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Ayush Raj Audiolog

Ayush Raj Audiolog

By Ayush Raj
This is my podcast where I discuss my game development journey and many other things present all around the web.
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All my power armors in Fallout 4
In this podcast I am speaking about all the power armors which I have collected in Fallout 4. I have stored all but one of them in Sanctuary and one of them at Red Rocket. I tell you about the armor and helmet they have and where I found them and what their special characteristics are. I think it is always fun to get to know about other people's power armor collections? What do you think? Tell me about yours sometime. Follow this podcast for more! Visit my website: Have a look at my little game studio: Follow me on other social media platforms if you want: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Linkedin:
March 1, 2020
End of an era and Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac
This is a podcast where I discuss the end of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) era for me and how it was back in the day in India. I also discuss a little bit about the game Saint Seiya which was only available in Japanese language on the NES. I still played that game and I played it a lot and struggled because of the language barrier but still enjoyed it. Follow me here if you want to: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: Visit my website: Visit Redseed Game Studio website: Don't forget to subscribe/follow this podcast! :D
January 23, 2020
A more immersive way to listen to audio books and how you can make your own
In this podcast I am telling you a new way to listen to audio books which may turn out to be more immersive for you. In this way I put on my earphones and then fire up a relaxing video game. I did it with Skyrim. Although Skyrim is not relaxing if you are doing the quests but when you roam around the land and watch the scenery without doing anything intensive then it's one of the most relaxing games ever. The audio book felt like it was in game narration.   Second thing I talk about in this podcast is, if you are a writer and you would like to put your books, stories or novels on audio platforms then you can do so by using Amazon Polly. I am assuming here that you do not have enough financial power to hire a voice artist and a recording studio. You can convert your books to audio by using Amazon Polly which is available on Amazon AWS. You can then put your audio books on podcast platforms, online shops or Amazon Alexa. I will be making tutorials on how to put your audio books on Alexa in a chapter wise manner. However, you can visit the Amazon Developer site yourself and develop Alexa skills yourself because they have made it very easy and intuitive to do so.   Follow me here if you want to:  Facebook: Twitter:  Instagram:  Linkedin: Visit my website: Visit Redseed Game Studio website: Don't forget to subscribe/follow this podcast! :D
January 14, 2020
Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Summary | The Lost Bastille Blues
This is a gameplay summary of one of my gaming sessions in Dark Souls 2. In this session I enter the Lost Bastille and try to fight my way through the area. You can watch the full Let's play on YouTube here:
December 29, 2019
Dark Souls II Gameplay Summary | Skeletons and Armorer Dennis
In this podcast I will give you the highlights of the gaming session I had with Dark Souls II. In this gameplay I encountered Armorer Dennis and some very scary skeletons. I had to get help from Ruined Aflis in order to defeat Dennis. He was really strong! You can watch the full Let's Play video here: Thank you for listening!
December 13, 2019
Dark souls and perseverance
This is a short episode where I tell you how Dark Souls game helped me understand and develop perseverance and patience. ☺️
October 16, 2019
My experience in importing a 3d character into Unreal Engine
This is me telling you all I went through and experienced while I was transferring my own 3d character with animations into Unreal Engine.
September 14, 2019
Valdis Story Abyssal City Game Review
In this podcast I tell you about the indie platformer hack and slash video game Valdis Story Abyssal City. This game was made by Endlessfluff games and it has a deep and intriguing story involving angels, demons and normal people.
August 19, 2019
Fallout 4 and machine building inspiration
In this podcast I discuss how Fallout 4 gives us an approximate perspective on how our post apocalyptic world would be should there ever be a world wide catastrophe. It also show us how people will survive by building machines from scraps that will successfully harness the resources of nature for our needs.
August 3, 2019
How to think for the next generation
In this podcast I am going to tell you what kind of mindset you should have when you are doing or planning to do something for the next generation. I am also going to tell you that you should not do humanitarian work at your own expense.
July 21, 2019
How to be consistent in whatever you do
Hello all! In this podcast I tell you how you can be consistent in whatever you do.
July 11, 2019
Can doing simple things make you successful?
In this podcast I will discuss whether doing simple things consistently gives results or not?
July 3, 2019
Why you should give this game a try | Guilty Gear XX #Reload Review
This is a short audiolog of me reviewing the video game Guilty Gear XX #Reload which was released by Arc System Works back in 2003. This podcast will help you decide if you want to give a chance to this old gem or not. :)
June 25, 2019
Gamers are savvy
In this podcast I document that the gaming community is one of the savviest and most supportive communities out there.
June 16, 2019
Use PNGQuant for lossy compression
In this podcast I tell you how you can use PNGQuant to compress PNG images while preserving their alpha channels. PNGQuant is one of the most effective free PNG compression library I have found on the internet.
June 13, 2019
Fantasy Book Episode 1
This is the chapter 1 of Fantasy Book.
June 10, 2019
Indie Game Development Podcast
This is an indie game development podcast which I have recorded. In this podcast you will learn general aspects of game development as a solo artist.
March 20, 2019
Niara: ROTK Dev Log Episode 2
Here I tell how I chose the platform. :)
February 8, 2019
Niara: ROTK Audio Dev Log Start
This is the first episode of the audio devlog of Niara:ROTK.
February 8, 2019