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Back to the Vax: A Journey Back to Evidence Based Medicine

Back to the Vax: A Journey Back to Evidence Based Medicine

By Lydia Greene

Heather Simpson is a mom who was popular in the antivax community as the mom who dressed as measles for Halloween, the least scary thing she could think of. She also made multiple viral antivax polls on facebook.

Lydia Greene was an antivaxxer for 12 years and wrote a story on her journey to changing her mind, and bringing her 3 children up to date. She is now in nursing school to get into public health, to deal with vaccine hesitancy on the front lines.

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Episode 9. Dr. Alastair McAlpine, Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist. Covid Back to School Special.
Dr Alastair McAlpine is a Canadian Physician based in BC. He is Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist.  He is originally from South Africa where he went to med school. For a time he was a Palliative Care Pediatrician, wore many hats, as his job in South Africa required it. We talk to him about COVID-19 in children, just in time for school to start. You probably have seen his viral tweets on various social media, including one very touching one about what his patients taught him in palliative care. Our interview is very informative. Enjoy. 
August 17, 2021
Episode 8. Dr Abraham Alahmad Blood Brain Barrier Scientist
In this episode we talk to Dr Alahamad to discuss the antivax misconceptions of vaccines and the blood brain barrier. He tries to get medication to cross this barrier for his research along with trying to repair the blood brain barrier after damage like a stroke. This man is the BBB expert.  Copy the link to see these slides on our facebook page. You will probably want a visual aid. This podcast is really technical.
August 5, 2021
Episode 7 Alexis Danielsen, New Age and Waldorf Cult Survivor and Former Antivaxxer.
I met Alexis when she reached out to us after hearing us speak on the Conspirituality podcast. She is a Back to the Vax group member and now cheers on other people who are getting vaccinated, after believing they were poison for so long. She is an amazing woman who has experienced her whole world change when she left the Waldorf cult and its New-age beliefs behind her. She was born into the Waldorf community and its all she has known. She lost her entire community and is trying her best to integrate into the mainstream. She is now focusing on building a new life and catching up on vaccinations while learning to integrate evidence based medicine into her life. We discuss the parallels of this cult with Alt-med and antivax as well as what caused her to change her views. I really enjoyed commiserating with someone who gets it. I hope you enjoy our chat as we take a deep dive into some of the ugliness of our pasts.   Her Instagram handle is @alexisandthevax CW: F-Bombs
July 4, 2021
Episode 6 Jonathan Jarry, Science Communicator.
We talk to Jonathan on how to be more critical of the information we find online. We try to define pseudoscience and identify buzzwords and phrases that should get your skeptical spidey senses tingling. We discuss how to trust ourselves once again, after being fooled by pseudoscience in the past. A good listen for those trying to navigate information in these complicated and confusing times.  We highly recommend his podcast Body of Evidence as it takes a critical view of multiple popular online health claims. 
May 22, 2021
Episode 5 Light for Riley, with Riley's mother Catherine Hughes
In this Episode we listen to baby Riley's story. Riley was too young to be vaccinated against pertussis. His tragic death occurred 2 days before Australia started recommending all pregnant women be vaccinated with TDaP in their 3rd trimester. Catherine tells us about Riley's life and death, and how it led her to start the Light for Riley campaign to spread the message of vaccinations during pregnancy. Catherine also goes on to share some of the harassment she has received from antivaxxers along the way. This is a must hear story and I hope you take the time to listen.  Here is a link to the Immunization Foundation of Australia and the Light for Riley campaign.
May 3, 2021
Episode 4. We Talk Our COVID Vaccine Adverse Events and Our Kids Very First Vaccines.
We discuss our very different experiences getting a COVID vaccine, how it affected us, and some myths we've heard along the way. Should we get our affairs in order?! Listen and find out. We then discuss what it was like to vaccinate our children with routine childhood vaccines for the first time after believing they would harm our children for so many years.  Enjoy!
April 25, 2021
Episode 3 Dr Kevin Ault. HPV expert and CDC Advisor
Today we have Dr Kevin Ault on the podcast. He is an MD and FACOG with multiple awards, honors, and publications. We talk about the Human Papilloma Virus and its relation to cancer along with the HPV vaccine. Kevin is married with 2 daughters so we also chat a bit about parenting and marriage. Enjoy! Links to the studies we referred to:
April 15, 2021
Heart 2 Heart. Special mini-episode with Nurse Denise, (Lydia's mother-in-law)
In this short episode Lydia asks her mother-in-law some questions. She goes right to the point and asks how her antivax views affected their relationship. Lydia's antivax views were particularly hard for Denise because she was a vaccine nurse for many years, and is now a contact tracer for public health. They then go on to discuss vaccines and Lydia asks questions you may want to ask a covid contact tracer. 
March 31, 2021
Back to the Vax. Episode 2. Dr Paul Offit.
In this episode we talk to Dr Paul Offit, about vaccines, COVID-19, and autism. We also ask Dr Offit some questions we crowdsourced online. The antivax crowd considers Dr Offit a shill and the enemy. We now appreciate Dr Offit for who he is, a child advocate. Enjoy the podcast!
March 25, 2021
Back to the Vax. Episode 1. Heather and Lydia: An Introduction
In this, our very first episode, we discuss how we fell into the antivax movement and how we came out of it. We also get into some of the antivax tropes we really believed, and discuss the tetanus vaccine. The beginning is a little rough as we are so new at this, but we get into a good conversation about where we came from, and where we plan to take our movement.  We hope you join us again. We hope to have Dr Paul Offit on next time. Dr Offit is seen as the enemy in the antivax movement, so the interview should be really interesting. Check out our website for more info,
March 16, 2021