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B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast

B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast

By Allen Kopelman
If you're a business owner and process payments and you want to learn about the latest trends and financial technology for businesses this is the podcast for you! Visit to learn more. Allen Kopelman brings 20 years of merchant account industry experience. He provides educational information about business, payments, FinTech, Decentralized Finance, Cryptocurrency, and the technology businesses need to accept payments in today's world. Including news, changes made by the card brands, product knowledge, merchant services industry solutions, and high risk alternative payment methods.
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How do I get an ATM in my business? | FinTech | B2B Vault The Payment Technology Podcast: Episode 107

B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast

NAC 2022 | PocketBook | Hyosung | PAI | ATM, Kiosk, & Vending Managed Services | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 110
Allen & Justin sit down with some of the movers and shakers of the ATM industry to find out about whats new in the world of ATMS, National ATM Council and to catch up in general. We are at NAC 2022, the National ATM Council Conference in Hollywood, Florida.  Thank you to Bruce Renard from NAC for setting us up with three great guests for the podcast.  Today we will speak with three companies on the cutting edge of FinTech and Payments, and we will discuss products and services coming to a store near you shortly.  Technology is the great equalizer!    First up is Brian Crumpler, CEO of Pocketbook, a cool app that allows you to get money from an ATM thru an app and is connected to your financial services apps - this is cutting edge and for consumers who are underbanked or unbanked, this is exciting and enables those consumers to get money from an ATM.  Next up is Bran Nolan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Hyosung - this is my favorite ATM equipment company. We use these in many of our locations. We will discuss all the new services they are bringing to the ATM.  The future of ATMs -  Our final guest, Brain Haines from PAI - Payment Alliance International. We have known each other for years, and we work with PAI; we talk about the future of ATMs and some of the services coming to the ATM world.  Enjoy the podcast and listen to what is coming to a store near you. Carpe diem  Allen & Justin Add a comment...
September 20, 2022
FinTech Fridays | The latest trends in FinTech, Payment Processing, & The NAC 2022 Convention | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast
In todays episode of FinTech Friday Allen & Justin discuss the latest news in financial technology and their time at the NAC 2022 (National ATM Council) heldat the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL.  The new firearm SIC Code- what does that mean? When will it be implemented? What is the end game for firearm SIC codes? Who is ISO? A Switzerlamd based company that assigns codes to business types Zelle-counters scams with double digit rates Buy Now Pay Later- another one bites the dust! Quick Fee Other companies taking losses-Afterpay, Affirm, Klarna CFPB - is still mulling rules for buy now pay later NeoBanks - $47 Billion dollar market and growing at 10% yearly! Enjoy the podcast! Carpe Diem, Allen & Justin
September 16, 2022
How To Protect Your Businesses Credit From Fraud | Small Business Solutions | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 109
Todays podcast is about how to protect your personal and business credit. We are talking about what can happen if you experience fraud or your identity or business identity has been stolen or compromised.   We tell a few stories about what has happened to a few people, how we uncover the fraud and what we do to help business owners when it happens. We talk about other types of fraud that business can experience as well.   We also go over how to make sure you websites, domains can remain secure as well.  We talk about tools you can use that are free for business owners: Transunion   Experian   Credit Karma For Personal Credit   For monitoring business credit, you can use NAV for free or Dun and Bradstreet Enjoy the podcast!    Carpe Diem  - Allen and Justin
September 13, 2022
FinTech Fridays | Middle Men Movie Review | High Risk Payment Processing | The latest trends in FinTech, Crypto, & The Payment Processing | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast
In today's FinTech Friday, we are reviewing the movie Middle Men. The movie is based on a true story about how internet credit card processing was started, and its a crazy story, and the movie had some star power. Luke Wilson was the main star and business fixer, Jack Harris. Also featured in the movie were James Caan, Kelsey Grammer, and Terry Crewes. We enjoyed talking about the movie the craziness of it all, and business aspects in the movie, along with a couple of cars that did not belong in the movie as they were not made yet. So enjoy the podcast - and if you need a merchant account - low-risk to high risK let us know. Peace out! Allen and Justin #b2bvault #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #acceptcryptocurrency #b2bvaultcommunity #smallbizshoutouts #showloveitstheb2bvaultway #smallbizlove #FinTech #CryptocurrencyProcessing #PaymentProcessing #CreditCardProcessing #PaymentTechnology #cryptopaymentprocessing #merchantaccount #creditcardprocessing #debitcardprocessing #internetcardprocessing #wirelessprocessing #creditcardterminals #onlinepayments #merchantaccountprocessing #paymentgateway #ecommercesolutions #smallbusinesspaymentsolutions #highriskmerchantaccounts #highriskbusinesses #cryptopayments
September 09, 2022
What is a virtual terminal? | Virtual Terminal For Payment Processing | Accept & Take Payments On Your Computer | B2B Vault Episode 108
So, what is a virtual terminal? It's all about education and teaching business how they can use technology to save time, money and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Most people don't know what it is so we did in and talk about what it is. What people call think it is - most people think of PayPal, Square or Stripe. And we talk about the new product we are offering and how it can help businesses Justin and Allen tell some stories about different businesses and how they are using a virtual terminal and how it has saved companies big and small time and money. Sit back and listen to the podcast Enjoy - Carpe Diem! If you want to find out more - get in touch with us!
September 08, 2022
How do I get an ATM in my business? | FinTech | B2B Vault The Payment Technology Podcast: Episode 107
Today we dive into the world of ATMs and How you can get an ATM in your business. The ATM business is constantly changing, and in a couple of weeks, the National ATM Council will be meeting locally here in Hollywood, Florida, I love to go to these events to learn and meet people and see friends and business associates.   Learning is how we can help businesses and educate them about ATMs and how they can benefit many businesses.    When news swirls around - it's always a good time to go to an industry show and hear what the experts have to say and what the card brands and banks are saying.   In today's episode, we talk about ATM Compliance and new equipment requirements, Cashless ATMs and what the banks are saying about these machines. We talk about all the additional financial services that ATMs can perform and help drive traffic into your business.   ATMs are not just for dispensing cash you can buy things, buy cryptocurrency, do a cardless transaction, send someone money and they can get it out of the ATM with a QR code - ATMs are becoming a financial  kiosk, and there are more services on the way.   We also talk about the ATM rules regulating Cannabis Dispensaries.    Sit back - Listen - Learn and if we can help your business - let us know    Visit our website for more info. #b2bvault #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #acceptcryptocurrency #b2bvaultcommunity #smallbizshoutouts #showloveitstheb2bvaultway #smallbizlove #FinTech #CryptocurrencyProcessing #PaymentProcessing #CreditCardProcessing #PaymentTechnology #cryptopaymentprocessing #merchantaccount #creditcardprocessing #debitcardprocessing #internetcardprocessing #wirelessprocessing #creditcardterminals #onlinepayments #merchantaccountprocessing #paymentgateway #ecommercesolutions #smallbusinesspaymentsolutions #highriskmerchantaccounts #highriskbusinesses #cryptopayments 
September 06, 2022
FinTech Fridays The latest trends in FinTech, Crypto, & Payment Processing
SHOW LESSToday, we are diving into what is happening in the world of Small businesses and the challenges we face as Small and Medium Sized business owners.  Right now, Congress is not being very friendly to our group - we do have the NFIB - National Federation of Independent Businesses -   Go to their website and click the link to write your congresspeople to let them know you do not want these crazy new taxes.  Listen to the podcast and hear about what is not getting national attention on the news.  We also talk about how FinTech is getting a lot of attention in congress but they are bringing new services forward so businesses can do great things.  There is a lot of innovation going on in our world today to help businesses run -   Thanks for listening   For more info on our services - text the word book to (954) 827-9818 0 Comments SORT BY
September 02, 2022
The Payment Technology Rundown August 2022 | Monthly Financial Technology Wrap Up | FinTech | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 106
Today we are doing our Monthly Rap for August 2022 If this is your first time joining us, or you listen all the time, we are going over all the subjects we covered this past month. One of the highlights was our live 100th Episode of B2b Vault! We also discussed the MPC Digital commerce event, which was very informative. Other subjects include Cryptocurrency, Interchange, Invoicing for Businesses, Chargebacks, high-risk merchant services, what is an Omni-Channel merchant account and what is all the buzz about. We look forward to bringing you more informative content next month, and some exciting twists are on the way for FinTech Fridays. Carpe Diem - Peace Out Also, check out our youtube channel - see our mascot Rocky in action. Book an appointment - text book to 954-827-9818
September 01, 2022
Payment Trends August 2022 | FinTech News | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 105
August 2022 - it's time for Payment Trends with Allen and Justin Today's topics included: Cannabis and what is going on with payment processing Rocky our mascot was having a lot of fun catch the reel on social media Community Banks and NEO banks Alternative Payments on the rise Cash app for businesses Fed Now - Real Time Payments Gig economy - getting restaurant workers paid daily can this become a thing. Wallets getting more popular will Apple and Google play nice? Banks are pushing back on central digital currency Buzz words in the news - Fintech, Omni Channel, Should merchant charge customers a fee? We chop it up - so sit back or take a walk and listen in - to Payment Trends August 2022 Book an appointment - just sent a text - text Book to (954) 827-9818 Carpe Diem
August 30, 2022
FinTech Fridays | The latest trends in FinTech, Crypto, & The Digital Commerce Event | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast
In todays fintech friday we dive in a bit more as to what was discussed at the MPC Digital Commerce Event. We talk about Omni Channel and what it is and what it can do for the business - and we talk about what it can do for the customers of that business. Today it is all about having a platform, software, hardware, and features that will keep your customer happy. This is for Business to Consumer - Business to Business it's important to provide a great customer experience when your customer is paying - everyone wants to use technology today. We talk about wallets and how wallets are going to be the new way to pay - and it's coming fast Crypto is always in the news, and we talk a bit about the crypto connection show that was in West Palm Beach, we saw some cool technology and what is going on with crypto. We then explored how small to medium-sized businesses need to step up their technology game, what use to cost hundreds of dollars a month is now affordable! Enjoy the podcast - Enjoy the weekend - TGIF - Fintech Friday! You can text Book to ---- and set up a meeting with us. If you need a merchant account - text "book" to 954 -827-9818
August 26, 2022
MPC Digital Commerce Event 2022 | Atlanta, GA | FinTech | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 104
Today we are going to talk about the MPC Digital Payments Event in Atlanta, GA Shoutout to the MPC Staff!!! Enjoy the discussion about all of the subjects covered over 3 days There were a few buzz words that were mentioned quite a few times, Frictionless Wallet Payments, Omni Channel, Mobile Payments, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, Web3, Encryption, Payments going out to employees and gig workers. Merchant Accounts vs Payfac and Platforms and Software I was on a panel about how customer pay at the point of sale - in person or on the web, how people and businesses pay at bill. Fraud was discussed and how to combat that and what will the next steps the card schemes are looking into - biometrics, AI solutions and more for e-commerce and banking. Product discussions included: What do business want? What do consumers want from businesses as far as payment and customer interaction? In-store pickup - delivery - shipped - curbside pickup - payment options as well. What do people expect with a business to business payment? Technology is moving fast - innovation is a level 10 Watch for our new platform - which will get you a merchant account in approx 10 minutes To find out more about what we are doing - text book to (954) 827-9818 Enjoy the podcast! Carpe Diem - Peace out Allen & Justin 
August 25, 2022
What Businesses qualify for special interchange fees? | Small Business | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 103
This podcast had a long title - it involves different business types and how you can save a lot of money on your credit card processing. The credit card brands Visa and MasterCard have a list of emerging businesses where there is not a lot of credit card volume. They call those businesses emerging markets and get special "Interchange fees," which we discuss in the podcast. Interchange is the bulk of the bill you are paying to your credit card processor - but in some cases, if you are $25K or more -and you are in one of the following businesses, you can save quite a bit of money, making it worth your while to call us and learn more. Insurance companies Fuel Dealers - not limited to gas stations Child Care Services Subscription services Direct Marketing Telecommunications Education Schools Utilities Government Charities Non-Profits Just like a CPA saves you money on your taxes, we are the cost cutters when it comes to Interchange and uncovering the opportunities to get your business lower Interchange fees. Besides these businesses, quite a few other companies have special Interchange fees, and we work very hard to keep track of the changes. We can identify an opportunity when we look at a statement. Also, technology is always a consideration, so we ensure you have the best technology for your business solution. Text "Book" to (954) 827-9818 to learn more! Carpe Diem - Peace Allen & Justin
August 23, 2022
FinTech Fridays | The latest Trends In FinTech & Small Business | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast
B2B Vault presents FinTech Fridays with @AllenKopelman & @JustinOwings. Check back every Friday. Today we dive into Fintech Friday with Allen and Justin as they talk about FinTech and what's new in the news. Crypto Updates Government to regulate cryptocurrency as a commodite.    If you need a merchant account - text "book" to 954 -827-9818
August 19, 2022
Is Software The New Credit Card Processor? | Omnichannel Payment Processing | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 102
So we are diving in today to talk about a trend in the credit card industry.  Software and merchant services - This is where you are buying software  and as part of the package, you also get a merchant account.  This trend is getting very popular, and here at Nationwide Payment Systems, we are in a soft launch of our new software-hardware solution that will do the same thing.  So if you are an ISV, Software Company, or you build E-commerce sites, we are sharing a new revenue-generating opportunity for your business today.   If you are a business owner, listen and find out you can get the latest - OMNI Channel software for your business that can help you run your whole business from a dashboard anywhere you have access to the Internet!   This is revolutionary - and we are on the cutting edge of a colossal trend just starting.   Many companies have done this, but we have simplified the process to 10 questions, and in 10 minutes, you have a live merchant account, and if you ordered equipment, you would get it shipped.  Payfac solutions are growing, and if you want to get in on the trend, contact us, and we will share our business plan for generating revenue for your software or ISV.  We handle all the heavy lifting - you sit back and collect money.  If you are a business owner, we share a software-hardware solution that will level the playing field for your business with the feature that will blow you away!   So, listen to today's podcast - Enjoy    Allen and Justin - Peace out and Carpe Diem   #omnichannelservices #omnichannel #b2bvault #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #acceptcryptocurrency #b2bvaultcommunity #smallbizshoutouts #showloveitstheb2bvaultway #smallbizlove #FinTech #CryptocurrencyProcessing #PaymentProcessing #CreditCardProcessing #PaymentTechnology #cryptopaymentprocessing #merchantaccount #creditcardprocessing #debitcardprocessing #internetcardprocessing #wirelessprocessing #creditcardterminals #onlinepayments #merchantaccountprocessing #paymentgateway #ecommercesolutions #smallbusinesspaymentsolutions #highriskmerchantaccounts #highriskbusinesses #cryptopayments
August 18, 2022
Automated Invoicing For Your Business | Omnichannel Payment Processing | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast | Episode 101
In today's podcast episode, we're diving into how to automate your invoicing. Collecting money and invoicing seems to be a challenge, no matter how small or big your business is. Business owners either have to get payments upfront from customers or give them terms, or the amount is due upon completion of the work. Either way - how do you collect payments? Do you have a credit card machine or mobile device? Do you send out payment links - it can be as simple as that, or you might be using software or using accounting software. We have products that integrate directly into accounting software and other inventory software that enable you to automate. You can send an invoice with a link, and the customer can click and pay by ACH/E-check or by credit card. Many businesses struggle with inflation, supply chain issues, and price increases. How can you combat that along with the stress of how to use your capital and lines of credit? Many businesses that traditionally do not accept credit cards might want to look into doing that to speed up payment - customers get 30 plus days to pay their credit card company, and there is less stress on your capital. When we consult, we discuss these concepts with clients and show them how accepting credit cards can save them money, benefit their customers as they get points, miles, and cash back, and increase cash flow. The fed keeps raising rates, and prime plus is way more expensive than accepting a credit card or ACH payment. Is it time you automate your invoicing? Find out more - as you listen to us discuss this topic!
August 16, 2022
FinTech Friday's | The latest Trends In Financial Technology | B2B Vault - The Payment Technology Podcast
Today we dive into Fintech Friday as Allen and Justin talk about this week in Fintech.   Crypto News  FTX tied to Voyager the bankrupt crypto platform SEC looking into Firms who did Crypto Loans and how to regulate them  Inflation Strategy for Small Business Is Cash discount or surcharging the answer or one of the ways to fight inflation  Inflation and B2B Businesses Is accepting credit cards cheaper than accessing your credit line with the Fed Raising Rates?  Kiosks - The answer to the labor shortage are you ready to set this up at your restaurant to Quick Service Business?   Top States where companies are moving or opening businesses  North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington State, Florida, Idaho, Utah, Georgia, Texas, Montana, Indiana   There are the top 10  -   What are business owners looking for when relocating.  Pool of workers, Affordability, No State Tax, Access to Ports and strong economy!    If you need a merchant account - text book - to 954 827-9818 or visit
August 12, 2022
The Payment Technology Podcast Celebrates It's 100TH Episode! | B2B Vault Episode 100
Allan and Justin are celebrating their 100TH episode of The Payment Technology Podcast in this episode! They talk about the Top Five episodes, answer questions from listeners, and reflect on where they started and what's to come. Tune in or check YouTube for the video! Thank you to everyone who listens every week; we are very grateful. Thank you to NPS Printer for sponsoring the podcast and ensuring we have the best printed materials a podcast could ask for!  Shout out to Samantha, the graphic designer! She's responsible for all the graphics you see related to the podcast, and we couldn't ask for a better person to get the job done! She kicks Butt! Anna, who transcribes the audio into text so we can post it on the blog! That work is critical, and you rock for doing such a fantastic job! Lastly, Justin, my co-host and podcast producer and web designer. You have done great, and I can't wait for the next 100 episodes! 
August 11, 2022
Small Businesses & Credit Card Chargebacks | The Payment Technology Podcast | B2B Vault Episode 99
Hey everybody. What's up. It's Justin live from B2B vault, the payment technology podcast with your host, Alan Copeman. And we'll be providing you educational information about. Payments FinTech, decentralized finance and the technology businesses use in today's world. And in today's podcast, we're gonna be talking about high risk. Excuse me, we're gonna be talking about merchants, small businesses and chargebacks, and there's always different ways of fighting the chargeback different, crazy stories about the chargeback. Alan has a lot of, interesting stories about that as well. I, myself, wasn't very familiar with this process.
August 09, 2022
FinTech Friday's | News & Resources On FinTech Innovations, Crypto, and More!
In today's episode of FinTech Friday, Allen & Justin discuss news and updates regarding financial technology. They touch on what's new in cryptocurrency, payment technology, fintech, Web3, NFTs, and Much more. Buy Now Pay Later has been in the news lately, and they wanted to touch on that as well. The Inflation Reduction Act gets slammed by small businesses as they learn how the bill directly affects small businesses. Robinhood fines, NOMAD platform, is hacked and loses $190M. Who will control crypto? The US government is still discussing which agency will oversee it. Metaverse real estate purchases have slowed downed. Carpe Diem - Sieze the Day - Peace out! Enjoy the podcast and if you want to book an appointment - go to the site or text the word book to (954) 827-9818
August 05, 2022
Understanding High Risk Merchant Accounts | What Makes A Business High Risk? | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast | Episode 98
In today's podcast, we are discussing High-Risk Merchant Accounts. Talking about everything you wanted to know but weren't sure what to ask. Just because you are in a high-risk business and think you might need a High-Risk Merchant Account, that might not be the case. Industries such as Adult, Dating, Legal, CBD, HEMP, Cannabis Related, Crypto, Crypto Related, Nutra, Supplements, Doc Prep, or any other non-traditional business. That doesn't mean you have to pay the excessive fees typical processors charge. Some banks are friendly to your NICHE, and you have to work with the right consultant to find a merchant account provider that is familiar with your space. We are not brokers; we are the direct source with direct contracts with some of the best processors and banking partners that money can buy. We help you through the entire process, and professionals will set up your account upon approval. We also help you fight chargebacks and fraud with the latest solutions; a lot of new technology can help businesses level the playing field. Enjoy the podcast and if you want to book an appointment - go to the site or text the word book to (954) 827-9818 #b2bvault #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #acceptcryptocurrency #b2bvaultcommunity #smallbizshoutouts #showloveitstheb2bvaultway #smallbizlove #FinTech #CryptocurrencyProcessing #PaymentProcessing #CreditCardProcessing #PaymentTechnology #cryptopaymentprocessing #merchantaccount #creditcardprocessing #debitcardprocessing #internetcardprocessing #wirelessprocessing #creditcardterminals #onlinepayments #merchantaccountprocessing #paymentgateway #ecommercesolutions #smallbusinesspaymentsolutions #highriskmerchantaccounts #highriskbusinesses #cryptopayments 
August 04, 2022
What Is A Omnichannel Merchant Account? Omnichannel Payment Processing | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 97
In today's podcast, we'll be talking about what is an omnichannel merchant account. It's one of those new words that we talk about a lot on the podcast. The FinTech industry. The FinTech word is in, in its is another one of those words that, that is constantly in the news, Google updates and all that other, yeah. They either call it omnichannel or commerce. Yeah. Everybody's calling it something a little different. So what. omnichannel, it's everything. It's basically, that's what it is. It's nice. What can you do? It's like merchants need to do so much with their business. The business was, really simple when I started doing this business in 1999, 2000. You would just go to the merchant, you put a terminal on the counter, then merchants expanded into, oh, I gotta have a website and sell on my website. We had to get 'em a second merchant account. So then they needed a second merchant account for the eCommerce. Then. Companies started saying we don't want merchant to have all these, merchant account, too many merchant accounts. So they would give 'em what they call the Omni account. They called it so that you had your retail account where you were doing your card, present transactions, and then your Omnicom, your second account, because pricing is a little different. You'd have a second. Merchant account for your non card present transactions like for your website or virtual terminal. Now there's a few companies. There's one company we deal with has it for B2C. And then we have another company. We have Omni channel product for B2B. We'll talk about that one on a separate podcast, cuz it's the focuses are a little bit different, but with omnichannel now you can. We have one dashboard, you log into the dashboard and literally you can do everything.
August 02, 2022
Dick Durbin Faces Off Against Allen Kopelman | Electronic Fund Transfer Act | B2B Vault
Today we are going to duke it out with Senator Richard Dick Durbin over the new bill he is trying to trick everyone with. Tricky Dick is what they called Richard Nixon - but we can call Dick Durbin - Tricky Dick -he is trying to Trick us all once again! You fooled us once Tricky Dick - now you are going for round 2 - NO THANKS Your new amendment to the Electronic Fund Transfer ACT is total BS! This is a new Trick - he is saying once again how this will help small businesses he has no interest in helping small businesses He is in bed with Banks or some other special interest group - this is payments discussion is going to be political - Joe Biden the current POTUS Is from Delaware and when he was in Congress as a Senator he was in bed with all the banks and credit card issuers - most of them are located in Delaware. So it's getting hot.. You can't blame Visa and MasterCard for Inflation - they do not raise the prices of goods and services! And furthermore - Visa and MasterCard are public companies - which are owned by the "PUBLIC" these stocks are in our 401K's IRA's, Mutual Funds etc... Do not let congress fool you that these are evil companies who overcharge people - No in fact if you tune in and listen I explain who is getting all the money and we will be posting a detailed article soon that will go over exactly what went on with the Durbin Amendment and what he is going to do with this piece of trash. And if Senator Durbin would like to come on the podcast - I would happily debate him Have great weekend - and thanks for listening to Fintech Friday's with Allen and Justin Carpe Diem - Peace Out
July 29, 2022
The Payment Technology Rundown | Monthly Financial Technology Wrap Up | FinTech | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Episode 96
Today we dive in and swim thru the past month and talk about what's going on with Business, Payments, Fintech, Decentralized Finance, and Merchant Services. The Hottest Trends and Topics from July 2022. Justin and Allen go over the past month and talk about the latest trends in technology that merchants use to grow and thrive in business. Cannabis-Related Business - You don't need a high-risk processor - you need a processor that understands your NICHE! Buy Now Pay Later - What are you waiting for? This is the hottest payment trend. If you are a business owner selling a product or service, we can help you offer this. Small business and Mobile Processing - we discuss the importance of getting set up with the RIGHT technology for your business so you can get paid. Mobile is hot along with OMNI - Channel. FinTech Friday - Funday - this is the new segment we release every Friday - so you have something fun and interesting to hear about over the weekend while you go for a walk, run, etc. What the F is Fintech - We explain precisely what FinTech is and why it is one of the hottest Buzz Words regarding business and payments. Cryptocurrency and Real Estate – Luxury Purchases - Crypto is hot outside of the USA, and the market is constantly changing. Still, it is being spent daily on ticket items like Real Estate, Jewelry, Cars, and more! Tales from the Vault – We talked about the evolution of point-of-sale systems over the last 20-25 years! Fintech Friday – Top Fintech – Buzz Words - where we talked about the terminology that everyone is either familiar with or is hearing, and we go into what these terms mean and how you can use fintech in your business. Payment Trends - This is a podcast we do monthly, and it is very popular. We dig into the news and how it affects business, payments, regulations companies have to deal with, and more! We also talk about technology you can use in your business to help you get paid faster and more efficiently. Text "Book" to (954) 827-9818, and you can book an appointment with us.
July 28, 2022
Payment Technology Trends July 2022 | FinTech News | The Payment Technology Podcast | B2B Vault Episode 95
It is time for another monthly installment of Payment Trends - July 2022. Today we are sending out an invite to Senator Dick Durbin or anyone from Congress who would like to talk about credit card processing. We would LOVE to have you on our podcast and discuss payments and the payment ecosystem. We sent your team an email via your website. Today we are diving into the news: Apple - Getting sued for creating a non-competitive market. Buy Now Pay Later - more players are getting into the business. NEOBANKS - a growing trend - open a bank account without walking in the door. Government Regulation - is getting crazy - more agencies and task forces are looking at the financial industry. The reasons for this? Innovation is outpacing regulation - so businesses - FinTech are moving faster than the Government can react. Also, a few "Payment Activists" in Congress are attacking various financial industries. Here is a list of some of the agencies we are talking about: CFPB- Consumer Finacial Protection Bureau Federal Reserve Central Digital Bank Task Force on Financial Technology Task force on Mobile and Security The Office of Competition and Innovation - to promote innovation in the area of payments. Yet they are stifling innovation with over-regulation. The Government is asking all the big tech companies to hand over all types of information concerning all the data they collect and what they do with it. Meanwhile, insider trading has been going on for years, with congresspeople buying stocks that they have inside information. Now an investigation concerning $1.8 million of Crypto was sold by Congress before the new tax laws were released to the public. Since then, cryptocurrency has taken a tumble as investors and traders bailed out. This kind of stuff needs to stop. Also, more rules on Crypto, and what agency or agencies will be in charge of that? It looks like a hot mess - as the rules they are looking at do not make sense. So, enjoy today's Payment Trends Podcast. For more info about B2B Vault or if you want to book an appointment, text the word "BOOK" to 954-827-9818 Carpe Diem Peace Out Enter The B2B Vault Contest ----
July 26, 2022
FinTech Friday's | The Buzz Words Of FinTech | FinTech Vocabulary | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast
It's time for Fun with Fintech Friday with Allen and Justin from B2B Vault So today we are going to talk about the most popular Fintech Buzz Words Blockchain - Cryptocurrency This is the number one buzz word Sensors and the Internet of Things (IOT) Everything is the Internet of things Mobile Payments Payments on the go! Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality give away link Smart Contracts and NFT's while Crypto is going up and down NFT's are still hot for businesses Robotics - Automation - Kiosks How they are being used in businesses Voice Enabled Payments Soon you will make a payment from your car radio Biometric Payments Pay with a chip, face time etc.. Virtual Cards - using your phone wallets and apps Open Banking - Neo Banks Virtual banks are growing Cybersecurity and Fraud Personal and Business Risks Gamification Games in fintech apps Text Book to (954) 827-9818
July 22, 2022
Tales From The Vault With Allen | Payment Processing News | B2B Vault Episode 94
Tales from the vault with Allen Kopelman, Being in the payments industry, I have seen Point-of-Sale systems evolve over the last 21 years. Before being in the payment industry - I was a Chef and Restaurant owner and worked in Hotels and restaurants.   We dive in and talk about my early experience with point-of-sale systems and how they have evolved over the many years of business in the food industry and then the payments industry.  We tell some exciting stories in the podcast and dive into today's ever-changing technology. We will dive in and discuss the many point-of-sale systems designed for just about every industry! Next month I will be on a panel discussion at the Mobile Payments Conference 2022. This year will focus on the current and future applications of alternative payment technologies in established economies and emerging markets.  If you would like to book a call, text BOOK to (954) 827-9818  We can discuss the latest technology and match you with the best point of sale systems for your business.    Carpe Diem    Have a great day!
July 21, 2022
Using Cryptocurrency For Real Estate Transactions | Crypto Real Estate Transactions | B2B Vault Episode 93
Today we are diving into Cryptocurrency and Real Estate on B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast. Being involved in the Payments Industry for over 20 years, it is always interesting when new technology or a new payment type enters the market. Cryptocurrency was the rage - then the prices went up and down like a yo-yo and now are staying down - primarily due to regulation. But that will not stop business, luxury, and real estate transactions anytime soon. At the time of the podcast, we checked cryptocurrency transactions for the day, and over $47 Trillion had traded hands that day! So there is a lot of Cryptocurrency spent Worldwide! We also talked about a $22.5 Million real estate sale in Miami all using Crypto and another sale in Tampa where a home was sold as n NFT for $654K. We talk about the following: What is a taxable event? How to do a Crypto transaction and not create a taxable event? Who is using Crypto and why? Why is Crypto and Real Estate hot? Payment Processing Trends Much more... We offer Cryptocurrency to Fiat (US Dollar) transactions services so if you are a business and you are interested in accepting Cryptocurrency at your business. Click here to set up an appointment.
July 19, 2022
FinTech Friday's | WTF FinTech? | Financial Technology Explained | B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast
Welcome to B2B Vault - Fintech Friday where we will be discussing Fintech or Financial Technology Fintech = The Combination of Software, Payments, and or the movement of money! Today we are going to talk about a NEW Platform with that combines - Texting, payments, conversations, customer support and more! To get more info on this product - Text the word " BOOK " to 954-827-9818 - Try it out! Watch for more episodes of FinTech Friday Each week. Carpe Diem - Seize the day Peace out - have a great weekend from the whole b2b vault crew. Allen- Justin - Samantha - Anna and Rocky
July 15, 2022
What Is FinTech? Financial Technology For Dummies | B2B Vault Episode 92: The Payment Technology Podcast
Today we dive into What Is FinTech? It's a word that is being overused today. FinTech or Finacial Technology comes in all shapes, sizes, and verticals. What types of Fintech do we see today? Banking applications Loan applications Payment applications - like PayPal, Square, Stripe, and there are new ones all the time Software products with embedded payments Accounting products with payments We are seeing all of these different products converge into one product - slowly, the signs are there, and companies are moving in that direction. So many companies in the Fintech space are involved in all sorts of finance. You can buy a car thru apps, get a loan, get personal loans, and buy now pay later, for example. You can use person-to-person payment apps to send people money. You can buy Stock and Crypto using apps. Alternative payment is a big part of Fintech: ACH or electronic checks Invoicing Pay by text, email, or invoice Pay by link Payment portals Crypto payments Buy now pay later Pay with conversational text Consumer finance products So sit back and listen to Allen and Justin discuss Fintech and how it's working. The cool things that are happening - how it is all being used and by who. Also, we get into how to supercharge your software and embed payments to make it a "cooler" product and increase the software company's revenue - we can help you take your software company and turn it into a COOL FinTech company. So - if you need some FinTech to help your business make more sales!  Click the link and get in touch with us. Carpe Diem - Peace out from B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast!!!!
July 14, 2022
Small Businesses & Mobile Payment Processing | B2B Vault Episode 91: The Payment Technology Podcast
Hey everybody! What's up! It's Justin Live from B2B Vault to payment technology podcast with your host, Allen Kopelman. We'll provide you with educational information about the payments business, FinTech, decentralized finance, and the technology businesses used in today's world. And in today's podcast, we'll discuss small businesses and mobile payments. There are many ways you could get paid as a small business owner. Now, people are using PayPal, Square, and Stripe cash app, you name it. There are lots of different ways to get paid. So, we're here to educate businesses on the other more traditional ways of getting paid, you could say, right? Yeah! Like every morning, I start off my day. I walk Rocky early in the morning, and this morning I was scrolling through Facebook, and I came across this reel, had a really cool song by this guy. I'll butcher his name L O U Y A H. But if you go to Rocky, B2B Vault mascot on Instagram, I'll share it on the B2B Vault page. Okay! A little real, and he has like a cool song, and I was listening to him. I go, wow, it's really cool. It's uplifting. It's a good song. And the guy said he was number four on iTunes. I've never even heard of him. It's amazing with like social media, right? Yeah. All of a sudden, boom somebody's discovered. The same thing, like people I hear from people all the time, they're like, oh, I. I get messages on LinkedIn. Oh, I checked out your podcast. It was really cool! We're working with a couple of clients right now and that's how they found us through the podcast. Very nice. So, it's, it's really interesting, so I always like to talk about small business and what is a small business? People don't get it! Like a small business can be, anything can be your side hustle. Can be a business you run out of your house, could be a mobile business that you run before you even get it. And it's very popular now, not even to have an office. I think the pandemic really accelerated. People into a small business. A lot of people now are like left their job, decided, hey, I'm going to start a small business. I'm going to go out and, create a business online, with a website or, I'm going to provide a service, whatever that service is and go out and get my customers. And then you got to deal with payments. Payments are a piece of your business that you really need to look at. And I always try to tell people, I go, if you have a quality payment method that you're using with your customers depend depends on what you're selling.
July 12, 2022
This Is Your Sign To Offer Buy Now Pay Later | B2B Vault Episode 90: The Payment Technology Podcast
Today we dive into Buy Now Pay Later - BNPL - this service has been in the news for quite a while. We're going to dive in and talk about how these services work and why this service is popular with consumers. There are two types of providers: Buy Now Pay Later for Physical Products Buy Now Pay Later for Services We discuss how we have helped businesses get set up with this service. You can add this to your website or have a portal to enter the payment information there, so it is straightforward to use. Here is a short list of the businesses we can help. If you do not see your business on the list, reach out to us, and we can let you know if we can get you set up. Veterinary Services Printing Services Ambulance Services Trucking, Freight, Moving, Delivery Services Carpet Cleaning Funeral Services Coaching Doctors of all types Advertising Services Computer services Detective Services Jewelry Repair Watch Repair Furniture Services Repair Services School, Education Dentists Eyeglasses Opticians Trade Schools Colleges Classes CPA - Accounting and Attorney's There is a unique program for 4-12 payments for these two types of businesses. When we analyze products, we look at whether consumers want them and whether it is beneficial to business owners. This product is hot hot hot with consumers, and that makes it a must-have for business owners. Want to sign up? Go to our website and click apply! If you want to book an appointment to get more info Is it time to get set up with Buy Now Pay Later and make a few more monthly sales? Ready set go! Carpe Diem - Seize the Day
July 07, 2022
Merchant Accounts For Cannabis Related Businesses | B2B Vault Episode 89: The Payment Technology Podcast
Today we will be chatting about Cannabis Related Businesses and how to get a merchant account. What you do NOT want to do is call someone who says - That's High-Risk... time to hang up and listen to this podcast While many businesses are High-Risk - I prefer to say they are Niche Business Types, and there is a Bank - Processor for just about everything. For the last 21 years - we have provided payment processing for some pretty crazy - wild business types. There is a bank for everything - Cannabis-Related companies - have a few rules to follow - but there are banks that will open up a merchant account - and not charge you an arm and leg. We have provided accounts for software companies, magazines, organizations, fertilizer, doctors' offices, LED lights, and many more over the years - you have to know who is willing to take the business, and we do!  So check out the podcast and learn how we get it done. We also discuss CBD, HEMP, Dispensaries, and more today!  Carpe Diem - Seize the Day! Allen and Justin 
July 05, 2022
Payment Technology Trends June 2022 | B2B Vault Episode 88: The Payment Technology Podcast
Today we dive into the Payment Trends for June 2022 Safe Banking Act - what has been going on there. Buy Now Pay Later - Going Strong Is your business ready for an offering? Get in touch with us! FDA & Delta 8: They sent out a warning at the time of the podcast! Next, the DEA -- says as long as it's hemp-derived, they are Ok with it. That is hot off the press. B2B Payments In The News: We discuss how companies must make the "PIVOT" and get with the program! Consumerize - your business payments! Stop taking paper checks. We talk about Cryptocurrency and what is happening - lots of ups and downs, how businesses can use Cryptocurrency to get more sales. Luxury Real Estate and using Crypto as Payment NFTs and what is next Fintech In The News: Payfac in the news - it is a growing way of doing business in the payment space. I hope you enjoy the podcast today! It's a great discussion. Have a great day - Carpe Diem - Seize the Day #b2bvault #nationwidepaymentsystems #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #acceptcryptocurrency #b2bvaultcommunity #smallbizshoutouts #showloveitstheb2bvaultway #smallbizlove #FinTech #CryptocurrencyProcessing #PaymentProcessing #CreditCardProcessing #PaymentTechnology #cryptopaymentprocessing #merchantaccount #creditcardprocessing #debitcardprocessing #internetcardprocessing #wirelessprocessing #creditcardterminals #onlinepayments #paypal #stripe #square #merchantaccountprocessing #paymentgateway #ecommercesolutions #smallbusinesspaymentsolutions #highriskmerchantaccounts #highriskbusinesses #cryptopayments
June 30, 2022
Top Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology News | B2B Vault Episode 87: The Payment Technology Podcast
Today we are jumping into the deep end of crypto in the news. The crypto market is going up and down. We go into what Alt-Coins are and why they are going up and down. We talk about what is going with the Crypto companies are doing.  If you look at the Crypto market and how people are using it you can see that the price of crypto has not stopped people from transacting business using crypto. We explain the Crypto staking and loan concept. We talk about why Crypto prices went down and why people are still doing business with Cryptocurrency.  In the last 24 hours, over $20 billion has been used for business transactions. The days of day trading coin in the USA is over because of taxes, and we talk about why the traders pulled out - over the capital gains tax. Bitcoin is still growing, and people use it to do International and Luxury transactions. Watch out for a future podcast on Crypto and Real Estate. Many luxury real estate deals are being done with Cryptocurrency. We also get into bitcoin mining, NFTs, and more. Carpe Diem - Enjoy today's episode. #b2bvault #nationwidepaymentsystems #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #acceptcryptocurrency #b2bvaultcommunity #smallbizshoutouts #showloveitstheb2bvaultway #smallbizlove #FinTech #CryptocurrencyProcessing #PaymentProcessing #CreditCardProcessing #PaymentTechnology #cryptopaymentprocessing #merchantaccount #creditcardprocessing #debitcardprocessing #internetcardprocessing #wirelessprocessing #creditcardterminals #onlinepayments #paypal #stripe #square #merchantaccountprocessing #paymentgateway #ecommercesolutions #smallbusinesspaymentsolutions #highriskmerchantaccounts #highriskbusinesses #cryptopayments
June 28, 2022
The Future Of Credit Card Machines & How We Take Payments | B2B Vault Episode 86: The Payment Technology Podcast
In today's episode of B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast, Allen & Justin discuss The Future Of Credit Card Machines & How We Make Payments. What is the future of credit card machines? It looks like they are on the way out. What is happening? QR CODE Payments Text Payments Tap or Scan NFC - Near-Field Communication Pay by tapping your phone onto another phone Apple & Google - are both working on tap to phone Other Fintech companies are also working on these solutions It will work more like Star Trek when you are paying for a transaction in the future. Your phone will be the payment device of the future. We dive into this subject - and talk about the technological advances that are moving faster than a speeding bullet. So watch out for these new solutions - they will be launched soon! Join the B2B Vault Community on Facebook We are quickly approaching our 100th episode watch for the announcement. Carpe Diem - Seize The Day Allen & Justin
June 23, 2022
Stripe, Square, PayPal Or A Merchant Account? What's Best For Your Busines? | B2B Vault Episode 85: The Payment Technology Podcast
Today we are discussing what is the best option for your business when it comes to payments. We are diving into Paypal, Square, Stripe, or a merchant account and how these companies work; what are the differences so you can make an informed decision. Allen Kopelman and Justin Owings dive deep into the discussion as we have both been merchants. We understand the struggle that small businesses work - we have a good understanding from the standpoint of being a merchant and being a merchant services provider - which gives us a unique perspective on the subject - this is a question that comes up often, so we wanted to tackle it. When it comes to merchant services - we have the experience of dealing with all types of businesses and technology, and we talk about small business - taking your side hustle to the next level and what to consider when you will start accepting payments - credit cards and getting merchant services. Stripe Pricing Square Pricing PayPal Pricing We talk about the pricing models - when it is good and when the pricing is better to deal with an actual merchant services provider like Paying by credit card has been around for years -during the pandemic, it hit new levels, and when people started up side hustles - they needed to accept credit cards - so sit back and listen and hear about all the advantages and disadvantages of each of these services. As always, we offer a free 15-minute consultation - Carpe Diem - Seize the Day NPS Bank Hashtags #b2bvault #nationwidepaymentsystems #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #acceptcryptocurrency #b2bvaultcommunity #smallbizshoutouts #showloveitstheb2bvaultway #smallbizlove #FinTech #CryptocurrencyProcessing #PaymentProcessing #CreditCardProcessing #PaymentTechnology #cryptopaymentprocessing #merchantaccount #creditcardprocessing #debitcardprocessing #internetcardprocessing #wirelessprocessing #creditcardterminals #onlinepayments #paypal #stripe #square #merchantaccountprocessing #paymentgateway #ecommercesolutions #smallbusinesspaymentsolutions #highriskmerchantaccounts #highriskbusinesses #cryptopayments
June 21, 2022
Congress & Credit Card Fees | B2B Vault Episode 84: The Payment Technology Podcast
In today's podcast, we dive into what is going on with congress and credit card processing. Two articles came out about these hearings and a "Bill" that is sitting on the Senator. Dick Durbin's desk. The first was in the capitalist - an opinion stating that if interchange was more regulated, it would cause a lot of harm to small banks, credit unions, and local banks. Florida Credit Union Association was urging Senators not to go along with this proposal. In another article in payments dive We discuss these two articles - it is more about the mid-term elections and a lot of posturing and blame being put on big companies. The real deal is this - congress needs to stay out of private business - because business always makes adjustments when Congress makes laws. Also, who owns these companies? - the card companies and banks are not owned by one individual although that is what they try to spin - these companies are owned by shareholders, stockholders, investors in the stock market, people who have a 401K, people who have IRA's, etc.. the public are the owners of these companies. The other reality is this; Congress does not understand how credit works, and they do not understand how credit card processing works, either. If congress wants to call me - I can come up to Washington DC and do a whiteboard demo and explain to them how these systems work, how complex they are - when I hear a guy from the National Retail Federation say at another hearing how the credit system is broken - here is another example of how out of touch these people are with reality. Some suggestions on what the card brands should do - listen in we talk about some easy changes that could be made. And also why regulation will not work because congress has no clue about how the business really works. Enjoy Carpe Diem - Seize the Day #b2bvault #nationwidepaymentsystems #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #acceptcryptocurrency #b2bvaultcommunity #smallbizshoutouts #showloveitstheb2bvaultway #smallbizlove #FinTech #CryptocurrencyProcessing #PaymentProcessing #CreditCardProcessing #PaymentTechnology #cryptopaymentprocessing #merchantaccount #creditcardprocessing #debitcardprocessing #internetcardprocessing #wirelessprocessing #creditcardterminals #onlinepayments #paypal #stripe #square #merchantaccountprocessing #paymentgateway #ecommercesolutions #smallbusinesspaymentsolutions #highriskmerchantaccounts #highriskbusinesses #cryptopayments
June 15, 2022
How To Prevent Fraud In Your Business | B2B Vault Episode 83: The Payment Technology Podcast
Today we are diving into the world of online fraud - and how you can spot it and prevent yourself, your loved ones, and your business from being ripped off. We really got fired up talking about this one! Follow us on Social Media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - TikTok - We will be posting examples of some of the fraud. Email - Text - Instant messages - are full of scammers trying to rip you off. Today we talk about the scams that are going on and how dangerous they are. We give some insight and education, so you do NOT become a victim of FRAUD. If you enjoyed the podcast - let us know, and leave a comment on social media. Join the B2B Vault - community page on Facebook - share and post screenshots of any fraudulent messages, you have received. Carpe Deim - Seize the Day Allen & Justin
June 14, 2022
12 Payment Processing Facts Every Small Business Owner Should Know | B2B Vault Episode 82: The Payment Technology Podcast
In today's episode of the B2B Vault Podcast, we will give you 12 processing facts you need to know as a business owner. When opening a merchant account, these are the frequently asked questions. So sit back and listen, and you will learn what it takes to get set up. What info do you need to have ready? Will they pull my credit? What kind of business do you operate? How will you be accepting payments? Is there an agreement that you need to sign? How long does it take to get approved? What are the rates and fees? Should I buy or lease equipment? What is PCI Compliance? Who do I call if there is an issue? When do I get my money? What types of alternative payments are available for my business? We go through these questions, and with our unique experience as both a business owner and someone with 20 years of experience in setting up merchant accounts, we got through these questions and talked about the why so you know how to get ready to accept credit cards.
June 09, 2022
Learn How To Get Approved For A CBD Merchant Account | B2B Vault Episode 81: The Payment Technology Podcast
In today's podcast, we dive into the world of CBD, HEMP, Smoke Shops, and Kratom. We will talk about what is going on with the FDA, FTC, DEA, FBI, and the USDA. This industry has the most government agencies watching it - also state, local, and the federal government and congress. These industries are a moving target, and we will talk about how to get a merchant account if you are in one of these businesses and what products are being accepted for Retail and the list is different for E-commerce. We talk about these products and dive into the programs out there, and we work with start-ups, retailers, e-commerce, and wholesale companies. If you want to find out more - we offer a free 15-minute consultation, and you can book your call here. We like to keep our listeners informed when it comes to this industry because it is constantly changing - but the good thing is that more banks accept these types of merchants - of course, they all have rules. With 20 plus years of experience, we know who allows what products and have the best program for your business Relax and enjoy the episode! 
June 07, 2022
5 Things Every Small Business Should Know! | B2B Vault Episode 80: The Payment Technology Podcast
If you're a business owner and process payments and want to learn about the latest trends and financial technology for businesses, this is the podcast for you! Today we are hitting a milestone at B2B Vault is episode 80! One of the more popular subjects has been Small Business related topics. A Small business is any business doing $1 to $5M a month, so that is quite a few business owners! Today we dive in and talk about getting your small business started. 1 - Legal Entity and why that is important and picking a great name! 2 - Where will the business be located? 3 - Advertising basics - what do you need at a minimum and build from there? 4 - How do you get paid for your goods and services? 5 - should you take a paycheck, and why? Bonus, we talk about funds available from the SBA, how to secure these funds, and how not to fall for the scams related to these loans. Book an appointment for more info
June 02, 2022
Payment Trends May 2022 | B2B Vault Episode 79: The Payment Technology Podcast
B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast, we are bringing business owners educational information about the business, payments, Fintech, technology, Defi, and more - everything you need to know about business and payments. Welcome to our Monthly Edition of Payment Trends from B2B Vault. We talk about what is going on in the news - technology and government that can affect small to medium-sized (SMB) business owners. Today's podcast will talk about Fintech - which seems to be a big Buzz Word for 2022 - everything Payments is Fintech! Contactless Payments are going to a new level. Business to Business payments is on the rise. Cryptocurrency and NFTs are in the news. How are companies preparing to accept cryptocurrency? How businesses sell NFTs to get you access to Hotel - Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Events. How owning these NFTs gets you unique amenities and more! Open banking seems to be in the news, and how people will do their banking in the future. What are regulators going to do about it? Also, the marrying of Fintech and Banking. Are passwords going away in favor of other technology? We discuss this, and there is a need for something new to secure things! Congress has also passed one law requiring businesses to accept cash and another Bill to legalize Cannabis. We need these bills to go to the house floor - Senate and get signed into law along with an update to the Farm Bill to expand CBD- HEMP industry. Cross-border - international transactions have been in the news and on the rise! We talk about how businesses in the USA can safely do business on a worldwide stage. Carpe Diem - Seize The Day - Peace out - enjoy the podcast.
May 31, 2022
What's New With Crypto? | B2B Vault Episode 78: The Payment Technology Podcast
B2B Vault, we are bringing business owners educational information about the business, payments, fintech, technology, Defi, and more - everything you need to know about business and payments. Cryptocurrency is today's topic we will cover on B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast. If you have a business and process credit card payments, this podcast is for you! We talk about what is going on with Crypto and the Ups and Downs in the market today. We also talk about what is going on in the business world with cryptocurrency. How are businesses going to use NFTs? This is happening now! How can any business accept cryptocurrency and the three ways you can do that today! While Bitcoin is going up and down, some people only use that as their form of payment. We did a previous podcast - Cash - Credit or Crypto - it's here, and it's not going anywhere! So sit back and listen, and if you want to get in touch with us - Have a great day - Peace out - Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!
May 26, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 77: All About Business To Business Payments
The B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast is going to dive into business-to-business payments.   Today we are going to discuss:  Time Value of Money  Buyer Satisfaction   Buyer Experience  Integrations  Understanding Payments    Understanding what we call the "Consumerization of Business Payments" and the changing patterns of how consumers and businesses want to pay their bills today.   This is a subject that I love to talk about - while businesses think this is complicated it is actually very easy to implement. There are simple tools that can be used that streamline the process and do not require you to change anything and you do not have to spend a lot of time or money. These solutions will end up speeding up how quickly you get paid, save you time, and make accounting easier.  Take a listen and learn more.    If you're a business owner and process payments and you want to learn about the latest trends and financial technology for businesses this is the podcast for you! Visit to learn more. Allen Kopelman brings 20 years of merchant account industry experience. He provides educational information about small businesses, payments, FinTech, Decentralized Finance, Cryptocurrency, and the technology businesses need to accept payments in today's world. Including news, changes made by the card brands, product knowledge, merchant services industry solutions, and high-risk alternative payment methods. Carpe Deim
May 24, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 76: Cash Discount & Inflation
B2B Vault, we are bringing business owners educational information about the business, payments, fintech, technology, Defi, and more - everything you need to know about business and payments. In Today's podcast, we will talk about how merchants are switching over to Cash Discount because of Inflation. Businesses are getting hit with higher fees on everything, goods, services, credit card fees, gas prices, and what can they do to keep everything going at their business, pay their rent, bills, and employees. Many merchants are using - The Cash Discount Program or Surcharge Programs to save some money on credit card fees. We give examples of how this is being used. You can also find more info on this at Cash discounting has been around for years - at gas stations - one price for cash and one price for credit - surcharge programs have been around for a long time. We have done a couple of other podcasts about rising credit card fees, how Congress is stumbling over the issue, and an episode explaining cash discounts. Check out Today's episode and learn how you can save money on your merchant account. Carpe Diem- Seize the Day - Peace Out!
May 19, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 75: Do I Need A High Risk Merchant Account?
If you're a business owner and process payments and you want to learn about the latest trends and financial technology for businesses, this is the podcast for you! We talk about business, payments, fintech, Defi, Merchant Services, Cryptocurrency, and more on the B2B Vault Podcast. In Today's Podcast we discuss Are you really a High-Risk Merchant? We go over a few different business types and what happens when you engage with a specialist at NPS about a high-risk merchant account. Not every account you might think is High Risk is more like a niche - and the reason for that is that banks all have different specialties when it comes to merchant accounts that are in high-risk or niche categories. After being in the business for over 20 years we have contacts with banks and processors and we know who likes what types of accounts and what it will take to get you approved. So relax and get ready to learn about the high-risk merchant services business and how we get your account approved. We have a saying - if it's legal - there is a solution out there for your business! Carpe Diem - Seize The Day - Peace out
May 17, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 74: Congress Stumbles Over Credit Card Fees
Hey everybody, it's Justin from B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast with your host, Allen Kopelman. We'll provide you with educational information about business payments, FinTech, financial technology, decentralized finance, and the technology businesses need in today's world. And in today's podcast, we're going to be talking about Congress and how they stumble over credit card fees and interchange.   So, I'm sure you have plenty to talk about, Allen. Cause you were laughing at the, uh, our what's his name? Governor Durbin, Senator Durbin, or Dick Durbin. No. So they, you know, they. Congress decided, and I don't understand why the judicial committee is listening to this versus a financial committee right.
May 12, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 73: Payments As A Service Explained
In today's podcast, we are talking about payments as a service. You will learn how this can help many different types of businesses as we discuss the features. Payments as a service is an incredible service that most business owners are not aware of. We have a platform, and we will go over all of the features - if you want to book a demo, So what can you do with payments as a service platform? Transactions - Card Present- Key Entered - E-commerce Payment types - Credit cards and ACH ( electronic check) Send out Text or Email - Payment Requests Recurring Transactions - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or Annual Send out Invoices for payment Set up a Custom Hosted Payment Page where customers can pay you 24-7 Set up as many users as you need - no extra cost - and track what they do. Reporting with all types of details Import and Export features to add customers or export data We have API and can set up a Sandbox accounts Integrations - custom or we integrate to Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Intacct, and more. We have all types of companies using our software, and it can be customized and scaled for your business. Carpe Diem - Seize the Day Peace Out!
May 10, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 72: Small Business Week Special Part 2
This week is small business week, and that is what we are talking about on today's podcast. Is 2022 the year to start a business? Take your side hustle to the next level.  We are seasoned business owners, and we give you our take on how to start a business with a budget or no budget at all. We talk about how to set up a business. Where will you locate your business?  Must-haves for your business  Learn how to accept payments, banking, accounting, and more. We are celebrating small business all month long in May. If you have a small business, leave a comment, and we will give you a shout-out. CARPE DIEM - SIEZE THE DAY Peace out  Follow B2B Vault on your favorite podcast app and social media.
May 05, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 71: Small Business Week Special Part 1
In Today's Podcast, we celebrate and talk about Small Business Week. I talk about my business journey, and we will be giving some shoutouts during the podcast to local business owners that we work with. SupremeClean - - they clean our offices and do a GREAT JOB. Justina and her staff do a great job! Adam and Joes - - we have been ordering lunches from them for years! Friendly and Quick Delivery - we are in the cypress creek area in Fort Lauderdale. You can dine-in, take out, or they deliver. Hart Screen Printing - - for hats and shirts John Hart is a local business owner close to our office in Margate FL Tri-County Animal Rescue - - is where we adopted Rocky - "B2B Vault's Mascot". Facebook Groups where you can promote your businesses Open for business Broward - Executive Business Networking - this group has people from all over the USA. - We talk about five must-haves for any Small to Medium Sized Business. We also spoke about ways to support small businesses this week. Shop local, buy a gift or gift card, order takeout, and give a great tip! Go Small before you go Big this week! Write a review for a local small business. Share a social media post from your favorite local business Tag a local business when you are there or leaving Post a picture of yourself at your favorite business So let's all celebrate SMALL Business Week and support a small business or two. Carpe Diem
May 03, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 70: How to supercharge your Software/ISV company?
Hey, what's up. Everybody is Justin here with B2B vault, the payment technology podcast with your host, Allen Kopelman. We'll be providing educational information about business payments, FinTech, financial technology, decentralized finance, and the technology businesses need in today's world. In today's episode, we'll be going over how to supercharge your software or ISV company. Here you go; I'm out, Allen, take it over, but welcome everybody to the podcast. So in today's episode, we're going to be talking about how to supercharge your software ISV company has been a scorching topic. I've met with quite a few companies over the last few months, and we have developed a program that can help take these companies to the next level. So, if you're a software company or an ISV company, this is the podcast you should be listening to. So you can find out how we can help your company develop a new revenue stream.
April 28, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 69: Payment Technology Trends April 2022
In today's podcast, we talk about Payment Trends in the News. What's new with Blockchain, Crypto, and Metaverse? It's exciting to see trademarks and patents filed by card brands and banks. Mastercard is partnering with many Cryptocurrency Wallets so users can get credit cards or debit cards. NFT Payments using Credit Cards have a growing interest from MasterCard. Buy Now Pay Later is growing and continues to be a big news story as more businesses start to offer that to their clients. We talk more about our trip to Bitcoin 2022, which dominates the news. Cryptocurrency Acceptance at businesses is on the rise! Interchange rates for merchants are on the rise, and business owners can do to control their costs. Marijuana is in the news as the House of Representatives sends a bill to the Senate. Farm Bill 2023 - we discuss possible changes that are on the way to loosen up regulation! Visit for more info about the podcast, listen to past episodes, get in touch, book an appointment with Allen Kopelman, or join our newsletter!
April 26, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 68: Cannabis & CBD Payment Processing 420 Special
In today's "LIVE" podcast, we talked about the Cannabis Industry, CBD, Hemp, and Kratom. And we talked about what are the latest developments. Happy 420 Day - 4/20/22 You will hear about our favorite Cannabis Movies. If you have one leave it in the comments! You will learn about what is available for Dispensaries to accept payments. Our new bank that has been piloting a CBD Program and all the different types of CBD will be accepted as well as Kratom, Delta 8 Vape and more!! This is very exciting that we have another bank that is going to enter the space and has a compliance program so merchants can have stable merchant services. So Enjoy the podcast - enjoy 420 today and leave us a comment about a movie you like or let us know if you need payment processing. Carpe Diem
April 20, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 67: eMerge Americas 2022
Hey, everybody is Justin with B2B Vault, the payment technology podcast with your host, Allen Kopelman. We'll provide educational information about business payments, FinTech, decentralized finance, and the technology businesses need in today's world. And in today's episode, we'll be talking about the emerge Americas conference. We went down there, and it was at the Miami convention center. Pretty cool. Yeah. Miami beach convention center, all of a sudden, became alive. It was a lot of knowing what I was saying. There's a lot of stuff going on down there, and that immersion it's a big, you know, this was their first magazine, the changing face of tech transforming Miami into a global Tech hub. Yeah, It was. There is just an enormous amount of tech companies down there. And so we went to the show, and we got to go in a little bit early because we are a podcast. And when we went in, we saw a guy from today's show. That was cool. And we saw, so you know, that the show is getting national recognition. And w when you go into the show, there were a lot of tech companies there.
April 19, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 66: Bitcoin Miami 2022
Today's podcast talks about our trip down to Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. Shout out to TradeStation - who sponsored The Miami Bull out in front of the convention center. TradeStation's Miami Bull will eventually be moved from its current location outside the Miami Beach Convention Center to permanently reside at Miami Dade College. The show was informative, and we talked about the different companies that were down at the show exhibiting and how the space was very crowded. We spoke with Startup companies, early-stage companies, and established companies. Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is growing - and is here to stay. If you want to get more info visit and set up a free consultation with Allen and find out more about how we are working with the Cryptocurrency community with merchant services. Carpe Diem - Peace Out - Allen and Justin Connect with us on Twitter @allenkopelman @b2bvault @jrowings 
April 14, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 65: Interchange Is Going Up? How Will It Effect Your Merchant Account?
In today's podcast, we will be talking about Interchange and the yearly ritual of the cards brands to raise Interchange fees. What will you learn today? What is Interchange? Why are the Card Brands Raising it? You'll learn why the FEDS haven't raised it for the last two years. What is Visa doing to help or not help Small Businesses? How can you save money on processing for your business? So we discuss how these increases will affect business owners. We talk about Cash Discount and Surcharging, which became very popular before and during the last two years as a way for business owners to save money. Allen wrote an eBook, and he's giving it to everyone for FREE. How to pay zero 0% - Go to and download your copy! To book an appointment with Allen --->Click Here
April 12, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 64: What Is The Cash Discount Merchant Program?
In Today's podcast we talk about how a cash discount merchant account works. We talk about the economy and the increasing pressure that business owners are experiencing with rising prices and switching over to Cash Discount is becoming very popular with business owners. We talk about how "Cash Discount" legal in all 50 states- and the laws, bills and court cases that shaped how the program works. Also we talk about "Surcharging" and how that works and how some businesses prefer that over cash discount. Cash discount has been around for a long time - gas stations, government payments and the education sectors have been using it for years - cash discount became legal in 2010 - but those businesses were doing it long before - now it is OPEN TO EVERYONE! Check out today's podcast - learn more about Cash Discount - we are always available for a free consultation Book a short 15 minute meeting and we can go over your needs and see if this is a fit for you! Book a call with Allen. Carpe Diem - Seize the Day
March 31, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 63: How to get an ATM in your Business?
In today's podcast, we are talking about How to get an ATM in my business. There are two paths you can take: The first option is to buy an ATM and load the money yourself. We help you get this all set up - Install the machine, train you, explain the banking rules, and more. The second option is to use Nationwide Payment Systems' Managed ATM Services. We supply the ATM, money, and insurance. NPS services high-volume locations all over the USA. NPSATMS.COM For More Info. We explain how different services may be installed on ATMs to help drive business into your location, All Point Network, MasterCard Money Pickup, Buying Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin. If you have a location where you have International customers, our machines also are equipped with DCC - Dynamic Currency  Conversion. DCC saves International cardholders money on fees. We also talk about the advantages of each of these programs, and you can book a consultation with us to find out which program will best suit your needs. Book a call with Allen - Enjoy the podcast and follow us on your favorite app! Have a great day - Carpe Diem! Cash is still King, and People still love to use ATMs.
March 29, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 62: CBD & Merchant Accounts
In Today's podcast, we are talking about the CBD business and how to get a merchant account for a CBD business. We talk about the CBD business, Retail, Internet, Wholesale, Vape, Pet CBD, etc. What makes this space risky for the banks, and what does it take to get and keep a merchant account for a CBD company. We talk about the alternative products that are out there and government regulation that is over this space. With the DEA, USDA, FTC, and the FDA all watching over the hemp and CBD space, it's crucial that merchants follow the rules and keep up with compliance, and have all their products tested. We also talk about our visit to the Alternative Product Expo a couple of weeks ago. Nationwide Payment Systems offer a variety of services that can assist you in finding the right technology for your merchant account. We find the right solutions for all business types - High-Risk to Low-Risk. For more info about CBD merchant accounts - book an appointment with Allen. Enjoy the podcast - follow here - Have a great day - Carpe Diem - Seize the day!
March 24, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 61: The Future of Payment Processing, FinTech, & Business Part 2
Today's podcast talks about what is happening in today's economy, how it will affect businesses, and what they can do with technology to keep up. Inflation and rising prices will trickle down to everyone sooner or later. It's time to start thinking about making a pivot in your business - being proactive is better than being reactive. One of my favorite business books is who moved my cheese, and the ideas and concepts in that book have shaped many business decisions. We go into what is going on in the economy and what different business types can do - now automation, kiosks, new services, marketing, and more. Justin and I discuss various ways you can use technology to help run your business. Nationwide Payment Systems offer a variety of services and consulting that can assist you in finding the right technology for your business. Book an appointment with Allen - Enjoy the podcast - follow here - Have a great day - Carpe Diem - Seize the day! #b2bvault #nationwidepaymentsystems #merchantservices #merchantaccount #paymentprocessing #B2B #highriskbusinesses #ecommercesolutions #acceptcryptocurrency #cryptopaymentprocessing
March 22, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 60: Merchant Account Nightmares
In today's episode, we talk about Merchant Nightmares. What happens when you have an issue. The last 20 years owning Nationwide Payment Systems has been interesting. So I share some crazy stories and issues over the previous 20 years in this episode, and Justin is always good about asking me questions - which adds the element of a layperson or business owner to the conversation. All of the stories have a happy ending because my dad taught me when you work for someone, treat their business as if you were the owner, and that is how we treat our clients. When you have an issue or a challenge, we will take ownership and assist or take over and solve the problem or issue. And owning a business is a big responsibility, and we understand that responsibility, and we are helping people with payments and getting that money into the business owners bank account is essential and helping business owners are our passion Book a call with Allen - Enjoy the podcast and follow us on your favorite app!
March 18, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 59: The Alternative Products Expo
In Today's podcast, Justin and I headed over to The Alternative Products Expo in Fort Lauderdale. We will be talking about what we saw, what types of companies were there, and everything in between. We met some interesting people there today. Exchanged some contact info with like-minded individuals and hopefully got some new business.  To find out more about Allen book an appointment - Special shout out to @dimo.hemp and @FrannyFarms. Hope you enjoy today's podcast, Carpe Diem
March 11, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 58: Cash, Credit, or Crypto
Hey everybody. It's Justin Owings from B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast with your host Allen Kopelman, and we'll be providing educational information about the business of payments, FinTech or financial technology, decentralized finance, and the technology businesses need in today's world. And in today's episode, we're going to be talking about cash credit or crypto and no further ado. Here's your host, Allen Kopelman. Hey everybody. Welcome to B2B Vault.
March 10, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 57: The Business Behind NFTs
In Today's podcast, we are diving into the Business of NFTs. Justin and I dig in and talk about what is going on inside the Business of NFT's. We have been researching NFTs for quite a while, and we have done the following: I tried to Buy an NFT from one platform, Purchased an NFT on another platform, and discussed how the first platform is very complex. We then decided to create an NFT and get it listed on an NFT market - which we accomplished. We talk about the different uses for NFTs. The Government is looking at some specific things related to NFTs, we talk about the IRS's policies on NFT, and it will take some time to see how the SEC and IRS deal with NFTs and Cryptocurrency/Virtual Currencies. We have an NFT project in the works, and we will be releasing info about that project soon as we get closer to the release. NFTs are used for many things, and businesses should look at how to use them! Check out - we can get your NFT marketplaces set up to accept major credit cards and take your marketplace to the next level. Link with Allen here - Listen to Today's podcast and let us know about your NFT project!!! Carpe Deim, Allen Kopelman
March 07, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 56: Allen Kopelman's Business Journey
Hey, it's Justin with B2B vault, the payment technology podcast with your host, Allen Kopelman, he's providing you educational information about business payments, FinTech, and the technology businesses need in today's world. In today's episode, we will be talking about Allen's business journey over the past 20 years. Pretty cool stuff. Hey, thanks, Justin. No problem. Our right. So let's get into it. So my business journey, so I thought this would be interesting to talk about because people always ask me, oh, where are you from? And, how did you get into this crazy credit card processing business? So I was born in New York, and my parents decided in 1968, let's move to Florida. So we moved to Miami. And then later in 1978, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and I was in Atlanta, Georgia. We will talk about what I was doing at the beginning of my working career in Atlanta. And then I left Atlanta and 1986 and moved to Dallas, Texas, and worked out there for a long time. Then, in 1992, I came back to Florida.
March 02, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 55: Businesses & Today's Subscription Economy
In today's podcast, we are discussing Businesses and The Subscription Economy! We will be talking about the growth that is happening with subscriptions, what types of subscriptions are out there today. And we will talk about what is fueling this growth, the pandemic has made this more popular with many new services that were launched. So, take a listen and maybe your next bid idea for your subscription will come out of listening to the information. Follow The Payment Technology Podcast @b2bvault Facebook Twitter Instagram Leave us a comment on your 'Idea". We'll do a podcast and talk about the ideas and maybe have you on the show to tell us about your "IDEA"!  The subscription economy is booming it is time you got involved! This is a revenue generator and a way to increase your PROFITS! If you want to get a no-obligation consultation with Allen - click here - Linktree - and book an appointment and we will gladly go over your project and you can talk to an expert. Have a great day and looking forward to seeing your "IDEA"! Carpe Diem
February 22, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 54: How To Protect Your eCommerce Business
In today's podcast, we discuss how to protect your eCommerce Business. We will dive into the basics that you will need for your e-commerce business website, gateway, and hosting. We will talk about making sure your site is secure, using security features, and ensuring the Webhosting service is PCI compliant. We talk about fraud settings on the gateway and many other ways to protect your business. The number of e-commerce businesses is increasing daily. Everyone wants to have a website and sell online, and there are no shortcuts when it comes to keeping your business safe and keeping the hackers and scammers out of your business. Connect with Allen  So enjoy the show as Justin and I go over how to protect your e-commerce business for more about e-commerce visit -  If you want to set up a free consultation with Allen - click here. I hope everyone has a great day. - Carpe Diem
February 18, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 53: Allen Bought An NFT
Hello everybody. And welcome today's episode of B2B vault, the payment technology podcast, providing educational information for business owners and merchants. So today's episode Allen, that's me bought an NFT Newman. Talk about, wow, we're going to talk about the experience I had and getting to, you know, in doing that.
February 14, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 52: ATM Trends 2022
In today's podcast, we're talking about ATM Trends for 2022. ATMs have been in the news lately, so we will dive in and cover what is happening. We have been deploying and working with ATMs for over 20 years. Here is what we are going to be talking about today: Bitcoin ATM's Buying Bitcoin at the ATM Cashing out Bitcoin at the ATM Master Card Money Pickup All Point Network Cardless transactions You can do many cool things at the ATM in 2022. Connect with Allen Here The ATM business is also experiencing supply chain issues with parts. There are new ATM - EMV requirements that could affect older machines in the market. Cannabis and ATMs - Cashless ATMs crackdown from some banks that fund ATMs. For more on the ATM business, visit - There is also a big looming lawsuit that started in 2011; now, it is back in the forefront, and there will be a settlement. If you're involved with an ATM business own/operate ATMs, pay attention to this podcast as I am going over how to get your piece of that without signing up with a lawyer. ATM transactions are still growing in 2022 - and non-banked ATM's outnumber bank-owned ATMs - which I spoke about in an earlier podcast. Have a great day -- Carpe Diem
February 11, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 51: Payment Trends February 2022
In Today's podcast, we will talk about Payment Trends in 2022. Tap To Pay is a fascinating topic, and there is a lot of new technology available. So let's dive in! Tap 2 Pay: Using Apple and Andriod Phones is coming soon. Cryptocurrency to pay for Real Estate and Luxury Items is a Growing Trend. We have a simplified way on how to do those transactions. IRS Regulations: We do not give tax advice, so talk to your CPA. Cryptocurrency taxes $600 reporting from apps Should you be turning your side hustle into a business? Retail Trends: Buy now Pay Later Contactless Payments is growing QR Payments Text - Email Payments Loyalty programs Specific Store Apps for payments, loyalty, and coupons All of these trends are here or are on the way - which ones will you adopt in your business? Technology is changing at a rapid pace. Is your business ready to pivot? Nationwide Payment Systems is a business technology company. We bring the future of Fintech to Merchant services for more info and connect with Allen. Carpe Diem Have a great day! Follow and Subscribe to us on our YouTube Channel here.
February 09, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 50: Digital Commerce Payment Processing
In Today's podcast, we are diving into Digital Payments for the Cyrpto and NFT markets. We will be talking about providing payment processing services for this new emerging market. Also, we will be talking about NFT's and their functionality and what is going on in the market. The NFT, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse industries are fascinating. Many innovations are going on now and will continue to shape the future. We discuss the space and what is currently going on. We discuss how credit cards need to be added to the payment scheme and how our new platform Worldwide Digital Payments, can offer merchants in this space domestic and a Global processing solution. We will be doing a weekly episode talking about the NFT market, Crypto, the Metaverse, and beyond. Check out for more info.
February 04, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 49: PCI Compliance
In Today's Podcast, we are talking about PCI Compliance. Merchants and Business owners are always asking me what PCI compliance is and why do we need to do it. So we get into the nitty-gritty of PCI compliance and what happens if your business gets a breach. You will find out why it's required and who requires PCI Compliance. What happens when there is a breach and what happens during an investigation. And I go into a few stories about what happened to 4 different merchants that we helped or consulted with who had PCI Breaches. I encourage everyone to do your PCI compliance SAQ and we go into that as well. Enjoy the podcast! Carpe diem
February 03, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 48: Cyber Security & Identity Theft
In today's podcast, we will talk about Cyber Security and Identity Theft. How to protect yourself and your business - so you do not fall victim to identity theft. We go into a story about what happened to one business owner recently - how his identity was stolen, what damage was done, and how it could have been prevented. We got into Credit Monitoring, the dark web, securing your data and access to websites, using password programs, and 2-factor authentication. We go into PCI compliance and why it is essential, along with basic website security with Justin, our website wizard. Touch on some state and federal laws about cybersecurity - the laws are very vague. We get into how there are many cybersecurity products out there that miss the mark and how there is not something affordable for small to medium-sized businesses. Some offer insurance, and some do not, and they are very vague about their offerings. You should save this podcast and look into some of the free resources we share. For free credit monitoring, password security, and more. Catch B2B Vault on YouTube or your favorite podcast network. Carpe Deim, Have a great day!
February 02, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 47: Point of Sale Systems Parade
In today's podcast, we will talk about Point of Sale systems, what types are there, and how you make a good business decision. There are systems for the retail, restaurant/bar, specialty, and Hotel/Hospitality industries. What do you need to consider when buying a Point of Sale System. Budget - Integrations - Features - Functionality - Report Capabilities. are just the starters. We work with about a dozen Point of sale providers, and we guide merchants thru the process. Just because you see one that's popular does not mean it's what you need, so knowing what you need it to do is the most crucial thing in selection. Many business owners have champagne taste and beer budget - I always say you get what you pay for. You can find systems that are simple to complex - systems that do it yourself - you have to do it all yourself up to Franchise and Enterprise Systems - IPad to Android - Cloud-based or Server Based. It's a lot to take in - and you need to know if your technical skills are ready to do a do it your self job - or do you need professional installation and training - which comes at a price. We will be going thru various systems and talking a bit about each one. We have sold all of these, and with 20 plus years of experience, we can guide you. So please listen as we talk about the Point of Sale Systems we offer! Carpe Deim
January 27, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 46: Payment Trends In The News
Today's podcast talks about Payment Trends In The News, it's 2022, and exciting things are going on in the world of payments! Innovations, new products, new laws that business owners need to pay attention to, and more! B2B payments on credit cards and ACH are increasing and have been for the last few years! Stop waiting for that check in the mail and set up a payment portal. More on products - look for same-day ACH to evolve; it's not there yet, but it's getting there, Push to Card/ Bank Account is getting HOT and is now ready to go for smaller opportunities like personal loan companies, rebate companies, and more! Get people their money faster - in less than an hour. New laws and taxes. These stories have been around, but now many local TV and media are finally talking about it. $600 reporting rule for payment services, like Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, cash app, and more. Is it time to turn that side hustle into a real business? Crypto is always in the news - it is always a hot topic on Twitter! The IRS will collect taxes on it - so talk to your CPA or tax professional. We have a great product that removes all of those headaches - check out Book an appointment with Allen here. If you want to learn more about our services.
January 25, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 45: How To Accept Cryptocurrency At Your Business
In Today's podcast, we are going over how to get set up to accept cryptocurrency in your business. We will be going over the top 10 reasons to accept cryptocurrency and we will be going over some of the most frequently asked questions. Then we go over the setup process and how we can get you to take cryptocurrency at your business and getting US Dollars in your bank account. We can work outside of the USA as well and Settle in Euro, AU, and more. Carpe Diem Check out for more info
January 21, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 44: How To Start A Business
In today's podcast, we are diving into a discussion on how to start a business.  Today I am joined by Justin Owings, my web developer, and podcast guru. We will be going over all of the various things that you need to do when you are starting up a business. I have started several businesses and Justin has helped many business owners over the decade with websites, digital marketing, SEO, and traditional marketing. This was a great discussion and if you are going to start a business you will learn a lot. Hope you enjoy the podcast!
January 14, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 43: Insurance Companies & Credit Card Processing Services
In today's podcast, we are doing an industry spotlight on the Insurance industry. We work with agencies, insurance companies, and 3rd party administrators. Here are some of the great ways we can help as far as insurance goes. Get you enrolled as an emerging market merchant - Why is this important? Suppose you are working with an experienced consultant like Nationwide Payment Systems. In that case, we can guide you through getting set up so you get the best Interchange fees for your industry. Several industries qualify for "Special" Interchange fees from the card brands, and as long as you set it up correctly, you can reap the benefits, saving a lot of money on your costs. Interchange makes up 80% to 90% of what you pay on your merchant services bill each month. So take a listen or watch the video - and find out what we can do for your insurance company, visit our insurance webpage - you will get better of an idea of how we do it, and there 2 case studies on that page as well. Follow B2B Vault on your favorite podcast networks, YouTube and Social Media! Carpe Diem and have a great day, everyone!
January 13, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 42: Restaurant Micros Stimulus Program
In Today's podcast, we are doing an industry spotlight on our Restaurant Program for Micros Point of Sale Merchants. This podcast episode is for you if you are using Oracle - Micros Point of sale! We are giving each restaurant the signs up $1000! In addition to that, you get free gateway fees, free software support from our Micros help desk team, and Free Equipment with a lifetime replacement warranty! Our restaurant program is exciting and can save Restaurants & Hospitality Merchants a lot of money gateway fees can be from the hundreds to the thousands per month. You get free Micros software support from our in-house team. You will be able to call one phone number and deal with your software, gateway, and processing - and not have to figure out where the issue is. To find out more - set up an appointment on our website.
January 12, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 41: Hotel Stimulus Program
In Today's podcast, we are doing an Industry Spotlight on hotels! We will be going over our Hotel Stimulus Program; hotels have been through hard times the last couple of years. Nationwide Payment Systems is here to relieve the hotel industry with this program. We work with over 50 different Reservation Point of Sale Systems that works with just about any system out there. What are we offering? Free Set up fees Free Gateway fees can save a small hotel/motel $200 to $1000 per month, and more significant properties can save $1000- $5000 per month. There are no monthly fees or transaction fees. Free EMV equipment for the front desk and all your outlets with a lifetime replacement warranty! The warranty includes wireless terminals where needed. Also, your hotel can qualify for a signing bonus of $1000 per merchant number - So, if you have a hotel with three outlets, you can be eligible for a $4000 signing bonus! Take a listen and learn about the hotel program from Nationwide Payment Systems. Set up an appointment to find out more -
January 10, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 40: Cryptocurrency & Real Estate
In today's podcast, we are discussing Cryptocurrency and Real Estate transactions. Nationwide Payment Systems has the solution to the new IRS tax rules for cryptocurrency, now referred to as Virtual Currency You can accept cryptocurrency, and it is converted into cash - therefore, you will not have to pay the new "Virtual Currency Tax" in the 30% range, which would be a huge fee! Under our program, the cryptocurrency is converted in real-time into USD. Please listen or watch the video as we explain how our program works and how easy it is to use cryptocurrency to pay rent, down payment on a residence, pay for anything. It's less expensive than a wire and doing a currency conversion too! If you are a realtor, title company, landlord, investor - check out our program at - set up an appointment or sign up. No Chargebacks, No transaction size Limit, and No Monthly Fees! Carpe Diem
January 07, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 39: Breaking News - IRS & $600 Business Transactions
Today's podcast talks about another tax on small and medium-sized businesses! We have seen a bunch of new taxes that are pointed directly at smaller private companies. The current administration is making it harder and harder for smaller companies to stay competitive! In the latest announcement - if you are using Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, etc., and you are receiving more than $600 per year, those services will report that to the IRS in the form of a 1099. So if you own a business and have funds from those transactions hitting your bank account and you have your social security number on file with them, any funds you receive will be reported to the IRS. Another rule on top of the law is reporting anyone who transacts over $600 per year through your bank account and the new taxes on virtual aka cryptocurrency. But we have a solution - you can download our book about how to pay 0% for credit card processing at - or you can visit our website - and go to the page for a cash discount to find out about how you can pay 0%. With a cash discount merchant account from NPSBANK, you can spend 0%, and we have the technology to help you do business and accept payment the way you want.
January 06, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 38: The Future of Payment Processing, FinTech & Business
THE FUTURE OF PAYMENT PROCESSING, FINTECH & BUSINESS - so in today's podcast, we take a look back at the last couple of years and a look forward. Which technologies were winners - which ones didn't work out well. QR codes made a comeback as far as reaching websites and payments go - many discovered their rates went up. We also discuss trends that continue to grow - alternative payments - payment portals - CBD - the Safe Banking Act, and more. 2022 is going to be an exciting year so take a listen. We didn't make any predictions; if you find something interesting - reach out to us at, and we will be happy to discuss your business needs for 2022! 
January 03, 2022
B2B Vault Episode 37: The Year End Wrap Up
Happy New Year as 2021 comes to a close; we wanted to discuss what subjects we covered on B2B Vault. So I go down the list and talk about the solutions, industries, and news we discussed on the podcast. We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year in 2022 There is a lot to look forward to in 2022 - look for the 2022 podcast kick-off episode, The future of payment processing - We have a contest to win an apple watch - click the link to join in! Thank you for listening - Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!
December 31, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 36: CBD Payment Processing
Today, on the Podcast, we will talk about CBD and Payment Processing. Are CBD and Hemp Related products legal? CBD payment processing is a moving target, and the short answer is yes. It's up to the credit card processors and banks who sponsor them and what types of products they are willing to process. Nationwide Payment Systems offers several solutions for these products. We will go over the different options available for CBD payment processing. We will also explain why banks are not very eager to work with CBD and Hemp merchants due to the four agencies that have eyeballs on this industry. A long list of federal agencies is looking into the CBD industry. This is why many banks shy away from this product. FDA - they look at you're advertising and product labeling USDA - looks at how the hemp is grown, and it meets the .3 or .03% THC level DEA - looks at these products and if you are selling items that contain too much THC FTC is looking at your website, advertising for promises you can't keep This makes compliance a big job for processors, banks, etc. Compliance is King when it comes to processing higher-risk merchants like CBD. We work with both Card Present and Non-Card Present CBD Clients: Retail E-Commerce The FARM Bill of 2018 opened this market, and several banks are opening merchant accounts for hemp, CBD, and related products. We work with just about any website, we have several gateways, and we have fraud tools available that you can also sign up to use. If you are looking for additional processing volume or want to see if you can lower your costs, we can help. We have been helping merchants obtain processing with hard-to-place businesses since 2001, and we are always looking for solutions to help business owners. Besides CBD and Hemp, we also offer merchant accounts to Cannabis related businesses, Doctors' offices, Cards, Lights, Accessories, and more! For more info, visit -
December 29, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 35: Cannabis & Payment Processing
Cannabis and Payment processing has been a subject that I have been asked about for years. The simple answer is: There are legal ways to accept electronic payments - most of them involve ACH. ATMs that dispense cash are allowed by some banks that provide services to ATM companies. There is Point of Banking machines (similar to an ATM) that are also allowed by some banks. The rules are different for each provider, so we recommend that you do your homework and determine what solution you will choose. The Card Brands has been sending out notices and shutting down dispensaries that are processing using the card brands networks. If you want legal cannabis payments - the short answer is - to keep writing your congresspeople. The House and Senate both need to bring the "SAFE BANKING ACT" to the floor for a vote -several committees have voted on this, and many states have legalized cannabis. When will the Safe Banking Act pass? Your guess is as good as mine... It is a multi-billion-dollar business - that needs national rules and taxes. Local governments are taxing 30-35% of dispensaries, so there needs to be some control over this industry. Congress has the power to do this and no one else! - The States have done the job they can do. Next, it's up to Washington D.C. Many organizations are lobbying for this Safe Banking Act to go through. Each year more banks allow cannabis businesses to open bank accounts. Until then, payment options are limited. Some companies bend the rules too far get shut down. Many have been shut down over the last several years, which results in merchants' funds being held for 6-12 months but is eventually released.
December 28, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 34: Virtual Currency & The IRS Business Transactions SOLVED
In today's episode, we will discuss what the IRS is doing Virtual Currency. Please look at how we are solving this issue for business owners!  The bill passed by Congress earlier this year had a law about Cryptocurrency, and the IRS had until 2023 or 2024 to figure out how they would deal with Crypto. Well - The IRS is not waiting - it's on this year's 1040 form!  So what is the IRS saying about Cryptocurrency?   1. They are now referring to all Crypto as Virtual Currency   2. They are going to tax you on the profits and two different levels Level 1 - if you sold, traded, or transacted with it and held it for under a year, there is one rate. Level 2 - if you held it for over a year, the rate is lower. The rates all depend on your tax bracket - not simple. Also, you would have to prove that you did a "Business Transaction" and what the costs were and show who paid you to take any deductions. Right now, the IRS says - they will "Collect" tax and sort it out with the taxpayer later. We have a service that eliminates - the issues with the IRS. Businesses can accept Virtual Currency, Digital Currency, or Cryptocurrency; the name keeps changing. That currency is converted to FIAT - U.S. Dollars and deposited into your bank account. So, since you never handled the Virtual Currency - you can show the sale on your books, deduct your cost of goods, expenses, etc. and avoid all the IRS issues. Want to find out more?, and you can book a call or sign up for our service there! 
December 27, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 33: Ecommerce and your AVS Settings
In today's episode, we are going to talk about Gateways and how to protect your business!  Velocity Filters & Settings AVS - Settings  - address verification Shipping Address Settings -  CVV2 Settings - the 3 or 4 security digits Recurring transactions and account updater  3d Secure to protect against chargebacks  We will be talking about the importance of using these filters and why they help you control fraud, bust outs and more!  Another thing merchants should think about is verifying shipping addresses and avoiding shipping to mailbox stores and office suites that mail for people. UPS and FED EX offer - where the customer can change the delivery address or send to a local UPS Store or FedEx Store - do not allow this, this will attract scammers - they will do a legit transaction and then run a scam.
December 20, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 32: Crypto and International Payments
In today's episode, we will be talking about why accepting crypto from your non-US customers is a good idea. 1 - Safe 2 - Blockchain - Crypto transactions are secure 3- Cheaper than a wire and currency exchange where there can be high exchange fees 4 - Wires can be yanked back - not easy - but is cross border banking 5 - Crypto - No Chargebacks - need to do a refund that is between you and your client 6 - Easy to do - send an invoice and away we go 7 - No need to know anything about crypto - you are selling something for $5000 you will get $5000 8 - Many people outside the USA use crypto for business transactions 9 - People in the US use it for business but most people in the US look at it as an investment 10 - Visit for more information and to sign up.
December 20, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 31: Chargeback Rescue Part 2
Add "All Sales Final" to the bottom of your credit card receipts  Can you stop chargebacks? Common Chargeback Reasons in Bars - Restaurants and Retail  Duplicate processing - customer claims that they paid twice - they might have 2 or more sales at your business  Paid by another method - they claim they paid with another card or with cash Did not receive goods or services  Card Holder was expecting a refund or partial refund The wrong amount charged Point of Interaction error Non Financial request for information  How to properly fight a chargeback You have to be very detailed in your response or you will lose. We have a program Chargeback Rescue where we help merchants write the letters that can help you win chargebacks
December 17, 2021
B2B Vault Small Business Expo Miami Announcement
We will be at the Small Business Expo in Miami tomorrow December 16th, 2021. We will be discussing our experience at the Expo. 
December 15, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 30: News Round Up Part V
Buy Now Pay Later continues to grow - more companies are offering it to merchants, and defaults are increasing. Credit card companies are trying to get in on the Buy now pay later bandwagon. Companies accept Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Shiba, Etherium, and others. Are you ready to join the trend? Charities & Non-profits are Joining the bandwagon too! Consumerization - of B2B payments- what are you waiting for? 53% of businesses say they are ready to automate payments, invoices and set up payment portals.
December 15, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 29: Cryptocurrency At Nightclubs & Adult Entertainment Clubs
Hi, it's Allen Kopelman with B2B Vault, and today we are talking about Crypto. As part of the Cryptocurrency series, in this episode, We are talking about Nightclubs and Adult clubs and how they can accept Crypto - it's easy and let's get into it. Listen on your favorite podcast network or check out the videos on youtube @b2bvault Clubs can sell bottle service or "Crypto Club Dollars" on their websites. Customers can pay before they get to the club, or you can have QR codes on the tables to connect your customers to a Crypto payment page. They can make a purchase then the manager can log into the dashboard and see that the payment has settled in, which happens a minute or two. We make it easy for clubs or businesses to accept cryptocurrency with our program. Customers pay in Dollars - it's converted to Crypto, and then the U.S. Dollars or Fiat - is deposited to your bank account like a credit card batch in 48 hours!  You do not need any Crypto knowledge - You don't need to know how to buy, sell or trade; accept the digital currency and get cash in your account! We make it easy for you - all you need to do is sign up with us! We can even build you out a crypto payment page - make you a QR code - and you are on your way. Contact us for a demo. The next Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin High Roller - could be rolling into your club shortly - we get you up and running quickly!
December 07, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 28: Top Ten Questions About Crypto Revisited
Hey, Allen Kopelman here. And today, another episode of B2B Vault as part of our crypto series, we're going to do the top 10 questions. We get asked about cryptocurrency because we're signing up merchants to accept crypto at their business, getting a lot of questions. So we're here to answer those questions today. So let's get into it. 
December 03, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 27: Holiday Scams To Look Out For
Happy Holidays and it's that time of the year when Fraud kicks up. So we are here to let you know how to spot the scams. Retail SCAMS Customers EMV card does not work. Buying items using a card and asking for cash when they return items. Splitting up the charge on 2 or more cards. The Card Declines and they show you their bank account with money in it. Large transaction or buying a lot of gift cards. Non-Card Present - phone order Scams The order is larger than your usual order. The customer does not answer the phone when you call to verify. The customer is using a "virtual phone number". The address is a mailbox store or Office Suite. They ask you to give the merchandise to a freight forwarder. Verify - before you ship!  E-commerce Scams Large orders The shipping address is to a mailbox store or office suite. You call to verify and the customer does not call back only uses email. You can call customers and get a signed authorization form and a copy of their credit card and driver's license. Some companies only ship to the exact billing address if they are dealing with luxury items. Shut off the ability for the buyer to change the delivery address of the package - some of the companies. allow the consumer to log in and change the delivery address - you can tell them to not allow this. The scammer will change the address to a mailbox store. End Result of Scams Are loss of merchandise and chargebacks! Keep an eye out - we get calls daily and we know you want to make sales but at the same time, you have to make sure you are not taking losses.
December 02, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 26: Thanksgiving Reflections
In today's podcast - is a celebration of Thanks! - What am I thankful for... many things here is a list... Thankful for my family, being in business for 20 years with my business partner Dave. Thank you - and shout out to my office staff - Samantha and Justin. Samantha makes all of our graphics and Justin makes websites and does all the technical stuff with the podcast and videos. Thanks to Rocky who wakes me up and makes me walk him 3-4 miles a day... In this podcast episode, I am sharing today some of my favorite sayings- that I say all the time and some short stories about them. Also sharing some of my favorite books that I have shared with many people in my life - staff, friends, and clients. Enjoy the podcast - Happy Thanksgiving - Happy Holidays from me and the crew at Nationwide Payment Systems and B2B Vault  Carpe Diem - Sieze the day! Thanks for listening and don't forget to follow us...
November 25, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 25: The Crypto Biz Series Part 3 - Charities & Non-Profits
Hello, Allen Kopelman here today. B2B Vault the crypto series. This is part three. We're going to be talking about charities and nonprofits, the B2B vol educational information for business owners and merchants, the payment technology podcasts. So today let's talk about charities and nonprofits charities and nonprofits. How do they get paid? People write checks, people pay with a credit card. People go online. You know what? There's a new thing that you can do with your charity. Take cryptocurrency. There are tons of people out there with crypto and guess what they want to get. They want to do something with it. Why not take donations for your, for your nonprofit? We can get it, we can show you how to put this up on your website. 
November 23, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 24: The Crypto Biz Series Part 2 - Automotive & Marine Industry
If you are in the Automotive or Marine industry - Today's podcast is for you! If you are in a business that takes high-dollar /or Luxury If If you are in the Automotive or Marine industry - Today's podcast is for you! If you are in a business that takes high-dollar or Luxury Market this is for you too! Do you accept Cryptocurrency? I asked a Car Dealer just that the other day ... and he said no - and no one has ever asked me that before... So I said - well if you did accept Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) - what if you could make 1 extra sale per quarter or even 1 per month would you consider adding that to the forms of payment you accept.. he said what will it cost me. I replied that you can pay the 2% fee or pass it on to your customer it's your choice!  There are no monthly fees, no annual fees, and the best part - there are NO Chargebacks!  There are "Potential Customers" out there - who have invested in Crypto and they are looking to spend the profits. Will you be the next business to call Nationwide Payment Systems and get set up to accept Crypto... if you let people know you will accept it ... people will seek out your business. Get ready to accept Cryptocurrency - and let your customers know you accept it- no monthly fees and we can show you how to get it done! #b2bvault #npsbank #nationwidepaymentsystems #merchantservices #paymentprocessing #B2B #hotels #nonprofits #emergingmarkets #insurance #cashdiscount #highriskbusinesses #ecommercesolutions #giftcards #chargebacks #ach #merchantfinancing #consumerfinancing #acceptcryptocurrency #ATM #virtualterminal #cardpresent #cardnotpresent #mobilesolutions #paymentportal 
November 22, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 23: The Crypto Biz Series Part 1
Hey, here we are today. Allen Kopelman here with another episode of B2B Vault the payment technology podcasts. So today we're going to be starting with our series on crypto. So we're going to address, um, different business types. And what are the advantages of dealing with cryptocurrency and your business and where the focus is? And we believe the focus is on luxury and high dollar purchases is where the biggest need for crypto is right now. And one of those markets is the market of jewelry and fine art.
November 19, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 22: B2B Vault News Round Up Part IV
In today's podcast, we are doing the payment news roundup, where we find stories that affect businesses and are related to the payments.  The first story is about the infrastructure bill and some crazy tax in there on the unrealized gains on CryptoCurrency expect this to go to court - it's totally out of control - if you own crypto follow this story.  The second story is about how the city of Miami is mining bitcoin and now going to distribute this coin to the citizens in the city of Miami - I am not sure how they are going to accomplish this along with having some "Miami Coin" So how much electricity did the city use to mine these coins and did they make a profit or is the Mayor just talking? Buy Now Pay Later - BNPL - First the credit card companies were against it and requested that congress looks into it.. and surprise - Now MasterCard is jumping in - how fast can they move or can they keep up with all the Fintech companies in the space currently  Thanks for listening - You can always book a 15-minute consultation at our website - we can talk to you about alternative payments that you can accept in your business and more! 
November 18, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 21: Merchant Services For Developers
Hi, this is Allen Kopelman with another episode of B2B Vault today, we're going to talk about how does Nationwide Payment Systems and the payment advisory board. How do we work with merchants who are developers, developing software, developing websites, ISV, independent software vendors, SAS companies, software as a service? You know, we've been working with banks in this area, work with people who want to become a pay FAC, but today we're gonna dive into mostly like developers. So if you're a software developer and you're developing software for your business and you want to integrate payments and to that software, there are many directions you can go into. So we work with developers and we have open API. We have a restful API, and we have also had an API that integrates into apps. And that's a huge thing now because apple and Google kind of loosened up the reigns. Why give them 30% of the money that you're making from your app? When you could drop in a program. Now that's compatible with apps to accept payments without paying the social media people, uh, 30% of the money. So what we also try to do is show you how you can also take your software company. And let's say you have software, and then you're going to sell that software to businesses. And then those businesses are going to need to accept credit cards. So we show you how you can take your software company and turn it into a cool FinTech company and use what we call, pay FAC in a box. You can go from zero to a hundred and about less than 30 days, and we can show you how that's done. And it's, I wouldn't say easy, but, you know, a lot of companies are trying to integrate payments into their products and they don't do the homework that they need to do and find out what is the lowest-cost way, how to do it the quickest way, how to do it and how to make a revenue from that. Because it's very important. You want, you're developing this software. You want to control it from end to end. You want to control the software. Customers are Cyrus, and now the payments. So we work with you and we get you hooked up with our development team, with development teams that are working with different companies. So we work with several different companies. So we're basically like your payments consultant. Okay? And so we consult with you, we find out what are your needs? Are you going to need an EMV device? Is this all going to be on the internet? You know, what type of businesses are you going to be targeting with your software? Is this just for you and your software and what are your needs going to be? So, you know, are you going to be operating in a style of a marketplace, you know, and all these different things. So we work with you to figure out, you know, what direction you need to go, go into, you know, is there going to be card-present and non card present transactions and e-commerce transactions like, how's that all going to go?
November 17, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 20: Card Not Present Transactions
Card Not Present Transactions - what features do you need for your business? In today's podcast, we are going to talk about card not present, many business owners do not put enough thought into this. We are going to talk about what features are available and how you can run your entire business using one software hub. It used to be that you needed to use a terminal, gateway and accounting software to run your business and have separate merchant accounts - now we have OMNI Commerce - Do it all from one gateway, virtual terminal, hub - whatever you want to call it... So how do you decide - call me ... book an appointment we will talk about how you run your business and then talk through how consumers  - cardholders can pay - customers want to press the EASY BUTTON. So take a few minutes - listen to today's podcast - go to our website - go to solutions - card not present and you will see a list of features - Next book an appointment and we can design a payment package that will work for your business - that is feature rich and will grow with your business. Follow us on social media, Youtube and or your favorite podcast network!
November 16, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 19: Ecommerce Payment Solutions For Beginners
In today's podcast we are discussing .... What should you know before you start an e-commerce store. What platform are you going to use? And if you are going to need a merchant account does that platform support your business type. We speak to business owners all the time and they have built a website only to find out the platform does not support their particular business type for payments. You might have to pay half a percent up to 2% to use an outside service. I always say do your homework before you begin, ask questions. WordPress is agnostic and you can use any payment processor - many of the platforms have limited what types of businesses they can approve for merchant services. Also - will you need a fraud solution like 3D secure, Chargeback services, a gateway -and you need to make sure they are all compatible with your shopping cart. Will you be running a subscription or recurring billing - Listen in and watch for more episodes about e-commerce from B2B Vault, follow us on social media or your favorite podcast network!
November 15, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 18: Business To Business Payment Processing
In today's podcast and video, we are going to talk about B2B - Business To Business Payments. When it comes to financial decisions in your business you want to work with an expert, and someone puts your best interests, needs and goals first. We value your business and creating and maintaining lifelong relationships with clients You will learn about our process - discovery call - technology - the consumerization of B2B Payments and more! B2B spending and paying electronically was on the rise before Covid and it's been booming ever since! With so many companies having remote workers it is important that you have the right technology to meet the needs of your business and the expectations of your customers. Check out our website -  Follow us on social media, click follow on the podcast, check out the videos on youtube or on our website. Book an appointment with one of our experts or Allen and we can explain how we can help your business and get you on your way to consumerizing your payments!
November 12, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 17: B2B Vault News Round Up Part III
Hey, this is Allen with another episode of The B2B Vault Podcast and we're here today. We're going to do the news round up for the week. So let's see what we're going to talk about. Okay. So consumerization of B2B payments, and has been going on since the start of the pandemic businesses need to look at upgrading their systems so that they offer payment methods that consumers are looking for and now businesses want from their B2B payments. They want to be able to pay anytime they want. They're wanting to pay with a payment portal or get invoiced, and then click on a link and make a payment, um, get a text message, click on a link, get a payment, um, accepting ACH and different things like that. And there's a lot of articles going around. And, uh, in the news about this, you know, they're calling it the consumerization of B2B payments and businesses, you know, we can help businesses that need to do that. So we have the tools, we do a consulting call, and then we help them with, uh, you know, explain what does all of that mean, but this is big in the news. And I think we're going to see, you know, a lot more businesses that are going to make it easier for the other businesses who have to pay the invoices and things like that. Instead of the checks in the mail, you know, a more consumer style way to get paid. And also, you know, alternative payments are going to come into that too. So, um, financing, of business payments, where lawyers or accountants can finance customers and get paid upfront or accepting cryptocurrency and different things like that for their business. And the last couple of news updates I'm talking about Buy Now Pay Later. And all of a sudden yesterday popping up in the news is buy. Buy Now Pay Later.  Congress is looking at the Buy Now Pay Later market because this thing is just blowing up everywhere. Um, tons of companies are getting involved. PayPal's offering it a farm. We offer it here at our company, nationwide payment systems buy now pay later. And this is a big thing going on. And Congress says, oh, we need to look at this, buy now, pay later market and see how that's going to work out. Even a MasterCard is looking out. They can integrate that into their systems, but that probably would take quite a while, but buy now pay later is a hot thing. And one of the things that merchants asked me about with buy now pay later is I said, why do people want to do that? If they have the available money on their credit card? And it's simple, they're only going to pay about 5% for a buy now pay later transaction versus on their credit card. If they're going to float a balance, the balance could be anywhere from 10% up to 26%. So they don't want to float that. They don't want to carry that on their credit card. They'd rather have the buy now pay later company and only pay 5% for those transactions. And then they also get another 30 days on top of that because it's getting charged on their credit card and they're paying less money, for that whole setup. So these are things just to keep an eye on and thanks for listening to the B2B Vault, you know, file click the follow button on your favorite podcast, apple, Google SoundCloud. Spotify can also catch my videos on YouTube under B2B Vault and thank you for listening.
November 11, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 16: Automated Clearing House (ACH) - E-Check
Hey, this is Allen with the B2B Vault Podcast here with another episode. Today we're going to talk about ACH automated clearing house, or sometimes referred to as ACH. This is a great way for businesses to lower the cost of credit card processing by offering credit cards and ACH. It's popular now to add a fee to your credit card processing. Even in the B2B world or in other types of businesses where you're collecting a large payment from somebody and it's 2% or 3% to process your credit card. We'll process your ACH for free or even try to push many of your clients to do ACH versus a credit card. And this is a great way to lower the cost. The overall cost that you're paying with credit cards. We help you because we're consultants here at nationwide payment systems and the payment advisory board. And, you know, we take a look at everything that you're doing in your business. And we check like, oh, how many transactions are you doing? How much business are you doing? How many people are mailing you checks and things like that? And try to show you how we can help you set up a payment portal on your website. This payment portal allows people to come in and then make a choice. Do I want to pay with a credit card or do I want to pay with ACH? This is a great way for businesses to lower their costs when it comes to accepting different types of payments today. I always tell business owners, one of the things I'm going to talk about is, you know, how businesses need to adapt more to the consumers. Consumers want to pay in all different kinds of ways. So business owners need to adapt to that. They need to change what they're doing. Don't just say, oh, I only take credit cards, right? You know, take a, you need to take ACH. There are other alternative payments that you can, that you can take in your business.
November 10, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 15: Chargeback Rescue - NPSBANK To The Rescue
Hey, this is Allen Kopelman. Welcome you to another episode of the B2B Vault Podcast. So today we are going to talk about chargebacks. Chargeback is a crazy thing that businesses have to deal with. There's nothing worse than getting that letter through email, fax or, the mail, and you have a chargeback to deal with. So what is going on with chargebacks lately? Chargebacks are a crazy thing cause EMV, the chip card was supposed to kind of solve that problem and the card present business. And you know, a lot of that fraud started because of the increased use of chips, sorta pushing off into the noncard present arena. And then with the onset of COVID, we saw the growing need for noncard present services and retail businesses with QR codes and different things like that. A lot of card-present businesses are getting chargebacks with websites. You know, it's easy, easier to work with chargebacks because there's more tracking. There are quite a few different services. You can link to your website. You know, as far as that goes, you can link to your 3d secure. Which we're going to talk about more in another couple of podcasts that we're going to do. You can sign up for different services where they monitor your chargebacks and help you fight the chargebacks. If the person needs to get a return, you can return the money before the chargeback hat. There's a lot of interesting things. We were working with low-risk merchants, high-risk merchants, e-commerce, you know, strip clubs, nightclubs, but in the card-present arena. One of the things that make our service different than the services that you normally get through these chargeback companies is they don't work with card-present businesses, and that's where chargeback rescue comes in. We work with a lot of nightclubs and a lot of businesses where they're doing high ticket transactions and getting chargebacks. You know, most of them friendly fraud, the person's just trying to get out of paying for it. So what do we do? We make sure that you get your chargeback, um, you know, in your email or on your fax or through a portal. And then, you know, you get the receipts together, we send them over to us and then we help you put together the, we help you put together the letter that gets sent back to the chargeback company and because chargebacks have been changing and we've seen a big increase in chargebacks in the last three to six months and he keeps going and going. So if you need help with chargebacks, we help you. And on your website, one of the things that we're showing is that we help you review your, um, we help you review your, all your, all of your, um, policies on your website because you can't stop someone from doing a chargeback. But what we can do is we can slow it down. We can make it so that you're the one in control. You're in your favor, you know, do you need to have all sales final on your receipts? You know, so take a look @ If it's something that you need for your business, contact us, book an appointment, fill out the contact form and we'll help you out. Again. This is Alan Kopelman with the B2B vault, and I hope you enjoyed this episode. Listen to us on your favorite podcast network and click the follow button. Thank you.
November 09, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 14: Emerging Markets Payment Solutions
Hey, this is Allen. With another episode of the B2B vol today, we're going to talk about emerging markets. This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. And most business owners don't even understand what's emerging markets are, and you know what it's all about. So a lot of people confuse emerging markets with international credit card processing. What doesn't have anything to do with that? Emerging markets are certain types of businesses that visa and MasterCard assigned special rates for those businesses. And, you know, so the merchants get special interchange rates. Those interchange rates can result in an enormous amount of savings. We do consult. So part of our consulting is that we make sure that your business is classified correctly with the correct SIC code that you have licensing to match the SIC code so that your business can qualify for these emerging market rates. We call it interchange-busting. It does take some work on our part because we have to make sure we have everything in the file. We have to register you with the card brands and the same way as CPA. Deciphers the tax code. We decipher the code with visa and MasterCard. So who qualifies for these businesses that are involved in education telecom? So education can be anything, schools, childcare services, preschools, um, online education, anything involving education, you, you could be saving tons of money, especially if you're using a platform like PayPal square or Stripe, um, or even regular credit card processing.  
November 08, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 13: Payment Processing For Charities & Non Profits
Hi, this is Allen with B2B Vault and in this episode, we're going to talk about our solutions for charities and non-for-profits. So we have two programs. You can set up our regular merchant account and we can show you all different kinds of ways, how you can charge a fee to your donors. So you get a hundred percent of the money and you can process all types of different payments for your non-for-profit organization, whether they're donations or their tickets to events and things like that. And then we have our new platform, which is the NPS charity platform and this lets you do something different. So this is completely free. No setup charge, no monthly fees. And when somebody goes to donate, they're paying the fee for the credit card processing and you get a hundred percent of your donation. So you can run multiple campaigns at the same time, raise more money with targeted donations. We'll even give you a free consultation and go over how this has worked. And many, many businesses, you can update your campaigns. Anytime you want takes a day or two to update them, delete one, add a new one. We have text messaging you can add on. So you can send out text messages. So your donors can click on a text and donate. You can do one-time donations, recurring donations. You're letting your customers pay you the way they want to pay. They can pay on your website. They can pay you in person. You can bring a computer or a tablet out to an event. People can go on and make donations that way, or they can be on their phones and make donations. All the receipts are customized with your logo and all your information. And it can be used as a tax-deductible receipt to give their CPA or accountant. You also get access to a full dashboard with all your donor information. So you have everybody's name, their address, their phone numbers, their email addresses, and so forth. You can see how much they donate and when they do it, you know, so what do you get with our service? You get a free webpage, 0% credit card processing. So you get a hundred percent of your donations and that's the most important thing. And you can come to the website and you can go look at the information on the page. You can see and download a sample receipt. You can see how it works. People use this for nonprofits, political campaigns, churches, synagogues, schools, and more can run all types of different campaigns, matching campaigns. You could run general donation, year-end, recurring capital campaigns with a lot of people doing that. And you can use this along with whatever else that you're currently using. And this can also run at the same time and we can do a full demo for you. It's easy to sign up. You fill out our apply now button, and then you go to the build the donation page and you can build out your donation page. It takes us about a day to get you approved and two or three days, we'll have your donation page up and ready. And then you can add the button right to your website and you're ready to go start accepting donations. So for more information, contact us at NPS Bank, go to the website, check out the charity page and get signed up, or contact us. And we'll set up a demo for you. We'll run a demo. Thank you again for listening to another episode of B2B Vault.
November 05, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 12: ATMs, Kiosks, & Vending Solutions For Businesses
Hey, this is Allen Kopelman. With another episode of the B2B Vault today, we're going to talk about ATM kiosks and vending solutions. So first let's get into ATMs. We started our business in 2001, and then we started to get into the ATM business around 2002, 2003. And, you know, we started the grow or ATM portfolio and get ATM's out into businesses. And in the beginning, we used to load a few ATM's and that's how we did it. And then we linked up with another company that provides vault cash. So now we have an awesome service. We provide vault cash for ATMs. So in high traffic locations like nightclubs, shopping malls, hotels, where they're going to go through a ton of money every week, then we put ATMs into your business and you share in the surcharge, we have an armored car. We can service anywhere in the United States. And we do, we have ATMs and Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, California, Las Vegas, and other places who we serve as ATMs everywhere.
November 04, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 11: 11 Reasons High Risk Businesses Should Choose NPSBANK
In today's podcast, you are going to learn what the NPS and Payment Advisory Board's approach is in respect to High-Risk Merchant Services. We act as your consultant and we match you with the right bank and or processor for your business type - We speak to merchants every day and we explain that it is similar to getting a loan or a mortgage - not every bank works with the same business types. So, listen in  - click follow and enjoy the podcast or video Experience - over 20 years in the business - we are your consultants Why is my business high risk Multiple Banks, Processors, and Full Liability ISO's We are not BROKERS - we do not have you fill out a bunch of apps and hope one sticks. We will set up a call or zoom meeting and find out everything about your business. Compliance - we understand compliance Paperwork and required documents Underwriting - we work directly with the underwriters before and during the process Risk - we work directly with the risk department Fraud Solutions that fit your budget Chargebacks - we make sure you have a way to manage your chargebacks
November 03, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 10: News Round Up
Hey, this is Allen Kopelman with the B2B Vault. So we're here today going to go over the news Roundup for the week. There's a lot of stuff going on, some crazy stuff, which maybe we'll talk about in another week when things kind of settle down with that, but let's get into the three stories of the week. So first thing, a lot of people are talking about QR payments. So QR payments, are they good or are they bad for the merchant? So there are quite a few restaurants that are out there and they print out a receipt and then they bring you a QR code and you get out your phone and you take a picture of it. You're able to make a payment on your phone. So is this good or bad for merchants? Merchants are finding out that these are noncard present transactions and it's costing them anywhere from 50 to a hundred basis points. So maybe it's good if you can't get to the tables fast enough to facilitate payment. But you know, it's also, uh, because it's noncard present, there could be charged backs that you won't be able to defend. So people need to get educated about this. Also, there's a lot of third-party services that offer QR codes, but there's probably a way to do it within your existing point of sale device. And QR codes are really easy to make and we'll post the link down in the, in the, uh, in the notes, in the show notes. So you can see how to make a free QR code. Our next story, alternative payments. Everybody's talking about alternative payments and how are they going to reach the everyday business so that it's all consolidated, you know, and your credit card processing. So buy now pay later cryptocurrency, um, Venmo, PayPal, since they're like partners together. Now there's a lot of talk from a few different equipment companies and some credit card processors on how to facilitate that. So at the point of sale, somebody wants to pay the merchant with Venmo or pay with PayPal. I mean, some people have PayPal credit cards, so that's easy to do, but more, I think that in 2022, we're going to start to see a lot more options at the point of when you're checking out at a store. I mean, right now we're currently offering buy now pay later and we're offering cryptocurrency. So those are available now from NPS bank, but there's more to come. It's gonna depend on, you know, how quickly the equipment companies move, you know, slash software companies, how they moved to get that going.
November 02, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 9: Interchange Secrets - Merchant Statement Analysis
Hey, this is Allen Kopelman. With another episode of B2B Vault. I hope everybody's enjoying the podcast. I just started doing this podcast. So it's all new to me. And I'm learning. Hopefully, each one gets better. This one today is going to be about interchange secrets. There are tons of secrets. We don't tell you, but if you want to know the secrets about interchange and what you're paying on your credit card statement, we have a solution for you. So, so many businesses, so many companies who do this, charge you a percentage of what they save you.
October 25, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 8: Take Crypto in Your Strip Club & Get Paid US Dollars
This episode is about cryptocurrency and you get dollars in your bank account. This is brought to you by nationwide payment systems and the payment advisory board. What we've done is we went to our vendor and we said, our merchants want to take crypto, but they don't want crypto. They want money. They need cash. They need cash because they need to pay their bills. And this episode is for all the adult strip clubs out there, adult clubs, adult businesses. Anytime we can do this in any kind of business nightclub, anywhere you want to do this, you can do it.
October 25, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 7: Buying Luxury Ticket Items With Crypto Get US Dollars
NPSCoin, the transactional hub for all cryptocurrency payments, equips forward-thinking businesses with the technology to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into their business without taking on the risk or volatility of the crypto market. Your customers pay in cryptocurrency and you receive the sales amount in US Dollars. No strings attached, no hidden fees, NO BS! We set your business up with a transactional hub for cryptocurrency payments, equipping forward-thinking businesses with the technology to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency into their payment options. GET STARTED TODAY!!! START TAKING CRYPTO AS PAYMENTS AND RECEIVE US DOLLARS INSTANTLY. NO CHARGEBACKS!!!
October 25, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 6: B2B Vault News Round Up
Hi, this is Allen with B2B Vault, which is brought to you by NPS Bank, Nationwide Payment Systems, and The Payment Advisory Board. You can listen to us on Apple, Google, SoundCloud, Spotify. This is educational information for business owners. So today we're bringing you the B2B Vault News Roundup. I want to talk about three top stories that are in the news that's going on today.  Buy Now Pay Later DOJ To Start Agency To Regulate Cryptocurrency $600 Bank Monitoring 
October 21, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 5: Top 10 Questions About Cryptocurrency
Hi, this is Allen Kopelman. With another episode of B2B Vault. Today, we're here to answer questions about cryptocurrency. So I'm going to go over the top 10 questions. I get asked about cryptocurrency all the time. 
October 21, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 4: Buy Now Pay Later
Hey, this is Allen Kopelman with B2B vol. So today I want to talk about what is B N P L buy now pay later phenomenon. This is in the news on the front of digital transactions magazine. This is the hottest thing going in payments. It's amazing. Uh, square went and bought a firm, and now they're going to bring, you know, buy here, pay later to all the square merchants. I mean, uh, PayPal has buy now pay later also. So what are we doing at nationwide payment systems? We have buy now pay later. We have it for retail merchants. So you can offer this to your customers in store.
October 15, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 3: Consumer Financing For Merchants
Hey, Allen Kopelman here with another episode of the B2B vault brought to you by NPS bank and the payment advisory board. So today I want to talk to you about consumer financing and what's going on with businesses and consumer financing today we're facing, you know, different things in our, and everybody's facing different things in their business. So people have lower credit scores. We're dealing with this, you know, pandemic situation and the economy's going up and down. And so, you know, there's many things going on and there's consumer finance is a growing, growing thing that businesses need in their business.
October 15, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 2: High Risk Business Merchant Accounts
Hey, Allen Kopelman here. Another episode, B2B vault, where we bring you educational information for business owners today, I want to talk to you about high risk. High risk business is very confusing to some people, some businesses are high risk and they don't realize it. And other businesses get told they're high risk from their credit card processor, but they're really, you know, more like a medium risk or they're a low risk business, but getting a merchant account for, you know, a card not present e-commerce business can sometimes be difficult.
October 15, 2021
B2B Vault Episode 1: Educational Information For Business Owners
This is Allen with B2B vault. This is our payment industry news Roundup educational information for business owners brought to you by NPS bank and the payment advisory board. So the news that we're trying to bring you is news that basically affects your business for business owners and affects your wallet also as a business owner. So let's go to our first story here today. So there's a bill in the house. Everybody needs to be made aware of. And I believe it's on like page 168 or something like that. There's a lot of news stories about this all over. It's all over the internet. And this is a reporting requirement. That's going to change at banks. They actually want to make a lot of changes to the, um, to the, to the rules. So right now, if you do a transaction at exceeds $10,000, the bank has to report that, especially if it's cash and now they want to change that to a $600 threshold, but they also want to make changes to the threshold for, um, businesses. So they're talking about $600 transactions, which would include transactions that are coming through pay pals, Zelle, Venmo, and other cash app payment P2P, which are person to person payment platforms that they believe are possibly being used by businesses. And some businesses might be using those platforms. And now there's going to be a 10 99 K having to be issued. And who knows, we don't know what all the requirements are going to be. Other than they're going to hire a lot of IRS agents to, um, to go after these transactions and investigate it. You know, there've been similar things in the past with, you know, affecting ATM machines and the loading of ATM machines with, um, operation choke point. So the next new story, let's just, you know, I'd definitely say, look into this and write your Congress people. Okay. The next one is, is ATM story. That's going on, where, uh, by all the banks are getting upset because they're charging customers when they use a non-bank owned, ATM, um, a lot of surcharges. Each time you go to the ATM machine, this is a really complicated story it's been going on since, um, two down like, uh, for 2018. This started the lawsuit. Now a lot of individual banks are trying to get themselves, um, removed from the class action lawsuit. This is something to keep an eye on. This affects everybody's wallet. Every time you go to the ATM and use a non-bank owned, ATM, or an ATM from another bank, he got charged surcharges. So this is something to keep an eye on. So this is our first episode of the B2B vault news Roundup. Hope you enjoyed it and watch out for more episodes, have a great day.
October 07, 2021