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 Conversations With Titilola.

Conversations With Titilola.

By Ayodele Titilola
Let's talk about the diverse standard society places on us,our fellowship with God and the Holy Spirit.
The different influences it has on personal views about the required norms of the society, it’s challenges, influences and how our human nature deals with the norms,our different expressions and personal stories.
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A personal story on self awareness and accepting love from people🤗
I talked about challenges of not fitting in while growing up and how I dealt with accepting love from other people.🤗
July 14, 2020
A conversation about societal standards/expectations as regards the act of service.
A conversation about Societal Expectations/Standards as regards the act of Service,career, achievements, characters/attitudes.
June 5, 2020
A conversation about Mental health.
A conversation on Mental Health: My personal journey, Struggles, Causes/Triggers and healing process.
June 5, 2020