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By Jonathan Aymin
Imagine yourself, in the future, living your best life...what does that look like for you? Welcome to the Aymin Audio Podcast where we talk life, entrepreneurship, Common Sense business, and living up to your fullest potential. Remember to subscribe and shout us out on social media if you are enjoying the show! We really do appreciate all your support and attention and we welcome comments or suggestions for topics you’d like to hear us cover! Reach out to me at @jonoaymin on Instagram and check out the company I help own and operate @cseservices 💡
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EP. 20 | Rise Up Kings | Skylar Lewis
On this episode, I sit down with Skylar Lewis, businessman, father, husband, and founder of Superior Restoration and Rise Up Kings. and self taught entrepreneur with a passion for personal development, and the founder and CEO of Superior Restoration. He is currently scaling Superior Restoration which generates 6+ million in revenue and has 40 employees. He also founded and runs "Rise Up Kings", .a coaching platform for married businessman. To learn more about Skylar Lewis and Superior Restoration:  or
April 29, 2020
EP 19 Execution and Consistency are Key | Sam Bahktiar
On this episode of Aymin Audio, we have Sam Bakhtair, Doctor, Author, and CEO and founder of The Camp Transformation Center and One Percent Nutrition. We talk about how his love of nutrition and weights led him to start his successful companies, how after the recession hit he shifted from personal training to group trainings- which was a blessing, how time management has been a game changer to his life and business, and how execution and consistency is the key.      Thanks for watching and please let us know what you learned!      Let’s stay connected   Where to follow Sam Bakhtair ► Instagram   ► Facebook   ► Website   ► Youtube     Where to follow Jonathan Aymin  ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Website
March 13, 2020
EP 18 Grant Parr | Gameface Performance and being a mental sports coach
On this episode of Aymin Audio, we host author, podcast host and CEO of Gameface Performance, Grant Parr. We discuss his occupation and what exactly it means to be a mental sports performance coach. Grant opens up about growing up as an athlete and how the consequences of his career-ending hip injury led him to a career in sports psychology. Tune in to learn Grant's own personal tips towards lowering stress levels and how you can use these in your everyday life.   Thanks for watching and please let us know what you learned!     Let’s stay connected!    You can follow Jonathan Aymin at:  ►  ►  ►  ►  ►    You can follow Grant Parr at:  ►  ►  ►  ►  ►
March 12, 2020
EP 17 Intuitive Business Coach and Medium Seth Eliot Talks HR, Work-Life Balance, and why CEO's need to listen more.
In this episode of Aymin Audio, we have Seth Eliot, Intuitive Business Coach, Author, HR Expert, and Medium. We talk about the difference of the HR role in Corporate America vs Small Businesses, his view on today’s HR role and how the new generation require a more modern work style, he shares interview tips for hiring and how to get the right employee on your team, and how to go about firing employees who are underpreforming. “Success lies with building a better legacy” - Seth Eliot Thanks for watching and please let us know what you learned! Let’s stay connected ► Where you can follow Seth ► Where you can find Seths website ► Where you can find Seth’s book Where to follow Jonathan Aymin ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Website
February 27, 2020
EP 16 Travis Huff | Social Media 2020 and Content Creation
On this episode of Aymin Audio, we have Travis Huff, CEO and founder of We talk about how his interest in advertising turned into to his very successful business it is today, how he started his podcast, some tricks he has for you about the content that you are adding to your social media platforms, and how you can stand out in a saturated market. Thanks for watching and please let us know what you learned! Let’s stay connected ► Where you can follow Travis ► Where you can follow Realtime Outsource ► Where you can follow Travis’s Youtube Channel Where to follow Jonathan Aymin ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Website
February 25, 2020
EP 15 David Meltzer | Mindset and Motivation
On this episode, I sit down with David Meltzer, author, podcast host, and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, and we discuss his entrepreneurial journey and why you need to look at life differently as you consider what you want out of life, your focus and your intention.  David tells us about his incredible journey through college and law school where shortly (9 months) out of law school he was making over 1 million dollars a year!  He also explains how we can hack the seeming "coincidences" that are all around us and increase our awareness so we can live more productive, fulfilled lives.
February 8, 2020
EP 14 Elijah Schneider & Modifly - Young Media & Marketing Agency Owner
On this episode, I interview Elijah Schneider, a 22-year-old entreprenuer and hustler who has worked incredibly hard to create a digital marketing agency that does millions in revenue and serves large brands like Nordstrom (among others!).  Hear his inspiring story, plus a number of tips about social media and an in depth look at the state of social media in early 2020. Enjoy and let us know what you learned or liked about this episode! Cheers, Jonathan Aymin, podcast host
January 30, 2020
EP. 13 Carlos Cornejo - An Incredible Story of Perseverance and Success!
On this episode, I interview Carlos Cornejo who founded and runs Innovative Packaging Solutions!  He is a first generation imagrant from El Salvador and the his story is incredible!
January 28, 2020
EP. 12 David Holtze & Harvest Kitchen - Finding Your Passion
David Holtze and I talk about the struggles of founding Harvest Kitchen and how he got to be the CEO he is today!  One of my favorite things about these sit-downs is being able to hear the personal journey of these entrepreneurs, and David is no exception!  We had a great time discussing his background in an ad agency and how he took the leap to run his own truck as part of an existing eventually breaking off and doing his own thing entirely.  Now David is delighting guests all over San Diego with his incredible, locally sourced meals, (that taste delicious I might add), and we are so grateful to have had him on the podcast today! 
December 13, 2019
EP. 11 Akash Winery - "Stay Curious & Work Hard to Accomplish Your Dreams"
Akash Winery has a cool story, and on this episode, I interview Akash Patel (who the winery was named after) and the process that it has been opening, remodeling, and running a winery in the Temecula Valley.
August 29, 2019
EP. 10 Stay Focused, Stay Hungry: Self Made Training Facility CEO Miguel Augilar
SLF Made CEO Miguel Auguilar sits down with us and discusses his journey so far in entrepreneurship.
August 27, 2019
EP. 9. Don Mastrangelo- "Take Action"
https://jackedupfootwear.comSat down with serial entrepreneur Don Mastrangelo and discussed entrepreneurship, taking action, and how to achieve success in a variety of fields.  Don has started over 20 companies and has a passion for starting and buidling business.  He currently wons Parlay Cafe in Temecula, CA and Jacked Up Footwear, a company for people with Leg Length Discrepancy. ( Hope you enjoy the episode!  Connect with Don on LinkedIn and Jonathan on Instagram @jonoaymin Cheers!
July 18, 2019
EP. 8 San Marcos Mayor Rebbeca Jones, CEO Jamie Miller, Union CoWork, Taking Action, & the Struggles of Building Businesses
Jamie Miller and Rebecca Jones are here for today’s episode. Jamie is the CEO of Union Cowork, and Rebecca is the mayor of San Marcos, California. San Marcos is the most recent city to welcome in a Union Cowork building. Before getting into politics, Rebecca grew a business to $100 million in sales. Previously, San Marcos didn’t have a defined downtown. Rebecca began planning to implement one in her city around ten years ago and talks about its evolution. Jamie discusses how he was under the impression that San Marcos was just a place for big box retailers, and that his changed perception of the city made him want to get involved. Rebecca shares insight on the struggles and loneliness that happened in the early days of building her business. Jamie adds in that Union Cowork can help in similar situations because using their spaces allow people to feel like they’re not alone. He believes that having others who can support you along the way is extremely important. With the politically charged atmosphere of late, Rebecca expresses that people such as herself must remember why they are in their position in the first place. She says that one of her favorite areas to focus on is traffic, and Jamie talks about his desire for everyone to walk or bike to work. We finish by hearing advice from Jamie and Rebecca about building a business. Rebecca promotes remembering that you can’t make everyone happy and sometimes have to let things go. Jamie brings up the importance of having balance between your business and personal life. Union Cowork: Rebecca Jones:
July 12, 2019
Ep.7 Jeff Fenster - Everbowl, Entrepreneural ADD, & More
Jeff Fenster is a dynamic guy!  From graduating early from ASU, to starting his own payroll company, to founding the wildly popular restaurant chain Everbowl, he definitely keeps pushing and impacting industries by his disruptive approach to business. He made time to sit down with us in his San Elijo Hills location in Southern California were his food chain is currently exploding to talk entrepreneurship, work-life balance, his approach to startups and so much more!  He also covers the recent companies he has started including an import/export company, a construction company called WeBuild, and an innovative coffee company called Superfuel Coffee. We also got to try some Everbowl live on the podcast!  My favorites so far:  The Chewy (bowl) and The Dream (smoothie)...also, after, I got to try the coffee and it is worth trying!  You can find them in Everbowl Stores or online on Amazon (see link below). Tune in and let us know what you think!   You can reach Jeff at @fensterjeff on Instagram and you can reach me at @jonoaymin!  Some other exciting news, this podcast was recorded and put on Youtube!  We've never done this before so let me know what you think!  Check out the link here or on our social media channels! Please subscribe to the podcast and to the Youtube Channel for upcoming interviews with inspiring leaders!
July 1, 2019
EP. 6 Ben Moreland - "To Be More, Do More"
Fitness expert, personal trainer, and businessman Ben Moreland sits down and talks entrepreneurship, making progress, and how to get momentum.  He owns and operates Be More Athletics, a fitness brand that includes a personal training gym in Orange County.  He talks with us today about his upbringing, where his entrepreneurial journey started, and about motivation for people looking to get started. Follow him on Instagram @benmoreland and his gym @be_more_athletics Cheers!
June 21, 2019
EP 5. Chris J. Snook - Entrepreneurship and the Road to Nowhere
 In todays podcast, I interview author, investor, and entrepreneur Chris J. Snook, owner of Startup Drugz and LaunchHaus.  He talks entrepreneurship, being pragmatic, the road to nowhere, and sheds a lot of light on the mindset behind being a business owner.  Follow him on Instagram and check out the awesome merch from Startup Drugz: Chris: Startup Drugz:
May 23, 2019
EP4. Jeremiah Tower, Hospitality, Restaurants etc
Renowned Chef Jeremiah Tower talks with us about his experiences starting as a chef and his history in the restaurant industry.  He talks hospitality, how to recharge, work, allergies at restaurants, and what's next!  After watching his Netflix special produced by Anthony Bourdain, I was so excited to meet him at an event and am so grateful he sat down and chatted!  He was funny, charming, and had a very fresh perspective on life and experiences...and had some incredible champagne suggestions!  Enjoy! Netflix Special: Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent  Follow him on Instagram; @tower.jeremiah
May 18, 2019
Ep 3. Blank with Friends & Confidence
Today I get to sit down with the creators of the Blank With Friends podcast and we go over confidence, how to have it, how to get it, and what happens when we focus to much on others.   Jordan and Mike both drop some knolwedge and I really appreciate both of their perspectives. Book of the Ep: Mind Hacking - Sir John Hargrave
May 6, 2019
Ep. 2 Starting and Motivation
This episode is about getting started and how to keep momentum!
May 3, 2019
Aymin Audio Experience EP 1 - Execution
Really excited to relauch this podcast!  We talk about getting started and execution as the most important do anything!  So often, analysis paralysis cripples us from making the progress we know we should be making.  I encourage you, find one thing that you can do immediately, today, right now, that builds towards a goal that you have had, and DO THAT RIGHT AWAY. Good luck!  See you in the next episode! Quote of the Day: Book Highlight: Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco
March 30, 2019