Bad Ash Outdoors

Bad Ash Outdoors

By Bad Ash
Fishing, hunting, cooking and much more is what I cover on this podcast. Outdoors living has enriched my life, the only thing that makes me happier is to bring friends along with me. That is exactly what this podcast is about.

My experience as a professional angler and obsessed forest trotter has taught me important lessons for catching fish and for life. I'll tell you anything I know in hopes you'll get out to catch and fish and trot a forests too.

Okay, to be honest, I needed a place where I can say what I want and no one can stop me. Not even mom.
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More places to listen

ICast-SWORDFISH-Life got real
This episode I recap some incredible fishing opportunities like that one time a wolf pack from the Northwest went out and caught a SWORDFISH. ICast in Orlando Florida is covered as well as some amazing new products like Shimano Stradic and Shimano SLX DC. I share some personal struggles with loss, moving on, and how we honor significant moments in our lives.  Future episode with Dave McCoy- I ask him questions, no-holds-bar!  Subscribe on any podcast platform to stay in touch! Facebook : Bad Ash Outdoors Instargram: @BadAshOutdoors YouTube: Bad Ash Outdoors Twitter: @badashoutdoors
July 31, 2019
Bill Herzog-Real Housewives-Was That a Shooting Star?
   My dear friend Bill Herzog joins me and spills the tea on his early life, hardships, and the highlights. Brace yourself. This conversation is raw, funny, insightful, and …. Hang on…. Was that a shooting star? Bill also give us his Real Housewives tagline, if you don’t know what that is, shame on you.  Want to bite onto more? Follow me here; Facebook: BadAshOutdoors Instagram: @BadAshOutdoors Twitter: @BadAshOutdoors YOUTUBE: Bad Ash Outdoors
April 11, 2019
Say it in the boat, not in public- Bryan Schroeder
This week I talk to Bryan Schroeder of the Fallen Outdoors West Coast Chapter. Bryan is a veteran, serves veterans, and helps me with my list of things you can't say in public but could say in the boat. Enjoy!   Want to bite onto more? Follow me here; Facebook: BadAshOutdoors Instagram: @BadAshOutdoors Twitter: @BadAshOutdoors YOUTUBE: Bad Ash Outdoors Status
April 4, 2019
Top Fishing Mistakes- Gear Shopping – Fish Lipstick
 Welcome aboard to Bad Ash Outdoors Podcast! Top questions I get asked include where should I save and where should I spend money on gear? I cover the most important things to spend the coin on when it comes to fishing, and where you can save money too! Per usual, my own fishing antics sparked some curiosity about fishing facts. Did you know there is a fish called ‘Slippery D***’? Well, now you do. Finally, I cover this weeks Queen Salmon!  Want to bite onto more? Follow me here; Facebook: BadAshOutdoors Instagram: @BadAshOutdoors Twitter: @BadAshOutdoors YOUTUBE: Bad Ash Outdoors
March 28, 2019
Fishing Prostaff anyone?
Kiley Brehm of HWL answers my/your questions about becoming an outdoor pro staffer. What does it mean to be a prostaffer? Who can be one? Kiley and I talk about the realities of the outdoors industry, and even about the future of outdoors. The King Salmon of the week is dubbed at the end!  FOLLOW ME HERE: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @BadAshOutdoors You Tube: Bad Ash Outdoors
March 20, 2019
Fish Lingo- Steelhead Tips- Queen Salmon
Outdoor sports are generally taught by someone in your life. A parent, family member, or a friend. Being taught by friends makes me grateful, so naturally I want to pass that on. I pass on fishing lingo, the method being at the comedic expense of my friend, Rene.  I answer listener questions of favorite steelhead techniques, and what to do when the weather is a factor!  Follow me here: Instagram @BadAshOutdoors Facebook @BadAshOutdoors YouTube Bad Ash Outdoors ASK A QUESTION: 
March 14, 2019
Steelhead, Dogs, and Google Reviews of Oceans
First Podcast with Bad Ash. Steelhead bead fishing, google reviews of oceans, dog training, women's fishing waders, and fish fighting tips covered in this episode.  Want Bad Ash to answer your questions?  Send your questions to! Follow Bad Ash Here: Facebook: BadAshOutdoors Instagram: BadAshOutdoors Twitter: BadAshOutdoors YOUTUBE: Bad Ash Outdoors
March 7, 2019
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