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Black Girl from Eugene

Black Girl from Eugene

By Ayisha Elliott
Raw and uncensored monologues and conversations about race relations. The ins and outs of the unique perspectives of a black woman who is FROM the Pacific North West, specifically from the predominately white state and“ SUPER” white city of Eugene, Oregon.
Be a fly on the wall...listen as myself and guests work through what Is seen, felt and talked about on a daily basis while living black.

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What about Toxic Masculinity
Sean Swagoddard joins me to discuss his perspective and solution to facing toxic masculinity in the Black Community- join us!!
April 17, 2022
No safe space at the NAACP
This episode is a story highlighting the misuse of power by an all white executive team that led to using black experiences and vulnerability to appear as though the organization wasn’t relying on the culture of white supremacy to move its political agenda forward. Their actions tokenized a young woman, their hiring process demonstrates highly unethical practices and ended a standing trust within the community as a safe haven. Listen in…
March 27, 2022
Scared white folx and Ukraine
2022 is handing us all kinds of space to reveal what we’ve learned over the past couple of years and y’all…look at us…are we going in the direction that makes sense to your inner narrative? As always, if you enjoy the podcast please support via the platform patreon:
February 27, 2022
2022- mental health crisis anyone?
2020, and MF’ing 2021- our collective Mental health and the capacity to create inclusive space for our collective experience…
January 02, 2022
Recognize a racist Board of Directors
We have some BOD’s behaving badly in the area- and the harm done is real and it’s supported. The question is, Is your BOD holding onto rules and regulations that are inherently racist, and if they were would you recognize it…and then what? Want to support my show; please donate thru
December 12, 2021
This Justice system and white men
This has a bit of heat behind it- I’m really tired y’all- The Rittenhouse “trial” has me thinking mental health intervention for mediocre white cis men is a viable answer
November 22, 2021
Why is exposing race to children difficult?
Today you get me! Why is it hard to talk to kids about race?? We get in our own way! Join me! If you are learning from my podcast, or just enjoy and want to support consider Patreon: $5 makes a difference!! Www.Patreon.con/blackgirlfromeugene_1
November 08, 2021
Obsession with White innocence - and Equity education
Eva Farah is a Filipino- American, Mexican who is an incredible advocate in equity education. We discuss the barriers and process of working within white supremacist culture. Join us!!
October 26, 2021
Black folx in Rural Oregon, y’all good!?!
I speak with LaNicia Duke who is a 4 th generation “preachers child” from Southern California who sight unseen moved to Rural Oregon, as she has lived here since the early 2000’s, her experience has led her to developing her own support system that is changing the face of The land…
October 10, 2021
The Revolution is Black Joy !
Please join me and my guest Tina Strawn of ‘Speaking Of Racism’ podcast- owner of Legacy Trips !! As a Black, Queer, woman in the US- the murder of Philandro Castile and the subsequent murders lead her to realize the necessity of her Blaxit! (Explained in the episode) she joins us from Jamaica !! Check it out, it’s an anniversary episode! Please consider supporting the podcast by donating $5 thru patreon!
September 12, 2021
Ever see GET OUT? But this is for real!
I am joined by Lindsey Robinson a hyper queen (she does explain) and entertainer, motivational speaker and my cohost for the 2nd annual Black Cultural Festival here in Oregon. We talk about what it’s like “hiding” in Oregon and why- how our community could heal together to make living through white supremacy just a little less painful. Names given to find Lindsey if you’re interested in hiring her are: KJ Chocolate Thunder and MrsPolishPretty - you can DM on FB platform messenger.
August 29, 2021
You don’t own Black bodies- (I’m back)
My first episode back from a hiatus- which is explained in the intro to this episode- the ladies of H.A.P.I (Hair Artist in the Pursuit of Inclusion) join me to discuss the latest trauma inflicted on a black woman at work by people she was serving- please take a listen, we are somehow delightful, insightful and informative all at the same time- If you’d like to support my show and my efforts please follow me and donate just $5 a month at
August 15, 2021
PART 3, Lane Public Health, Building Inclusive spaces in the workplace
I sit down with a dynamic team of the lane County Public Health, who have built an incredible work dynamic that supports inclusivity and with that foundation have built an incredible outreach effort to People of Color to help in the efforts of vaccination for Covid 19. 
July 04, 2021
What do Hawaiians have to say about Colonization of their land
Today, I was joined by Charne and Kanani of Oahu Hawaii. We speak on what it means to be Hawaiian, what colonization has done and is doing to the islands. These women are dynamic and powerful and loving and compassionate. They have solutions to coming to the island and reducing  the negative impact.  If you are learning and enjoying my podcast please consider donating through Patreon
June 22, 2021
Are White business' actually ready?
This week I'm discussing white leadership choosing white defense when learning about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It is creating a barrier to the process, and actualization of inclusion.  You have to chose to be vulnerable, you have to be willing to approach something new, it requires active participation by privileged people.    
June 06, 2021
Historical Omissions and or Interpersonal Truth
Please welcome my guest Ian Waller podcast creator and producer of The Power of Ideas: We discuss Memorial Day, historical Im misión, we openly disagree if that is lying or not-Lol- we touch on astrology- it is a very informative and just a good time! Join us!!
May 31, 2021
Colonizing Lies
Just some thoughts on the level of cognitive dissonance it takes to defend mass murder, genocide, or other colonizing atrocities that we are currently witnessing in our world. In the US, in Palenstine/Israel, in Colombia, in India, Brazil.... There is one common factor.  Listen in, and please feel free to leave me a comment, or a rating to help my little podcast grow.... If you are learning and want to support, please consider donating to my patreon: www. $5 is all it takes!!
May 23, 2021
Creating Pro Black Spaces with multiculturalism in mind
I’m joined by Trey L. Day of Day in the Life Entertainment, LLC. We discuss coming from elsewhere and moving to a predominately white city looking for community, we discuss paying black artist, white allies coming into unknown black spaces, we discuss growth and connection of the black community in Oregon and more ... check show notes for more information!!
May 12, 2021
Bridging broken relations w/ Black community
Lane county Public Health PART 3!! I’m joined by Mo Young, Ola Adeniji, and Jason Davis to discuss what it’s like behind the scenes of administering vaccines during this pandemic particularly to communities of color who have a broken relationship to the government and specifically healthcare! They speak in their personal connection, the county efforts and how we can help!! Please join us!!! Mo Young wants you to write her!
May 09, 2021
Racism is a now considered public health crisis
I’m joined by Deleesa MeashinTubby, Executive Director of Volunteers in Medicine and Jennifer Webster an epidemiologist who worked on the 2020 Health Equity Report!! We discuss the new found decision to list Racism as a public health crisis and what that means moving forward...this is a part 2 of a 3 part series with Lane County Public Health! If you enjoy my podcast and are learning from them, please consider supporting through patreon. THANK YOU KINDLY! ALSO!!! How to contact Jennifer about the 2020 health equity report, this is how you reach her. Just want to say that I am serious about wanting feedback on the Health Equity Report & how to make it more useful to the community 😻😻
April 25, 2021
Historic violence on Black People in Healthcare
I am joined by Matin Allums with Lane County Public Health. He is discussing historic origins of the health care system and its ties with the Black community. The historic violence is evidence to present day hesitation in the community most affected by Covid to receive the vaccine. We explore a how health care system has routinely utilized black bodies to benefit the privileged community, and how that is now being recognized and  changing for the better...
April 18, 2021
All in my Spiritual business
Joined by, Rasia, we talk about history of Black people and spiritual healing. Race is a social construct, the trauma of being oppressed for centuries become a factor in our DNA. Black people historically have been disconnected from a space of healing that is naturally a part of who we are BEFORE the trauma. While we discuss this, Rasia does a LIVE TAROT reading on me !! Its a deep experience to a collective process and personally revealing to my process while doing the work of Race, Equity, and Inclusion. 
April 11, 2021
What narrative do Black children have to overcome?
Clippa Cortier aka as James, joins me to talk about how growing up in Eugene shaped his life and his initial narrative; something that shaped a path he has fought to overcome.  He found himself unemployed like most of us during Covid, but he knew there could be more...and then he found his natural gift...check out his experience... Find him on Spotify. Apple Music, Sound Cloud, YouTube...all of the platforms, too many to list!! Please consider donating to Non profit, that focuses its mission of support for pregnancy wellness as well as pregnancy loss in an amazingly inclusive environment. The Board is the most diverse Perinatal board in the Eugene area!! $5 will secure programming and employee positions of  3 years!! My patreon...please consider supporting this ongoing podcast, if you're learning I'm grateful! $5 keeps it coming each week!! and as always FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! @blackgirlfromeugene
April 04, 2021
What it takes to be Anti Racist.
This episode is tinged with some frustration. The self reflection it takes to do this work is being bypassed. It is being bypassed by white folks and BIPOC alike.  White supremacy is something we all have to put down so that we can pick up Anti Racism understanding.  Please take a listen and let me know what you think about your relationship to white supremacy. SHOW NOTES:  Vanessa Fuller on FB for Black performing artists for this years Juneteenth celebration in Eugene.  FOLLOW  ME ON INSTAGRAM: @blackgirlfromeugene    for Black content, and a black woman wellness to love on. 
March 28, 2021
Mental Health and Purpose
Claire Synder with Black Joy Oregon joins me to discuss Mental Health and to understand Anti Racism as a process, trauma leading to purpose! The process of unlearning is also traumatic and this process of deconstructing racism weighs heavily on mental health for both white and BIPOC communities. The conversation is truly organic, we didn't meet prior to discuss, and is genuinely beautiful to hear.  SHOW NOTES:  $5 supports, $10 patreon only videos, $25 patreon only videos, as well as 30 min Q and A with me, scheduled monthly.
March 21, 2021
Young Black and Eugene
Erin is in Eugene to earn a Masters degree at UO, she’s from Atlanta. She talks with me about her experience moving to Eugene and seeking community she can recognize....she’s intelligent, talented and beautiful with A LOT for us to consider!!
March 07, 2021
TOKENISM, The inside scoop
Today, my guest Siobhan Cancel and I spoke on Tokenism. The truth around deconstructing systems of oppression for all of us, and the damage it does, the trauma. Although the conversation is light hearted, the subject is all too common and is a true barrier to inclusivity. Take a listen and let us know what you think! Learn more about my guest and her Diversity and Inclusion work here: IF YOU ARE ENJOYING AND LEARNING FROM THE PODCAST, PLEASE consider becoming a PATREON:    Learn more about the individual tiers there!! HOODIES available, please DM me for if interested, on my website, direct contact: LEARN MORE about NURTURELY, Perinatal Health and wellness Non profit based in Eugene, Oregon -based and structured to provide an Inclusive approach to perinatal health. Learn more about Nurturely at
February 21, 2021
Interracial Lovin', Valentines Day edition
I'm joined by Chef Andre Royal, a published author of a 2 childrens books.(see below) The founder of the first Blackled and created timed run event to benefit a cause in the city of Eugene, The Suddenly Sleep Sleepwalk! Please see links below to support!   Our discussion covers our lived experience in interracial relationships, the joys and the lows, the perceptions and the misperceptions, preferences or none, we had a good time...There's even a love letter involved..written by Kokayi Nokashere. Join us!! SHOW NOTES: Suddenly sleepy 5K walks: IG: Chef_Andre_Royal FACEBOOK PAGE: CHILDREN'S BOOK:  FOR MONETARY SUPPORT:  His cash app is: $andreroyal247  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to those who do that thing...and those of us who do not, THE LOVE IS STILL THE SAME (wink) to support my show:
February 14, 2021
Working in White Spaces
With Martin Allums, a young black man working his way through and finds himself in a situation where his blackness and his boss’ white privilege may cost him dearly. We talk it out, and it’s a part 1- check it out
February 07, 2021
What not to do and do in Black History Month
Black History is 365 days, first of all. I invite everyone to look at Black History Month a little differently- Lets deconstruct the white narrative in it, and make it authentic for each of us! Check it out... If you are learning and enjoying the podcast, please support: $5, $10, $25. 
January 31, 2021
Purity Politics, Cancel Culture, and some side eye
I am joined by Black Joy Oregon's founder Julianne Jackson who delivers insight, facts and some laughs.. We are telling our truth as openly as we can, this conversations covers the reality of changing a whole system, and if we can see ourselves without one, what develops next; how and for whom? Steps are necessary before leaps are taken... Support the podcast, Black Girl From Eugene here:   check it out to see what tier works best for you! This podcast is able to carry the content due to the support of patrons, so THANK YOU!!
January 24, 2021
Unpopular Vulnerability
This episode discusses how we as a collective can ready ourselves for the truth of the future. To encourage realization of our personal connection to white supremacy, authenticity and how we can show up for this new society we are fighting for.  Vulnerability isn't easy for most people, and for the growth this transformation is creating, it's the only way we can grow something NEW. If you are learning from my program and podcast, please consider joining patreon and supporting monetarily. There are extra short videos, information and opportunity for one on one conversations:  
January 17, 2021
White supremacy vs. white privilege
All about this insurrection. It is vital that we name what happened on January 6th, it is ESSENTIAL that we do not allow history to code this horrific display of white privilege that killed 5 of their own, as an act derived and created because of one man.  It is simply not true, and we need the people responsible: white people, to create a real response to their witnessing of white privilege, was this what you imagined? Now that the FBI decided their congress people could die for the rights of white supremacy nationwide, does that bring awareness to how this idea benefits every white person?   Please listen in... SHOW NOTES:    FOR HOODIES, and information about Equity trainings  to support the show. 
January 10, 2021
addressing a white mans fear of "Black dominance" in a FB post
I am joined by Leann Ashley who was confronted with a flaming racist on FB. She sent me the exchange and I had to address it.  This man's delusions include "white people should not be dominated in our land" to "we invented the modern world" to "If it wasn't for us, THEY would be living in squalor" . I read his post several times to make sure we all understand the level of fear he is coming from. However, on a more critical analysis of his statements, how much of what he is saying is TANGIBLE evidence of the oppression BIPOC people have been stating all along. How much of what he is saying is just a description.....Join us!! If you are learning from my show: PLEASE support me on patreon.  $5 donations go a very long way!!
January 03, 2021
Who says Passing as White is a good thing?
Maisie Lin is my guest, she has a son who is passing as white. I am very fair skinned, and have been told that  could "pass" . What does passing mean when you are ProBlack, or have a passing child and you don't how do you explain the difference? Is it actually beneficial for the child? Is there guilt from relief of fear.....JOIN US, we will walk through it!! SHOW NOTES:  Please consider supporting my work, $5, $10, $25 each with different perks. BOOKS mentioned on the show by Kokayi Nosakhere can be found and purchased,, the set of books is $40.00. orders can be completed using this link:   If you choose to order all books are physical copies, so they will be mailed to you. 
December 27, 2020
Capitalism and Racism
Please join myself and Julianne Jackson, FOUNDER of Black Joy Oregon, in discussing the intricate relationship of Racism and Capitalism in the history and current direction of this country; how it shows up in our everyday lives.   It was an hour and a half of straight fire!!  To Support the show: You can find Black Joy Oregon on Facebook, and IG. Follow them and find them all over Oregon, spreading the good word of BLACK JOY BLACK JOY OREGON's merchandise is on Redbubble,  just search #blackjoyoregon !!        $5 is a major support, $10-biweekly videos, and supports $25, 30 min Q and A with me once a month.
December 14, 2020
Black dead bodies in the streets of Oregon
Kokayi  Nosakhere, community builder, author and historian in Southern Oregon= Ashland, Medford/ Oregon joins me to discuss the realities around Aiden Ellisons murder (2 weeks ago, by a 47 yo white man-over loud music) as well as Michael Ewell, a black vet (38) that was found shot on Southern Oregon Universities campus late this summer that was swept under the rug by the campus and the Ashland Police Department.  As BIPoC leaders, community members, families try to put together the tragic details of each death the community is reeling in trauma.   very little, if any reliable information or grievance by the city, the journalist, or the university has been expressed, which leaves us with only the writing on the wall around racial injustice in Oregon as a whole.  Join us, to hear how the community is healing and the go fund me for Aidens family is listed. I still am unable to locate a go fund me link for Michael Ewell's mother.  Aiden Ellison's gofundme link:       If you're unable to access it here, please look up his FULL NAME in gofundme, and he and his story will pop right up.  *****please see my patreon to support my podcast ongoing, $5, $10, $25 tier, each having different and private opportunities to connect and learn more about Race Equity and Inclusion.   *****If you'd like to have a training or facilitate a group around and through racism, please contact me through my website: or directly through email:
December 06, 2020
White media, Black bodies
My guests, two members of "Black Joy Oregon" : Jewel Larsen, and Claire Snider of Salem join me to discuss the dangerous narrative around the murder of Black people in the media.  We focus on the recent murder of Aiden Ellison 19, shot to death by angry white man, age 48 over a dispute around loud music.   SHOW NOTES: ****You can find more about Black Joy Oregon on the facebook page:  Black Joy Oregon, and #TheBlackJoyTour       DONATE to their effort:$BlackJoyOregon  For ongoing support of my show, please consider becoming a patreon : $5-gets a discount on merchandise $10 gets discount and patron only informational short videos by me $25-receives a discount, videos, monthly letter and one on one Q and A for 30 mins a month
November 29, 2020
Forgive and Forget, The demands of my people
To forgive and forget is a demand on black people without the work of white folks. Its a complicated idea in intimate relationships, and even bigger on a society level.  I explore a little of both and give some food for thought, and a challenge of investment.   SHOW NOTES: The Navajo and Hopi nation SAVED us by flipping Arizona in this last election, and I'd like to extend the thanks by helping spread the word of a much needed help as the area is ravaged by Covid.  If you go to this link there are ways to donate to make sure they are getting the help they need!!  as well as:  and of course my patreon, to support my show on a monthly basis. Each tier having more access to the work that I do, and invitation to critically think about Anti Blackness and anti racism.   
November 22, 2020
Can Racism be considered a Mental Illness? I say sure
Racism isn't something that just floats in the air and no one can trace who and how it has been protected by the white community as something that is inevitable to human nature.  The truth is, Racism is a delusion of grandeur.  Considering extreme racism as a mental crisis could lead to real healing for the entire community, white, and BIPOC.   Take a listen and let me know what you think! Please consider patreon support, $5 is support, $10 select videos once a month-more to come, $25- personal one on one 30 min Q and A each month.  Check out my IG, a little more about me and my vision of Beauty in Blackness., humor, and just living life as a Black woman in America, more specifically the Pacific Northwest.    I'm also on YouTube, if you want a visual to these podcasts :)  
November 15, 2020
Can we say Black Women?? Relief without Joy
I invite two guest with me to discuss the Elections of 2020. How, as black women, do we see the progress made when Kamala Harris was selected as Vice President.  Please listen in.  We went over time, because it was a subject we all felt so passionate about...2 hours!! Join us !! Website for merchadise: Patreon donation:  $5 support $10 newsletters $25 scheduled one on one conversation for 30 minutes.  I thank you, and appreciate you. Please share !!
November 08, 2020
Mental Health and the US election
I'm giving my thoughts on mental health wellness, boundaries and how to make it Wednesday of this week! Please join me for a moment if you're feeling the least bit anxious or wound up around this US elections.
November 01, 2020
Representation Matters, controversy
My guest Isiah Wagoner is a black man running for Mayor in Eugene as a write-in candidate. He has made previous remarks about Black women that are highly controversial and absolutely unfortunate.  As he would be the first black Mayor if he won, I felt it was important to address who he is, what he represents, and what he has to say about his reputation marred with misogyny.  Join us.  ***Check our this Same episode in video on YouTube each week ***
October 25, 2020
Black folks mental health moving towards election
Everyone is feeling this heaviness that is surrounding us. We are doing our best to work through it and make it to the other side. My guest and I have a great conversation around how microaggressions are adding up in ways that are some what expected and not so expected. PTSD is a reality for most black people in America, conscious or not.  Join us in hearing some intimate stories about coping and moving through as together as we can be.  Support my work at 
October 18, 2020
Fuck Christopher Columbus
So. Monday is Indigenous Day, previously Christopher Columbus Day and I'm encouraging us to move on from the controversy. It is time for us to stop arguing about the validity of BIPOC trauma at the hands of colonization. I have a meme on IG that has lead to some ignorant comments that I just had to address...join me won't you!! ALSO! please consider supporting me with a $5 monthly donation at Check out my website for Cultural mentorship for white families raising black children, for Anti Racism facilitation, and Black Golds education can find it all at
October 11, 2020
Me and a Trump Supporter, on a plane, for 5 hours.
I was stuck on a plane with a Trump supporter, for 5 hours. It experience. Check it out. Also! if you're local to Eugene: support as they are a local radio station that I am aired on and are doing a fundraising effort to grow this grass root radio community.  Secondly: MY PATREON!! Please support the podcast by contributing $5 at    Thank you!! $10 gets access to a monthly letter and quick did ya know video $25 you are able to schedule a 30 min Q and A or convo with me on a monthly basis!
October 04, 2020
On Purpose, Black women lead.
In a time of pain, fear and crisis we look for leadership. We look for something or someone to talk to us about where to go, how to be. Black women are notoriously labeled as strong. In times like these, LISTEN to strong black women. We have lived through this trauma and have resolved societies hatred for us into grace, candor, strength and resilience. If you're looking for leadership, we have been here thriving. I invite you to explore and reassess your very own strength to thrive in this incredible hard moments in time. Each person has PURPOSE, I explore how collectively our impact is and can be felt for generations......Join me.  SHOW NOTES:  Black centered education program for ALL children K-12, Registration is open:   I am available for ANTI RACISM facilitation/conversations for the community, non profits, business and higher education. Contact me:  MY PATREON:     please consider a $5, $10 or $25 monthly donation keeps my podcast up and going!! STAY WELL MY FRIENDS!!!
September 20, 2020
What made us devalue Blackness?
This month September 2020, I have had one year with the radio station guest Willamette Racism Response Network is with me to discuss lived experience, creating while in crisis, and exploring new ways to heal our community. White conditioning, mental health, and seeing our own value has been a journey. More on my guests: Check WRRN on IG@willametteRRN, their FB page and website
September 07, 2020
US is under attack, heavy week
With the RNC, the shooting of Jacob Blake, death of Chadwick, summer fires-it feels like being Black is even harder than usual. How are we coping?? How do you cope? How can we still see and love each other?? It’s all here
September 03, 2020
Censored because I’m Black, literally.
FB and IG censored my advert for my merchandise and for my website, stating political tones. It is because my name has Black Girl in it. The commercial has Race Equity.  Blackness as a commodity is a foundational sin of this United States, and here it is playing out yet again in 2020. Please join me as I work this out.... BTW, link to my website here where you can see what I'm up to, and where you can buy some unapologetic merchandise.
August 27, 2020
What you didn’t know about growing up Black!
I welcome my guest Kokayi, to the show as we share similar household conversations as we grew up. He is a community leader. He coins himself The community builder, he is an activist. Our households were both unapologetically black households, that lived in this world in proximity to differing cultures, both balancing oppression. Perspective on white pain, and black beauty are explored...join us!
August 16, 2020
Racism has love? Whats Love got to do with it!?!?!?
Joined by Marcus Holloway, aka m5!! We discuss why the fear and need to hold onto things we don't understand can hinder us from growth and ultimately love.  We talk personal journey, ask the question what if racial inequity was just a lack of love or a misuse of an idea of love.  How do you recognize healthy love and love that is conditioned, like racism. Racism has love?? depends on who you ask.
August 09, 2020
Intersectionality -Black,disabled,gay, a woman...and activist
Meet Maisie Davis. She is black (bi racial), a single mother, gay, disabled, chronically ill and she is one of our newest Eugene Commissioners! She runs a food delivery resource called The Peoples Freedom Food and is KILLING THE GAME.  We discuss how she has made it to this point, how her life and the many facets she answers to have pushed her to this point.  I was SO happy to have her on the show, she will surely be back again!!
August 02, 2020
Black Hustle and White Hustle Money over People
My guest Vanessa Fuller, a black business owner here in Eugene, and I talk about how this pandemic disproportionally effects the black community, the STRESS, and returning to school during a Pandemic. It feels a lot like Money over People, and in order to thrive we believe we need to have a different conversation....Listen in... 
July 26, 2020
white Apology vs. Absolution
A week ago my daughter and I came across a store owner and a homeless man.  The homeless man was mentally unstable and the store owner and her employee was threatening calling the police. She had already called and was waiting on the phone. The verbally abusive man was there all of 2 minutes. He had gone. My daughter, 16, having witnessed the whole thing, asks the woman not to call the cops but to call Cahoots. A crisis response team we have here in Eugene that are a trained group of medics, nurses, volunteers who respond to these types of crisis' INSTEAD of the cops. They are non violent and are an alternative to the cops. The woman refused.  This of course prompted my daughter to get me, which I then approached the woman and again asked her to reconsider her actions.  She still refused. When the cops arrived,  l left. I then posted a 5 minute video, you can see on Facebook now, and soon on YouTube stating the situation.  When the video reached over a few thousand views, the store owner thought sheh should state something as well. After a couple hundred comments, she reached out to me to "discuss" what happened. ...... I refused, this podcast tells you why. It wasn't until later that night, I realized what a fateful day it was, a 5 year anniversary....listen in...
July 19, 2020
When you’re Black, raised by white folks and you’re in this movement!
Today I sit down with two lovely people Cherie Gatson and Serena Markstrom Nugent. One woman is bi racial and passing and the other transracially adopted and "recognizably" black.  They are both active and vocal in this National uprising around Human Rights struggle with Race. Their perspective, being so closely related to whiteness has been challenged and even their experience as black women invalidated when speaking their truth in part of this changing national narrative. We are hearing their stories of how "nice white people" are unknowingly attempting to erase their place and their dignity in this movement.   
July 13, 2020
The aftermath of Eugene's Juneteenth Celebration
Eugene Juneteenth's celebration was the largest to date. It was organized in 10 days by 6 women and one man. It was impressive and well done...but like anything black folks do, there was backlash and questionable actions...we are here to discuss it all...
June 28, 2020
Police in school and discrimination in Education
Dr. Adaurennaya C. Onyewuenyi joins me to discuss the trauma around police in schools, the discrimination the education system is designed to uphold, as well as directions that real solutions could develop from.  Everyone has work to do in recognizing white supremacy and how we work with it to uphold the decimation of our children's quality in education.  
June 21, 2020
Are Black people really invisible?
The uptick in support, emotionally, financially, and by actual gifts has been welcomed, and overwhelming. We discuss the longevity of this support, is it sustainable support or is it as long as black death is popular. The correction to the podcast mentioned at the end of the episode: . ALSO, I say in the end of this episode that I am joining my brother on his podcast, and I said the title of his podcast wrong, FOR SHAME!! The podcast is called the Power of Ideas...and here is the link:
June 08, 2020
White Tears
Mallory, Stormie and myself are back together in person and it's oh so good!! We discuss the sensationalized death of Black men and the cascade of white tears that come after. The impact this has on the black community, and the actions needed to gain trust. It's lively, hilarious and insightful. This episode is a free flowing, and was recorded previously on Facebook live. 
June 01, 2020
Black women White Partners
Love is love. Black women and white partners require a level of self awareness that dives further into white supremacy than most people are willing to address unless faced with circumstances that require it.  When desire and curiosity make authenticity questionable, you are treading on victimizing.  We talk about black women and white partners and what it takes to bridge that gap, and have truly WHOLE, healthy and authentic relationships 
May 17, 2020
White Woman raising black children pt 2
Part 2 I'm joined by Mallory and Stormie (briefly) to discuss being Bi-racial, black and white and feeling uncomfortable in Black Spaces. Mallory being bi-racial herself dives into her perception of the experience, while we discuss the necessity of self exploration, rejection of white normative behaviors and expectations, and the difficult road to self acceptance. 
May 11, 2020
White woman raising black children- PT1
Part 1 of 2, of a conversation discussing the common thread of conversation from bi-racial, black and white, that they are on many instances are not accepted by their fully black counterparts. We call BS..and you can listen here as to why,,,
May 03, 2020
Remember When
In 1992 my parents decided to move from Oregon to Costa Rica, yes. Central America. They thought we should drive!! Myself, my sister, my parents and my dog gathered in our car and away we went....Please enjoy the pretty funny perspective of two young teenagers heading off to another country and the adventure that ensued!! 
April 27, 2020
Disproportionality of Black Death due to Covid
My guest and I talk about the disproportionality of black death and give some solutions to how we as a great collective can make our new future one that is actually inclusive. 
April 12, 2020
Covid, It's in the Stars
While in quarantine, we are all flexing our hobbies, and things that relax us, inbetween the bouts of when we are stressing, This episode is with Sociologist Ian Waller, who practices Astrology as I do. We are talking about the predictive nature of Astrology and what and how it is showing up around this Virus, for the next year. 
April 05, 2020
Casual convo...Corona Virus making us closer or further apart, What are we doing?
Me and my girls, Nell and Stormie get together for the first time since being quarantined to check in, chat about what the hell has been going on...the big this helping? Is this hurting? What can we do, what are we doing??? a little bit on even where the show should go from here.....Join us
March 27, 2020
Can White and Black folks be authentic friends? PT 2
After popular demand for a part 2, here it is. We've included an extra guest, Serena Markstrom Nugent, who identifies as bi-racial Black and white, but states she LOOKS racially ambiguous. We agree that building authentic relationships can be challenging for a number of reasons. However, here in the PNW, race seems to be the major bridge to cross before ever reaching the point of authenticity, but why? We break down some possible barriers in this arena.   
March 12, 2020
Can Black and white folks be authentic friends??
This episode we get into how was is seemingly a good friendship can seem like one thing and turn into something else. We of course can be friends, but...
March 04, 2020
White folks in Black Spaces PT2
Nell DeLigio and I get into some comments and conversations that were brought to our attention after our first episode, White folks in Black Spaces. We also add in some things that we wanted to say on the first episode but didn't get to. This conversation is ongoing, and we appreciate any feedback. I look forward to including Nell on upcoming episodes as well. 
February 27, 2020
White guilt, spiritual denial
My guest walks us through how spiritual bypassing, self denial, and cultural appropriation have deep intersectionality to white guilt. How that carries over effecting black energetic well being.
February 13, 2020
PNW saved a Blackman ?
He’s a young Black man, a Vet, looking for a way to survive. That instinct lead him to Oregon...this is his story...
February 06, 2020
White folks in Black Spaces
This topic is huge. We decided to start with our shared experience as women who perform West African Dance. The idea that white women have ownership in this arena is a HUGE problem in the PNW. It is alienating, racially ignorant, privileged and grossly entitled. IMHO, it is why this community is stifled. Welllll, we talk about it. We have AN EXTREMELY talented dancer who performs Zimbabwean and Guinean dance, who is white, and an ally, She has things to say to her counterparts who are dancing in white privilege bliss....take a listen as we chime in....
January 29, 2020
Oh no they didn’t !! I was snubbed.
I was, among 16 other women, awarded a women of achievement award by our local NAACP. As I thought we’d be recognized individually, we were one of us! Smh.
January 23, 2020
Code switch, are you black enough?
Joslynn Mathis Reed joins me in talking about how struggling to identify with black peers, and code switching hindered her, and through dance how she truly felt she found where she belonged.
January 21, 2020
Reparations, historic roots through music and self love
Guest Hannah Mayree, a multi instrumentalist/vocalist out of Oakland joins me to talk about her Black Banjo Project, the importance of Connection to music, Black love, and Reparations...
January 14, 2020
Misconception of Black hair pt1 with Emma
We are talking about texture, acceptance, violation and resolve. Some WTF moments around our hair and the journey to love it. 
December 27, 2019
Conversation with White People with IC Bailey
Author IC Bailey, from Toronto Canada joins us to discuss his book, Conversations with White People, his extensive influence online, and the inevitable consequences of white America holding space in black culture, and its effect on Black people.  This would be our last conversation, as IC passed away 12/12/19. He will be sorely missed.
December 18, 2019
My thoughts, on a sad night
After learning a new friend, whom I admired, has suddenly passed...I just needed to shed some tears and get a few things off my chest....
December 14, 2019
Ugly Truth of Transformation
Discussion about the truth of Transformation. It ain't a Hollywood fairytale. Transformation is ugly and it hurts, but we've been through it, and this episode gives our stories-the ugly truth of transformation. 
December 12, 2019
Micro-aggressions, Mental Health and the holidays
A well respected Black Psychiatrist, Dr. Catherine Reed takes little over an hour to delve into how micro-aggressions and getting through the Holidays can be tricky.  How these daily occurrences can lead to mental health issues. With the holidays here, we discuss how micro-aggressions can come from any where at any time and are generally masked through "good intention". We discuss family toxicity as well as coping skills.  Please stay tuned for information around Help lines and resources if a Mental Health crisis does occur or if you or anyone you know may need help. 
December 04, 2019
Black hip and Black Culture contrast
Author Wesley N Chase, joins us to discuss his book “As the Chasm Grows” (The Black HipHop And Black American Contrast), we delve into definitions of blackness, how to cultivate community, and address how to create more black representation and experiences when you live in spaces that don’t support it.
November 12, 2019
The scoop on Lyft
We have 3 Lyft Drivers, 2 female one male, talking truth about their experience, its real, and it's funny. 
November 07, 2019
Privilege or Fragility? Go!
A white queer community member who has taken it upon herself to educate herself around White privilege, fragility and race relations; she discusses her point of view, experience, and how she tries to encourage her white counterparts to be curious.
October 29, 2019
Only black kid in class PT 2
Part 2. More direct experiences of discrimination within our school systems as well as as some solutions to moving around those hurdles. 
October 24, 2019
Only Black Kid in class PT 1
Educational disparity:  Black and brown children are not given the same support, encouragement or resources to go to college, this is a fact.  My guest is a college recruiter and a woman of color, who discusses experiences of discrimination and what she has done to overcome. Additionally adds information on what colleges are actually looking for when our children to apply.  This is part 1. 
October 23, 2019
Family you're Born to vs. chosen family
My brother, Ian Waller, whom I was not raised with and I, talk about the family you're born to, and the family you choose along the way,  It is a sensitive subject for some, and an uplifting for others.  Take a peek into our family journey and growth. 
October 02, 2019
Dating in 2019 political climate
Independent women navigating 2019 dating, while over the age of 30! Join us for some giggles and thoughtful convo. 
September 24, 2019
Black man who dates predominately white women...issaconvo
First KEPW show! Unedited
September 16, 2019
KEPW time and date!!
My radio spot is signed and will be delivered with a fire first guest!!! Listen in to see when and where! I also address a couple of concerned listeners, with love!
September 04, 2019
In Eugene Oregon, we may have an issue of access OR maybe we have an issue with claiming we can “help” represent a culture, and actually end up “taking” over and leaving the culture relevance behind.
July 25, 2019
They walk among us
I spent the weekend working the Peace and Justice booth at a local usual, it does not disappoint with the stories and experiences I walk away with
July 16, 2019
How Different are we?
....Old skool, New Skool...convo with my Mama ❤️ We are 37 years apart and we both agree, Fear is what keep our differences distant vs. celebrated
May 28, 2019
Friend of mine for over 20 years is here to talk about how and when we became aware of the importance of our skin tones within our own community
April 22, 2019
The mask we wear
This is a marathon, life. Let’s give each other grace and love and make each day work for our own process and help each other along the way!
April 11, 2019
Everyday White Supremacy
From dating white men, is their learning curve acceptable, or another example of white supremacy ?
March 21, 2019
42 years old! Happy Birthday to me!
Gratitude for 42 years of experience
March 07, 2019
Story time: From Oberlin College, a rock and a hard spot
My niece, a black student standing up for a white friend in a space held for Black Students only, where they vent their true feelings-things only black folks understand are said. She found herself in an awkward position of defending this friend who she feels was misunderstood...and mis-stepped in her budding ally-ship.
February 18, 2019
Spit on?? Yes that too
Racist foundations ....Eugene to Oberlin College....the stories between two generations are frighteningly similar
February 09, 2019
Rose colored glasses
When the veil is lifted and you see their truth; monologue
January 27, 2019
Black in a sea of white
The need to belong is universal, this episode I reflect on why normalizing “living while black” is controversial
January 09, 2019
Fitting in, a little of this and a little of that (Emeilia)
2 parts-before and after we get our food at dinner at Agate Alley in Eugene ...we talk boundaries, Work, Life, Race talk, communities, and space people take, broken hearts-friends and the loves, growing up emotionally and more! THANK YOU Emeilia!!!
January 03, 2019
Living with Racial Ambiguity (Tatia)
Im sitting down with a good friend of mine for lunch, and we are talking about racial ambiguity, working in an all white agency, and choosing your own identity...
December 28, 2018
Lunch with Tatia
We sit down for a lunch before I part to Houston in just 7 days...Racisl ambiguity is what comes up for us, as Tatia is mixed race Black, White and was self taught Spanish, which she speaks fluently....take a listen...
December 28, 2018
The weight we carry
The weight you carry without having community
December 18, 2018
Episode 2
My thoughts about starting this podcast, a little background on why THIS podcast....
October 31, 2018