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AI in The Simulation (Part One: Have our Ancestors been here before?) | Episode #005 Episode 5 | Are we living in a Simulation? If so, how does AI work in The Simulation? Warning: and these episodes are simply theory. This week, we explore Artificial Intelligence. For Part One, I take a look at the hyper-realistic new game - Red Dead Redemption 2 - and explore how video game A.I. can trick our brains in to believing something is "real". I explore how the game's developers have painstakingly created weather systems - including realistic snow - to bring the game to life. We end with a question of what would a future version of Red Dead Redemption - say one hundred years from now - look and play like? ...and then ask the even more difficult follow up question? ...what if we're already playing it? Want more episodes? Please subscribe or become a Member of the AWLIAS Alliance at - where you can chat with myself and other members and post your own Simulation Theories. Please also Subscribe and I'll make more episodes...
October 24, 2018
A Star Is Born: Is Music Key to The Simulation? Episode #004
Is Music Key to The Simulation? A Star is Born - Find out what happened when AWLIAS is invited to an advanced screening. For this week's Simulation Theory episode, we take a look at how music could be a key part of any Simulation? Featured my own animated versions of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the Shallow song. Please Subscribe for more Episodes - Thanks! More episodes on
October 6, 2018
What is our Consciousness? (Part One) | #003 | Are We Living In A Simulation Presents: Episode Three - What is our Consciousness? Why can't we see it in our body? How does Consciousness work within Simulation Theory? Could our Consciousness be nothing more than a Video Game engine? (Please subscribe for more Simulation Theory podcasts, or check out the Animated YouTube versions).
September 28, 2018
Elon Musk & Moore's Law? | Simulation Theory #002 Presents Episode Two. Elon Musk suggest AGAIN that we are indeed living in a Simulation. But does our Technological Progression appear to be a part of The Simulation? And if so - is Moore's Law now failing? - are we experiencing a slow down in Technology? (Please Subscribe for More Simulation Theory Episodes. You can also check out the Animated Version of this Episode on YouTube.)
September 19, 2018
Are We Living In A Simulation? | Episode #001
Are We Living In A Simulation (AWLIAS)? Introducing the first episode of a weekly podcast exploring Simulation Theory. Each Sunday will explore the possibility that our entire world and all of our experiences are part of a simulation. The Podcast is also available in video form (YouTube) or in written form on where listeners can also join the AWLIAS Community Forum - The Alliance. The next Episode #002 will be published on Sunday 16 September 2018. Please subscribe to follow new content when it drops. Link to Episode 001:
September 9, 2018
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