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What does it mean to be Asian? It’s a question that can’t be answered just one way. It’s become increasingly difficult for Asians to navigate their heritage and come to an understanding of their identity in the modern day. The AZN Connection is here to explore all the definitions, topics, and aspects of culture that make us who we are. Asian involvement in politics, to the Hmong peoples. Kpop, anime, and everything in-between. Lifestyle, food, ABG’s, and BBT. Come along on the journey, as we explore what it truly means, to be Asian. Hosted by Jeff Tram, Rhea Lisondra, and John Gallardo
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Asian Representation on YouTube
In this episode of AZN Connection Jeff and Rhea discuss the Asian Youtbers they looked up to growing up as well as the importance of good Asian representation across social media platforms and mainstream.
June 4, 2021
1-on-1: Victoria Gravesande on Experiences as Asian Women (Part 2)
In part two of the discussion of experiences as Asian women, Rhea and Victoria discuss the possible limits of the Stop Asian Hate Movement, fetishization of Asian women and damaging dating preferences.
May 21, 2021
1-on-1: Victoria Gravesande on Experiences as Asian Women (Part 1)
In this episode, Rhea speaks with Victoria Gravesande on her newly found TikTok platform where Victoria creates content centered on womens' issues and experiences. They discuss their own experiences as Asian women from beauty standards, understanding the Asian identity, ​representation in the media and more.
May 21, 2021
Reni & Lansky of The Mixed Nuts Network Speak on How to Build Connections between Communities
In this episode of the AZN Connection, we talk to Reni & Lansky of the Mixed Nuts Network. Through several platforms, they have been able to build a community exploring topics around unity, culture, and diversity. One of their main objectives is to promote Black and Asian solidarity by finding commonalities in culture and addressing the deep issues that have caused division. Ultimately, their works center around deconstructing the institutions of power that enable white supremacy. We also explore topics such as colourism in the Asian Community, and the model minority myth, among a whole lot of other relevant topics and discussion. Strap in, and maybe get a snack.
April 23, 2021
Raymond Mai on the Importance of Listening & Education within Advocacy
In this episode, the squad is joined by Activist Raymond Mai. They discuss Raymond’s story growing up in San Diego, how to build solidarity within communities and between other communities, as well as other topics such as slacktivism and how the media can do better reporting on hate crimes and injustice. All that, and much more on this episode.
March 10, 2021
On the Attacks Against the Asian Community
In this episode of AZN Connection, Jeff, Rhea, and John speak on the attacks against the Asian community that have occurred in the United States. They discuss Canada’s news coverage on the attacks, how to stand in solidarity with communities that are suffering from injustices, along with discussions on the model minority myth and reasons why the Asian community has been largely silent about social injustices in the past. All that, and even more meaningful discussion on this episode, and the next couple episodes to come. Stay tuned for more.
March 3, 2021
1-on-1: Asian-American Activist Richard Tran
On this episode of the AZN Connection, Jeffery talks to Richard Tran, an Asian-American activist based in Norfolk, Virginia. The conversation is a continuation of the topics discussed on the Clubhouse app, where they originally met. Richard tells a unique story of his time at an HBCU. He also talks about Asian and Black solidarity, especially in times of Black Lives Matter and the rise of anti-Asian attacks, and the importance of speaking up.
February 24, 2021
Looking for Love in a Pandemic – Making Connections with AZN Connection
On this special episode of AZN Connection, we invited 3 singles on to the show as we attempt to “auction” them off to the world in a podcast format. Listen in to hear about their thoughts on dating, relationships, their preferences, along with where YOU could potentially reach them ;)
February 18, 2021
Chinese Lunar New Year
The team is back, and this time they’re talking about Chinese Lunar New Year. Along with special guests Shan Qiao and Zhen Xiong, they all explore the essence of the holiday, along with various traditions, stories, and superstitions associated with the Lunar New Year. All that, and much more on this episode of AZN Connection.
February 12, 2021
Pinoys on Parliament 2021
On this episode, AZN Connection is joined by special guests Sabrina Price and Lourdes Teodoro. Sabrina and Lourdes are both part of the executive committee for Pinoys on Parliament, a youth networking and empowerment conference for FilipinX Canadian Youth. They tell us about the upcoming conference and its move to an online setting, what delegates can expect for this year’s conference, as well as how they got involved with P.O.P and what representation means for them. Stay tuned till the end of the episode for a special surprise! All that, and much more on this episode of AZN Connection.
January 29, 2021
2020 Recap: Reflecting On The Year That Was
In this episode, Rhea, John, and Jeff reflect on what has transpired in 2020, with civil unrest occurring throughout the world, a global pandemic shaking everything up, as well as sharing some true realizations about life. All that, and much much more, on this episode. Happy New Year from AZN Connection! Here’s to 2021!!!
December 31, 2020
1-on-1: VICE News’ Frankie Lantican on Disney’s ‘From Our Family To Yours’ holiday advert
Frankie Lantican is a journalism intern at VICE News in Singapore. Lantican wrote an article for VICE about Disney’s recent ‘From Our Family To Yours’ advert. She and John have a conversation about how the advert impacts Asian representation, while also talking about the similarities and differences of celebrating Christmas abroad versus in the Philippines.
December 18, 2020
The Filipino Christmas & Disney’s ‘From Our Family To Yours’ Advert
On this week’s episode, Rhea, John, and Jeff are back with special guest Corrine Codina to discuss Christmas and the special significance the holiday has for Filipinos. The crew also talk about their favourite Christmas songs and movies, reminisce on some memories, and also discuss Disney’s ‘From Our Family to Yours’ advert and it’s impact on Asian representation in media.
December 18, 2020
Upcoming Podcast Topics & AZN Connection’s Show Concept
Rhea, Jeff, and John speak on their interests. John talks briefly about how quarantine transformed him into a K-Drama aficionado, Rhea explores her love for K-pop, and Jeff expresses an interest to learn more about boba. They also speak on what to expect in future episodes, as well as discussing the show’s conceptual mission statement.
November 26, 2020
Asian “Expectations” & Career Paths
Rhea, John, and Jeff discuss the stereotypical expectations growing up in an Asian household and their experiences with that. They reminisce on school days, taking CASI tests, learning your times tables in kindergarten (yeah, apparently Jeff did that), and their loves for art and English. They also recall the conversations they’ve had with their parents when bringing up their career paths, along with giving advice to anyone out there that’s being pressured into a career they’re not passionate about.
November 26, 2020
Our Stories Growing Up Asian
Rhea, John, and Jeff recall what it was like for them to grow up in the communities they lived in. From being stereotyped at a young age, to personal stories with family, and finding solace in role models and other communities. Jeff and Rhea speak on what it was like to grow up in majority white communities while John speaks on his experience growing up in the GTA.
November 26, 2020