.html?mcubz=1…-elphinstone.html…te-house/index.html…th-care/index.html…-be-sued/index.html…-arrested-n805796…5oQ2G#.abOp0K6DO…chrisevans-x…-in-the-bronx/
October 1, 2017
17: Explaining Jewish Holidays
This week, Nicole and I spend some lighthearted fun on explaining Jewish holidays. Thanks for not hating us for needing to do an easy episode because I've been so busy! Thanks for listening!! Our social media: Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Facebook page: (@avocadotoastpodcast)…/?ref=your_pages Facebook group:…0/?ref=bookmarks Reference links:…=4ldqpgp#4ldqpgp…3v22w#.ui5gjxrrP…hurricane-maria….59408eca638a…QYOOn#.ulOA3XnnK…s-out-of-iceland…/908491738888724480
September 25, 2017
16: Understanding Privilege
This episode we explain what privilege is and different levels of privilege (white privilege, straight privilege, etc.) Our social media: twitter: @avocadotoast_ Facebook:…0/?ref=bookmarks Patreon: Reference Links:…put-point-out -@isaiasreyna…-else-yet-but…eyes/165083412509…eavemama-wow…dotcom…09LLx#.bp26O3zzD -Resume Name Experiment
September 17, 2017
15: Modern Slavery
This episode we give a basic explanation of modern slavery in America! Facebook group:…0/?ref=bookmarks Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Email: Links:…ylum/164760416940…republican…ocks-sb4/index.html…s-latest/index.html….e78c60286b01….48a6b453999f…28094423459.html…study/614711001/…b4jjP#.eyGVlwLLv
September 3, 2017
14: Feminism 101
Sorry for uploading two days late, guys! Nicole was moving and didn't have time to record before. This episode, Nicole explains basic feminism and events of feminist history in its broadest sense! Patreon: Venmo: @JessiQA Join us on Twitter @avocadotoast_ or our Facebook group at:…0/?ref=bookmarks Links:…1353#.aqOwgj1353…offins221bee…om-detroit…able-is-a….9d9be9176f93….1bce7074627c A Big Thanks to the Ace Podcast Network once more!
August 28, 2017
13: Ethical Consumerism
This episode we give you a rundown of what ethical consumerism is and why it's ineffective. Patreon: Donations are hard, donate to our venmos instead, if you want to do single donations @jessiqa or email us at for Nicole's venmo. Email: Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Links:…alling-for…ho-hit-protesters…federate-statues-in…w-liberal-magazine/…-a7898631.html
August 20, 2017
12: Progressive Antisemitism
In this episode, we talk about the Charlottesville nazi protest and an ensuing encounter with antisemitism that Jessi faced before recording. Our new email: Our facebook group:…t_homepage_panel Patreon: I ACCIDENTALLY DID THE VENMO WRONG SO I HAVE TO FIGURE THIS OUT AND I'LL LINK THE DONATION PAGE IN THE NEXT EP! Links:….3411a594a4ce…dXKB7#.vdQlebRnx…s-softestjohn….6ce2626145e9…grow-up
August 14, 2017
11: Surprise! Fat-shaming
We discuss Scaramucci, the replacement for Sean Spicer, as well as the vote on Wealthcare, and the Senators who helped kill the bill. We talk about all of the shit Scaramucci got himself into this week and Priebus's resignation. Our topic this week ended up being fat-shaming because our friend (and former nutrition major) Lianna showed up at my house and we asked her to record with us! Also we are now a part of the Ace Podcast Network!! Twitter: @avocadotoast_ Patreon: Lianna: @lili_liebs
July 30, 2017
10: Are the Humanities Important?
This week we invited our friend and host of Cloud9 podcast, Jordan Colea, to join us! We discuss the importance of humanities fields and how they have been devalued by society and what that means in terms of how much extra work these people have to do to survive in a country with a failing economy. Donate: Links:…or-diagnosis/
July 23, 2017
9: Can we reclaim that world?
In this episode, we talk about the merits of reclaiming words like cunt, queer, and the n-word, taking into account all of the historical and cultural contexts that come into play. Donations: email us at for our venmos! patreon: Links:…rce=tw&utm_medium=s1…1411743965540473…ut-this-is-so…-jr-posted…tersex-surgery/…q2omK#.esr0drX3O…ld-i-miss-this
July 15, 2017
8: End Stigma Against Medication
Nicole and I discuss the dangers of stigma around treating mental illness and period symptoms with medications. We debunk misconceptions about treating mental illness with medication. We discuss the merits of medications. If you're debating clicking on this, please hear us out. Links:…9P0AL#.dx6RLa4VN…ers-found-n771261…of-independence/…o-appease…sue-162005106.html
July 9, 2017
7: Queer & PoC Representation
Hey, in this episode we took a little break from talking about serious stuff! Feel free to let us know what your favorite shows with good representation are! @avocadotoast_ on twitter or on soundcloud! References: -Pod Save the People…americans-risk/
July 2, 2017
6: InclusiviTEA
In this episode, Nicole and I discuss the merits of inclusivity in the LGBTQ+ community regarding asexuality and kinks. We also discuss the healthcare bill and SERIOUSLY ask you to contact your senators to ensure that the bill does not get passed. Republicans in Congress today are a danger to the health and safety of every American. Please donate to our patreon and follow us on Twitter! and @avocadotoast_ Links:…pY8P1#.wgxpNvrXL
June 25, 2017
5: The Gay Agenda & the Trans-Mission
In this episode, we talk about recent events in the news, such as the GOP shooting, and we talk a lot about LGBTQ+ history for pride month! We also focus a lot on trans* issues as they stand today, since they are not given enough attention and need the most from the rest of us in order to better their situation. Recommendations: -Pod Save America (also referenced) - "The Way He Looks" -"4th Man Out" -"The L Word" -"Queer as Folk" -"Milk" -"Paris is Burning" -"Vito" -"We Were There" Link:…g5VwM#.cu1P3xnO9
June 18, 2017
4: The Comey Trial & Trudeau: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
In this episode, we talk about the recent hearing for James Comey in the Senate and the attack in London that happened this past week. We also introduce a new segment called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly where we talk about Justin Trudeau this episode. Sorry this episode is going up late, my internet was being shitty! We would SUUPER appreciate if you donated to our new patreon page! We have to pay $7/month to keep uploading to soundcloud, so that's why we started this page. Any donation is totally appreciated!
June 12, 2017
3: Surprise! Betsy DeVos budget cuts
Trump has really been a wreck this past week, including his whole family. We also talk about Betsy DeVos's proposed budget cuts and the dangerous effects that will result if these cuts are approved. The video Nicole was talking about:…123/?pnref=story
June 4, 2017
2: Neo-liberalism and anti-Semitism
In this episode, Nicole and I delve into the complicated issues of neo-liberalism and modern anti-Semitism, giving a lot of historical context to how anti-Semitism has changed post-Holocaust and how people (especially Americans) interact with anti-Semitism today.
May 29, 2017
1: Gen Z, Millenials, and Trump's Impeachement
Welcome to the first episode of avocado toast, hosted by yours truly, Jessi Alperin and Nicole Lado! We are hoping to keep this podcast running for a long time and uploading regularly. Each episode will feature a social segment and a political segment, with some mish mosh in between. Keep in mind this is an opinion-based podcast, but we do try to keep everything as factual as possible. Enjoy!! Links: -Jeet Heer tweets:
May 21, 2017