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By the back of the shul, for the back of the shul. Giving a voice to those whose voices are always heard.
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Don't Call it a Comeback
MV of Comebacks King of Tony's, A Breakdown
May 09, 2022
Eli Lebowicz Part 2, Mizrach Vant of Things to Get Rid of in Judaism
If you listened to the bonus episode and are reading this, text "Bonus" to the WhatsApp 469-301-1983. Keep texting it until Menachem responds. 00:00 - Divrei Hisorerus 02:23 - Mizrach Vant 43:22 - Honorable Mentions Join our WhatsApp: Exclusive WhatsApp-only episode available there. It was decent, so we'll probably do another one sometime soon. Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps
September 01, 2021
Return of Eli Lebowicz Part 1, Gashmiyus, Frum Vacation Spots
Eli Lebowicz makes his grand return for a two-part ep. If anyone is reading this, text "Frum Merch" to the WhatsApp 469-301-1983. 00:00 - Housekeeping 02:30 - Yeshivish Baseball 7:30 - Other Stuff 32:03 - Minyan Updates 46:00 - Rerun of MV of Comedians Join our WhatsApp: Exclusive WhatsApp-only episode available there. It was decent, so we'll probably do another one sometime soon. Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps
August 23, 2021
Chinuch Roundtable, Mizrach Vant of Seasons (ft. Sushimacher)
Our first raffle winner guest host joins us. Does anyone actually read these descriptions? Can't imagine anyone would. Hey if you're reading this, text "Meaningful People" to us on WhatsApp 469-301-1983. 00:00 - Divrei Bracha 05:34 - Minyan Updates 18:00 - SE Thoughts 42:24 - MV of Seasons Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps. Join our WhatsApp:
July 28, 2021
Kids Speak Celebrities, Listener Raffle Winner, MV of Rules
Audio issues abound as we welcome on our first listener guest host. 00:00 - Divrei Bracha  05:01 - Minyan Updates  18:42 - Shemonah Esrei Thoughts  34:22 - Mizrach Vant 55:36 - Raffle Winner Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps. Join our WhatsApp: YouTube:
July 13, 2021
Season of the Listener, Charidy/ Subscription Service, MV of Jewish Accomplishments
Season 3 of Back of the Shul is about you, the devoted listener.  00:38-8:45 - We hereby invite you to join us on future episodes of the podcast, but you must be subscribed to our WhatsApp. 9:01-25:04 - Minyan Updates 25:05-40:09 - SE Thoughts 40:10-66:00 - MV of Jewish Accomplishments Join our WhatsApp: YouTube:
June 20, 2021
Pre-Purim Special, We’re YouTube Stars, Mizrach Vant of Purim
First go subscribe to our YouTube channel. Did that? Great. We discuss beaten-into-the-ground topics such as Mochers Mag, GameStop and more of yesterday’s news (4:30-14:22), WhatsApp frumkeit (14:30-17:00), the biggest “Take Away Your Frum Man Card” (17:30) and other stuff (idk till around 40:00). Mizrach Vant of Purim (40:00-1:25:00) followed by Five Star Reviews (1:25:00-1:29:00). Freilichen/Happy Purim!  Beloved Sponsor: @viandekosher (201) 638-9407 Subscribe:
February 22, 2021
Menachem Complains, Heimishe Xmas Campaigns, Mizrach Vant of Jewish Smells
A lot of technical difficulties, complaining, and general rust in this episode. We start shorthanded (00:01-12:35), Menachem complains a lot (12:35-25:01), throw out some ideas for Heimishe Xmas greetings (25:30-30:01), then wrap up with the Mizrach Vant of Jewish Smells (32:41-61:50). Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps. BELOVED SPONSOR: Viande Premium Charcuterie @viandekosher Join our WhatsApp Group: 1-469-301-1983
December 29, 2020
Comedian "Cholentface", Mizrach Vant of Jewish Foods, SayMazelTov
After 2 months of multiple health screens and asking our hosts to quarantine, we surprised ourselves with an episode where we could pretend things were normal for an hour and twenty minutes. We've got minyan and election updates (3:56-12:45), address why we're not on SayMazelTov (13:31-20:34), and Shailos U'tshuvos (20:35-31:08). We then have a fascinating, wide-ranging interview with comedian Zvi Hershkovich ("Cholentface"), talk about his time as a shliach in Russia and how he got thrown out (33:10-59:34), followed by the MV of Jewish Foods (60:00-83:24). BELOVED SPONSOR: Viande Premium Charcuterie (Call/WhatsApp - 201-638-9407) JOIN OUR WHATSAPP CHAT: 469-301-1983.
November 11, 2020
Inside the Shul Edition, MV of Kabbalos No One Sticks To (with Listener of the Year Moshe Kolat)
We're back with the season finale of our inaugural season, and we're here to answer all your questions about the world's #2 frum podcast. We reflect on how far we've come (not very), and to whence we go (2:03-5:09), followed by Minyan Updates and some weird Shemonah Esrei Thoughts (5:23-15:06). We then answer a bunch of listener-submitted FAQs about the show (15:09-31:34). In honor of Elul, we were joined by Moshe Kolat for the MV of Kabbalos No One Sticks To (35:30-57:53). Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps.
September 04, 2020
Return of @aimhumor, Mizrach Vant of Shul Jerks
In honor of our 30th episode, we bring back our first-ever guest, @aimhumor, for an entire episode*.  We discuss his foray into podcasting, why people need to stop blaming every little thing on 2020, words Jews shouldn't say in public, how we Jews love when non-Jews say or do Jewish things, and a slew of other topics (1:35-38:18). Shemonah Esrei thoughts include commemorative davening jacket patches and dating future Roshei Yeshiva (39:03-44:45). We then close with the Mizrach Vant of Shul Jerks (46:00-71:39). Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps. *Until his kid started crying. Beloved sponsor: Flow Digital -
August 19, 2020
The Bitcoin Rabbi, Call Her Shadchan/Tu B'Av Dating Talk, Mizrach Vant of Unwritten Dating Rules
In honor of Tu B'Av, and by popular demand, we've got a ton of dating/shidduchim talk. First, we start by taking a look back at a meaningful Nine Days/Tisha B'Av (2:30-5:47), Minyan Updates (6:28-14:01). Next, we get into Call Her Shadchan/Tu B'Av talk, where the married hosts sit back and let the single guy just go off on his dating experiences, including the wildest shadchan story you'll ever hear (14:30-38:23). We cap the discussion with the Mizrach Vant of Unwritten Dating Rules (38:23-57:24). We then transition into a very informative discussion with the one and only "Bitcoin Rabbi", Rabbi Michael Caras, who unmasks the mystery behind the cryptocurrency (57:24-1:21:00).
August 05, 2020
Singing Sensation Yoni Z, Mizrach Vant of Yeshivish Non-Jewish Artists/Bands, Idol Talk
The Nine Days are here and we're miserable. Minyan Updates include comparing Nine Days Siyumim and Super Bowl parties and unfortunate business names (2:26-9:01). Menachem's Shemonah Esrei Thought spurs an insightful discussion about serving idols in today's day and age (9:08 - 17:05). We then have a fascinating, wide-ranging interview with world-renowned performer/singing sensation/electric personality Yoni Z, where we discuss his unconventional foray into the music scene, his personal brand of music, influences, and his personal tricks of the trade to impress a Pesach hotel audience (18:01-56:03). We follow that with a HILARIOUS and wildly nostalgic Mizrach Vant of Yeshivish Non-Jewish Artists/Bands (56:05-85:00). Seriously, it's high school all over again.  *Beloved Sponsors:* Bartenura Gnocchi Tuscanini Pastas
July 22, 2020
3 Weeks vs Ramadan, Mizrach Vant of Fast Day Activities, Listener Reviews & Voicemails
It's summer and that means fun and fasting. Get through the next 18 hours - and commute upstate? with us. Because we know you're just looking to kill time. We introduce a new sponsor - Tam Tams, ever heard of them? - then discuss our love of the 3 Weeks (2:30-6:50). Minyan Updates include plugging another frum podcast and debating 3 Weeks vs Ramadan (7:03-10:30), followed by Shailos U'tshuvos and the shortest Bein Gavra L'gavra ever (10:31-23:50). We then discuss the Mizrach Vant of Fast Day Activities (23:54-40:09), followed by 5-star reviews and a listener voicemail (40:11-52:06). The last 5 minutes got weird. Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps. See episode for more details. Thank you to our beloved sponsor, Tam Tams. Let us know @backoftheshul how you Tam Tam. 
July 09, 2020
Comedian Eli Lebowicz, Shailos U'tshuvos, Mizrach Vant of Comedians
We're back with an extra-long episode that you must listen to in one sitting. Minyan updates include reaffirming our commitment to you during these challenging/unprecedented/difficult times (1:30-15:12). We introduce a new segment called Shailos U'tshuvos, where we ask questions like who is the most famous non-politician in America (15:30-26:00), and then read some 5-star reviews you guys left us (26:20-28:00). Hilarious interview with frum comedian Eli Lebowicz (28:00-1:10:00), followed by Mizrach Vant of Comedians (1:10:00-1:27:00). Remember, you can only listen to this in one sitting.
July 01, 2020
Erev Shabbos Shmooze - Passaic Positivity, Yeshiva World Editorials, Mizrach Vant of Catskills Hotspots
We stick up for Passaic (00:06-3:30), give some minyan updates (3:40-5:30), followed by an epic Bein Gavra L'gavra featuring a breakdown of the greatest YWN op-ed (that seems generous) of all time. Great shemonah esrei thoughts (which have you said more: Hamelech Hamishpat or Korbanos?), followed by a very enjoyable Mizrach Vant of Catskills Hotspots (24:05-46:33). We finish it off with a listener voicemail. PLEASE NOTE: NO EPISODES NEXT WEEK
June 19, 2020
We Interview A Priest, Mizrach Vant of GOATs With R' Shmuel Kunda's Great-Nephew
We ask a priest all the questions we as Jews have ever had (1:10-18:30). Wide-ranging, star-studded (sort of) Mizrach Vant of GOATs/goats with R' Shuel Kunda's (a"h) great-nephew (18:31-36:56). Not responsible for inaccurate time stamps.
June 16, 2020
Erev Shabbos Shmooze - Beer Shaming, Mizrach Vant of Shabbos Party Foods, & Rando Run
Corona is awful, and so is the virus. Your Erev Shabbos background noise begins with a beer-shaming session (1:25-6:00), minyan updates with a deeply personal story (6:00-8:50), followed by a Check Your Litvish (8:51-15:30) and a spirited MV of Shabbos Party foods (16:00-28:30). We cap it off with the first-ever Rando Run in podcasting history (28:35-39:00).
June 12, 2020
#CheckYourLitvish, Podcast Prubbeh ft. Avi Schwartz, Mizrach Vant of Rishonim
We somberly reflect on the events of last week and encourage everyone to #checkyourlitvish (0:20-5:00). We then discuss some Minyan Updates (5:05-10:00), followed by a brain-buster of a Shemonah Esrei Thought (10:01-15:00) and some podcast updates (15:00-16:50).  We then introduce our Rov and ask him some hard-hitting shailos (17:00-35:30), followed by a scandal-ridden Mizrach Vant of Rishonim (35:30-52:30). Not responsible for inaccurate time stamps.
June 07, 2020
Matan Torah ft. aimhumor
Save your learning for later and get ready for Matan Torah with us. We have a HIGHLY CONTENTIOUS new segment of Bein Gavra L'gavra (2:10-15:30), including a scorching hot Shavuos take by Shlomo. Next we interview the hilarious @aimhumor for (15:45 - 30:00) who also joins us for a Mizrach Vant of Jewish Names No One Uses Anymore (30:01-50:00).
May 28, 2020
Back To Shul Special
Minyanim are now legal (sort of) and we couldn't be more excited. Topics include: Corona minyan etiquette, Mizrach Vant of Shul Thrills, and a rather dark Shemonah Esrei thought.
May 25, 2020