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Join MOTH3R and 9TalesTheArtist for an hour of intimate chat as this pair of healers challenge common misperceptions of reality and society and delve deep into the hot topics on physical and mental health and occult spiritual practice and manifestation.
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AWAKENING HOUR Episode 1 - Artificial Intelligence & 'Maata' Ft D21
Welcome sisters and brothers to the first of many exciting episodes of AWAKENING HOUR. This week on the show, London / New York rapper, D21 brings us his incredible journey, and shares his music and thoughts on the unifying community and consciousness. We will also be touching on the subject 'Maata' that is A.I and looking deep into the fear based programming which shrowds the technology of the future and consequently our own perception of our current reality.
March 29, 2020
Official Trailer.....
Some of Ewe may know us as music artistes, others as friends, but the one thing that every one knows us as are seekers of truth with a passion for sharing what we know in the effort to bond and to heal. So finally now, Eye know a lot of people will be happy that we will be posting our epic conversations online to share with Ewe all. If you've not heard the music, then Ewe may be thinking what is this is all about? Well, let me explain...... This is about the practice of occult knowledge and how in using that knowledge we break the spell that is fear that blocks us from achieving our goals in whatever form that may be. Whether it be one's dreams and or just seeing the whirld through a perspective that brought good physical and mental health.  We are in the practice of creating expressive forum to deliberate therioes and ideas to investigate and explore modern old whirld problems, manifesting together a new age and innerstanding of life itself.... Watch the trailer now. If Ewe it, make sure to press that follow button........
March 23, 2020