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The Junkdrawer - a student podcast

The Junkdrawer - a student podcast

By Junkdrawer
This podcast is a series of recordings about the items found in your junkdrawer. Do you know the history of the items found there? Take a listen and enjoy.

Created by students.
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Junkdrawer - Invisible Table by Gryphon

The Junkdrawer - a student podcast

Junkdrawer - Scissors by Bryon
Scissors are one of the oldest items you will find in our junk drawer. They have been around for thousands of year.  Take a listen to where scissors came from and how they are used today.  I also talk about my history with scissors and the impact they have made in my life.  A little tool that makes the world a better place.  Can you imagine the world without scissors?  I even cut food with them in my kitchen. Sources of information: "Everyday Objects: A Brief History and Origins of 10 Items in Your ...." 16 Oct. 2016, Accessed 28 Feb. 2021. "Great Little Inventions: Scissors | OpenMind - BBVA Openmind." 11 Aug. 2015, Accessed 30 May. 2021. Music: Sunset Dream by Cheel Music without copyright - Attribution not required. You're free to use this song and monetize your video. Artist: Cheel | Track: Sunset Dream ( Download MP3 - Pop | Happy Cheel playlist: Pop music playlist: Happy music playlist:
June 6, 2021
Junkdrawer - Invisible Table by Gryphon
Hey! How often do you use scotch tape, and do you know where it came from? Scotch tape is such a useful tool in so many people’s lives, and a tool that we seem to use on a daily basis, but what is scotch tape? In this episode of the Junkdrawer I Gryphon, will be going over the history of scotch tape, and how it came to be! We will be learning about the reasoning of this intriguing tool creation, the predecessors to the scotch roll tape, the materials used, and the people involved in creating this everyday item. I hope you learn something new in this new Junkdrawer episode!
June 5, 2021
Junkdrawer - The Stapler by Wesley
Hi I’m Wesley a student at AVS and this is my Junk Drawer podcast about staplers. In this podcast I will be exploring the history of the stapler, who invented it, why it was invented and when it was made. During this podcast I will also talk about the early staplers that only held one staple and their primitive functionality. I will also talk about the new staplers that have a magazine, and two different settings for securing the paper. I will also give my opinion on why the stapler is taken for granted in today's world. I hope you all find it an interesting listen and learn something new as this is my first podcast that will be viewed by someone other than my teacher. I hope you all enjoy the podcast and I also would recommend listening to the podcasts of my classmates as they are also well done and interesting podcasts. Music From youtube Music SefChol | Soft Knives - YouTube Source: Stapler - Wikipedia
June 4, 2021
Junkdrawer - The Screw by Cayleb
This is a small podcast segment of the Junk Drawer podcast, specifically centering around screws. In this podcast segment I will talk about how screws have been around since the 1st century in Greece, and how it’s amazing to see how far they have come in the past many centuries. Listen to how these amazing little tiny items have changed and evolved over the past centuries and how they have become a very helpful item that we often forget about in the bottom of our junk drawers. Music- Just Dance, Patrick Patrikios
June 3, 2021
Junkdrawer - Elastics by Ryan
In this podcast, we will discuss the junk drawer item, Elastics. Elastics were invented by Stephen Perry in 1845. They were originally formed in large tubes of rubber. These rubber tubes varied from small to large. However, there were not many uses for these tubes until in the future. In 1923, William H. Spencer trimmed these tubes into individual flimsy rubber circles. These little individual circles proved to be a very helpful and handy item when it comes to executing everyday tasks. By harnessing the rubbery texture, they could be used to hold things together. Eventually, this invention became popular worldwide. Song: Feels by Patrick Patrikios Sources of Info:
June 3, 2021
Junkdrawer - Ballpoint Pens by Eda
In this episode, a very cool and knowledgeable person called Eda will guide you through the recorded history of the Ballpoint pen, which you will find is very much superior to the Fountain pen. The journey will take you from the channels of the 17th century, to the irresistible gimmick of space. Song ‘Away’ by ‘Patrick Patrikios’ on Youtube. Main Source at: If “Space Pens” interest you:
June 1, 2021
Junkdrawer - The Pencil by Nevaeh
In this episode of the junk drawer podcast, I talk about the everyday pencil. When they were first invented, some of their uses and a bit more about their history. The history of pencils is actually quite interesting. It dates back to the Roman Empire Times and has a royal background.  You will learn how the pencil originated, why the typical pencil color is yellow, and when as well as why the wood became the holder. Pencils have a history in quite a few countries including; China, Germany, and the United States. I also talk a bit about some of the main companies that produce pencils. All my information came from . The music was from youtube Audio Library; Oh My by Patrick Patrikios ( ). I hope you enjoy learning about pencils on this podcast, as much as I have enjoyed researching the information for you!
May 31, 2021
Junkdrawer - The Battery by Jivan
Hello, and welcome back to the Junkdrawer!  In this episode of our podcast I, Jivan, will be giving you some history on a common item that may be in your junkdrawer: the battery. You may already know what a battery is, but may not know this: the battery has been around for longer than you think, dating back to some early prototypes in the 1700s. They’re used to power vehicles and have the power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Along with some history, I’ll also be giving you some tips on how to not only safely store your batteries in your junkdrawer, but how to also dispose of them as well. The music used in this episode is Mourning Dove by Zachariah Hickman.  The sources for the information are, and the official Home Depot website.
May 30, 2021
Welcome to the Junkdrawer
This podcast is a series of recordings about the items found in your junkdrawer.  Do you know the history of the items found there?  Take a listen and enjoy. Created by students. 
May 20, 2021