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Awesome Lab

Awesome Lab

By awesomelab
The new social network app based on events all around you.
From business strategies, marketing to user-friendly tech explanations, I'll reveal what it takes to create your own unicorn company.

Hold on awesome events are coming.
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How to avoid Burnouts 🔥
A chat for my application and personal management 🤯 Hey I finally got a new microphone and a more professional setup. I talk about what I've been working on for my project. Not only tech this time I talk about personal management.
June 09, 2021
Awesome Lab, how I got here ?
I will share the history before the success ✨ Awesome Lab is more than podcasts it's a company and a mobile application. The trendy future social network based on events all around you! I will talk about user-friendly technologies, branding, market and business opportunities.
June 09, 2021