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#5 - Collaboration Between UXR and Stakeholders with Holly Hester-Reilly

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Welcome to Awkward Silences by User Interviews, where we interview the people who interview people. Listen as we geek out on all things UX research, qualitative data, and the craft of understanding people to build better products and businesses. Hosted by Erin May and JH Forster, VPs of growth/marketing and product at User Interviews.
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More places to listen

# 28 - Part 3 - The Three Tiers of Culturalization with Chui Chui Tan of Beyō Global
This is the third episode in our three part series on cross-cultural research. In this episode, Erin and JH chat with Chui Chui Tan, author of  International User Research and Founder of Beyō Global. Chui Chui walked us through her "three tiers of culturalization", which can help international and cross-cultural researchers focus in on what they need to be researching. She also talked about how to prioritize different elements of your research based on the culture you're researching, the product you're working on, and how those two things interact with each other. 
October 17, 2019
# 27 - Part 2 - International Markets and Anthropology with Leia Atkinson of Shopify
This is the second episode in our three part series on cross-cultural research. In this episode, Erin and JH chat with Leia Atkinson, Senior Market Researcher at Shopify. Leia chatted with Erin and JH about how her degree in Anthropology helps her learn more about international audiences through research. She shared her technique for recruiting participants through "snowballing", how she deals with culture shock, and how she maximizes her learning each time she takes a research trip abroad.  
October 17, 2019
# 26 - Part 1 - Cross Cultural Research in Action with Elsa Ho of Uber
This is the first episode in our three part series on cross-cultural research. In this episode, Erin and JH chat with Elsa Ho, a Senior UX Researcher at Uber who works on airports and events. Elsa is no stranger to international and cross-cultural research though, she's spent most of her career helping companies and teams learn about international audiences. She walked through some of the meaningful cultural differences she's encountered over the years, how she works with translators to ensure she's getting the full message, and how she makes the most of each trip. 
October 17, 2019
# 25 - Why Participants Participate in User Research with Brittany Rutherford of User Interviews
We’ve talked a lot about how researchers do research, now it’s time to hear from the participants. We invited our Participant Marketing Lead, Brittany Rutherford, and had some recent participants leave voicemails about their experience. We asked participants, "why do you participate in user research?" to help us understand how participants think about user research and how we can make their experience better. 
October 1, 2019
#24 - Building a Branded Research Practice with Vicki Tollemache of Grubhub
How do you get everyone on board with research? Vicki Tollemache has found that building a branded research practice that's fun, engaging, and impactful is pretty effective. She started Grubhub's Parts Unknown research practice to involve everyone in researching emerging markets and exploring new ideas within their product. Erin and JH talked to Vicki about how she set up Parts Unknown, the effect its had on Grubhub, and her tips for establishing your own standing research day.
September 23, 2019
#23 - How to Interview Customers Continuously with Teresa Torres of Product Talk
Everyone wants to talk to customers more often, but Teresa Torres of Product Talk wants teams to do it at every opportunity. This week on the pod, Erin and JH chatted with Teresa about continuous interviewing. She shared tips on how to get started with continuous interviewing, be a great active listener, and work customer feedback into more of your product decisions.
August 20, 2019
#22 - Why the Twitterverse Can Stop Freaking Out About the Evils of Personas with Andy Budd of Clearleft
Personas are polarizing, some love them, but many love to hate them. This week, Erin and JH talk to Andy Budd, CEO and co-founder of Clearleft about why the social mediaverse should stop freaking out about the evils of personas. They're a tool in the toolkit, and come with contextualized nuance all their own. Read our blog post about it here:
August 8, 2019
#21 - Why Surveys [Almost Always] Suck with Erika Hall of Mule Design
Surveys are everywhere. They bombard us at every turn, and most of them aren't even helping teams learn what they need to know. We chatted with Erika Hall, co-founder of Mule Design and author of Just Enough Research about why most surveys suck and what we can do about it. Check out our blog post about this episode here 👉
July 23, 2019
#20 - Why Being Wrong is Right with Alec Levin of The UXR Collective
This week on the pod, we talked to Alec Levin, one of the co-founders of UX Research Toronto, a major UXR conference. He chatted with us about something he thinks UX research needs more of—failure. He put it this way in the podcast, "If you’re batting 100% on all your points of view, you’re not trying hard enough. You’re working on stuff that’s too easy." Erin and JH chatted with him about being open to new ideas, challenging yourself, and being transparent about your work. 
July 10, 2019
#19 - What UX Researchers Can Learn From Children with Noam Segal of Wealthfront
This week on the podcast, Erin and JH talk to Noam Segal, Director of User Research at Wealthfront. Noam recently gave a talk at the UXR Strive conference in Toronto, and after hearing all the buzz we had to chat with him about it ourselves. He shared some lessons he's learned about research from his four year old daughter, including, keep your eye on the prize, find a method in the madness, tell it like it is, be a good host, and believe in magic. 
June 28, 2019
#18 - Juggling Hardware and Software (and Service Design) Research with Susan Rice of Toast
This week on the podcast, Erin and JH talk to Susan Rice, Head of of Product Design and Research, at Toast. As Toast developed their Toast Go, a handheld POS system for restaurants, Susan learned a lot about researching for both hardware and software at the same time. She also talked about her passion for service design, what she loves about working in design and research, and how she juggles design for B2B, B2C, and everything in between.
May 30, 2019
#17 - Is It Ok To Recline Your Seat On An Airplane? with Bob Saris of User Interviews
This week, we’re doing something a little bit different. We’re talking to the CTO of User Interviews, Bob Saris, and a bunch of random strangers about one of the biggest questions out there—is it ok to recline your seat on an airplane? We got our whole team involved to do some on-the-street research. Read all about it here:
May 16, 2019
#16 - How to Facilitate User Research in Any Team with Nicola Rushton
This week on Awkward Silences, we talked to pro UX designer and researcher Nicola Rushton. She's worked with teams large and small to facilitate fantastic research. She walked us through how she does it and how to think of researchers as facilitators of learning. Read all about it here:
May 8, 2019
#15 - Starting a ResearchOps Practice with Kate Towsey of Atlassian
This week on Awkward Silences, we talked to Kate Towsey, who is the Research Operations Manager at Atlassian. You may know her as the person who started the ResearchOps Slack community in March of 2018. In the past year, the ResearchOps community has grown and Kate has left her consulting career to join Atlassian. Erin and JH talked to Kate about how she's started a ResearchOps practice and what she's excited to see as ResearchOps grows. Read more here:
May 1, 2019
#14 - 3 Ways to Make a Potentially Awkward User Interview Less Awkward with Adam Sigel of Hometap
This week, we're maxing out on awkward. Erin and JH talked to Adam Sigel, Head of Product at Hometap, about the (potentially) awkward and (usually) emotional interviews that make up his research with homeowners. Through his years in product, he's learned some things about making user interviews less awkward. Check out the full blog post here:
April 24, 2019
#13 - Make Qualitative Research Your Competitive Marketing Advantage with Katelyn Bourgoin of Customer Camp
Talking to customers is pretty powerful stuff. This week Erin & JH talked to Katelyn Bourgoin, 3x startup founder and growth geek, about how qualitative research can become your marketing team's competitive advantage. Learn more about the episode here
April 18, 2019
#12 - 3 Essential Times for Qualitative Research With Shipra Kayan of Upwork
This week on the podcast, Erin and JH talk to Shipra Kayan. After 10 years of working in UX design and research at Upwork, she's launched her own consultancy. On the pod, she talked about getting your research started on the right foot, no matter what kind of research you're doing or how big your team is. Read all about it at
April 10, 2019
#11 - Integrating Research Faster with John Cutler of Amplitude
This week on Awkward Silences, we talked to John Cutler, Product Evangelist at Amplitude. He talks about how to integrate research faster, starting together with your whole team, and practicing just-in-time research. Want to learn more about what we talked about in this episode? Check out our blog post here:
March 27, 2019
#10 - Give Us Your Feedback and Reviews (Retro #1) - with Erin & JH
In this special edition episode, we're talking about what we think about the podcast so far and where we hope to go. We want your feedback to help us decide what to do next! Let us know what you think here:
March 22, 2019
#9 - Running Amazing Remote UX Research Sessions with Sonya Badigian of Marketade
Erin and JH talk to Sonya Badigian, UX and Content Specialist at Marketade. As a researcher at a fully-remote company, Sonya is a big fan of remote research. She walks us through how remote research can be affordable, flexible, and fun.  Want to learn more about remote user research? Check out our blog post!
March 13, 2019
#8 - Continuously Delivering and Discovering with James Aylward of Pluralsight
What does it take to run a team that's constantly researching customers and shipping product? James Aylward of Pluralsight has a framework that keeps his team moving while creating products that are all about the customer. In this episode, he talks about Pluralsight's directed discovery process and how they assemble awesome teams that keep it all moving.  Want to learn more? Check out our blog post:
February 27, 2019
#7 - Making User Testing Fast, Fun, and Accessible with Laura Powell of Appcues
JH and Erin talk to Laura Powell, creator of User Test Fest, an event hosted by Appcues to bring user testing to more companies and users. User testing is fun, informative, and impactful. User Test Fest is here to prove it.  Want to learn more about quick user testing? Check out our blog post:
February 13, 2019
#6 - Building Products That Don't Cause Emotional Trauma with Laura Klein
This week on the podcast, Erin and JH talked to Laura Klein about building products that consider user's real life situations more thoughtfully. Sometimes, big tech does things that actually end up emotionally harming users. How do we do better? Check out our blog post about this episode 👉
January 30, 2019
#5 - Collaboration Between UXR and Stakeholders with Holly Hester-Reilly
This week on the pod, Erin and JH talk to Holly Hester-Reilly, CEO of H2R Product Science. They talk about creating org structures that are great for collaborative research, presenting your research in a way that makes it easy to empathize with users, and how research can get left behind as a company grows.  Want to learn more about creating research that works with stakeholders? Check out our blog post here:
January 16, 2019
#4 - Conversational Research with Maggie Crowley of Drift
This week on the pod, Erin and JH talk to Maggie Crowley, Director of Product Management at Drift, about research as a product manager at a rapidly growing startup. They talk about how to do great research in a conversational way, how Drift's research practice is growing, and how Maggie thinks about research as a PM.  Want to learn more about conversational research? Check out our blog post here:
January 2, 2019
#3 - Quant and Qual Flow with Cat Anderson
The best research plans leave room for evolution, to see what the research reveals, and build further testing to drive deeper insights. Cat Anderson, a UX writer at AP Intego, joins us to talk about how methods can inform each other, and lead to better customer understanding to benefit the entire company. Check out our blog post for even more qual and quant talk:
December 12, 2018
#2 - When Research Doesn't Go As Planned with Jaclyn Perrone of Thoughtbot
This week, Erin and JH talk to Jaclyn Perrone, Design Director at thoughtbot, about how to handle research that doesn't quite go as planned. They dive into preparing for your research sessions, making participants feel comfortable, and staying calm when things go wrong. Want more info on how to prepare for awesome research? Check out our blog post here
December 4, 2018
#1 - Why are we here? with your co-hosts, JH and Erin
Listen as JH and Erin wrestle with the biggest question there is: why are we here anyway? We'll dive into what we think the podcast should (and should not) be and pave the way for our first guest.
November 28, 2018
#0 - Trailer
What's this Awkward Silences podcast all about anyway? As a place to start, it's about embracing the awkward beauty of talking to people to learn and build better stuff. Get a sneak peek in this pre-episode and meet our hosts, JH Forster and Erin May of User Interviews.
November 26, 2018
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