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RedBean No Rice

RedBean No Rice

By Bad Boy RedBean
Bad Boy RedBean is often out around town interviewing entertainers, chefs, politicians, doctors, and regular everyday people. Every Monday, get ready for a roller coaster ride of laughter and a little seriousness with "Monday's with RedBean". The cast and show includes, News from the Streets, A Collection of Funny People and interviews, but the show doesn't stop there. Stay tuned throughout the week, because you never know when the Bad Boy is in dem streets!
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RedBean No Rice | Episode 10
This week we sat down with Dr. Brian Turner to promote the discussion of mental health, especially in minority communities. Also, a question about Uber driving branches off into an incredible debate about the "N" Word with my Krewe of Intelligent Jesters.
July 30, 2018
RedBean No Rice | Episode 9
We in these streets!!! This week we sat down with Anitra Brown to discuss buying Black, and what you should do when you don't get the service you expect; News on the Streets with Chipo and A.J. Bell; Tony Frederick gets New Orleans tourists in bad situations; one of our audience members has found love. All that and of course, holding court with my Krewe of Intelligent Jesters--we have a lot of nothing to talk about!
July 16, 2018
Jourdan Bazley Meets The Sneaky Pickle
It's not what you'd think. Today, Jourdan had her first, true vegan experience at one of my favorite spots, The Sneaky Pickle.
July 06, 2018
Black Girl Giggles
This is the second year for Black Girl Giggles. Join me on this historic and crazy journey.
July 06, 2018
12th Anniversary of Katrina
Choosing to heal through Laughter.
August 29, 2017
Bringing the Laughter
Keep bringing on the laughter and joy! \u2022 Still Learning
August 14, 2017
First Episode | July 17, 2017
RedBean No Rice | First Episode | July 17, 2017 • Remember Bob Barker? • Carrey B. and his dog Tyson • News from the Streets. • Leave Bill Cosby alone. • News from the Streets Part II • News from the Streets Part III, A Gathering of Jesters... someone is drunk. • Thanks for Joining... Our First Episode 😜
July 17, 2017