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Backroom Beauty Talks with Misty Jayne

Backroom Beauty Talks with Misty Jayne

By Misty Jayne
Real, raw and unedited conversations that uplift the hair industry one stylist at a time.
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Our take on a recession in the hair industry (and it's not what you think) w/ Jodie Brown
Jodie Brown and I are talking about a hot topic today but not in the way you may think. With a recession looming we want to empower stylist and salon owners to release the fear that the outside world maybe creating.  If you are looking for my free 5 ways to Find Money sheet click here 
June 27, 2022
4 Hairstylist's Take on Manifestation w/ Shelby Bettencourt, Jess Taylor and Ash Armato
Want 5 Ways to Find Money for Free?? Click here and it's yours! In this conversation Shelby Bettencourt @Shebly.bettencourt, Jess Taylor @Hairby.jesstaylor, Ash Armato @Ash_Armato and I are 4 hairstylist talking all about our views on manifestation. and they are all different! 
June 20, 2022
Social, Communication and Mistakes w/ Sam Lacoste @Hairbysamlacoste
Sam Lacoste (@Hairbysamlacoste) is the host of @Secretlifeofa_hairstylist podcast, a salon owner, stylist and educator!  In this conversation we talk all about Social Media, Communication as a stylist/salon owner and Putting your self out there. 
June 13, 2022
Achieving big success no matter your location w/ Kayla Walker @kwalker_atelier
Kayla Walker is an independent stylist and educator who helps other stylist build a beautiful business even in a small town. You can find her on IG @kwalker_atelier or her website If you're looking for more information on The Solopreneur to CEO Summit Click here!
June 06, 2022
Finding flow as a mother and business owner w/ @Ellie.d.wong
In this episode Ellie Wong and I discuss finding flow in being a business owner, mother and self healing. Ellie is a stylist, salon owner, mother of 4 and coach in Lansing Michigan
May 30, 2022
Forgiving yourself w/ @Shelby.bettencourt @Hairby.Jesstaylor & @Ash_armato
In this conversation Shelby Bettencourt, Jess Taylor, Ashley Armato and I talk all about forgiving yourself for the past so that you can move forward towards your future.
May 23, 2022
Money Mindset Challenge Podcast Style!!
In this episode I give you a condensed version of my Free Money Mindset Challenge!!  Click Here to grab your free worksheets and get the most out of this Challenge.
May 16, 2022
Mending your money story w/ Chrystal L @Crystalhairandmakeup
In this episode Chrystal L. (founder of AHA Beauty Collective) and I get real vulnerable about our pasts with money. How we changed our story and ways you can start to change yours.  Want in on the FREE 3 Day Money Mindset Challenge? CLICK HERE TO JOIN!
May 09, 2022
Survival Not Required
In this solo episode I discuss being in survival mode even when it is no longer required. If you would like to join my FREE 3 Day Money Mindset Challenge CLICK HERE
May 02, 2022
Being the breadwinner w/ @Shelby.bettencourt
In this episode Shelby Bettencourt (Host of the Healthy Wealthy Hairstylist podcast and business coach) and I discuss all the in's and out's of being the breadwinner in your relationship.   Click Here to grab access to my free training 3 Steps to getting your financial shit together 
April 25, 2022
Spending money isn't your enemy
In this episode I talk all about how spending money isn't the enemy your thinking it is.  Want 3 Steps to start getting your financial shit together?  CLICK HERE 
April 18, 2022
Let's talk MONEY w/ Shelby Bettencourt, Jess Taylor & Ash Armato
This conversation is all about MONEY honey!! We dive into many different thought processes when it comes the dolla dolla bills from 4 very different perspectives. You can find us all on IG: @Shelby.bettencourt @hairby.jesstaylor @Ash_armato Click here to grab my FREE mini course 3 STEPS TO GETTING YOUR FINANCIAL SHIT TOGETHER 
April 11, 2022
Can you be friends with clients w/Hayley Jepson (@The.resilient.hairdresser)
Hayley Jepson is an ex-hairdresser turned Psychotherapist. She helps stylist avoid burnout and today we are talking all about being friends with your clients! You can find Haley on IG @The.resilient.hairdresser
April 04, 2022
Thriving as a small town stylist with Casey Taylor (@Caseytaylorstylist)
In this episode I talk with Casey Taylor about how to thrive as a stylist in a small town. Casey is a salon owner, stylist and educator in Lindale, Texas. You can find her on IG @Caseytatlorstylist  Click here to grab her FREE small town stylist success guide 
March 28, 2022
Finding resilience in struggle w/ Rochelle Golden (@Rochellegoldenhairstylist)
In this episode I talk with Rochelle Golden about starting over and finding resilience in the toughest of times. Rochelle is a salon owner, stylist and educator located in Randolph, New Jersey. You can find her on IG @rochellegoldenhairstylist and her salon @houseofgoldsalon
March 21, 2022
Finding what works for YOU behind the chair with Ash Armato (@ash_armato)
In this episode I talk with Ashley Armado about NOT niching down on services and finding what works for YOU behind the chair. She is an everyday stylist behind the chair in Long Island, New York and enjoys doing all the things and you can find her on IG @ash_armato
March 14, 2022
Let's talk about the thief of joy w/ Shelby B. and Jess T.
In this episode Shelby Bettencourt, Jess Taylor and I are at it again! We are talking about the thief of joy... COMPARISON! Be sure to subscribe to The Happy Healthy Hairstylist Podcast 
March 07, 2022
The secret to a successful business
In this solo episode Misty Jayne talks about the number one thing that will make you successful.
February 28, 2022
What successful stylists have in common w/ Jodie Brown
In this episode Jodie Brown and I discuss what all successful stylists have in common! 
February 21, 2022
How Beth (@revivalskinandbrow) got her financial shit together
In this episode I talk with Beth Nygard owner of Revival Skin and Brow about working with my 1:1 to build a better relationship with money. If you are intrested in 1:1 support click here to apply  You can find more info on Beth and her skin care line at or on IG @Revivalskinandbrow
February 14, 2022
Enhance your Business through your Health (Happy Healthy Hairstylist Podcast)
Here is another kick ass conversation with my friends Shelby Bettencourt and Jess Taylor talking all about how fitness can enhance your business. This is a replay of Shelby's The Happy Healthy Hair Stylist Podcast 
February 07, 2022
Money BEYOND the Chair (Hairstylist Rising Podcast)
This episode is a replay from Jodie Brown's Podcast The Hairstylist Rising discussing all things money BEYOND the Chair! You can Click here to find more info about Jodie Brown and to follow her on IG Want instant access to 3 Simple ways to get your financial shit together BEYOND the Chair? Click here!
January 31, 2022
Finding education that aligns with you w/@alicialovesbalayage
Alicia Hayes and I chat about how to find valuable education and/or coaching that aligns with you and your goals. Alicia is a suite owner, stylist and stylist mentor. You can find more on IG @Alicialovesbalayage
January 24, 2022
Why you should sweat the small stuff
In this solo episode Misty talks all about how the small things you do make the biggest impact. Click here for more information on how to enroll in Money BEYOND the Chair Course (Don't forget to use code BBT25 for 25% off your first payment)
January 17, 2022
Starting Over w/ Kellyn Mackenzie
In the episode I talk to Kellyn Mackenzie (Astrology + Business Coach for the hair industry) all about starting over! Want more info from Kellyn Click here 
January 10, 2022
Sacrifice VS Investment w/ Shelby Bettencourt and Jess Taylor
This episode is a replay from The Happy Healthy Hairstylist Podcast. In this episode Shelby Bettencourt, Jess Taylor and I discuss the difference between sacrifice and investments!
January 03, 2022
Forgiving yourself for past "mistakes"
In this solo episode I talk about the importance of forgiving yourself for your past mistakes so you can grow in your future.  Click here for the FREE training a talk about in this episode Click here to head to my website
December 27, 2021
How Kelsie Wells (@honeybeewell_hairco) got her financial shit together.
Kelsie Wells is an independent stylist soon to be in Fort Collins, Colorado. We chat about how working with me 1:1 changed her life forever. Click here for a free training on 3 simple ways to get your financial shit together or Click here to apply to work with me 1:1.
December 20, 2021
5 Questions w/ Misty Hosted by @itsJodieBrown
In this episode Jodie Brown (host of Hairstylist Rising Podcast) asks me 5 questions that I had 0 time to prepare for. Just a fun way to get to know me the host a little bit better.
December 13, 2021
Hustle or Flow w/ @Hairby.Jesstaylor & @Shelby.bettencourt
This episode is a replay from The Happy Healthy Hairstylist Podcast. In this episode Shelby Bettencourt, Jess Taylor and I discuss what we believe is hustle and/or flow.
December 06, 2021
WTH is Human Design w/ @Lindseymeans_
In this episode Lindsey Means (a Human Design Coach) and I talk all thing Human design plus so much more. You can find Lindsey on IG @Lindseymeans_ or CLICK HERE to head to her website
November 29, 2021
How Samantha Bolin (@sb.hairco) changed her money story
Samantha Bolin is an independent stylist in Tennessee. Samantha and I get into how the Money BEYOND the Chair course changed her life by strengthening the foundation of her money mindset. If you want more info on Money BEYOND the Chair just click here!
November 22, 2021
Growing Together as a couple w/ @TheWorldByBrit
Brit Carmichael is back for conversation round 2!! This time we are talking about relationships. Click here for more information on Brit's 2022 Couples Retreat 
November 15, 2021
Hair Loss Awareness with @Laurenmacdoesmyhair
Lauren Mac is a stylist, educator and Lymphoma fighter. In this conversation we open up a topic that's much needed in the hair industry... Hair loss! You can find Lauren on IG @laurenmacdoesmyhair
November 08, 2021
Hair Love Retreat Recap recorded LIVE from Hair Love
Recorded LIVE from Hair Love Retreat my friends and I give you the low down on what this retreat is all about. @shelby.bettencourt @IndependentBeautypros @Laughingmakesmecry
November 01, 2021
How you can help normalize the wealthy stylist
In this episode I talk about why we should normalize the wealthy hairstylist and I give you 3 simple steps to get your journey started. CLICK HERE to get more info on Money BEYOND the Chair Digital Course
October 25, 2021
Hiring help for things that drain you w/ Jodie Brown @JodieBrown
In the episode social media manager Jodie Brown and I talk about what its like to hire help for things that drain you! CLICK HERE for more info on Money BEYOND the Chair
October 18, 2021
The reality of manifestation w/ Chantell Steinke @Laughingmakesmecry
Chantell is a stylist and educator for Keune Hair Care and in this conversation we chat about what it really means to manifest. Want in on my free webinar 3 steps to getting your financial shit together? Click Here
October 11, 2021
Building wealth through relationships w/ Lynzie Smith @IndependentBeautyPros
In this episode Lynzie Smith (Founder of Independent Beauty Pros) talk about how important it is to build relationships with in your community and industry.  Get on the waitlist for my free webinar 3 Steps to getting your financial shit together
October 04, 2021
The truth about motherhood w/ Tara Pearson-
Tara is a stylist, suite owner and mother. In this episode we are talking all things motherhood. 
September 27, 2021
A little logic and a little woo woo w/ Brit Carmichael- @TheWorldByBrit
Brit is a soul and business coach, the founder of Shine School, Creator of Shine from the inside Oracle cards, Co founder of The Elevated Life and basically just a magical unicorn! You can find her on Instagram @TheWorldByBritt or all the things on her site
September 20, 2021
Being truly successful in the hair industry w/ Jordan Jones-
Jordan Jones is a suite owner, color specialist, coach and educator. You can find her on IG 
September 13, 2021
Hustle, trauma and awareness w/ Elizabeth Faye- @HeyElizabethFaye
Elizabeth Faye is the founder of Hair Love Retreat, a coach, educator and real life unicorn. You can find her and all the magic she creates in IG: @HeyElizabethfaye @Hairloveretreat @hairloveuniversity
September 06, 2021
Oversharing w/ Dawn Bradley- @Dawnbradleyhair
Dawn Bradley is an educator and the host of The Anxious Creative Podcast. She is a self proclaimed awkward, anxious, lazy, oversharer and it makes for the BEST conversations!! You can find Dawn on IG @Dawnbradleyhair 
August 30, 2021
Find your zen w/ Sophia Musto- @SophiaMusto
Sophia is a stylist, independent salon owner, founder of the Zensetter box and host of the Zensetter podcast. In this episode we talk about trauma, finding your zen and being a canna-mom You can find Sophia on IG @SophiaMusto
August 23, 2021
Getting real w/ Nina Tulio- @Ninatulio
Nina Tulio is a business educator, former stylist and salon owner and co host of the No Stylist Left Behind podcast. You can find her on IG @Ninatulio If you are interested in becoming apart of Independent Beauty Pros click here
August 16, 2021
Going hourly w/ Cassondra K- @Cass.ondra
Cassondra is a female barber in NYC. She runs her own suite called Beyond the Beard (@Beyondthebeard) and is also the founder of the non-profit Her Chair His Hair (@Herchairhishair) You can find her on IG at all the handles above and @cass.ondra If you are interested in becoming a part of Independent Beauty Pros you can find more info here at
August 09, 2021
Showing up authentically w/ Chrystal L.- @Chrystalhairandmakeup
In this conversation with Chrystal the founder of All Hair Academy we talk about showing up authentically as well is the importance of learning and unlearning when it comes to inclusion and diversity. You can find Chrystal on IG @chrystalhairandmakeup as well as more info on her coaching at
August 02, 2021
Your story matters w/ Alicia Soulier- @Salonscale
Alicia is the founder and CEO of Salon Scale a revolutionary scale that is changing the beauty industry. If you are interested in helping Salon Scale grow your business use code 'Misty10' and save 10% on an annual membership.
July 26, 2021
Community and comfort zones w/ Lynzie Smith- @IndependentBeautyPros
Lynzie is the founder of Independent Beauty Pros a Digital platform for independent beauty artists. (Think Linkedin for independents) In the episode we talk about how important it is to not only find your community but to network outside of your comfort zone. You can find more info about Independent Beauty Pros on the website Or find them on IG @IndpendentBeautyPros 
July 19, 2021
From burnout to boundaries w/ Hayley Jepson- @the.resilient.hairdresser
Haley is a Stylist turned Therapist turned Coach for stylists. She uses all her knowledge to help you avoid burnout and create healthy boundaries is your business and life. You can find Hayley on IG @The.resilient.hairdresser
July 12, 2021
Finding ease in social media w/ Missy Megginson- @Soyoureahairstylist
Missy is a salon owner, stylist and educator. Her zone of genius is using Social Media as a business tool. We discuss social media, how to excel when you don't want to be an educator and the importance of creating a life that you want to live. You can find Missy on Instagram @Soyoureahairstylist
July 05, 2021
The truth about branding w/ Jodie Brown
You can find Jodie on instagram @Itsjodiebrown and don't forget to subscribe to her podcast The Hairstylist Raising
May 17, 2021
Hustle with Intention w/ Jen Snider
Jennifer is the owner of Fringe Salon in Fredericksburg Virginia @Fringefxbg and a stylist behind the chair.
May 10, 2021
From comparison to expansion
In this solo episode I talk about moving from a comparison to an expansion mindset.
May 03, 2021
The power of Limiting Beliefs w/ Jessica Taylor
You can find Jessica Taylor on IG @hairby.jesstaylor  You can find her Extensions and Education on
April 26, 2021
Navigating 2020 and creating your own path w/ Sonya
You can find Sonya on IG @auracollectivemadison
April 19, 2021
The journey of healing w/ Laura Elizabeth
Laura is a salon suite owner, stylist and business coach! You can find Laura on IG @Iamlauraelizabeth
April 12, 2021
Finding the light in darkness w/ GloriaLovesBeauty
Gloria is an energy healer and confidence dealer and I am here for it! She is an extension specialist, salon owner, energy healer and a coach for hairstylists. You can find her on the gram @GloriaLovesBeauty
April 05, 2021
Becoming the happy healthy hairstylist w/Shelby Bettencourt
Shelby is on a mission to help stylists find the value in mindset, movement and nutrition.... and I am here for it! She is a salon owner, stylist and business coach. You can find her on IG @shelby.bettencourt
March 29, 2021
Salon differently w/ Kelly @scissorsmakecents
Kelly is the owner of 1213 Hair Studio and coaches other owners on systems, ethics and empowerment essentials. And can we talk about the amazing benefits she provides in her salon!!! You can find Kelly on the gram @Scisssorsmakecents
March 22, 2021
Show me how easy it can be w/ Tenika Tang
You can find Tenika on IG @Tenika_tang She is a stylists, boutique salon owner and founder of SeaBeyond (@_Seabeyond) Where she helps boss mommas in the beauty biz see beyond the hustle to flow in alignment. Link to apply for 1:1 coaching with me to get your financial shit together and eliminate debt
March 15, 2021
Diversify your income by diversifying your clientele w/ Chrystal L.
You can find her on IG @Chrystalhairandmakeup⁠ Founder of The Bold Academy⁠ ( A non-profit that "empowers and uplifts Black and Brown girls through enrichment opportunities, leadership training, education, and positive identity development."⁠ Creator of the All Hair Academy⁠ ( A coaching program for hairstylist who want to gain confidence in working with all hair textures and attract a more diverse clientele.⁠ ⁠
March 08, 2021
Permission slip to take a break
Independent Stylists, Here is your permission slip to take a break.
March 01, 2021
What I learned in Tulum
A vulnerable recap on my Tulum retreat experience and why I think you should get out of your comfort zone!
February 22, 2021
Finding joy in authenticity w/ Ashley Lewis
In @the_blondologist Ashley Lewis's podcast debut we talk about finding joy in your life and your career through authenticity. You can find her and all her beautiful work and education on instagram @the_blondologist and
February 15, 2021
Business and Abundance w/ Laura Symons
Switching your mindset from what to you think you need to do next, to how do you want to feel. Laura Symons and I talk all about the ups and downs of growth. You can find her on Instagram @Laura_symons
February 08, 2021
Breakdown, Rebuild, Expansion with Jamie Sea
Here I talked with Jamie Sea about navigating a tough year. You can find Jamie on Instagram @Prettylittleombre and hosting the Hair Goals Podcast and There She Rose podcast Follow @_saltsociety for all your hair education needs and @_risingwolf for all things coaching for creatives.
February 01, 2021
Jordan Jones- From Stylist to Educator
Jordan and I discuss going from the successful stylist behind the chair to branching into education. You can find her on instagram @Jordan.Paints.Hair or on her website
January 25, 2021
Mental health, elevating an industry and getting sober w/ Gina Bianca
Gina gets very real about mental struggles, changing her life and addiction. You can find her on instagram @iamginabianca
January 18, 2021
Building community and mindset with Elizabeth Faye
Elizabeth is always keeping it 100 and this conversation is no different. We talk about how she build a passion business in her 20's, how she got through 2020 and the importance of community and mindset. You can find Elizabeth on Instagram at @Heyelizabethfaye 
January 11, 2021
Community, Fear and Ego with Lynzie Smith Creator of Independent Beauty Pros
Getting really real with Lynzie Smith the creator of Independent Beauty Pros An amazing online community for beauty professionals to come together and lift each other up! You can find her on instagram @independentbeautypros and @lsbeautypro and join the community at
January 04, 2021
Be worth what you charge w/ John Palmieri
You can find John hosting the 124Go Shop Talk podcast or on Instagram @Noindoorvoice
December 07, 2020
Starting Over with Addie Jones
Addie Jones is a stylist and an educator with an amazing story of starting over. You can find her on Instagram @addiejones.thehairpainter
November 30, 2020
A 5 year olds perspective of 2020
A quick chat with my son and a little something to make you smile.
November 26, 2020
Jay Williams on Emotional Intelligence Behind the Chair
Jay Williams is the author of Leave your Mark and This vs. That You can find Jay Williams at 100% of the proceeds for every copy of Leave your Mark go towards fighting agains human trafficking
November 23, 2020
Hairdustry- On a mission to uplift the hair industry
In this episode I am talking with Tony and Corey the founders of Hairdustry. From the everyday hairdresser to the top notch educators these 2 are creating a space that uplifts stylists in every area. You can find their Podcast -Hairdustry- on all platforms Instagram- @Hairdustry
November 18, 2020
Shop Talk with Chris Sulimay
Chris Sulimay is the author of Shop Talk Co-Founder of 124Go a podcast and salon consulting company Chris is an educator and speaker that is passionate about all things customer service, money and mindset.
November 09, 2020
All things coaching With Cyd Charisse
Cyd Charisse is Co-owner and Founder of Destroy the Hairdresser an education and coaching platform that will have you rethinking outdated business practices.
October 23, 2020
How YOU can get your financial sh*t together
I'm talking about money beyond the chair! Simple ways to create financial freedom. For more info visit
October 07, 2020
Branding, websites and rants w/ Haley Davis
Haley Davis @Haleydavisbrandinganddesign (Soon to be @Studio.Haley) and I have a chat about all things branding and why it's so important to have a website for your business.
October 01, 2020
The importance of mindset and showing up imperfect with Elizabeth Salamanca
Elizabeth Salamanca (@Iamelizabethsalamanca) is keeping it real as we chat about mindset, getting into the education world, hiring a coach and the importance of showing up.
September 29, 2020
Real Talk with Ashley Jo Gillan- Stylists Lifestyle Coach
Ashley Jo Gillan (@AshleyJoGillan) is a lifestyle coach helping hairdressers overcome burnout and exhaustion to achieve more energy, more money, and more time to actually live their life. She went from food stamps to owning her own salon. Ashley has created a salon workflow to keep energy levels high and burnout a thing of the past. She is an expert in taking control of your salon schedule so you can take care of yourself, boost your income, and keep your clients. She has created a workflow in the salon to build energy, so she can keep up with her super active identical twin boys. Her experience in productivity to schedule yourself into your day to keep your energy levels high behind the chair. Ashley is a hairdresser, a mom, a wife and lover of grocery shopping and loves to create haircolor formulas like recipes. Today Ashley is working one on one with hairdressers so they can take their business and life from chaos to calm. You can find her at
September 24, 2020
Stories we tell ourselves w/ @Spencerlaineartistry
Spencer Laine tells her story of how she went from physically sick to happy again.  We chat about the importance of personal health and the stories we tell ourselves.  You can find Spencer at @spencerlaineartistry
September 10, 2020
Getting my Financial Shit Together
In this episode I tell my story. How I got my $$ shit together and why I'm so passionate about helping stylists live a life of financial freedom.
August 31, 2020
From Hair to Therapy and Back w/Haley Jepson @The.Resilient.Hairdresser
Haley aka @The.resilient.hairdresser all the way from the UK tells us her story about going from behind the chair, to becoming a therapist, then back to behind the chair. Find her everywhere at The Resilient Hairdresser
August 24, 2020
Thinking of going Independent? A chat with Sarah Marie aka @TheVividBrunette
A conversation with Sarah Marie aka @Thevividbrunette We talk about going Independent, finding yourself and how social media has changed the industry. You can find all her education info at or follow along on instagram
August 18, 2020
Building a dream career with Jordan.Paints.Hair
A candid conversation with modern color specialist, educator and my personal hype girl, Jordan Jones. Follow @Jordan.Paints.Hair for all your modern color and bad ass branding education. Want her top 5 favorite color formulas? Click Here >
August 10, 2020
Social Media Pet Peeves
My biggest pet peeve when building your business using social media.
August 05, 2020
Available, Affordable & Skillful
Available, Affordable & Skillful... You can only be 2! Which stylist are you?
August 03, 2020
Just a little background on my journey in the hair industry and why I decided to create this podcast. 
August 02, 2020