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AZ Community Roundtable

AZ Community Roundtable

By James Cook
Azure community discussions open to all. Hosted live on Twitter Spaces
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AZ Community Roundtable

Ep.03 - Jake Walsh & Olivier Miossec with host James Cook
On the third episode of AZ Community Roundtable, James Cook, Jake Walsh and Olivier Miossec introduces themselves as the show speakers. The group discuss IaC, testing code and if IaC is the future of Infrastruture.
August 9, 2021
Ep.02 - Rishab Kumar & Christos Matskas with host James Cook
On the second episode of AZ Community Roundtable show, James Cook, Rishab Kumar and Christos Matskas introduces themselves as the show speakers. James discusses the new private endpoint feature in Azure Migrate, Rishab talks about his journey in certifications and Christos wants to know what we thought about security and the information/certifications Microsoft provides.
June 16, 2021
Ep.01 - Chris Reddington & Martin Therkelsen with host James Cook
On the first AZ Community Roundtable show, James Cook introduces himself for the first time as the host. After guest speakers Chris and Martin introduces themselves, James discusses Microsoft Build news on App Services adopting Cloud Native approach using Kubernetes so it can be used on other platforms. Martin talks about how Infrastructre as Code is being adopted and it place currently in organisations, and Chris brings up what individuals are looking for in a DevOps tools, the features we enjoy and a quick talk on the Azure DevOps vs GitHub hot topic on social media.
June 1, 2021
Small snippet introduction to the podcast.
May 2, 2021