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By Nibor Smailliw
Join us as we talk about life, news, and music.
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Join us as we talk about life, news, and music.

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Traditionally Black #2
Join Awkward Ménage as we end the discussion on Black Traditions we want to begin. Ok, well, we start off defining a good man and how women only raise what they perceive a man to be. We also discuss some new traditions that need to begin for 2020! SUPPORT BLACK ENTERPRISE!
December 1, 2019
Traditionally Black
Join Awkward Ménage as we discuss the traditions of black folk? Are there any? If so, what’s a way we can celebrate them in modern times. Mercenary, Nibor, Shu Shu, Terrance (the original Logic,) and India have a discussion that leads us to black business, black manhood, black womanhood, and black love. Keep a look out for the part two of this discussion as well. Let’s start some new BLACK traditions
December 1, 2019
A.I = Artistic Independence
Join your host Nibor and James Mic with guest Project Logic as we discuss the Independence of black artist. Most specifically in the genre of rap. The question posed was, "Is it naive for artist to think the only way to make it in the music biz is by the backing of a label?" Some great insight was shed by all parties! There's also an After the Podcast segment with host Mercenary tha Don who wasn't able to make the show.
November 17, 2019
Social inSecurity
Join your host Mecenary and Nibor as we're joined by an up and coming Podcaster D4 to discuss the inSecurities of society for our main topic. Two questions were asked, Why do people work so hard to keep up with the Joneses; and what makes people so insecure? Listen in as we discuss this and other topics this episode. D4 can be heard soon on Social inSecurity Podcast. Make sure y'all stay tuned!!! 
November 10, 2019
misEducation of the Negro
In this episode, we pay homage to the classic book, Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson! It's all about education in "urban" communities, or the lack there of. Join your host and our special guest (black educators,) as we discuss the topic at hand. The MISeducation of the black race.
September 15, 2019
Energy Transference and Sex
Join your host Mercenary and Nibor as we discuss how we transfer our energy good and bad via sex. We welcome guest and author Rae Monet to discuss the subject with us.
September 8, 2019
Season 2 Teaser #3
Join Nibor and Ed as we discuss Drugs in the Hood. An upcoming episode for the next season of Awkward Mènage.
July 22, 2019
To Catch A Predator
Join us as Nibor and guest Whitnee discuss the steps to take when it comes to getting justice for your child! God forbid molestation or rape were to happen....but if it does, we want to make sure every parent is informed on the steps to take process that will take place!!!
July 11, 2019
Season 2 Teaser 2
Season 2 Teaser
July 8, 2019
Season 2 Teaser
Season 2 Teaser
July 2, 2019
HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Join us as we discuss life as a black father. Our host tell us their most valuable lesson learned as a father. We also discuss the lesson of other fathers who took the time to record their experience. Tired of the narrative black fathers get, and want to do what we can to promote change!
June 17, 2019
Join our host and their guest, The Urban Monk and battle rapper Detour, as they discuss the topics of religion and spirituality. We all seem to be on the same page of belief in God and Jesus, but the way we see them is a bit different. We also discuss how it’s best to be more spiritual than religious. We play two tracks, one from our guest Detour from Denver, CO titled Me Is All I Know. We open with Deliver Me by the original Logic hailing out of Pontiac, MI.
June 14, 2019
Join us as we discuss with our guest the politics of cheating. Why people cheat, what people do to get cheated on, and the idea that some people are deserving of it. We also discuss Monogamy and if it’s possible to have. We also play three tracks tonight. O.P.P by Sexxx Beats, DDBS by Young Soulja, and Whole Lotta by FFG!
June 7, 2019
Law of Attraction
Join us as the host talk with Energy Empath King Lotus; as we discuss the law of attraction. We discuss why it’s so important to know ourselves and protect our energy. King Lotus gives some great perspective as the host discuss concepts learned in The Power of Concentration, Thought Vibration and Laws of Attraction in the Thought World, as well as The Secret. Our guest King Lotus also does a mini reading for host Nibor.
June 1, 2019
Just A Convo: Hip Hop
Well, tonight instead of the Holy Trinity, you got the Dynamic Duo as Ed was out. As always, it was supposed to be a quick fifteen minute chat; but when we get together, we don't know how to shut the f*ck up! Listen in as we discuss a few of our favorite albums from 2018, the current trend of "hip hop" artist, and some iconic Hip Hop beefs. As always, leave us some feedback on the comments discussed in the episode
June 1, 2019
B!tch Niggas
Join us as we call out one of the biggest bitch niggas Awkward Menage has seen! What's the standard for a bitch nigga anyway? What tendencies do we need to be aware of when identifying a bitch ass nigga? We also dive in to a conversation about music, as always. Topic, mumble artist of our day and how M.J was definitley the King. As we go over our time with grace and style, we still review the track, 'You The Man' by Mario Pye (Whisper Muzik.) Oh right, and just a brief interlude about InstaThots. As always, leave us your comments and feedback.
June 1, 2019
After The Episode (Bonus)
Just a quick thought from Nibor after having aired live and listening to the last two episodes. Some things she forgot to say and a new thought.
May 27, 2019
40 Acres and a Lambo
Join us as we have a discussion with the Urban Monk about Reparations! Is it something we’ll ever see, will we invest or squander them if they do come through, also, is it possible to create reparations ourselves? All these questions and more we worked to answer this episode. We also have a track from Pontiac, MI Natives JFK (Joint Force Kings,) Grind Daily!
May 21, 2019
Attention Whoring
Condolences to any and all families that lost a loved one in either of the most recent and senseless school shootings in CO and VA. Listen in as we discuss how people are worried about the wrong shit! We discuss the recent comments made by Ayesha Curry in response to a lack of male attention. Some opposing views, but a good conversation nonetheless. We also discuss very briefly how that’s the trending topic on social media, yet, there are other stories that should be of more national attention. Thank you to Sire John E.B Gus for coming on the show and sharing his views as well. Follow us on IG, Twitter, and FB!
May 11, 2019
F is for FREAK
Listen in as we discuss the word freak. As Nibor hears it often, she ponders exactly what the word means. First thought, Freakazoid, to her a classic childhood cartoon. To others, it could possibly mean a person ready to get slutty in the bedroom. We also discuss some things that are just beyond freaky and simply mental. Like to thank Vaulcan for calling into the show with his thoughts. He is the writer of the poem about Nipsey Hussle, R.I.P, that was aired on our episode: People Politics and Sex. As always SUBSCRIBE!!!!
April 26, 2019
Keep Your Crown Up
Join us as we discuss natural hair and loving the natural you. With our guest host who are in the hair industry, we talk about the recent increase in natural hair awareness, some things we've learned since going natural, and the natural elevation/glow that seems to come along with embracing yourself and your natural beauty.
April 19, 2019
After The Episode (Bonus)
Just a quick rant from Nibor after the last episode of Awkward Mènage #23 'Keep Your Crown Up'
April 19, 2019
You're Single Because...
Listen in as we discuss some if the reasons people are single. We didn't all see eye to eye, but it was a good discussion on what we should and shouldn't do in our search for companionship! Would once again like to thank Whitnee for coming on the show and sharing her thoughts.
April 14, 2019
People Politics and Sex
In this episode, we discuss the dumbing down of people and how social media has a play in a lack of informed people in the age of information. For the second half of our show, we answer some questions Nibors friend had regarding sex. Oral sex, small penises, and more in this episode so if you're a prude, don't click play. Thanks also to our special guest host, Whitnee the Great!
April 14, 2019
H to the Omo
Listen in as we speak to two homosexual men to answer some of the questions we had regarding their lifestyle. There seemed to be a difference between the two men's views and the choices that were made to live the lifestyle they lead. We also feature a track by FFG 'Bars,' which was interesting to say the least.
April 5, 2019
What’s Love?
On this episode, we discuss love and what it is. We try to figure out why it’s seems so hard to receive love, and what it means to “have love,” for others. We also discuss relationships, situationships, and the Guidelines for both. We end with a little chatter on masturbation and Nibors lonely box!!! Press play and laugh with us. As always, leave your comments!
March 24, 2019
Cancel Culture
Listen in as we discuss Cancel Culture and when it’s relevant to use. We also discuss some of the allegations brought to light in HBOs ‘Leaving Neverland’ series. We also review a song by Beezy Brown entitles ‘Game Over.’
March 9, 2019
Culture Vultures
Listen in as we discuss a wide array of topics this episode. We discuss the latest albums to drop this week and ask some very riveting questions. Like does Nibor really have sex, is Nibor really a woman, what exactly is a Culture Vulture, do we need to cancel these vultures that blatantly steal our culture and don't even card about it. We also had a quest caller who threw us way off topic with his question, why does american culture seem to be the only culture that pushes and support homosexuality.. Then a talk about how blacks are the majority of the crime doers and feel like they need to be criminals becasue they're black.  A very awkward episode indeed, but as always. We roll with the punches and address everything thrown our way. We also had a very lackluster song we reviewed this week by Ron Oneal entitled Kilo. As always follow us on your favorite platforms and remember to leave us feedback on the show. 
March 2, 2019
Situation Management and Women
In this episode of Awkward Ménage, we talk about the albums released so far this year. We also reminisce on how fun and cool it would be to pick up those fresh copies of our favorite hip hop artist. We talk about the current state of Hip Hop and how tired Vick and Nibor are of people not giving artist a real chance before determining they don’t like their music. Then, the nitty gritty. Topic of discussion, how women handle certain situations. We define a lady, and we discuss how being secure in yourself and knowing yourself will change the way you interact with others. We discuss the idea that not every action deserves a reaction, and we as women are also responsible for protecting our Kings. We have two tracks that we play and review this evening. Garrett Demings rock riff ‘Keep It To Yourself,’ and Moufpece ‘Last Time.’ Leave your comments in the appropriate section!
February 23, 2019
Gucci Gang Bang
Listen in to this awkward episode where we had to do segments this episode so it’s not continuous. James Mic and I discuss our favorite hip hop love songs, a bit about the Grammys, and play a great freaking song. We then pose the question, why aren’t we supporting and building wealth for ourselves as a community? We chose the controversy surrounding Gucci as a chance to speak about the only issue that should matter. They get our dollar, we do not. We can all certainly agree that both sides of this Floyd vs T.I debate made some great points. And yes, we know Floyd ain’t write that shit. But let’s stop pointing the finger and let’s start working together to come to a common resolution as a people. Teach our kids, and support each other. We also play two tracks this evening one by VA native Ill-iteracy entitled The Plight. As we were having issues we weren’t able to review the second track, so look out on our Awkward Ménage Blog for a review of Prolly Hate It by Jacobi Ryan from OK. As always subscribe and leave your comments below. The Plight Stream and Download: More from Ill-iteracy: Prolly Hate It Video: More from Jacobi Ryan:
February 16, 2019
The Politics of Pussy
In this episode of Awkward Menage, we discuss the Politics of Pu$$y. With guest host Halisha Stevens, who assist us in discussing the tendencies of hoes. We are all in agreement that it's more than just the pussy that gives women power and more of us need to start relazing that. There's an apparent double standard when it comes to hoe tendencies between men and women.  Limitless Vick advises that more men should choose hoes over all because women with a past are the dopest. There was a lot of insight into why no one should be frowned upon for what they choose to do with their bodies. This episode brought about more quesitons that we'll be discussing on our next episode. So stay tuned.  We also play two tracks this evening, 'Nights Like' by Beezy Brown and 'Never Satisfied' by Savior Monroe. We enjoyed both tracks and a written review can be found at the link below. There are also links to the artist music as well. Awkward Menage Blog: Beezy Brown Bandcamp: Savior Monroe Soundcloud:
February 11, 2019
Situation Management and Men
Listen in as we discuss how certain people and situations can make us act a certain way. When we need to learn to be cool calm and collected at all times.  We also wonder if there’s ever a time that it’s acceptable to hit women? What can we do the way to change the way we interact with each other. Will we ever be able to just all get along? This week we also play a true Beezy Brown track titled ’Good.’ And thank you to Tendaji Chikere, for making ‘Night Like’ which aired last week. 
February 9, 2019
Dreammates & Dinosaurs
In todays episode of Awkward Menage, we say farewell to our host Mercenary, who had to step away to take care of his life. That sparked our discussion about Dreammates, and how important it is to have a team of people on the same page that you're on to make success happen for the team. While multiple people having your back is ideal, it really only takes one. One person who sees what you're trying to do, is inline with your trying to do, and is trying to do it too. Too many times we look for validation from the majority, when we should be looking for validation within ourselves and from those who prove that they're in it to win it with you.  We also discuss Hip Hop Dinosaurs and how they tend to write-off a lot of the music being made today, before even giving it a chance. We just ask that, before you say you don't like something, listen to it first. Bandwagon riders are the main issue with music today. While we agree that the Hip Hop scene has shifted, we still can't deny that there is still good music being made by new artist of today. This also relates to how people use social media for their own personal sounding board for negative talk about anything deemed undesirable by the inimitable collection "they." We also review the track '87th & Cottage Grove by Whisper Muzik hailing from Detroit, MI. We close out our episode with a track from KYO (Mike Faris,) entitled 'Spin Move.' Whiper Muzik Soundcloud: KYO (Mike Faris) SoundCloud: As always, leave us your comments and question about the episode. 
January 23, 2019
The Mind: A Silent Killer
Why does speaking properly, using proper grammar, and big words equate to one trying to "be white," within the black community. When did being an educated, or at least, sounding like an educated person of color become something to look down upon? There's also the issue of Mental Health in the black community. Too often it's swept under the rug instead of addressed. It's a cycle that needs to be broken, and a topic we all need to learn to take seriously. There are so many resources availabe for pre-screening and symptoms that we've provided a few down below. Learn the different types of mental illness and take a test or two if you think you may be on the verge or over the line for mental health. Most importantly: SEEK HELP if you feel you need it! Mental Health America: National Alliance on Mental Illness: Healthy Place: We've also featured several tracks this evening. The first two being from Monica MoMo Roberts from CampPhire Connection off her album 'eMoMotional' titled "Ups and Downs" as well as Sparkling Madness. Bandcamp: MoMo Robers FB Profile: We also have two tracks from JFK (Joint Force Kings.) The first is an introductory poem to the track "Regin On Me" vocalized by group member Logic. We also end the episode with the track "Beautiful Things," off the album 'Necessary Assassination.' JFK Bandcamp:
January 16, 2019
Just A Convo: Desultory
Well, tonight you have the Dynamic Duo Limitless Vick and Nibor trying to see just how Awkward we can be. This Sunday as per usual, we had no topic and just let the conversation lead where it leads. Tune-In as we discuss the sensitization of society, the bitch tendencies of men who argue all day about women, and a sleuth of other topics that just may peak your interest. We also feature and discuss a song by the artist T-May entitled 'Swagful.' I was unable to locate any links to her music, so look out for those in the future. As always, leave your comments in the appropriate section.
January 15, 2019
You're The Man!
You're the man is what you say to your friends.  YOU'RE THE MAN! is what you say to the government.  Well, what do you say for religion? Tune in as we discuss our love for our bros, and how The Man and Religion aren’t so separate. There was always supposed to be a separation of Church and State. Yet people went crazy when God was taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and we hear our political figures using religiously motivated campaigns? Is there a lesser of the two evils? Oh, and what are the odds that the president had an address on this very Awkward Tuesday. Special shout out and thank you to Bella Detroit for her "White Woman's World" segment.  We also review two tracks for you guys and gals this evening. Freedom by Mac Nova coming straight from Detroit. Mac Nova Facebook: Mac Nova Management: Savior Monroe: FB - Soundcloud - As always, leave your comments in the appropriate section.  
January 9, 2019
Just A Convo: Freaky Bobby
Listen in as we discuss a lot of the issues surroundings Lifetimes series, 'Surviving R. Kelly.' We are appaled by some of the behaviors displayed in response to the allegations a lot of women have made against the so called King of R&B. We once again pose the question, should we hold artist accountable for the image they portray and the things that they say in their art. We have a very big issue with a lack of accountability within society. Instead of holding people accountable, instead of people holding themselves accountable; we become defensive and displace blame. It's a cycle that needs to stop, however, the question on how still remains. As always, feel free to leave your comments in the proper sections.
January 7, 2019
SSDD: Same Sh!t Different Day
Happy New Year!!!! Today we discuss our disdain for New Years Resolutions. We do discuss some of the things that we want to see this year, and some of the things that we just want to stop all together. We discuss the current state of Hip Hop and how some of the best music being made, is always the music you have to search for. We also review music coming out of Detroit and Houston. Our favorite track of the night, KYOs "Perfect Order" off of his newest EP 'Imposters Muse.' We also review Olde to The Tre by Houstons own Oscar Chachi and Shin Megami Tensei by Detroits own Savior Monroe. Savior Monroe and KYO are both part of the collective, Camphire Connection.  Savior Monroe: FB - Soundcloud - KYO: FB - Soundcloud - Oscar Chachi: FB - Instagram-
January 2, 2019
Just A Convo: 2018 Wrap Up
Listen in as we discuss our top and honorable mention hip hop albums for 2018, our favorite and most hated trends of the year, our views on the LGBTQQ community. Should we have a butt naked Straight Pride Parade? Hope y'all have a safe and happy New Year, and tune in Tuesday for our next episode. SSDD. We also open up with a feature track from Detroit's own Comi$$ion entitled 'Losing My Brain' feat. Jonnie Morris. You can listen to that song and more at: As always, leave any comments or feedback below.
December 31, 2018
Tis The Season, but Who Cares?
Merry Christmas everyone. Or BAH Humbug depending on how you feel about the holidays. On our Christmas episode of Awkward Menage, we hear all about Vick's disdain and Ed's "Who gives a f*#!&" attitude about the holidays. While Nibor is typically a happy spirit at this time of year, a cold has her out of commission. Yet, we still discuss the holiday season, a brief history into the origins, and some of our favorite Christmas tracks.  We've featured a song this episode by Detroit Native True Reality: Resolutions. Check the link below to be directed to more of his music: As always, leave any comments about the episode you may have. 
December 28, 2018
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